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Macabre Collector

<questlist 36> / <questlist macabre collector>

Cuthbert Pottly is a lifelong collector of the strange and macabre who took his passion to a completely new level by opening the Portentous Shoppe. With demand for his collectables soaring, Cuthbert often finds himself without a ready supply to fill his customer's orders.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (4/10)
Exploring : (6/10)
Fighting : (0/10)

Quest Point Value : 15
Designed for Levels: 5+

Created by : Casso
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Aunt May's Cottage
Map of Area



Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: January 2021)

  1. From Fantasy, travel to Portentous Shoppe - <portal, 7w, 3s, 4w, n, enter, say supply>
    Cuthbert smiles.

    Cuthbert says: You are looking for a job, yes? Excellent, let's go somewhere private to talk.

    Cuthbert takes out a large key from his pocket and unlocks the door at the back of the room.

    Cuthbert quickly shoos you through.
  2. Now you are in the back of his shop, continue the conversation - <say job>
    Cuthbert says: As you can see I have a rather distinct hobby. Delightful, yes? My collection is never complete and I need more.
  3. <say more>
    Cuthbert says: Each fairy looks completely different now. Some of my more adventurous customers have joined me in this hobby. So, I was selling them any double-ups that I had but now I have run out.
  4. <say out>
    Cuthbert says: I discovered a new place to collect fairies, in the garden of an abandoned cottage. I collected enough for my collection and received orders from my customers. As soon as I did this the cottage owner renovated the cottage and took up residence.
  5. <say owner>
    Cuthbert says: She likes to be called Aunt May.
  6. <say cottage>
    Cuthbert says: A lovely place north of the city. I spend some time there.
  7. <say orders>
    Cuthbert says: I have a lot of orders to fill and very little time. If you want a job I will pay you to go to the cottage and collect at least six different fairies. Leave when you are ready.
  8. Go to Aunt May's Cottage - <s, exit, s, 4e, 3n, 5w, leave, 5w, 8n, enter>
  9. Find a book inside the cottage (there are several locations that this book can be found). The directions below will take you to the room where it might be, and then back to the front door. Once you've found the book and returned to the front door as directions indicate, move on to the next step.
    1. In the garden - <4n, search pottery, 4s>
    2. In the garden - <5n, e, search pots, w, 5s>
    3. In the sewing room - <w, u, 2e, search basket, 2w, d, e>
    4. In the attic - <w, u, 2e, cupboard, u, search books, d, out, 2w, d, e>
    a pressed flower book
    The leather bound book cover is well worn with use and has a cracked spine. Punched into the padded leather on the book's front are letters proclaiming the book to be used for pressing flowers.
    It looks light.
  10. Capture 3 unique fairies that are in the cottage garden (not in the maze) and the fairy in the shed -
    1. Little Rosethorn - <5n, capture fairy>
    2. Sparkle Summerblossom - <n, e, capture fairy>
    3. Petal Autumnfall - <4s, capture fairy>
    4. Leaf Floatingseeds - <3n, e, capture fairy>
  11. Visit Aunt May (directions starting from shed) - <w, 3s, w, 2s, e, say maze>
    Aunt May says: I am not one to enjoy mazes and I am ashamed to admit that I tend to become lost.
  12. <say lost>
    Aunt May says: Then I must cheat or else become lost forever.
  13. Head into the maze - <w, 2n, w, n, cheat> (you're now at the other end of the maze in order to capture the 2 remaining fairies)
  14. Capture the fairies in the maze -
    1. Honey Dewdrop - <capture fairy>
    2. Little Floatingseeds - <s, capture fairy>
  15. Head back to Cuthbert - <n, maze, crawl, 3s, leave, 5e, 8s, enter, 5e, 3s, 4w, n, enter>
  16. <give book to cuthbert>
    Cuthbert starts flicking through the pages.

    Cuthbert says: The format is a bit unorthodox.

    Cuthbert says: I think there would be a market for this.

    Cuthbert pulls a handful of coins from his pocket and gives them to you.

    Congratulations on completing the quest!
  17. Return to Fantasy - <exit, s, 4e, 3n, 7e, portal>

Quest complete!