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Mudders Unite

ASCII gif of intro's you're greeted with upon login to the Three Kingdoms MUD We Mud Together, commonly referred to as WMT, is a player created site dedicated to providing information for the MUD - Three Kingdoms. This site provides step by step directions on how to navigate the areas as well as complete many tasks within the game to help you along your journey to being awesome. At this time, armour and weapons lists have not been created, however this is on the 'to-do' list.

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If you have no idea what a MUD is - read our Newbie help page - or - click the image below to learn more about MUDs in general.

Clipped image of the external website explaining what MUDs are and how to play them.

3K is a MUD that does not enforce roleplaying.

Recent Site Updates

17 March 2023
Aread 1000 - Invasion results.
St Patrick's Day Invasion information uploaded. If you have more info to provide, feel free to email/mud mail/discord/or feedback form.

Enabled a few more areas to have the detailed information dropdown when hovered on.
Starting with boot #1976, advancing SP and HP maximums will be capped as its possible to exceed a limit in the driver which results in heavy breakage. You can thank Javelin for finding this the hard way.
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to <hail cab>. Learn more about it here!
Marble directions added for Limestone, thanks to Scaf.

10 March 2023
Aread 999 : I'll be running my invasion again on Friday, March 17th at 8:30PM Marble Time. -Crolack
Underground Bunker information added to Science, and Silicon Wraiths HQ modified, thanks to Krat.
Necropolis map updated, thanks to Whoknows.
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to <townportal>. Learn more about it here!
Fremen voice power added to Banshee's Lair Level 2 directions, thanks to Vasha and Megalith.
Guilds page updated with Canislupus' AI question/answer, "What is the Best Guild?"
Souls and Stats:
Stat based souls added to Souls and Stats pages (they are flex, sprint, ruminate, fortitude, wit, and dazzle).
03 March 2023
Druid Copse instructions for how to obtain the Staff of Nawglan added.
Beginning to add the amount of coins you can receive in an area, located in the 'Rewards' section of each area. At this time, only a few dungeons have the information added to them. Feel free to contribute, please also add what your fleecing skill is at as well. (Coins from killing all mobs in the area: __. Fleecing skill is at __.)
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to <hwho>. Learn more about it here!
Created a Feedback form so that you can provide comments, questions, bug reports, and even feature requests for this site. ('Suggestions' channel in We Mud Together's discord will still be active, and you can always send email and/or tells as well.) You can locate the Feedback link in the navigation menu under 'Contact'. Additionally, if you've provided information prior to todays date and have yet to see it added, please feel free to complete the form to...'act as a reminder'. Thank you!!!
Gentech order costs updated thanks to Prism and Mugen.
Juggernauts stats updated thanks to Sylph and Heimdall.
Missions and Stat Boosts:
Silicon Wraiths HQ +1 Stat boost instructions added.
Merchant Guild added as a rep source, thanks to Raest. If anyone can provide more information for any of the reps (as in what the goal is and how you obtain it), please email or discord in the area-discussion-forum/reps channel.
Rod of Lordly Might:
Skull rune updated, thanks to Iron.
24 February 2023
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to <qf>. Learn more about it here!
Crystal Chip from Ant Hole area and Bladesinger light information added, thanks to Xiu.
Lothlarian and Merciful Miller updated.
17 February 2023
Boggart Vale map and area information updated to Fantasy.
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to <ahhist>. Learn more about it here!
Mahjongg scaler 97 added, thanks to Xar.
Terra's Terrific Treehouse updated with more axe possibilities, thanks to Xar.
Sorcerer's guild information added to the Core guild page. Note: only the Sorcerer's guild info files, etc. has been added at the moment.
A golden idol added to lights page.
Scared added to medals page.
Reputation page created, thanks to Ksemia - data is still being compiled, feel free to email any information you have to or post in We Mud Together's discord channel 'area-discussion-forum/Reps'.
11 February 2023
Durhal's Ant Caves map and area information updated to Fantasy, thanks to Valdemar.
Windraker Manor map and area information updated to Fantasy, thanks to Krat.
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to <pblock>. Learn more about it here!
Mahjongg scaler 88 added, thanks to Xar.
Section Z scaler 53 added, thanks to Xar.
Zelligar's scaler 54 added, thanks to Xar.
Gentech page updated with clone information, thanks to Mugen and Martyr. (See 'clone (experiment)' under the Experiment section.)
More Scavenger Hunt items added.
04 February 2023
Supply shuttle map and area information added to Science.
