What the hell is this page? Aren’t there enough guides and wiki’s and all that crap on how to play muds? Yeah, probably; despite that, we still wanted this site. One place to go (for us), and hopefully be able to access it all. Consider this our personal notes section and we're sharing it with whomever may be interested.

We said muds up there, but it’s really just one. Three Kingdoms (aka 3K), it’s the only one we play (since like 1996) and you can’t convert us. Between the two of us, yeah, well. . .he's addicted to being on the mud and barely sleeps but at least he knows how to run the numbers and be pretty darn awesome; she, on the other hand logs on every now and then and can um, update this site and make a map (well, he can make a map too).

. . .enjoy our crap. . .and have fun!

(also, if you have no idea what a MUD is -read 3K's Newbie help file- or -click HERE- to learn more about MUDs in general) - 3K is one that does not enforce roleplaying

  • Date:        07/07/21
    Category:    Mudlib
    Description: Fixed 'xp' command issue where larger kills would not log xp correctly.
  • Date:        07/03/21
    Category:    Mudlib Description: Added a mudwide changelog command. Which you're likely using to see this.
  • Note 972 titled 'Aegis Global (Kikipopo, Wed Jul 07 04:31:58 2021):
    Aegis is looking a little different these days. Just be careful, okay?
    Note number: 972/972
  • Note 971 titled 'Changelog (Adalius, Sat Jul 03 21:47:31 2021):
    Given the feedback not only recently, but in the past, and my sudden bug up my butt to finish working on it, we now have a new 'changelog' command. You may need to 'commands new' to be able to access it.

    The point of this command is to allow the wizard community to express changes to the MUD that might not be documented elsewhere. For instance, changes to the core combat mechanics, the base items that are used to make ALL other items (armour, weapons, objects, etc), changes to areas that are worth noting outside of a post on a board, changes to the mudlib itself that we wish to be public (things like new commands for example), or changes to things that do not have their own changelog already (the party banner, for example).

    As noted in the help file, this is not going to be an exhaustive list of changes, but we do hope to do a better job of communicating larger changes to the player base in general by use of it.

    It is brand new, so I expect to be tweaking/changing things with it as I decide I need more features or different formatting or whatever the case may be.

    Please let me know if you find any quirks or issues with it.
    Note number: 971/971
    What's going on with the Auction House? <ahlist>
  • You may have noticed some really impressive items up for a very good price. This is a new approach to making rare items more accessible to those that would like to use the eternal power (duplicate item. These items can be spotted by listings specifically set at a bid of 10 and buyout of 11 coins. They are meant to be purchased, duplicated and then the original item relisted for the same 10/11 price for the next person. So far this has made life easier for those sharing and duplicating, so if you happen to see these listings, please only purchase them if you intend to duplicate and relist!

    Side Note: Nobody is perfect, and the system will reflect that. If one of these auctions appears erroneous, help get things back on track. If you see an item traditionally reserved for sharing but with a slightly skewed price, it's better to assume it is not something selling for a too good to be true price. The more people we have respecting and helping this process, the better it will be for all.

Recent Activity This Past Week ...or so... for WMT (WeMudTogether)

Each day: Updates to info and site based on player feedback. (Many thanks to everyone that has contributed information!)
    31 July 2021
  • Pages updated today: Fantasy
  • Map and area information updated for Seacave in Fantasy.
    30 July 2021
  • Pages updated today: Library - Dungeons - Chaos - Fantasy
  • Added 'Necromancy for Dummies' book, from Chaos' 3Kraft Castle, to the Library page.
  • Updated the dungeon, Section Z, for capsule information to reflect the compression action.
  • B Sharp Jazz Club map and area information added to Chaos page.
  • Easter Bunny Academy map and area information added to Chaos page.
  • Area information for Isle of Vilanthia added to the Fantasy page (map was already there).
    29 July 2021
  • Pages updated today: Homepage (you're on it) - Marbles Quest
  • Adding Changelog updates up above.
  • Ice Marble directions added.
  • Area information for The Holy Shrine of Tarmatin, in Fantasy, added. The Ghost of Sir Tarmatin tells the tale of his last adventure during the mage wars.
    28 July 2021
  • Happy Birthday to Elminster!!!!
  • Pages updated today: Marbles Quest - Fantasy
  • Oak Marble updated on Marbles Quest page.
  • Map and area information for Druid Copse updated on Fantasy page.
    26 July 2021
  • Pages updated today: Guilds - Fantasy
  • Updated Bardly info on the Guilds page with NPC's and items that can be purchased. (If you would like your guild information displayed and be awesome like the bards, feel free to email me all of the info!)
  • Harpy Forest map and area information uploaded. This is a fun area where you can challenge how tough you are.
    25 July 2021
  • Pages updated today: Fantasy - Chaos
  • Update to Bukken Tunnels area in Fantasy.
  • Updated map and area information for Chinese Checkers in Chaos.
    24 July 2021
  • Sadly not much going on today. Added more info to the Aegis dungeon with shield block info and more scaler class sizes --> here's a direct link.

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