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Good sorceress Mira lies unconscious in her east forest cottage. Only her husband's sorcery is keeping her alive, barely. Speak with the interesting people you meet on your journey. Save Mira's life and greatness shall be bestowed upon you. Fail and humility, if not death, will be yours. (Polanna)

Work quickly, as the closer reboot comes, Mira nears death.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (8/10)
Exploring : (9/10)
Fighting : (5/10)

Quest Point Value : 75
Designed for Levels: 25+

Created by : Polanna
Once per Reboot : YES

Map of Island of Tapan
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: December 2022)

Summary: To acquire ingredients for a potion, get bit by a snake to cross the river, and dig up a flower so that Mira can smell it. It is highly suggested that you attempt this quest at the beginning of a reboot (if possible, without a coffin, and without any world drop items). The end of the quest requires your inventory to be empty (or "light"), exception are the items needed to dig up the flower.

  1. Visit the bank and deposit all coins except for 300 (for the ferry ride later).
  2. From Fantasy, visit Nyette in the east forest Cottage, <portal, 15e, leave, 6e, 5n, enter, e>
    Nyette says: Brave adventurer, please recover the flower of Arya from the island of Tapan and bring it to us! It is the only thing that can heal and save the good sorceress Mira.

    You say: flower
    Nyette says: I don't know much about it but you could look it up at the library.

    You say: mira
    Nyette says: A year ago the Battle of Esmond took place. The evil sorcerer Ives was killing the good people of Esmond in his attempt to overthrow the city. The good sorceress Mira cast a spell which destroyed Ives, knowing that she would also be destroyed in the process. However her husband, sorcerer Gerrik, uses all his strength to keep her alive with sorcery. Only the flower of Arya can save her.
  3. <w, garden, shed, kill gardener>
    14k : A gardener
  4. <get pail, get rope, get shovel>
  5. Before we travel to the island, let's go find the Crystal of Tapan since we'll need it later. The crystal has been found in several locations -
    1. Directions from the shed: <out, enter, leave, 6s, 5e, 8s, 2w, s, kill guard> (Guards may or may not be on duty.)
      1k : Drider Guard
      1k : Drider Guard
      You may or may not encounter more guards that will block your path. Kill anyone in your way. <3d, 3n, ne, d, 3e, s, w, 3s, 3e, 2s, kill troll>
      51k : Two-Headed Troll
    2. Directions from Location 1 to 2: <2n, 3w, 3n, e, n, 3w, u, sw, 3s, 3u, out, 2e, 9n, 11w, enter, 15w, 12n, leave, 11n, 7e, 4n, kill ghalein>
      51k : Ghalein, Guardian of the Tower Hills
    3. Directions from Location 2 to 3: <12w, s, portal, portal, 12n, leave, 8n, 4e, 10n, 6w, path, 2w, nw, 2n, ne, kill puddlum>
      26k : Puddlum
    4. If you know of other spawning points for the Crystal, please email them here.
  6. <get crystal>
  7. Travel to Island of Tapan -
    1. From Location 1 in previous step: <2n, 3w, 3n, e, n, 3w, u, sw, 3s, 3u, out, 2e, 9n, 11w, enter, 22w, 8s, e, buy pass, charter tapan> ...wait
    2. From Location 2 in previous step: <12w, s, portal, portal, 7w, 8s, e, buy pass, charter tapan ...wait
    3. From Location 3 in previous step: <sw, 2s, se, 2e, path, 4s, 3w, portal, portal, 7w, 8s, e, buy pass, charter tapan ...wait
  8. Once on the island, travel <3w, sw, s, climb, search nest> - you should now have a Silver chain in your inventory
    Silver chain
    A silver chain that could be made into a necklace.
  9. Acquire the tooth, which has been located in different locations -
    1. <d, 6e, search skeleton> - you should now have a tooth in your inventory
      A tooth
      A sharp lion's tooth.
      There is a small hole in the tooth.
      It looks light.
    2. Warning: DO NOT touch or get anything else in the cave or you will be carried off to Dragon Isle by a dragon. <e, 5s, e, climb, cave, search remains>
    3. <out, climb, w, 2n, w, 5n, search sand>
      A tooth
      A shiny sea serpent's tooth
      There is a small hole in the tooth.
      It looks light.
  10. <make necklace with tooth> - You can now converse with the natives.
    You make a necklace out of a chain and tooth.

    A tooth necklace
    A necklace made from a silver chain and a tooth.
    The chain is in perfect condition.
    It looks light.
  11. <wear necklace>
    Unknown: A tooth necklace
  12. Get past the guard
    1. <3s, say [zeilik/levtar/rao]>
    2. <3s, kill guard>
      165k : A Temple guard that looks like...
  13. <s, e, take leaves, w>
    Magical Tea Leaves
    The leaves have a magical aura about them. Too bad you don't know how to read them. Perhaps someone else could.
    Optional conversation with the leader that will inform you to visit the witch doctor, where he'll need you to give him tea leaves (which is why you just obtained them):

    You say: hello
    Tapan leader says: Hello, can I help you?

    You say: flower
    Tapan leader says: Many people come here to find the flower of Arya, because of its magic. It is found on the other side of the river, but be warned. It is surrounded by a deadly moat of fire!

    You say: river
    Tapan leader says: This river is very poisonous. To enter it safely, you must have the venom of the Tapan snake in your blood. However, there are many kinds of Tapan snakes, and the wrong venom will kill you as surely as the river will! Only the witch doctor knows which snake is the correct one.