Weather Station map and area information added to Science.
Steps to obtain Witch's Hat added.
You can now 'ahhist reverse' on the auction line to see the history in reverse order.
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to <cofscore>. Learn more about it here!
Juggernauts guild updated with 'About Weapon Mounts' in Start Getting GXP section.
More Scavenger Hunt items added.
Titanium marble instructions added.
26 January 2023
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to <i reverse>. Learn more about it here!
Aegis scalers 91 and 94 updated, thanks to Xar.
Mahjongg scaler 138 updated, thanks to Xar.
Juggernauts guild page created.
Rcost/Stat information updated on the Stats page, as well as the Guilds page for Jedi, Bladesinger, Priest, and Cyborg, thanks to Xar.
Useful Sites:
Useful Sites (and Resources) updated to include 3KDB, thanks to Byron.
20 January 2023
Don't forget to fill out the survey for the next possible Official Mud Party - here!
Beach map and area information added to Fantasy page.
Mage Tower map and area information added to Fantasy page.
Map of Monkeytown added to Chaos.
Guild artifacts will now indicate that they are artifacts and for which guild in their long description.
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to <redo>. Learn more about it here!
Mahjongg scaler 117 added, thanks to Xar.
Ascended Titan guild levels updated, thanks to Xar.
Changelings forms updated, thanks to Gaidin.
Bards can now dispel magic!
Prismatic Jewel instructions added.
13 January 2023
Aread 998 - form for potential OMP!
Murky Swamps map and area info added to Chaos.
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to <history>. Learn more about it here!
Section Z and Haywood Annex white capsule information updated, thanks to Motivation.
Fill out the 2023 Possible OMP survey here to help pick when and where, thanks to Adalius for making the form.
Mira quest completed.
06 January 2023
All scaler 15 and 20 dungeon data finally complete, thanks to Wiener. Check out the graph to see what's missing.
Banshee's Lair scalers 35, 80, and 120 data added, thanks to Wiener and Ender.
Hotel Transylvania scalers 35, 100, and 110 vampire data added, thanks to Wiener and Dokken.
Rcost has been added towards the bottom of the Guilds page. Alternatively, you can also go directly to a Stats page which holds the same information. If you see any information missing, please email with the data.
Superbowl Squares:
HAPPY NEW YEAR! - It's that time of year again for Superbowl Squares! Brought to you by Gaidin, get your squares now!
Useful Sites:
Adding how to setup MIPS as a resource on Useful Sites (Client Based section), thanks Murmandamus and Adalius.
30 December 2022
Alignment page created, thanks to Krat's suggestion. (Link can be found under Character Development within the Navigation menu.)
Map of Island of Tapan added to Fantasy.
Map of Dragon Isle (by Polanna) added to Fantasy.
Distortion areas mapped and loaded - Alien Ship, Casaria, Duke Nukem, Javelin's Tower, Overlands, Ten Commandments.
A large sack (0%), from The Dragonbone Chair, added (holds 25 daggers).
A pail, from Cottage, added (holds 25 daggers).
Section Z scalers 60, 65, and 130 range updated, thanks to Pdog and Oxayotl.
Heart of the Cosmos updated, thanks Morion.
23 December 2022
Art Contest:
Thanks to everyone that participated in the art contest. Congratulations to Mugen and his 3D printed/painted figure of Tiamat. See all entries here.
Cottage map and area information added to Fantasy.
Return directions added to Dragon Isle (by Polanna), in Fantasy.
Midgard and Valhalla map and area information added to Chaos, thanks Krat.
Christmas Slime:
Don't forget that Christmas Slime is coming. Get a refresher on how they work here.
16 December 2022
Eternals "Energy Well" now checks if one exists. If so, does not cast.
Section Z scalers updated. Thanks Pdog.
Help Files:
<following>, <followers>, and <unfollow> [person|ALL]> added/updated. Thanks Turnhold.
WMT Realm Pages:
When coming across an area that can be clicked on for more information, and you see the 'Link to Page' button, this should now open in a new tab when clicked on. Thanks Murmandamus.
09 December 2022
Portal of Life map and area information updated.
Section Z scaler 55 updated. Thanks Pdog.
Dragon Knight instructions updated.
Jar of Fire added to lights page. Thanks, Krat.
Useful Commands added to skills page which includes the <mskills n0> - this command will only list the skills that you have placed points into. Thanks Wiener and Esper.
02 December 2022
Aread 997 - State of the Mud 2022
Land of the Dinosaurs area information and map added to Chaos.
setmod TELLSELF information added to Tell chat info.
Sorcerer guild light information added.
More reputation information added to items that can be purchased at the pound, thanks to Psimonz.
Sarkath Khan grave locations revised, thanks to Allaryin.
Rod of Lordly Might:
Infinity rune information added, thanks to Esper. Aegis rune updated with 'ending' message, thanks to Wiener.
Metaphysical updated to include Jedi's as trainers, thanks to Cable and Amish.
