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Where's Waldo? The elusive Waldo is always so hard to find, if anyone could find him, it would be a mini-miracle of sorts. And as such, anyone willing to take up the challenge will be justly rewarded by him. Can you find Waldo?

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (5/10)
Exploring : (4/10)
Fighting : (0/10)

Quest Point Value : 20
Designed for Levels: 5+

Created by : Aserena
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Waldo's House
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: January 2024)

Important Quest Summary: This quest is different for every player, but this should give you good enough suggestions to solve it. The object is to find a slip of paper anywhere in the house, the paper has the vault code on it. Once inside the vault, you search around for a clue as to where Waldo is. Once you find where he is, you mention his favorite movie, then shake his hand, and that's it.

It has been indicated that there are 100 vault combinations and 82 movies. So there are a lot still missing in this qinfo.

Explorer's Note: Once you're done with the quest, Waldo will NOT let you back in. So try to find all the rooms before you leave (and let me know if I missed any in the map).

  1. Travel to the entrance of Waldo's House (directions from Chaos) - <enter, 4w, 2e>
  2. Locate the piece of paper. Below are known locations, each from the Entrance to Waldo's -
    1. <2w, search tube, 2e>
    2. <search yard>
    3. <search mat, search under mat>
    4. <w, s, search crack, n, e>
    5. <w, s, nw, search wallpaper, se, n, e>
    6. <w, s, nw, trace footprints, search wallpaper, out, n, e>
    7. <w, n, do something, d, pull plug, climb stairs, search yard, se>
    8. <w, n, do something, d, pull plug, climb stairs, search side, se>
    9. <2w, spin around, search letter, climb down>
    10. <w, n, search bottom>
    Tiny slip of paper
    A rather small piece of paper with some writing on it. Perhaps you should read it. A well of mirth begins to build inside you.

    <read paper>
    All you can make out are some random digits: hC6%!7*V
  3. Once you've found the paper, you need to find the clue that's through the hidden exit in the closet - <s, nw, trace footprints> and you'll be transported to a 'Strange Room'
    You get this weird feeling that you're walking around and around and around and then you pass out. When you finally come to, you find yourself in a different room.
  4. Refer back to the random digits listed on the piece of paper, you'll need to type them out exactly as they are (it is case-sensitive too) - <type [insert your random digits here]> and you'll be transported 'In a vault'
  5. Original qinfo states to search every item for a clue on where Waldo is hidden but it's usually on the bill - <search bill, examine plate>

      <search bill> It has a small metal plate hammered onto one corner of it.
    1. <examine plate> It says: 'If it's Waldo you seek then you must look for a Fish Scale'. Odd eh?
    2. <examine plate> It says: 'If it's Waldo you seek then you must look for a Fish Eye'. Odd eh?
    3. <examine plate> 'If it's Waldo you seek then you must look for a Black Jacket'. Odd eh?
    4. <examine plate> 'If it's Waldo you seek then you must look for a Mailbox'. Odd eh?
    5. <examine plate> 'If it's Waldo you seek then you must look for a Flower Bed'. Odd eh?
    6. <examine plate> 'If it’s Waldo you seen then you must look for a Cracked Block'. Odd eh?
  6. Examine a picture on your way back to the Livingroom - <out, enter hole, d, pull plug, climb stairs, examine picture> (The movie changes, so take note of what it is.)
    Movie 1 - ...a scene from 'Dune.'

    Movie 2 - ...a scene from 'Boondock Saints.'

    Movie 3 - ...a scene from 'Rising Sun.'

    Movie 4 - ...a scene from 'A Bug's Life.'

    Movie 5 - ...a scene from 'Braveheart.'

    Movie 6 - ...a scene from 'Fight Club'

    Movie 7 - ...a scene from 'The Phantom Menace'

    Movie 8 - ...a scene from 'Pulp Fiction'

    Movie 9 - ...a scene from 'The Usual Suspects'

    Movie 10 - ...a scene from 'Alien'
  7. <se, w> - Now you're in the Livingroom
  8. Find Waldo. Below are known locations of where he's been found, from the Livingroom -
    1. (for clue #1 & movie #1) <2w, d, search fish scale, say dune, shake waldo's hand>
    2. (for clue #2 & movie #2) <2w, search fish eye, say boondock saints, shake waldo's hand>
    3. (for clue #3, movie #4, & movie #6) <s, search black jacket, say [a bug's life] or [fight club], shake waldo's hand>
    4. (for clue #4 & movie #5) <e, search mailbox> and you're dropped through a trapdoor <say braveheart, shake waldo's hand>
    5. (for clue #5 & movie #8) <2w, d, pull plug, climb stairs, search flower bed, say pulp fiction, shake waldos hand>
    6. (for clue #6 & movie #9) Travel to the basement, <look at crack, search crack>
    7. follow the directions for any of the above locations but if your movie is different, make sure you say the name of THAT movie (refer to Step #6 for what movies have been found so far).
    Original qinfo locations where Waldo was found, directions from Livingroom (if these work for you, please let us know) -
    Location 2 - n, do something, d, pull plug, enter crack
    Location 3 - enter flower pot
    Location 4 - n, do something, d, pull plug, climb stairs, enter arrangement

    You have solved the quest!

    Now climb on out that window and get outa here!

Quest complete!

Return to Chaos: <climb out window, e, 2w, 3e, vortex>