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Sarkath Khan

<questlist 25> / <questlist sarkath khan>

Seek out the legendary crypt of King Sarkath Khan. Find out more at Egon's inn which is located somewhere in the mountains northwest of Wayhaven.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (3/10)
Exploring : (3/10)
Fighting : (3/10)

Quest Point Value : 10
Designed for Levels: 25+

Created by : Johnny
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Sarkath Khan
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: November 2022)

  1. Travel to the area.
    From Fantasy - <portal, 12w, leave, 4w, 11n, path>
  2. <enter, order beer, order room, sit>
    You sit down next to the man. He introduces himself as Zarkof.
  3. <give beer to zarkof> ...wait for his speech to end
    Zarkof says: Thank you my friend. I am broke and a beer was exactly what I wanted.

    Zarkof takes a big mouthful from the cold beer, looks at you and says: I already figured that you're looking for Sarkath's crypt. I know where it is because I was there searching it with a party some 2 years back. It ended up with everyone except me getting killed by something in there. The only reason I'm alive is because I was getting some new torches outside the crypt as something attacked my friends.

    Zarkof continues: Be warned. The crypt is a very dangerous place for those who don't know what they seek and what to avoid. This map shows how you must travel to get there.

    He pulls a parchment out of his tunic and hands it over to you.

    Zarkof says: I have been searching a long time for someone brave enough to continue my research.

    He smiles sadly for a while and then continues.
    Zarkof says: I do this, because I want revenge. Kill whatever killed my friends for me. With a deep sigh he leans back and drinks his beer. He then leaves through the door.
  4. You should now have a map in your inventory
    Zarkof's Map
    This is Zarkofs map:
        MMM R M F-F-*M
       MM   R M | | |M
      M *-* R M F-*-W-
     MM | | R M | | |M
     MM *-* R M *-*-*M
     MM |  R  M | | |M
    MMM | R |  M  | |M
    MMM * R *-* M F-FM
    M M   R | | M | |M
    M  MMR*-*-* M F-FM
    It looks light.                                
  5. <stand, u, 2e, unlock door, open door, s, close door, sleep>
    You lay down in your bed and close your eyes. After a short while you feel your worn out body relax between the comfy sheets and you fall into sleep. After sleeping well the entire night you step down the stairs, return the key to Egon and go out into the stables to borrow a horse he promised to lend you. Having both the map and a horse you feel ready to ride out on the plains and start searching for Sarkath's crypt.
  6. Kill the warriors <2s, 5w, kill warrior>
    758 : A Filthy Warrior
    785 : A Filthy Warrior
    374 : A Filthy Warrior
    399 : A Filthy Warrior
    399 : A Filthy Warrior
  7. Kill the aggressive Ugly Snottlings - <2w, enter>
    35 : Ugly Snottling
    35 : Ugly Snottling
    35 : Ugly Snottling
    35 : Ugly Snottling
  8. Kill Hugur and more Ugly Snottlings - <n, ne, n, nw>
    10k : Hugur Huggtand
    35 : Ugly Snottling
    35 : Ugly Snottling
    35 : Ugly Snottling
    35 : Ugly Snottling
  9. <get all, open coffin>
    Sarkath Khan charges up from the coffin!!!!
  10. <say free>
    Sarkath Khan hisses: The other half of my spirit was captured by the mage and I can sense that it remains with him, even in death. I do not know how this can be. Perhaps he carried some powerful artifact, hidden upon him.

    Sarkath Khan hisses: While they buried me in this chamber, I do not know where they buried Khor-Thok. And as he was a traitor, they most likely left his grave unmarked.

    Sarkath Khan hisses: Wherever his burial place, should you find it and find the missing portion to my spirit, I will reward you greatly.
  11. Find Khor-Thok's grave. Travel <se, s, sw, s, out>. The grave moves rooms, so you will need to <dig> in each room until you get the message below).
    You begin digging into the ground and notice the dirt to be fairly loose.
  12. Continue digging - <dig>
    You continue digging into the dirt. Something is clearly buried deep beneath this portion of the ground.
  13. Dig some more - <dig>
    Digging further into the ground, the head of the shovel makes a thumping sound against something. You should probably keep digging.
  14. This should be the last time you have to dig - <dig>
    You successfully dig out what look to be the remains of a human long since passed.
    An aged skeleton
    The skeleton which remains of an apparently once-human body now lays staggered along the ground. As there's no coffin or marking, it must have received a rather unceremonious burial. Oddly, you think you see something sparkle in it.
    It looks very heavy.
  15. <search skeleton, get crystal>
    A large crystal
    A diamond-like crystal, surprisingly large for its quality. As you gaze at it further, you notice a faint green shimmer.
    It looks light.
  16. Bring the crystal to Sarkath Khan -
    1. <2s, 6w, enter, n, ne, n, nw, give crystal to ghost>
    2. <2w, 2s, 5w, enter, n, ne, n, nw, give crystal to ghost>
    Sarkath Khan hisses: You have found it! Quickly, shatter it so my soul may be released!

    The ghost returns the crystal to you.
  17. Free his soul - <shatter crystal>
    You throw the crystal with force at the ground, and it shatters upon contact. Suddenly the room is flooded with a bright light!

    A voice in your mind: 'Thank you mortal. You have released me from the torments of unlife!'
    The voice pauses briefly, then continues: 'Whatever you find of my worldly possessions are for you to take. It is small thanks for releasing me.'
  18. Optional: <get brazier, light brazier>
    A Golden Brazier (lighted)
    It's a brazier made entirely of gold. It's about 1 meter long and it feels quite well balanced. Perhaps you could wield it??
    It is lit, and fills the room with a pleasant glow.
    It looks light.

    Note about this item: The gold brazier runs out of fuel.
    The sudden difference in light makes you drop the brazier!

    This will happen if it's lit and you're not wielding it. As long as you keep an eye out for this message (or make an action/trigger off of it, you can <get brazier; light brazier> again.

Quest complete!

Return to Fantasy: <se, s, sw, s, out, 7e, 2n, path, 11s, 4e, enter, 12e, portal>