25 November 2022
Aread 995 - Dispose Command
Aread 996 - Holiday Cheer
Map and area information for Greenhouse added to Chaos. (Missing 1 room)
Turkey Farm area added for the holidays.
Rewrote 'dispose' mud command to hopefully fix a few glitches, and added some additional 'quips' at the end.
Care Bears 2.0 gear now has level requirements.
'reps' command now accepts '-short' argument to hide graph.
Kayos Wars, scaler 15, information added.
Section Z, scaler 25, information added thanks to Pdog.
Reputation added to shop items to denote how many reputation points you need to be able to unlock that item for purchasing, thanks to Psimonz.
Survival skill updated with corpse percentage information, thanks to Ellegon and Xiu.
VAF (Voluntary Access Fee) page created. Click on each VAF name for a detailed description.
18 November 2022
Tower of Fire map and information added to Fantasy.
Tower of Frost map and information added to Fantasy.
Turkey Farm page added. (Only accessible via direct link here until Pinnacle page is complete.)
Art Contest:
We Mud Together is holding a contest for some fun 3K related art work! Winner will get a $25 VAF. Details in the link, as well as a super awesome Death Taco likeness. Contest ends 20 December 2022.
An ancient tome, found in the Tower of Fire, added to the Library.
Newbie page updated to include a search feature for the newbie help files as well as the Adventurer info files together.
Critical Hit mskill adjusted to account for conversation with Lyriac, thanks to Motivation.
11 November 2022
Aread 994, Something strange is happening...
Map of Catapult added to Fantasy.
Map of Mortal Kombat added to Chaos, thanks to Krat for the help to find all rooms.
NEW Care Bear Dungeon! Many thanks to Turnhold for updating the area and to all the players that shared their knowledge of the new dungeon for this site!!!
Player Map:
More players added to the map!
Reforger profession updated with instructions on how to build a forge in your house, thanks to Xiu.
Rod of Lordly Might:
Example of progression meter bar added.
04 November 2022
Map of Abbey (aka Abbey of Tyr) added to Fantasy along with directions on how to obtain tarnished gear.
Missions and Stat Boosts:
Zodiac stat boost added.
"More on puppies" added to the About section, thanks to Juggernaut help files.
Rod of Lordly Might:
Armillary rune benefits added.
28 October 2022 - 30 October 2022
Banshee's Lair minimum scaler for max amulet adjusted thanks to Kirin.
Mahjongg, scaler 139 updated thanks to Xarin.
Gentech page updated - many thanks to Lisker, Gaidin, Crolack, and Agni for continued support in helping to keep the page relatively accurate.
Ravenloft II re-added (missed uploading data from original site), thanks to Krat for helping.
Rod of Lordly Might:
Gremlin rune requirements updated, thanks to Lisker and Elminster.
Sword of Light officially confirmed to change alignment and added to 'Good and Evil'.
Stat Boosts and Missions:
Stat boost information updated to include Constitution bonus, thanks to Draal.
21 October 2022
Changelog from 16 Oct 2022: Finger now shows best solo kill.
Changelog from 16 Oct 2022: 'keep' and 'unkeep' now support 'all bound' argument.
Check out the #self-roles channel to choose your guild (or guilds) on WMT's discord.
Gentech page created. (As always, please let me know of any errors, typos, or corrections that you may find.)
Updates made to the Amulet of Concupiscence, thanks to Krat.
14 October 2022
3K Wiki:
If you're interested in having a 3K Wiki account to edit with, send Ser a mud-mail with your preferred username. (He will reply with your login information.)
Map of Bombfreaks' Abbey, in Science, added.
The Fantasy area previously known as Rampage has been properly changed to Temple of Drackonus with the map updated to add a few new rooms (approximately 14 rooms are still missing).
Banshee's Lair updated with additional guild powers that can pass specific sections of the area, many thanks to Xarin.
Marbles: Uranium marble directions added.
Scavenger Hunt page added (some items are still missing).
Rod of Lordly Might:
Gremlin and Armillary rune information updated thanks to Esper and Rictor.
07 October 2022
Map and area information for Genlab added, thanks to Rictor.
Changelog from 30 Sept 2022: Newbie bin no longer requires you to be an adventurer (but still retains the requirement you must be under level 51).
Aegis scaler 75 adjusted, thanks to Esper.
Section Z updated with the various colored gear you can receive when combining specific capsules together.
Zelligar's Headband information adjusted for scaler 90+, thanks to Wiener.
Player Map:
New players added to map.
30 September 2022
Map of Everlynd Park Maze added to Fantasy.
Changelog from 9 Sept 2022: After the next reset (from 9/8/22), the auction house will no longer mail you about expired coins you didn't collect after 7 days *unless* you had an item over 200 coins in value.
Screenshot of Psychic Impression readout added to Psicorps page power list.
4 medals added (for depositing coins to Pinnacle Bank).
Newbie bin is now available to all newbies (not just the adventurers guild).
Player Map:
Updated with new mudders.
