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<questlist 51> / <questlist nuke>

Somewhere in the wastelands of science, there is a group of people with their hands on a nuclear device. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out how to set off their nuke and destroy the test site. Seek an oasis.

Search in the Realm of Science

Thinking : (4/10)
Exploring : (6/10)
Fighting : (5/10)

Quest Point Value : 25
Designed for Levels: 30+

Created by : Lipscom
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Oasis in the Badlands
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: July 2021)

  1. From Science, find the Radioactive Pool inside the Oasis - (Directions from entrance of Science) - <enter, u, 4n, d, 9n, 8e, se, 2s, e, enter>
  2. <search sludge, kill sludge>
    7,980 : Sludge Monster
  3. Find the secret entrance to the Bandit tunnels - <search film, d, push enter>
    A door slides over the film, and the door in the wall slides open.
  4. Find Corporal Wass in the Communications Center - <enter, 6e, door, take hostage, interrogate wass>

    Note: his answers will change from player to player. We have three possible codes and locations thus far. Make note of what yours are (and please let us know if they're different than these)
    1. Interrogation 1 - Now that you have taken Wass hostage, you waste no time getting the details of the launch from him. He tells you that he left the keycard in the glovebox of the jeep on the south side of the test site. You must <search glovebox> to find it.

      He also gives up the launch code, "12.27.74".
    2. Interrogation 2 - Wass mumbles: Darn bastards in D.C...trying to get out...
      Wass mumbles: We'll show that nuke...
      Wass spills his guts and tells you he hid the keycard at the test site in the tent.

      He also tells you that the code for the launch is "10.22.74".
      Wass mumbles: ...need rad suits for..hope we get lucky...
    3. Interrogation 3 - You have successfully made this coward give up the information you seek from him. He tells you he left the keycard in this neat compartment he built into the outhouse behind the fake building on the west side of the test site.

      He then reluctantly tells you the launch code is "1.22.79".
      While you are pondering this new information, Wass seizes this chance and leaps to attack you!
      23,818 : Corporal Wass
  5. Aggressive enemies coming up - <out, 2e, s, kill tylor>
    8,823 : Bandit
    8,409 : Bandit
    17,635 : Private Tylor
  6. <peruse papers>
    You sit down to peruse the papers and soon discover some startling things.

    Quickly scanning the documents, you realize that this place is a nuclear missile silo from the old U.S. military. The reason this is relevant, you soon find out, is that the lost city of Washington D.C. is still there. The radiation of the fields surrounding it has kept people from learning of its existence.

    The bandits who live here now used to be U.S. military soldiers who have a serious dislike for anything from D.C., although you aren't sure why. It seems they are setting up this place to nuke D.C. again, although first they must test fire the one here so that when they locate another missile silo they will know what to do about D.C. itself. Somewhere in here must be the location of the test site.

    You read the documents carefully, and discover that the test site is just north of Detroit.

    As you are putting away the last of the documents, several bandits come around the corner surprising you!

    8,777 : Bandit
    9,106 : Bandit
    8,270 : Bandit
    8,296 : Bandit
  7. <s, kill briggs>
    17,786 : Lieutenant Briggs
  8. <search desk, search drawer, get key>
  9. Locate the other Oasis - <2n, 8w, enter, push out, u, out, w, 2n, nw, 5e, 14n, se>
  10. Locate Briggs' keycard -
    1. Directions from Interrogation 1 - <2s, e, search glovebox> - you should now have a keycard in your inventory
    2. Directions from Interrogation 2 - <2s, 2e, enter, search blankets> - you should now have a keycard in your inventory
    3. Directions from Interrogation 3 - <s, examine building, search building, enter outhouse, examine board, sit on board> - you should now have a keycard in your inventory
  11. Return to the first Oasis -
    1. Return directions from glove box - <w, 2n, nw, 14s, 5w, se>
    2. Return directions from tent - <out, 2w, 2n, nw, 14s, 5w, se>
    3. Return directions from outhouse - <out, n, nw, 14s, 5w, se>
  12. Go back into the Bandit tunnels - <2s, e, enter, d, push enter>
  13. Find a key - <enter, 4e, unlock door, open door, s, sw, search stairs, get key>
  14. Find the Central Control Center<nw, unlock door, open door, n, w>
  15. <unlock door, open door, n, close door>
  16. Plug in the computers and launch the missile - <plug in, look at slot, insert keycard>
  17. Refer back to your code from your interrogation with Wass -
    1. Code from Interrogation 1 - <enter 12.27.74>
    2. Code from Interrogation 2 - <enter 10.22.74>
    3. Code from Interrogation 3 - <enter 1.22.79>

Quest complete!

Return to Science: <open door, s, e, s, se, ne, n, 4w, enter, push out, u, out, w, 2n, nw, 8w, 9s, u, 4s, d, out>