What is this page? Aren’t there enough guides and wiki’s and all that crap on how to play muds? Yeah, probably; despite that, we still wanted this site. One place to go (for us), and hopefully be able to access it all. Consider this our personal notes section and we're sharing it with whomever may be interested.

We said muds up there, but it’s really just one. Three Kingdoms (aka 3K), it’s the only one we play (since like 1996) and you can’t convert us. Between the two of us, yeah, well. . .he's addicted to being on the mud and barely sleeps but at least he knows how to run the numbers and be pretty darn awesome; she, on the other hand logs on every now and then and can um, update this site and make a map (well, he can make a map too).

. . .enjoy. . .and have fun!

(also, if you have no idea what a MUD is -read 3K's Newbie help file- or -click HERE- to learn more about MUDs in general) - 3K is one that does not enforce roleplaying

3K Changelog Updates <changelog>

  • Date:        12/22/21
    Category:    Mudlib
    Description: 'acopy' command to copy your ANSI color settings from one of your characters to another of your characters is now in game.
  • Date:        12/15/21
    Category:    Party
    Description: Party objects now show full mob class instead of an approximation.
  • Date:        11/19/21
    Category:    Items
    Description: Smuggle will no longer let you smuggle worn/wielded/held equipment. You must remove/unwield/unhold it first.
  • Date:        10/23/21
    Category:    Items
    Description: ATMs will now accept 'k' and 'm' as shorthand for thousand and million. You can use one or the either, not both (i.e. deposit 10k or deposit 1m *NOT* withdraw 1m200k).

Community Events for the past month <aread>

  • Note 982 titled 'Quit Traps (Adalius, Sat Dec 18 23:00:23 2021):
    I have altered multiple quit traps. Many were altered to instead be death traps since that was more inline with their behavior, others have a slightly different outcome.

    As a reminder, if you come across any true quit traps (i.e. they force you to quit, no alternative; this does not include areas that you can't find any way to leave except by typing 'quit' unless you are absolutely positively 100% sure there was no way to leave), you can either mudmail me or post them to the 'Quit traps - where are they?' thread on the forums under the 'Areas/Monsters/Items Discussion' subsection.

    Please do me a tremendous favor and include at the very least the area name as it appears on arealist (or even better, the arealist number for the area), as well as giving me as much detail about where it is as possible.
  • Note 981 titled '2021 Wrapup (Adalius, Thu Dec 09 16:02:28 2021):
    I thought it would be beneficial at the end of the year to produce a sort-of 'roundup' of what work progressed to remind everyone about some of the efforts that were taken by the wizarding community, and the time spent on them.

    So without further ado, a somewhat complete yet absolutely not 100% thorough list:

    Thoreau completed Vago's Stronghold.

    Revelation completed a very large area complex made of The Village of Erah, The Banshee's Lair, Dark Mage Necropolis, and The Order of Lost Knights, on top of revamping/2.0'ing Pandaemonium, Mahjongg, and Tear/Sopem, helping Adalius with new affixes, tolerating Turnhold, and working on multiple guilds.

    Turnhold and Frank both continued using their time to tweak and balance guilds as well as various areas/items. Turnhold has also been doing updating of help files and behind-the-scenes wizard-only files. It keeps him occupied and out of trouble, so we're thankful for that. He also sponsored a whopping 2 wizards, one of which made it to titled already (wow!).

    Crolack and Glorfindel have used their limited time to continue working on their own areas and future projects.

    Flaxen has continued his push to work on crafting/professions/affixes/events.

    I added a large number of new monster affixes, wrote the changelog command and tagcheck command plus added/tweaked a few wizard commands, added 'reverse' argument to inventory, put up with/barely tolerated Turnhold (oi vey), rerouted newbies from going to Woonsocket, tracked down numerous memory related issues with coffins, dungeons, and other objects, made ATM's accept 'k' and 'm' shorthand, continued implementing ibrief on objects as they are reported, worked with Turnhold to mentor his sponsors, handled multiple restores, and fixed numerous bugs.

    Kikipopo has continued his work on his Section Z area, 2.0'd Aegis Global, increased the maximum number of people on Linktell (probably his most ambitious project to date), and fixed the 'xp' command so it properly reports larger kills, handled multiple restores, and continued bug quashing and fixing/creating numerous wiztools.

    Tensor has been spending some of his much earned retirement upgrading some of his existing items and doing other dark magic on his code.

    This list is not exhaustive and I'm sure there's been many other smaller projects worked on by the various wizarding staff that may have been glossed over, but this should be a fairly large part of that full list.

    Lastly, all of the wizarding community has spent their limited freetime, aside from the above endeavors, engaged in lots of conversation about the future of the MUD, what needs to change, what is working well, and how we can continue to foster a good community for the playerbase, including opening this discussion to include the playerbase often.