Minor updates to Kill Bahamut, and Megatech, thanks to Suv.
23 September 2022
Ashridge Acres map updated, thanks to Shenanigans.
Chess, scaler 95, info added.
Death Taco, scaler 80, info added.
Brief description added regarding penalties (or lack thereof) when leaving your guild, thanks to Kirin's guidance on the newbie chatline.
NEW page created! Visit (this link has also been added to the main menu under Character Development).
16 September 2022
Scaler 15 info added for all dungeons except Carnegie Hall and Kayos Wars.
New form added to Changelings guild (North American Termite).
Hidden Treasure - Directions to a clue corrected.
Rod of Lordly Might:
Orrery rune updated with description and how many charges it uses.
9 September 2022
Map of Queen of Hearts' Garden added to Chaos.
Map of Queen of Hearts' Garden 2.0 added to Chaos.
Chess updated with scaler 115 max class size thanks to Mugen.
Kayos Wars updated with scaler 145 reputation and stat points thanks to Skykleaver.
Terra's Terrific Treehouse scaler 90 - new high class added by Wiener.
Hidden Treasure updated with new clue thanks to Stargerbil.
Newbie quests, Mack and Resource Crisis, updated with new locations thanks to Mugen.
2 September 2022
'ibrief' now has an 'all on' or 'all off' argument to toggle your entire inventory.
Shiny new 3K Bot added to WMT's discord server. Many thanks to Adalius for making it!
Aegis reputation data added. (Info from Cable)
Player Map:
If you missed it, there's a player map showing where some mudders are in the world. Feel free to add yourself by filling out the form.
More info added to Golem Masters - how many daggers a specific size can hold as well as how much they sell for vs the player. (Info from Byron)
26 August 2022
Map of Myth Area (Land of Myths and Fables) added to Chaos.
Map of Norgrith Manor added to Fantasy (many thanks to Shenanigans).
Aegis scaler 7 corrected by Byron.
Kayos Wars scaler 105 and 115 updated by Papitas.
Directions to advanced bow trainer added.
19 August 2022
Map of Longshadow Camp and Longshadow Battleground added. Click here for entry on Fantasy page.
Map of Paris: Eiffel Tower and Paris: Theatre des Vampires added to Chaos page. Click here for entry on Chaos page.
Map of Theatre of Souls added to Fantasy page. Click here for entry on Fantasy page.
Aegis scaler 7 info added by Byron.
Chess scaler 55 confirmed by Momentary.
Section Z scaler 130 gear benefits added by Vat.
Entry for a journal from the Theatre of Souls area added.
Pyrope marble directions added.
12 August 2022
Map added for Innerspace in Chaos.
Artifacts and World Drops:
The Breastplate of Timescape (Knight artifact) added thanks to Agni.
Chess scaler 54 confirmed by Momentary.
Rod of Lordly Might:
More information on the Dove rune provided thanks to Kirwan.
05 August 2022
Map added for Enchanted Jungle, Fidohell, Fraggle Rock, Funky Bathroom, Funkytown, Gamer's House, and Winnie the Pooh in Chaos.
Map and area information added for Larem Cemetery in Fantasy.
Chess, scaler 100, added thanks to Gaidin.
Section Z, scaler 99, added thanks to Stasis.
Re-direct link to Rod of Lordly might page created (which means you can simply type and it will take you to where you need to go.
Player Map:
More player(s) added to the map!
Frozen Dude updated.
Potato marble instructions added.
29 July 2022
Changeling guild information added.
Player Map!:
More players added to the map!
22 July 2022
Maps added in Chaos for Crydee, Dayln's Mind, Dragonlance Solace, Erratio Forest, and Tabard Inn.
Map added in Fantasy for Rampage/Snake Pit.
Fun map of the Section Z arcade game added.
Another location to find an axe added to Terra's Terrific Treehouse.
New changelog made - Combat: Description: ClanWorld deaths no longer cause you to drop your stuff.(crecover first)
Zelligar - scaler 78 information added.
Primary Character and page Resources pages created to give an overall description of the what's listed within the Character Development and Resources navigation dropdowns.
Player Map!:
More players added to the map!
The Project updated to account for new information provided.
Typo marble directions added.
15 July 2022
Map uploaded for Clan world.
Map and area information for Cloud City added to Chaos.
Map uploaded for Jag's Bar.
Note added to Shansabyk's Castle and Dragon Shell quest per Raest's findings: preliminary testing has shown that Grathmoore will make a DragonShell with more than 10 scales. Without testing, there's no evidence that you can use lesser scales to max out AC in a slot but is indicative that this is the case.
Missions & Stat Boosts
Cloud City stat boost item directions added.
Fixed all stat boost instructions which were bringing in default directions/area information from another area.
Player Map!:
More players added to the map!
Dragon Egg instructions added.
08 July 2022
Map and area information added for Fuzzy Aliens of Mars.
Maps added in Science for Crashed Plane, Gas Station, Last Chance Truck Stop, Subway Sandwich Shop, and Water Tower.
Map also added for Wax Museum, however, help is requested to figure out the area more.
Maps added in Chaos for ROTC, and Used Car Lot.
