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<questlist 70> / <questlist kimlark>

Kimlark has reappeared. Rescue the Good King and free the souls of the cursed!

A Note For Players Doing This Quest....
You are allowed to seek help of other players in killing the Gnome Warlord. All other parts of the quest must be done by yourselves with no help or participation in any way from others.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (4/10)
Exploring : (5/10)
Fighting : (7/10)

Quest Point Value : 40
Designed for Levels: 35+

Created by : Tiro
Once per Reboot : No

Map of the Isle of Kimlark
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: November 2020)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you begin, make sure you have MORE than two light sources on you. We've tested, and we recommend you to have 'A pouch of moon-rocks (glowing) {7}.'
See our Lights page.
ADDITIONAL NOTE: all party members need to wear the amulet (an item obtained within this quest) to get through the maze together. If you are a smaller player, a bit of extra fire resistance would be a plus.

  1. <portal, 15e, leave, 4e, 2ne, n, 2ne, 6e, se, 4e, n, embark, fore, bridge, tell captain kimlark> ...wait
  2. <deck, fore, disembark, 3w, 4s, examine cliff, search cliff>
    Your careful search of the cliff reveals a number of toeholds that have been carved into the less sheer side of the cliff. You could probably just go on up. If you have a good head for heights, that is.
    A massive granite rock has thrust out of the floor of the island pushing upwards with majestic and awesome force. There doesn't seem to be ANY way to climb such a sheer cliff.
  3. <u, 2s, u, 3w, n, u, w, 3n, w, kill guards>
    7,682 : A White Knight
    8,049 : A Black Knight
  4. <look at oil painting>
  5. <search country scene>
  6. <enter oil>
  7. <enter cottage>
  8. <request story> ...wait a while until she finishes
    You request a story and then sit down at her urging. `This won't take too long, she says. After all, I just can't keep going as long as I once did, she says, smiling tremulously.

    `Once there was a great wizard. His name was Zetron. He was a proud and great wizard. He had helped destroy the last of the Gray Mages, including the foul archmage who tried to destroy Wayhaven during the Mage Wars. Tired of destruction, he set sail on the Great Eastern Ocean. And decided to create for a time, to rid his mind and soul of the stench of war. And so ....he created the Island of Kimlark for his friend Peter.'

    Here the little old lady stops to catch her breath.

    `Peter, she continued, was a good man and he became a Good King. His only real vice was that he was addicted to the greatest game of all...the game of Chess. He and his courtiers would dress up in the various roles of the game, and play for hours and days and weeks. Sometimes they spent so much time playing that they had to tighten their belts since no work was being done. Zetron loved the game too, but he eventually tired of the whole thing and left to seek out other interests.' The old lady pauses again.

    'The games continued even after Zetron left, she said. In fact, the Good King's passion grew even stronger. He sent courtiers out far and wide, even through those strange portals and through the devastated lands of North Magic, to find players. But he and his friends defeated all comers easily. Soon, the game was becoming just too easy. So the Good King began to enliven the proceedings by making wild and outlandish wagers based on the outcomes of the games. But even the trickle of adventurers who came to try their luck was not sufficient to feed the Good King's obsession.

    After recovering her breath, she sadly smiles and continued with her tale. `Driven to desperation by what was now a full-blown vice, the Good King offered up all his possessions, including the Isle of Kimlark itself, to anyone who would come and defeat him in a tournament. And all the known world, fully aware that he was the greatest champion to ever live, turned down the offer. Except for one. The Gnome Warlord. Now, the Gnome Warlord knew nothing at all about chess. But by bringing his army in the guise of game pieces, he so charmed King Peter that all suspicions were assuaged.' The old lady sighs.

    In the night, after a great banquet given by Peter in honor of the new challengers, the Gnome King's army rose up and overpowered the Good King and his courtiers.' Filled with himself and his great victory, the Warlord turned the courtiers into asses, dressed them in the costumes of his men....And as for the Good King?! The Gnome turned him into a minotaur and placed him in a maze the asses built under the palace. The Gnome Warlord then retired to a warm cave he found near the caldera where he could oversee his new lands.'

