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<questlist 20> / <questlist nightmare>

Alfonzo's magic dream bed has been malfunctioning lately, and has been giving Alfonzo bad nightmares. The only way to fix this problem is to have somebody go in and turn his nightmares into a dream with a happy ending. Sleep on the bed and find the objects necessary to complete a good dream!

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (2/10)
Exploring : (2/10)
Fighting : (3/10)

Quest Point Value : 10
Designed for Levels: 7+

Created by : Alfonzo
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Alfonzo's Nightmare
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: November 2020)

  1. Travel to the area.
    From Chaos - <w, 7n, w, n>
  2. <search bed> - you'll automatically grab pillow
  3. <sleep bed> - brings you to a new area
  4. <3e, s, nw>
    Note: original quest notes indicate <kill lady>, however, there was no lady at the time of this quest. You can still proceed to the next step regardless if the lady was there.
  5. <get tray>
  6. <search tray>
  7. <se>
  8. <kill student>
      92 : Student
      92 : Student
      92 : Student
      92 : Student
  9. <w>
  10. <search table>
  11. <get picture>
  12. <e, s>
  13. <kill kargo>
      759 : Kargo
  14. <w>
  15. <search locker>
  16. <get notebook>
  17. <deflower notebook>
  18. <2e>
  19. <kill principal>
  20. <get blast>
  21. <press button>
  22. <w, n, e>
  23. <search drain>
  24. <d>
  25. <kill bully>
      356 : Bully
  26. <get jacket>
  27. <search pocket>
  28. <u, w, 2n, e, s>
  29. Make sure you still have the pillow in your active inventory (not smuggled, nor put inside a bag). Give each gift to mate; and she'll reject all but one.
    <kiss mate> (Kissing mate will take you back to Alfonzo's room)

Quest complete!

Return to Chaos: <s, e, 7s, e, vortex>