A Mechanic's Toolbox added from Gas Station in Science. (Holds 20 daggers)
Player Map!:
More players added to the map!
Kill Bahamut instructions added (note: this is a once per boot quest).
01 July 2022
990, 991, 992, and 993 added.
Map added for Jack's House in Chaos.
Maps added in Science for Military Camp, NASTAR, Nomad Camp, and Toy Store.
Brand new area, Witch's Hat, added to Chaos.
Political chatline info added.
Bards Guild - Being drunk is less painful. Who ever knew a sober Bard?
Pittsburgh Cleanup instructions added.
Player Map!:
More players added to the map!
Puppies page reformatted to also include the Pinnacle Pound Shop as well as the medals and vafs that are associated with puppies (though still slowly bringing back info and pictures for some puppies).
Graphite marble directions added.
Ultraviolet marble directions added.
<sudo> soul added to the mud.
24 June 2022
Congrats to Turnhold and Frank.
A lunch box from Abandoned Building added.
See below.
Say, Spouse, and Tell chatlines added.
Abandoned Building added to Science.
Antimammonist Vault added to Science.
Atlanta remade which now includes Kord Mutual parking garage, to Science.
Bandit Camp added to Science.
Cybers Insurance added to Science.
Lost City added to Science.
Murdock Chicken Plant added to Science.
Ryogi Pei Docks added to Fantasy.
Player Map:
New mudders added to the player map!!!
Missions/Stat Boosts:
Arcanarton stat boost directions added.
Murdock Chicken Plant stat boost directions added.
Butterscotch marble directions added.
17 June 2022
#989 added.
MK ][ Machine information tweaked a bit on Science page.
Rocky Hill map and a bit of area information added to Fantasy.
Tower of Vindaes map and a bit of area information added to Fantasy.
Fountain, inside Order of the Lost Knights area in Fantasy, added to Bards guild page as a water source.
Ladder map added to Chaos.
More players added to the player map.
Stormrock Castle map added to Fantasy.
A Knight's Ale mission added.
Knight Tournaments (1-6) missions added.
Roses are Red mission added.
See the Town mission added.
The missions page will now include stat boosting 'tasks'/items. The following have been added so far:
Amulet of Concupiscence, Drink from Pool 9, Einstein's Brain, Inside a shack on the ice, In the Pantry, Penguin Zone, and Tree of Life area
Note added to the Good and Evil skillquest regarding custom alignment.
10 June 2022
Fun New Page!
Player locations page created.
Aread 988! Welcome, Canislupus.
Fantasy, Tower of Pak-Tor map added.
Guild bags added.
Banshee's Lair, scaler 130, defeated by Whoknows.
Free Hamstel! added.
Added 'help milestones'.
Fire marble directions added.
Indigo marble directions added.
Vole the Hateful instructions added.
Thanks to Esper's cattle prod, <help death> and Newbie Academy quest have been updated by Kikipopo (though the quest is not updated on this site yet).
Kikipopo has also updated the <wimpy> command to indicate what your wimpy is currently set at (this does not apply to Necromancers and anyone else who has/had custom wimpy syntax built into their guild object).
3 June 2022
Chaos, Sweetboots' House map added.
Fantasy, Bandit Hut map updated.
Fantasy, Clear Falls Valley map added.
Fantasy, Desert Palace map updated.
Fantasy, Snake Pit area added.
Fantasy, Winter Wonderland map added. (Only 12 of 13 rooms located.)
Fantasy, Woodsman's Hut map added. (Only 11 of 12 rooms located.)
Science, Florida Sinkhole map added.
Artifacts and World Drops:
Ring of Kaotic Forces, a legendary item, added to Artifacts and World Drops.
Alphabet and Death Taco scalers 25 added.
Ascended guild page added.
A journal from the Woodsman's Hut added.
Directions added to Pub Crawl for Crown's Pub, Elven Pub, and The Lazarian Tavern.
Shale marble added.
27 May 2022
Science, Jeremy's Swamp map added.
Science, Lost Submarine map added.
Science, Swamp Lake map added.
Science, X1S17 Stealth Tank map added.
Psicorps guild Tours, post glvl 100, added.
Weaken the Guard instructions added.
Direct link to 'Temper a Weapon' made under the Items dropdown (which is the area link for Grand Hall of Rohm Giddor in Fantasy).
Epic directions added.
Trinitrotoluene marble directions added.
20 May 2022
Chaos, Ice Fishing map added (found 9 of 10 rooms, please help with the last).
Chaos, Kandy Mountain map and area information added.
Science, Starcraft:Broodwar daily area changes added to Science page. (Or go to direct Starcraft page here.)
Cult Game added.
Section Z scaler 110 gear bonus added.
Section Z scaler 120 Brain adjusted and gear bonus added.
Terra's Terrific Treehouse scaler 60 added.
Isleth the Widowmaker updated.
Runesword page created.
Bards guild page created.
Elementals help file updated to reflect adjustments made on the mud.
Eternals training room added for the (refresh item power.
Psicorps guild levels updated with post glvl 100 information, as well as Tier 1 and Tier 5 additions of body adjustment power.
13 May 2022
Ant Hole - Map of Levels 1 - 5 added (it's a massive file and will be cut down in size later this week).
Artifacts and World Drops:
Gentech's Genomic DNA Crystal's description added.
Many thanks to Elminster, Esper, and Kirin for helping with dungeons.
