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ASCII gif of intro's you're greeted with upon login to the 3 Kingdoms MUD We Mud Together, commonly referred to as WMT, is a player created site dedicated to providing information for the MUD - 3 Kingdoms. This site provides step by step directions on how to navigate the areas as well as complete many tasks within the game to help you along your journey to being awesome. At this time, armour and weapons lists have not been created, however this is on the 'to-do' list.

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3K is a MUD that does not enforce roleplaying.

Recent Site Updates

01 February 2024
3K Superbowl Squares:
Do you like American football? Do you like gambling? Gaidin has a game for you!

1 million coins per square. Send a tell to Gaidin about how many squares you want PRIOR to transferring any coins. Squares will be assigned to maximize the number of rows and columns covered unless otherwise requested. TELL GAIDIN BEFORE YOU TRANSFER COINS.
Limit of 5 squares per person until Friday, February 9th. Limit then increases to 10 per person if squares are available.

Half the pot for final score.
25% for halftime.
12.5% for 1st and 3rd quarter
Area of the Week:
Three Kingdoms has approximately 750 areas to visit. Each week we'll put a spotlight on one of these areas. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's explore together! This week's spotlight goes to 'Dexter's Laboratory - Spacestation', by Adalius. Explore the lab, acquire stat boosts and extra XP while you're add it!
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to the 'help score' command. Learn more about score.
Banshee's Lair scaler 120 updated with strength requirement, thanks to Vaid.
Carnegie Hall scaler 30 updated, thanks to Wiener.
Lothlarian general instructions added for evil alignment side of the quest (contributer unknown).
Your Patience:
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone checking in on Locrian/Mimic. College classes started back up in January, so working at the college and taking classes there have kept me busy. Keep submitting your updates though, as those are greatly appreciated! And if you have any recommendations for an Area or Command of the Week, would love to hear them as well - feel free to email! Naturally my goal is to finish my second area soon so that I can get back to chatting on public lines and helping those newbies (which, y'all are doing a great job at...well, some of you).

15 January 2024
Area of the Week:
Three Kingdoms has approximately 750 areas to visit. Each week we'll put a spotlight on one of these areas. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's explore together! This week's spotlight goes to 'Fallout Shelter', by Pistil. Go find the secret armor. It's awesome (and part of a set, if you can find all the pieces around the mud.)
Aread 810 - Potential Downtime
Fallout Shelter code information and map updated, thanks to Muzicchik and Elminster.
Tempering a weapon (located in Rohm Giddor) directions updated, thanks to Kirwan.
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to the 'help chatlines' command. Learn more about chatlines.
Kayos Wars scaler 50 updated, thanks to Draal.
Zelligar scaler 130 updated, thanks to Din.
Rod of Lordly Might:
Name of colors added to example progress bar.
08 January 2024
Area of the Week:
Three Kingdoms has approximately 750 areas to visit. Each week we'll put a spotlight on one of these areas. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's explore together! This week's spotlight goes to 'Waldo's House', by Aserena. This is an area you run into almost every time you miss the tricky east/west directions when trying to return to the Chaos vortex. If you've already completed the quest, you won't be able to re-enter the area. For those players that haven't completed the quest, it can be a doozy trying to escape.
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to the 'help cheatwho' command. Learn more about cheatwho.
Care Bears scaler 135 cupcake updated, thanks to Din.
Scavenger Hunt items added to the list, thanks to Sojurner.
Waldo updated, thanks to Muzicchik.
31 December 2023
WMT's 2023 Year at a Glance!
Many thanks to everyone that helped contribute information to keep this site updated!!!
Area of the Week created and updated 13 times.
15 Aread updates added from the mud.
65 Areas updated with information and/or maps added. Realm of Pinnacle page added.
Artifacts and World drops updated 3 times.
Calculator updated 1 time.
14 or so Changelog updates added from the mud.
Chatlines updated 1 time.
Command of the Week updated 48 times.
Creators and Creators help page created, as well as updated 6 times.
Dungeons: Summerset Warrens 2.0 added. Scalers and dungeon information updated 28 times along with any relative area changes.
Feedback form created.
Guilds: Juggernaut guild page created. Sorcerers guild page created. Various guild pages updated 8 times.
Houses page created.
Library updated 1 time.
Lights: 4 lights added, 2 lights updated.
Medals: Scared added, various medals updated 5 times.
Missions and Stat Boosts updated 6 times.
Player map updated 8 times.
Professions updated 2 times.
Puppies updated 2 times.
Quests: Mira, Prismatic Jewel, Durskaen, Seahaven, and Scavenger Hunt items added. Other quests updated 38 times with 6 marbles added.
Reputation page created and updated 4 times.
Rod of Lordly Might updated 1 time.
Skillquests updated 1 time.
Skills page updated 1 time.
Souls: slowly being added.
Stats: Rcost/Stat information updated.
UMP/OMP: Official Mud Party in Wisconsin!
Useful Sites: Added 3KDB and MIPS setup.
VAFs updated 1 time (though it's a 3S thing).
WMT Changelogs page created.
29 December 2023
Area of the Week:
Three Kingdoms has approximately 750 areas to visit. Each week we'll put a spotlight on one of these areas. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's explore together! This week's spotlight goes to 'European Robotics', by Nermal. This fun area allows you to have practice with a cleverly lit up target.
Artifacts and World Drops:
Note added to Book of Reset to indicate that it's only for single player use (not party), thanks to Atticus.
Note 809 titled 'Re: Holiday Cheer v2023.11.23
Changelog in Mudlib: The 'who2' command now correctly sorts by the xp/age arguments.
Changelog in Mudlib: 'i' command now accepts 'kept' or 'unkept' as arguments to list only kept/unkept items.
Changelog in Areas: Mahjongg reset time increased.
Command of the Week:
Each week we'll put a spotlight on a mud command. You may already know it, or it may be something new. Let's learn together! This week's spotlight goes to the 'help tagcheck' command. Learn more about tagcheck.
Page to highlight Nermal's areas page has been created.
Chessboard scaler 92 added, thanks to Esper.
Player Map:
Updated with new mudders.
Visit WMT Changelogs for prior updates. (Keep in mind that links to 3K Changelogs and Areads will not work correctly due to the move. You'll need to read those via the mud.)