    A brief coughing spell wracks the old lady but she recovers.

    But the great wizard Zetron, riding his winged destrier Pegasus, came from the sky to pay a visit to his good friend. Finding the island deserted, his friend gone, his courtiers so many hapless asses, the great Zetron called up his most horrible curse and flung it down from the skies upon the Gnome Warlord. But just as Zetron was making the final gesture, he lost his balance and fell from the sky. Incomplete, the spell turned against him and the entire island began to sink into the sea. Hastily casting a bubble over the island, Zetron saved its cursed inhabitants from horrible death, but was so consumed by the effort that he became a god and was never seen again.

    Exhausted, the old woman leans back in her rocking chair. She waves aside your expression of concern, and continues. 'Many centuries passed until a new wizard, Tiro, found the tale in the great library of Wayhaven. He raised the island, broke the bubble, and set about restoring the island. But he knew not the secret of the oil painting and, therefore, I was unable to tell him how to undo the horrors visited upon the Good King. Now my memory grows confused. But I do remember this. You must kill the Good King so that he will live. Yes, she mumbles. Kill to live. And don't forget the amulet. It is really a key.' With these last words the old lady sinks into sleep.
  9. <out>
  10. <enter rent>
  11. <e, 3s, 2e, kill thief> (he takes things from your inventory)
    14,643 : A Forest Thief
  12. <ne, n, e, DO NOT GO DOWN, kill guards or gnome> - at the time this quest was completed, the guards were not at this point, however a gnome was there.
    22,221 : A Very Big Gnome
  13. <search rocks, search shadows>
  14. The Gnome Warlord is at this step, if you cannot kill +400k, get someone to help you that can. - <enter cave, d, e, kill gnome>
    416,881 : Gnome Warlord
  15. Get the amulet from his pack, <wear amulet>
    This is the amulet that each party member must wear if they plan to travel through the maze later on. A Gentech can <timeslide> this room or an Eternal can <(refresh room> to get another enemy to spawn quickly, or simply wait for the natural reset time.
  16. <w, u, out, w, s, sw, 2w, 3n, w, n, move grate, kill dragon>
    42,592 : Dragon
  17. <get key, se, search dung>
  18. While traveling through the Dark Labyrinth, you will encounter gnomes that are roughly 20k each, you may also fall and then end up somewhere random in the maze - <d, 3e, s, e, n, e, 2s, 3w, n, 2w, 2s, 3e, s, 3w, s, 2e, s, 2w>
  19. As soon as you go south here, you cannot travel back north due to a magical seal which will appear - <s, 3e, n, e, s, e>
  20. <unlock door, n, kill minotaur>
    55,926 : A Cursed Minotaur
  21. <kill ghost>
    417 : A Ghost
  22. <get all, s, w, n, w, s, 2w, climb cleft>
  23. <e, n, 2w, n, 3e, n, 3w, 2n, 2e, s, 3e, 2n, w, s, w, n, 3w, u, nw, u, s, 2e>
  24. <sit on throne> - takes you north when you sit on it
  25. <open chest>
  26. <place crystal in chest>
    You place the crystal in the chest. The chest suddenly begins to glow. It heats to an incandescence that rivals the sun and suddenly it flows up the light beam and .....And now it's just a normal chest again! You shake your head wondering if what you saw could be true. But then, as if out of the very thin air, comes a voice.....

    Congratulations oh great adventurer! You have freed the souls of the people of Kimlark from my misbegotten curse! I, the Zetron, god of ladders, thank you for undoing my own foolishness! Silence returns.

Quest complete!
Return to Fantasy: <s, w, 3s, e, d, s, 3e, d, 2n, d, 3e, embark, aft, bridge, tell captain mainland, deck, aft, disembark, s, 4w, nw, 3w, portal>