Banshee's Lair, scalers 125 and 140.
Halo, scaler 100.
Kayos Wars, scaler 150 verified.
Section Z, scaler 100.
Pinnacle Morgue:
Page added to explain coffins and corpses.
06 May 2022
Vago's Stronghold - steps on how to obtain the weapon added.
Many thanks to Wiener, Marlon, Stasis, Elminster, Ephemeral, Echoloc, and Whoknows for defeating the following dungeons to add more entries to the Graph.
Aegis scalers 55, 135
Alphabet scalers 60, 120, 125, 135, 145
Android scalers 60, 95, 100, 120, 145, 150
Banshee's Lair scaler 100
Carnegie scalers 140, 145, 150
Chess scalers 130, 135, 145, 150
Death Taco scalers 70, 85, 140, 145, 150
Halo scalers 45, 65, 75, 110, 125, 130, 145, 150
Hotel Transylvania scalers 65, 70, 80, 120, 130, 140, 145, 150
Kayos Wars scaler 85, 150
Mahjongg scalers 30, 50, 55, 145, 147, 148
Puppy Mill scalers 75, 80, 140, 145
Section Z scalers 35, 100, 125, 145, 148
Smurfs scalers 105, 135, 140, 145
Terra's scalers 90, 150
Zelligars scalers 105, 110, 120, 135, 150
29 April 2022
Aread 987
Incinerator and Military Bunker maps added to Science.
Momentory Keep map added to Fantasy.
A Glowing Orb, from Newbieland, added.
Just a reminder that more marbles will be added each week. Still have +/- 100 marbles to re-add to catch back up to WMTv1.0 marbles list.
Uptime Countdown:
Updated countdown timer (above) to hopefully be accurate for all time zones. Harass Elminster/Knull if it's not right for you.
22 April 2022
CowVille and it's areas of Northern CowVille and CowVille Moofia have been added to the Chaos page.
Banshee's Lair scaler 55 defeated by Wiener.
Visit the Dungeon Graph to see what's missing. Feel free to help fill it in!
Com-Moo-nism for Dummies, from CowVille, added to the library page.
A Torch, from CowVille, added to the lights page.
15 April 2022
Aread 986
Tempering instructions re-added. Either search for temper on the fantasy page or visit and it will redirect you to the correct area (which is the Grand Hall of Rohm Giddor)
Necromancer's Lair map and area information added to Fantasy page.
PG's map and area information added to Chaos page.
Tomb of Rutha-Al map and area information added to Fantasy page.
Android dungeon scalers 40 and 85 defeated by Wiener and Locrian.
Chess dungeon scaler 110 defeated by Hideo.
Hotel Transylvania dungeon scaler (zombies) 30 and 35 defeated, and (vampires) 30, 45, 60, 75 defeated all by Wiener, Locrian, and Knull.
Mahjongg dungeon scaler 26 defeated by Wiener.
Section Z dungeon scaler 40 defeated by Wiener.
Zelligar's dungeon scaler 35 defeated by Wiener.
Quests page now has 'A Moment of Nostalgia', which lists how many quest points USED to be required to advance your level.
Rutha-Al qinfo added. (Though it has some last step nuances where the enemy simply may not appear.)
8 April 2022
WMT now displays a countdown until 3K's reboot, on the main page.
Camazots map and information added to Science page.
Chaotic Forest partically mapped (need help).
Happy Ed's Chinchilla Farm map updated.
Orc Village map and area information added to Fantasy page.
Section Z capsule and mob information re-added/updated.
Smurfs, scaler 146, defeated.
Terra's Terrific Treehouse, scaler 55, defeated.
Zelligar's sectioned out between golems and Zelligar on the overview graph.
UNO added.
Lottery updated.
Linked Items:
Rod of Lordly Might hint added for Frost rune, details added for Raven rune, note on (refresh item added.
Kayos Chinchilla Furs updated.
Pub Crawl quest updated with directions to Camazots Distillery, Rosewood Pub, and The Silvermane.
Waldo quest updated.
1 April 2022 -
Major Update...what comes with this update?
New page layouts!
Site should be completely screen-reader and mobile friendly (hopefully).
Chaos, Fantasy, Science, and Newbieland pages now indicate an explorers column, showing a room count (if currently known) as well as a quick link to the map with an icon. Area dropdowns are available for only those with more information listed. Areas will have extra details to look at as time goes on and this will continue to be a work in progress. Additionally, an Areas page has been added which is an overview of all area names (except Pinnacle for now).
Jedi Backpack added.
Necromancer's secret chest updated.
Chatlines page added.
Dungeons page now showcases a scaler overview chart.
Adventurer guild information now available.
Breed guild information now available.
Elementals guild information pages now available.
Psicorps guild information pages now available.
Investigate the Disturbance added.
Disarm! added.
Poisoned Apples added.
Save Humpty Dumpty added.
Marble: Eggshell added (though about 95% of all other marbles have not yet been re-added).
Newbie welcome/help page redesigned (which now includes Adventurer Guild information).
Pinnacle area page and Fun and Games pages have been temporarily disabled until redesign is complete.
Golem Master page added.
Transmuter page added.
Veterinarian added to Puppies page (though the list of puppies is currently under construction).
Slime page added.
Useful Sites page added which contains links to all 3K sites, Inix's Github, and various sources of information.