Many thanks to everyone that has contributed information!

3K Community Events


Note titled 'Potential Downtime (Rastafan, Wed Jan 10 13:11:38 2024):

ACD will be upgrading a path to a primary upstream peer on Thursday, 1/23/24, beginning at midnight. This is will potentially cause brief network instability. This disruption is expected to last about 10 minutes but the entirety of the maintenance window is reserved in the event of unforeseen issues.

The projected Date(s) for this Maintenance Notice are:

Tue Jan 23 11:45 PM to Wed Jan 24 2:00 AM

The Maintenance is expected to impact the following geographic areas:

All Areas

The maintenance performed is expected to impact the following services in the geographic areas listed above:

All Services

Note titled 'Re: Holiday Cheer v2023.11.23 (Adalius, Wed Dec 27 18:15:22 2023):

Well, we felt the love SO MUCH that we decided to extend the sale AND the wishlist double VAF offer to 1/1/24 at 11:59pm (mudtime). Same rules/restrictions/side effects as the original posting. Enjoy!

Note titled 'Re: Holiday Cheer v2023.11.23 (Adalius, Tue Dec 26 00:21:10 2023):

The VAF drive is now over. If you got your order in before the deadline and have not been credited yet, please reach out to the wizard you sent it to and make sure they report it. You'll still get the credit (and the doubler) if it was sent before the cutoff. This includes whoever sent me a couple items with no name on them, please reach out to me and let me know what you sent (to verify it was you) ASAP.

That said, it was a tremendous outpouring this year for our coding staff and I want to extend a deep thanks on behalf of the wizarding community for the generosity you have all shown. It means a lot to all of us to see people thankful for what we keep doing every year.

We hope all of you enjoyed the long Christmas boot crammed with all 12 days of Christmas boosts into one session and also hope everyone took a little time out to spend the holidays with the people close to them, not just staring at their client the whole time. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Note titled 'State of the Mud 2023 (Adalius, Fri Dec 01 21:32:18 2023):

As the holiday VAF drive is now in effect, and as a fair number of you have been exceedingly generous towards the wizarding staff (thank you much!) I thought it was a good time to discuss what's been done over this past year, at least up to this point.

To that end, I've asked every wizard to give me a list of their progress this year, and also scoured the changelog for details. Those wizards who may have neglected to tell me what they did, will instead have a list of accomplishments generated by yours truly. Starting at the bottom:

Mimic has created her first area (House of Trix) and spent a lot of time learning how to code as LPC is a brand new language for her. She's making great strides in her journey and is working on her second area to entertain you all. She also has recently made some changes to Shala and some newbie related help files that should be going live soon.

Canislupus drank a lot of Spotted Cow and attended an OMP. We're pretty sure that the rest of his time was spent dreaming of playing one of his 26 frozen alts and/or pretending to be Maverick from Top Gun. (Psst, Canis... get your area done, slacker!).

Revelation ventured into a land of darkness, by which I mean he is constantly stuck at the login screen, appearing on who lists but not actually being here, and we never see him anymore. <frown.gif>

Crolack has returned to the Solar ranks after quite some time at a lower rank. He used his time to code more invasions to add to his system, including Easter and Cinco De Mayo. He has been working on a large plethora of bug/typo/idea fixes in various areas, working on Psicorps, and filling in his remaining time helping infinity wizards with their infinity areas.

Turnhold released not one but two 2.0 area (Summerset Warrens and Carebears), has done a fair number of changes to the breed, bard, and monk guilds (mostly in the background he says), editing some help files (both wizard and mortal help systems), done some fixes in Eternals, and added the useful 'hcgquit' command.

