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The village of Lothlarian in the island of Sharakan has been at war with an undead horde for the past 7 seasons. The elves cannot hold out much longer, and the undead are looking to end the war as soon as possible as they have other conquests to make. You must go and travel to the village of Lothlarian and help to put an end to this war. HINT: Follow your heart when ending the war.

Search in the Realm of Newbieland

Thinking : (4/10)
Exploring : (4/10)
Fighting : (3/10)

Quest Point Value : 13
Designed for Levels: 4+ (newbie)

Created by : Groosh
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Lothlarian
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: January 2024)

Important Note: The quest has two sets of directions; one set for good aligned players and the other set for evil aligned players. Please follow the steps according to your alignment. Type <score> on the mud to see your alignment in your title. If you have more evil alignment steps to provide, please email them here.

  1. Become a good aligned player: If your alignment is not positive, and you're at least level 5, you can jump into a special pool (located inside the Mystic Forest within Chaos) for a quick fix. If your alignment is already positive, skip to step 2.

    From Chaos: <enter, 3e, 2s, 2e, n, 3e, 4n, ne, n, nw, 2sw, swim, kill deer>

    10k : Beautiful deer

    Return to Chaos: <2ne, se, s, sw, 4s, 3w, s, 2w, 2n, 3w, vortex>

  1. Find the mirror for Lothlarian. From newbie bin - <4s, u, n, ne, enter mirror 1>
  2. Find the bag - <4s, 3e, search object, examine object, search cloth, examine cloth, get bag> (if you don't locate anything in this room, check the surrounding area because it may move.)
  3. Take the bag to the secret room (directions from step 1, re-orient yourself if you had to search in the surrounding areas) - <2w, 2n, search trees> and you should automatically be moved into the secret room with an elf.
  4. <say help>
  5. <say reinforcements>
  6. <say bag>
  7. <say knots>
  8. <unravel knot>
  9. Free the elf - <5s, e> you should find an elf hanging from a tree.
  10. <search tree, examine tree, look at elf, remove spikes, blow horn>


NOTE: The directions below are not in the typical WMT 'full-direction' style. These are 'general' directions to get the quest completed. If you are able to provide step-by-step directions, or if you have more evil alignment steps to provide, please email here.

  1. Find the mirror for Lothlarian. From newbie bin - <4s, u, n, ne, enter mirror 1>
  2. Within the farthest eastern part of the secret Sacred Grove, hidden behind the elven field hospital, search the ring of stones - <search stones>.
  3. Travel to the Elven encampment and <search benches>. You'll find a hidden battle standard.
  4. Travel to the General's Hut, which is on the south side of the elven village, and then proceed <1s, 1e, 1n>.
  5. <search brushes> to confirm the room.
  6. <raise standard> - this should confirm the evil ending to the quest.

Quest complete!