    We hope that you all had a very fun and enjoyable year here, and I'm hoping the list of contributions the wizards provide to you annually continues to be this lengthy and diverse for many years to come.
  • Note 980 titled '2021 Holiday Spectacular (Adalius, Mon Nov 29 15:16:51 2021):
    It's that time again, the season of giving. We spend our free time creating so you can spend your free time enjoying. It's time to show some support for your favorite wizard(s) for the hard work they've put in during the year. Whether it's a hearty slap on the back (or butt!), a heartfelt message telling them thanks, or the ultimate in appreciation, the giving of a gift, know that we wizards appreciate all of it.

    Until 11:59pm December 25th, you can buy your favorite wizards some Amazon gift cards or Amazon wishlist items. Please note, this only applies for active wizards, it only applies for Amazon purchased gifts, and only the cost of the gift counts (not shipping, tax, etc!), so use Prime or super-saver shipping.

    Making a return yet again, it's Bring the Love, where you get double the VAF credit for any Amazon gift or gift card you send to an active wizard during this event.

    Additionally, for this year's special bonus, keep your eyes peeled for a 33% discount to the xchar VAF, dropping the price of an additional alt character from $150 to $100!
  • Note 979 titled 'Revelation (Adalius, Tue Nov 23 15:01:24 2021):
    After tremendous contributions in an incredibly short span of time, give Revelation a large round of applause as he is promoted to Solar. Its mainly just a title change as he will have to continue doing all the grunt work *plus* be in charge of managing Turnhold, so... a demotion basically.

    Congrats, Revelation!
  • Note 978 titled 'A Rift in the Fabric of Time (Someone, Mon Nov 22 12:20:59 2021):
    Travelers returned from recent adventures to the lands of Serinth reporting signs of a disruption in the fabric of time. Their stories speak to a parallel dimension - one in which powerful magic has provided the inhabitants with heightened reflexes and new abilities. Unsure how to describe their adventures, the travelers wrote of this parallel existence of the land known as the 2nd dimension of Serinth.

    One of these adventurers claims to have set eyes on equipment only known through myth and lore. This legendary set of equipment is said to have been crafted by the gods and infused with magical abilities beyond mortal imagination.

    For the brave adventuers within the realm, be warned - this area is designed for parties of players in the level 130+ range. Seek the reported disruption in the fabric of time within the lands of Serinth.

    Thanks to the PRB team members who spent days testing and helping me refine the details (Esper, Sylph, Elminster, Javelin, Marlon)! It has been a lot of fun to add some new twists to the classic work of Bran and Timescape.

What's going on with the Auction House? <ahlist>

You may have noticed some really impressive items up for a very good price. This is a new approach to making rare items more accessible to those that would like to use the eternal power (duplicate item. These items can be spotted by listings specifically set at a bid of 10 and buyout of 11 coins. They are meant to be purchased, duplicated and then the original item relisted for the same 10/11 price for the next person. So far this has made life easier for those sharing and duplicating, so if you happen to see these listings, please only purchase them if you intend to duplicate and relist!

Side Note: Nobody is perfect, and the system will reflect that. If one of these auctions appears erroneous, help get things back on track. If you see an item traditionally reserved for sharing but with a slightly skewed price, it's better to assume it is not something selling for a too good to be true price. The more people we have respecting and helping this process, the better it will be for all.

Recent Activity This Past Week ...or so... for WMT (WeMudTogether)

Each day: Updates to info and site based on player feedback. (Many thanks to everyone that has contributed information!)
16 January 2022
Pages updated today - Chaos
- Pandemonium 2.0 map updated with mod class information added.
14 January 2022
Pages updated today - Marbles Quest, Fantasy, Medals
- Map and area information for Realm of the Verbeeg and Ice Mountains added to Fantasy page.
- Sapphire marble added to Marbles quest page.
- Instructions for 'azalin'/Of Death and Demons added to Medals page.
13 January 2022
Pages updated today - Science, Rod of Lordly Might
- Map for the Whorehouse area uploaded to Science. Missing 3 rooms though, if you can point them out, let Locrian know.
- Rod of Lordly Might page updated with upcoming new layout (minus the navigation menu).
03 January 2022
Pages updated today - Science
- Map and area information for Dune added to Science.
- Hoping you all have a fabulous new year!
24 December 2021
- Get ready for the Christmas Slimes tomorrow!
- Map and area information for Hyperfunkzone added to Chaos.
22 December 2021
- New changelog (scroll up) which will copy ansi colors from another character of yours. If the command is not working, don't forget to type <commands new>.
20 December 2021
- New aread (scroll up).
15 December 2021
- New changelog.
- More dungeon scaler updates. (Thanks, Wiener!)
14 December 2021
Pages updated today: Fantasy
- Map and area information for Excavation Site (related to Temple of Rauthgar) added. Missing 2 rooms though.
13 December 2021
Pages updated today: Fantasy
- Map and area information for Old Hermit, Lemuria, and Spring added. Missing 1 room for Spring, so if you know the secrets, please share with Locrian.
- Map and area information for Temple of Rauthgar added.
09 December 2021
- New aread (see above).
06 December 2021
Pages updated today: Dungeons
- Almost all dungeons updated with lower scaler amounts. If you'd like to contribute scaler info that is still missing, contact Locrian via mud tell, email, or through our discord channel.

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