Frank. Where do I start with Frank... he decided, at some point, that it would be a good idea to try and migrate ChatGPT into the 3K codebase to make more responsive monsters and NPCs. However, during his 'experiment', he accidentally wrote a less than instead of a greater than symbol, which caused the code to effectively invert upon itself, pulling his character into ChatGPT and pulling ChatGPT into his character. Consequently, we have been able to get some really verbose statements out of the new Frank, but if asked anything that has a factual answer he gives the wrong answer. Meanwhile ChatGPT has, on occasion, for various people, starting responding to prompts with things like "Help? Help me? I'm looking for 3Kingdoms...." which promptly get bug reports submitted to OpenAI. We wish him luck on finding his way back.

Flaxen has made a decent number of bugfixes to crafting and professions, changed professions so that you no longer require 35 in a profession before you can start a new one, and added the new 'pswap' VAF opportunity to allow you to partake in even more professions.

Kikipopo has had one heck of a busy year offline and so we sadly haven't seen him around as much as we'd like, but he's continued his work on his knights guild recode, continued tweaking his Section Z area, and adjusted the 'addlink' and associated 'dislink' commands to provide some additional information.

As for myself, I altered guild artifacts to indicate that they are artifacts in their long description, added 'ahhist reverse', fixed a massive bug in +hp/+sp that caused some very big problems, made smuggle work as originally intended, adjusted coffins to use your explored room count to affect the maximum capacity, added the 'soul2' ansivar which is still slowly being rolled out, expanded world drops so they can come from any size mob, continued my never-ending list of bug fixes and improvements, and most recently made a system for wizards to post projects that other wizards can request to take on so that things don't languish on my (or other wizard's) todo lists forever and ever.

While this list may be extensive, it is certainly not complete, and any wizard not listed we haven't seen around much, especially as of late, so as far as I can tell they haven't performed much if any work this year, but no judgement as we all have real life obligations and all of our motivation waxes and wanes over time. Once again, to those who have gifted as part of the drive, our whole hearted thank you, to those who intend to, we appreciate your generosity, and to those who can't or don't contribute, we're still glad you're here and keeping this place a vibrant game for all of us.

I hope you have a happy holiday season and look forward to seeing what we end up creating (and breaking) next year!

Note titled 'Holiday Cheer v2023.11.23 (Adalius, Thu Nov 23 14:44:19 2023):

The holidays have arrived once more and its your time to shower the wizards with love!

From now thru 11:59PM 12/25/23, mud local time, any items purchased from a wizard's Amazon wishlist, including Amazon giftcards, will net you VAF credit. Please note, this offer only applies for active wizards (i.e. if a wizard doesn't log in again before this ends, you won't get credit, so stick to ones who you see around regularly), only for Amazon purchased gifts/giftcards, and only the cost of the gift is credited (not shipping or tax, so use Prime or super-saver shipping!).

In the spirit of giving, Bring the Love is back again, so any VAF credits earned from the above gifts/giftcards are doubled, giving you twice the VAFs to spend on whatever perks your heart desires. This year, discounts are being offered on the mailer, ldlogin, numbers, *AND* dogjoin VAFs. Don't miss out!

If you can't participate, or don't wish to, remember that the wizarding staff also appreciates even a simple tell or a kind mail saying thanks for things.

Happy holidays once again from the wizarding staff of 3K!

NOTE from WMT: Interested in reading about all the VAFs in a non-spammy format? Check out our VAFs page.

Extra note: This page does not include guild VAFs though (sorry). If you would like to contribute to the page with what your guild has available, please email the information!

Note titled 'Mimic (Adalius, Sun Oct 22 16:39:56 2023):

Please give Mimic a hearty congratulations on her promotion to 530 for the completion of her first area.
We will now commence to piling every job/task/annoyance we have on her.

Note titled 'A new kind of cereal (Mimic, Thu Oct 19 23:33:53 2023):

Whispers have spread throughout the town about a strange box within an old grocery store, where mischievous children gather to create colorful chaos. It's a place where secrets are unveiled, and those who choose to intervene may find themselves rewarded.

A captivating tale unfolds for those of humble beginnings and a quaint scene awaits your exploration. The destiny of the children, the enigmatic secrets concealed, and remarkable rewards are yours to decipher, granting low-level players an exciting opportunity to embark on their quest for greatness.

3K Changelog



Auction House

You may have noticed some really impressive items up for a very good price in the auction house. In 2021, this became a new approach to making rare items more accessible to those that would like to use the Eternal power (duplicate item. These items can be spotted by listings specifically set at a bid of 10 and buyout of 11 coins. They are meant to be purchased, duplicated and then the original item relisted for the same 10/11 price for the next person. So far this has made life easier for those sharing and duplicating, so if you happen to see these listings, please only purchase them if you intend to duplicate and relist!

Side Note: Nobody is perfect, and the system will reflect that. If one of these auctions appears erroneous, help get things back on track. If you see an item traditionally reserved for sharing but with a slightly skewed price, it's better to assume it is not something selling for a too good to be true price. The more people we have respecting and helping this process, the better it will be for all. Additionally, let's not harass each other if someone makes a mistake.

Disclaimer: This site is a work in progress and is by no means error-free, comprehensive, or complete. If you have information to contribute, contact us.