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<questlist 53> / <questlist whodunit>

Mr. Body has been murdered! Go to Body Mansion to search for clues...

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (4/10)
Exploring : (5/10)
Fighting : (4/10)

Quest Point Value : 25
Designed for Levels: 15+

Created by : Simetra
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Body Mansion
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: January 2021)

Summary: Your goal is to locate all clues and return them to The Ghost of Mr. Body. There are a total of 10 suspects, 12 room objects, and 10 weapons you'll need to find (plus the key to the house). Below is a list of each item in it's category.


1. M. Brunette - a brown beret
2. Sgt. Gray - a dark
3. Col. Mustard - a yellow sports jacket
4. Miss Peach - a pair of peach pumps
5. Miss Scarlett - a ruby necklace
6. Mrs. Peacock - a turguoise ring
7. Mr. Green - emerald pinky ring
8. Prof. Plum - a pair of purple loafers
9. Mrs. White - a pair of white lace gloves
10. Madame Rose - a pink shawl


1. Carriage house - toolbox
2. Gazebo - wind chimes
3. Courtyard - a smooth rock
4. Fountain - a silver dime
5. Library - a leather-bound book
6. Drawing room - teacup
7. Billiard room - 8 ball
8. Art studio - a paintbrush
9. Conservatory - a flower
10. Trophy room - a stuffed parrot
11. Kitchen - a silver tray
12. Dining room - a crystal goblet


1. wrench
2. a gun
3. lead pipe
4. horseshoe
5. rope
6. candlestick
7. bottle of poison
8. knife
9. a bloody switchblade
10. a sharp, sinister looking sickle (this item may just be a normal weapon and not a quest item)
  1. Go to Body Mansion area - <enter, 3e, 5s, out2, s>
  2. Find your first suspect - <4s, e, s, kill brunette>
    2,167 : M. Brunette
  3. Get evidence from M. Brunette - <search bench, get all, open toolbox> - you should now have a beret, toolbox, and wrench in your inventory.
  4. Second suspect - <n, 3e, n, 3w, kill gray>
    ,1,982 : Sgt. Gray
  5. Get evidence - <search gazebo, get all, take gun> - you should now have a tie, wind chimes, and a gun in your inventory.
  6. Find a murder weapon lying around - <5e, n, get rock>
  7. Search a possible murder location - <s, 3e, drain fountain, search pipes, get all> - you should now have a lead pipe and a silver dime in your inventory
  8. Enter the house - <4w, s, search doormat, get key, unlock door, s, kill butler>
    5,623 : The butler, Didit
  9. Third suspect - <s, 3e, n, kill mustard>
    1,770 : Col. Mustard
  10. Get evidence - <search chair, get all> - you should now have a jacket and book in your inventory
  11. Fourth suspect - <s, 6w, n, kill peach>
    2,037 : Miss Peach
  12. Get evidence - <search table, search couch, get all> - you should now have pumps, a horseshoe, and a teacup in your inventory.
  13. Find more evidence - <2s, 5e, search artwork, get sickle>
  14. Fifth suspect - <e, kill scarlett>
    2,106 : Miss Scarlett
  15. Get evidence - <search table, get all> - you should now have a ruby necklace and an 8 ball in your inventory.
  16. Sixth suspect - <w, s, e, s, kill peacock>
    1,949 : Mrs. Peacock
  17. Get evidence - <search cabinet, get all, get rope> - you should now have a turquoise ring, a paintbrush, and rope in your inventory.
  18. Seventh suspect - <n, w, 2s, e, s, kill green>
    1,802 : Mr. Green
  19. Get evidence - <search plants, get all> - you should now have an emerald pinky ring and a flower in your inventory
  20. Eighth suspect - <n, 3w, s, kill plum>
    1,949 : Prof. Plum
  21. Get evidence - <search loveseat, get bottle, get all> - you should now have a pair of purple loafers, a stuffed parrot, and a bottle of poison in your inventory.
  22. Ninth suspect - <n, 3w, s, kill white>
    1,770 : Mrs. White
  23. Get evidence - <search cabinets, get knife, get all> - you should now have a pair of white lace gloves, a knife, and a silver tray in your inventory.
  24. Find evidence in the Secret passage - <search, sw, d, look at stairs, get switchblade>
  25. Tenth suspect - <u, ne, 3n, kill rose>
    1,880 : Madame Rose
  26. Get evidence - <search table, search dishes, get all> - you should now have a pink shawl, a candlestick, and a crystal goblet in your inventory.
  27. Bring items to The Ghost of Mr. Body - <s, e, 2n, 2e>
  28. You must now give the ghost 1 item from a person, 1 item from a location, and 1 weapon. For example -
    <give beret to ghost>

    Mr. Body says: You must now give me an item from a room and a weapon.

    <give rock to ghost>

    Mr. Body says: You must now give me a weapon.

    <give wrench to ghost>

    Mr. Body says: The murder was not committed in the courtyard.
    Mr. Body shoves the items back at you.
  29. Continue the previous step, working down the line of items, making sure you eliminate the item that he indicates is not a clue. I found it easy to go west, drop the item he said wasn't good (in the above example I would drop rock), go back east, try the same 2 items from the previous attempt with a new 3rd item. Repeat until you see him say something similar to,
    Mr. Body says: That's right!
    Mr. Body says: It was Mr. Green, with the switchblade, in the fountain.
    Mr. Body lets out a sigh.
    Mr. Body says: I've been avenged. At last I can rest. Thank you my dear friend.

Quest complete!

Return to Chaos: <w, 2n, e, n, 5w, 6n, out1, 4n, 3w, vortex>