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<questlist 28> / <questlist spaceport>

S.O.S. from Space Port Beta
The situation in Space Port Beta is getting seriously out of hand! The infamous Mega-Maid is threatening a lovely planet, and Lord Helmet is on the loose again.... the call for a hero arises. It's up to you to help King Roland and Yogurt clear the planet of these horrific criminals.

Search Chaos for Space Port Alpha, find King Roland and Yogurt and 'say hi' to make this World a better place.

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (2/10)
Exploring : (2/10)
Fighting : (2/10)

Quest Point Value : 10
Designed for Levels: Levels 7 and up

Created by : Miyurachi
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: November 2020)

  1. Travel to Spaceport - <enter, 2s, ride comet>
    Note: Once you've completed this quest, you will not be allowed back in. If you're particular about exploring all rooms for this area, do so prior to finishing the quest.
  2. <kill matrix>
  3. <enter winnebago>
  4. <pull lever> 3 times
  5. When you arrive - <ne, se, sw>
  6. <kill spaceball>
  7. <get comb>
  8. <comb sand> in all the rooms nearby until you find a secret
  9. <enter>
  10. <kill lonestar>
  11. <get amulet, wear amulet>
  12. <s, lift statue>
  13. <wear ring> (this item will count as an 'other')
  14. <n, out> - Because the secret room moves, you'll now need to find the switch which is northeast from the King (where you originally entered the area from)
  15. <flip switch, se>
  16. <kill spaceball>
  17. <get card, swipe card>
  18. <kill spaceball>
  19. <get card, swipe card, push lord, sw, w, nw, out, get debris> - this brings you back to the top of the main area that is shaped like a diamond
  20. <sw, give debris to king> - you'll be automatically teleported to Center of Chaos.

Quest complete!