    You say: doctor
    Tapan leader says: The witch doctor lives at the far end of the swamp.
  14. <n, e, 3s, w, 2nw, 3w, kill crocodile>
    15k : Caiman Crocodile
  15. <w, say river> (you should be at the Witch Doctor)
    You say: river
    Witch Doctor says: There are six different kinds of Tapan snakes. All but one will have a bite which is fatal to you. You must get this one snake to bite you and put its venom in your blood so you can cross the river safely.
    Give me some tea leaves and I can find out which snake is the correct one. A happy thought dawns on you, and a smile draws across your face.
  16. <give leaves to doctor> Make note of the color snake he mentions.
    The Witch Doctor takes the tea leaves and places them in a cup which he then fills with hot water from his cauldron. He closes his eyes and chants a few strange words while waving one hand over the cup. He then hands you the cup and tells you to drink the tea.

    You drink the tea and hand the cup back to the Witch Doctor. The Witch Doctor examines the tea leaves carefully.

    Witch Doctor says: It is the brown Tapan Snake which you want to bite you. You will find the snake in the possession of the Snake Demon.
    The Demon is hard to find but its large animal-like tracks will give away its location.
  17. While we're in the doctor's hut, <read books> (you'll need to make this potion later)
    How to make a Tapan potion:

    ingredients : water, blood of a mosquito, bill of a toucan, tail of an iguana, forked tongue of a snake, fangs of a tarantula, the crystal of Tapan

    1) boil water in a large cauldron
    2) add ingredients to cauldron
    3) say the magic spell word 'kazam'

    To use: 'drink potion' or sprinkle potion on an enemy by 'sprinkle <name>'
  18. <4e, 2se, e, 6n, 4w, 3sw, w, 2nw, 3sw, 3w, kill demon>
    42k : Snake Demon
  19. <w, kill [color of snake the witch doctor told you about] snake>
    kill brown snake

    You attack A Brown Tapan Snake.

    Before you can even strike the snake it bites your leg viciously. The brown Tapan Snake slithers away down a small dark hole. You scream in pain and become disoriented and dizzy very fast. You stumble away from the snake and everything fades to black ...

    Your senses slowly come back to you and you awaken on the ground.
  20. Now that you have the venom in your blood, let's obtain the potion ingredients (except for the water, since it's already in the cauldron) - ≤3e, 3ne, 2se, s, kill bird>
    15k : A toucan bird
    15k : A toucan bird
    15k : A toucan bird
  21. <get bill>
  22. <4ne, kill tarantula>
    7k : A tarantula
  23. <get fangs>
  24. <e, kill lizard>
    16k : An iguana lizard
  25. <get tail>
  26. <3e, 6s, w, kill snake>
    26k : Anaconda Snake
  27. <get tongue>
  28. <4nw>
    8k : A mosquito
    8k : A mosquito
    8k : A mosquito
    8k : A mosquito
  29. <get blood, sw, s, w>
  30. <put blood in cauldron, put bill in cauldron, put tail in cauldron, put tongue in cauldron, put fangs in cauldron, put crystal in cauldron>
  31. <say kazam>
    There is a big explosion which creates a strange looking potion.

    A tapan potion
    The potion bubbles and smokes in its container. It smells real bad too.
  32. <4e, 2se, e, 4n, 3w, search pottery, take pot>
  33. <e, 2n, 2w, 4sw, 3s, 2e, s>
  34. Dismiss any followers you may have, as they cannot follow you.
  35. <river, 5s, sw, kill spirit>
    26k : Jungle Spirit
  36. <se, unkeep all, remove all, drop all, relinquish coffin> - make sure you drop all coins too.
  37. <get potion, get shovel, get pot, get rope>
  38. <sprinkle protector> - you'll be transported to a room south of The Protector, but your potion has been used now. Therefore, if you return north it's possible that you cannot sneak past The Protector again.
    You sprinkle the potion on the Protector and she falls asleep.
    Quickly you tip toe by her into the clearing before she wakes.
  39. <climb tree>
  40. <climb onto branch>
    1. Exact syntax not acquired yet from climbing onto the branch (because we keep falling), if you are successful on this step, please let us know your exact steps and preferably send a screenshot:
      <tie rope to branch, climb down rope, dig up flower, climb rope, climb down tree>
    2. If you fall from still having too much weight (as your inventory must be less than 15%), you can still <dig up flower> and follow 'Option 2' directions below.
      You climb out onto the branch but it snaps under your weight!
      You fall with a great big thud as you hit the ground below!
      You shouldn't have carried so much with you because now you are trapped!
  41. Return the flower to Mira
    1. Unknown at this time.
    2. If you fell off the branch from too much weight, either teleport back to town or request a teleport/eternal summons to bring you back to town. At this point, travel <n, 2w, s, 3w, portal, 15e, leave, 6e, 5n, enter, e>
    Nyette says: You have brought us the flower of Arya! Good Sorceress Mira can be saved! Thank you brave adventurer!
    Nyette takes the flower from you and goes to the bedside. Gently she raises Mira's head towards the petals so she may smell the aroma

    The good people of Fantasy rejoice as the brave bard Locrian saves sorceress Mira's life!

    After a few moments Mira's eyes flutter open and her eyes meet Gerrik's.
    Realization appears in Mira's eyes and the couple embraces lovingly.

    Mira and Gerrik turn to face you.
    Gerrik says: Thank you for saving my wife's life brave adventurer!
    We can never repay you.

    Congratulations you have solved the quest and saved good sorceress Mira's life!

Quest complete!
Return to Fantasy: <w, leave, 5e, portal>