Many thanks to everyone that has contributed information!

3K Community Events


Note 1000 titled 'Invasion Results (Crolack, Fri Mar 17 21:02:06 2023):

The following people DIED to the monsters listed (with # of deaths):
Player Killed by
Krat a drunken patron : 1
Dyne a drunken patron : 1
The following people KILLED the creatures listed (with # of kills):
Player Killed
Liskerlol purple horseshoe : 2
blue diamond : 2
a drunken patron : 21
yellow moon : 2
Hooligan green clover : 1
a drunken patron : 19
lucky : 1
Cable a drunken patron : 18
pink heart : 1
Untouchable a drunken patron : 16
orange star : 1
Waterhouse a drunken patron : 13
green clover : 1
Marlon a drunken patron : 12
Kyoujin a drunken patron : 12
Locrian a drunken patron : 12
Whoknows a drunken patron : 9
orange star : 1
Ziphe a drunken patron : 9
Ellegon pink heart : 1
a drunken patron : 7
Nightrider a drunken patron : 8
Krom a drunken patron : 7
Kirin a drunken patron : 7
Zik a drunken patron : 4
Dalandra a drunken patron : 4
Vasha a drunken patron : 3
Heimdall a drunken patron : 2
Dfhc a drunken patron : 2

Note 999 titled 'St. Patrick's Day (Crolack, Sat Mar 04 00:10:58 2023):

I'll be running my invasion again on Friday, March 17th at 8:30PM Marble Time.

