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Schroedingers Cat

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Rumors abound of a crazy old man wandering the post-apocalyptic desert waving his cane at passersby. The few who have seen him say he rants about some problem with his cat. DC Megatech has put out a 10 quest point bounty for any adventurer who can help him solve his problem and thereby shut him up.

Search in the Realm of Science

Thinking : (6/10)
Exploring : (4/10)
Fighting : (0/10)

Quest Point Value : 10
Designed for Levels: 5+

Created by : Glorfindel
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: January 2021)

  1. Travel to Schroedinger's Lab - <enter, u, 4n, d, n, w, n, enter, 2n, e>
    Important Note: Throughout this quest, have the FULL conversation with Schroedinger before starting the next step. Be sure to wait for his dialogue to complete after each prompt before moving to the next part.
  2. <say hi>
    Doctor Schroedinger says: Eh?? What's that? Doctor Schroedinger says: Oh! Hello there. I'm sorry, but I'm a bit distracted at the moment.
  3. <say distracted>
    Doctor Schroedinger says: Eh? Oh, oh, yes. I've been very distracted lately. It's my cat, you see. I wonder, would you be willing to help me with an experiment?
    Doctor Schroedinger looks at you questioningly.
  4. <say yes>
    Doctor Schroedinger looks hopeful.
    Doctor Schroedinger says: That is wonderful!
    Doctor Schroedinger says: Life has been so very difficult these last years since the great war, and I've felt so very guilty.
    Doctor Schroedinger says: Who would have thought that solving the world's energy crisis would have led to such an end. Doctor Schroedinger says: You may not know this, but before the war, I developed a quantum detangler!
    Doctor Schroedinger says: Yes, I know it may be hard to believe, for the world has forgotten me. Is it really my fault that DC Megatech took my quantum detangler and used it to steal the oil right out from underneath the arab states?
    Doctor Schroedinger says: But my real problem today is with my cat. He's my only friend these days!
  5. <say cat>
    Doctor Schroedinger says: My poor little kitty... I've been trying to reproduce the experimental apparatus that I was working on before the war, and I thought everything was working, but my memory is so poor these days. If only I could see my old notes. My cat, you see, is in the apparatus! Right now he's in a quantum entangled state in that box in the middle of the room. Unless I can reproduce my work from before the war, his feline wave form will collapse when I open the box and he has a 50% chance of being dead!
  6. <2w, pull tile, get key>
  7. <e, unlock middle drawer, open middle drawer, get notes>
  8. <e, give notes to schroedinger, examine tools, get screwdriver>
  9. <plug wire into terminal, tighten green wire, press green button> ...wait a moment.
  10. <get can, w, spray top drawer, open top drawer>
  11. <get paper, e, give paper to schroedinger>
  12. <say cane>
    Doctor Schroedinger says: I do have a cane here. I seem to remember something was important about it. I don't really need it for walking. I suppose you could borrow it if you wanted to.
  13. <say borrow>
    Doctor Schroedinger says: Certainly you may borrow my cane. (He hands you the cane.)
  14. <w, pry bottom drawer with cane, open bottom drawer>
  15. <get box, e, give box to schroedinger> wait for time to stop.
    Doctor Schroedinger says: You found it! Schroedinger takes the actuator over to the laser.

    Schroedinger inserts the actuator into a depression on the laser.

    Schroedinger puts on a pair of goggles and presses a button on the laser.

    After a few moments, the laser fires! You feel a bit queasy as time stops.
  16. As soon as time stops, <open box>

Quest complete!

Return to Science: <w, 2s, leave, s, e, s, u, 4s, d, out>