Note 998 titled 'OMP 2023 Survey (Adalius, Fri Jan 13 10:06:23 2023):

If you could, and haven't already, please take a minute to respond to the survey located at:

This is not a guarantee of an OMP but will allow us to at least gauge opinions for a discussion.

Updated 31 January 2023:
If you have not already done so, please take a minute to fill out the *second* survey located at:

This survey details 5 specific weekends to potentially host OMP 2023 in Milwaukee, WI and your feedback will help determine what weekend we book things.

Note 997 titled 'State of the Mud 2022 (Adalius, Wed Nov 30 22:15:57 2022):

As we're nearing the end of 2022, I thought it'd be good to once again give a short summary of some of the things that the wizards worked on this year. As such, here is a (by no means exhaustive) list of things performed, as reported by the wizards themselves, my memory, and changelog:

Canislupus opened his first area (Witch's Hat) and has been working mostly diligently on his next area.

Crolack implemented a new invasion system along with a St Patrick's Day invasion for its initial run and has done some work on Psicorps (slowly, as he put it).

Frank adjusted the levels of his Transylvania area and, in his own words, was "basically lazy all year". :D

Kikipopo added the 'crumble all' option to logon gear, added more things to 'tagcheck', updated the death help and newbie exam, and tinkered with his areas.

Revelation spent the bulk of his time refreshing Fremen, but also had time to revamp secondary skills and balancing in Juggernauts, change bioplasts in Changelings, and maintained his areas.

Turnhold made a change to clanworld's deaths, fiddled in Bladesingers, Monks, Bards, Breed, and Priests, and most recently released his 2.0 of the Carebears area.

As for myself, I added the 'ibrief all' option, stopped auction mails on expired coins if they weren't much, opened the newbie bin to non-adventurers, added the Best Solo Kill to finger/score, added the 'all bound' options to keep and unkeep, rewrote 'dispose', and did a fair amount of on-demand bugfixing for things reported on Discord.

Our active player numbers have declined a bit, in part because of the purge of multiplayers that occured earlier this year, but I also feel it has to do with the slow climb out of the pandemic. However, those numbers are still quite a bit higher than 2009-2019's numbers.

Outside of the MUD I'm sure many of you are aware of the tremendous community effort spearheaded by Locrian & Elminster on the WeMudTogether site and Discord channel which has created an amazing resource for players for all manner of information. We, the wizards, tip our hats to those involved as building a community resource is certainly a key part of successful longevity of the game.

We hope you all had a safe and happy Thanksgiving (for those who celebrated it), and we look forward to sharing holiday cheer with you in the upcoming weeks. For those of you who have donated (or plan to) for the holiday VAF drive, we sincerely thank you. We don't perform the work we do for the promise of money or gifts, but we genuinely appreciate it when you show us such kindness. As I've said before, we also appreciate a simple thank you now and again just as much, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

Onward to 2023!

3K Changelog



Auction House

You may have noticed some really impressive items up for a very good price in the auction house. In 2021, this became a new approach to making rare items more accessible to those that would like to use the Eternal power (duplicate item. These items can be spotted by listings specifically set at a bid of 10 and buyout of 11 coins. They are meant to be purchased, duplicated and then the original item relisted for the same 10/11 price for the next person. So far this has made life easier for those sharing and duplicating, so if you happen to see these listings, please only purchase them if you intend to duplicate and relist!

Side Note: Nobody is perfect, and the system will reflect that. If one of these auctions appears erroneous, help get things back on track. If you see an item traditionally reserved for sharing but with a slightly skewed price, it's better to assume it is not something selling for a too good to be true price. The more people we have respecting and helping this process, the better it will be for all. Additionally, let's not harass each other if someone makes a mistake.

Disclaimer: This site is a work in progress and is by no means error-free, comprehensive, or complete. If you have information to contribute, contact us.