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Rescue the town of Katin from the evil of the Zombie Lord.
The mysterious ranger, the one that wanders the realm of darkness and death, is the only one to know of the journal.
The journal is the only remaining link to the secret of Katin.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (4/10)
Exploring : (6/10)
Fighting : (4/10)

Quest Point Value : 25
Designed for Levels: 25+

Created by : Tensor
Once per Reboot : Yes

Map of Katin
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: January 2021)

  1. Go to Ravenloft - <15e, leave, 4e, 2ne, n, 2ne, 3e, 2s, sw, w, nw, enter mist> ...wait, and you'll kill a nightmare of yourself
    96 : A nightmare of you
  2. Now, go towards the area with George Weathermay (he does wander around, and many people kill him, so he may not be easy to find) - <in, n, nw, e, 3n, nw, n, ne, n, 10w, s, 4sw, 6w, sw, s>
  3. <say journal>
    George says: Locrian! You know of the journal! Here, take it now and complete the quest!
  4. <open journal> - and a brass key falls out and should now be in your inventory
  5. <read journal>
    3rd dawn, fifth moon

    My travels bring me far from home to this small town they call Katin. The town is nestled north in the great eastern woods. It seems quiet but there is unrest here. A fear is gripping the people. I don't know what it is yet, but I will find out. Until the night falls, I will remain in my room in the Blue Lantern inn. When the shroud of night descends upon the land, I will join it.
    End of page 1...

    <turn page, read journal>

    4th dawn, fifth moon

    My lord, what has happened? My mind still races from the activities of last night. There were two of them, warriors from the west I knew. They held a woman in their camp, a prisoner, bound and gagged. I took the first one out with a bolt from my longbow. The second fell to my blade, into the campfire he sprawled, scattering the embers. The woman, I went to her in the light of nothing save that of the crescent moon. The white light shone upon her smooth skin and her eyes sparkled into my heart. I quickly untied her hands and she fled into the woods. Only then did I feel the cross on the chain around my neck and the heat welling from it. "Undead" The word fell numb from my lips with dread. I wondered what fate had in store for me in this little town. I will study the town hall soon.
    End of entry...

    <turn page, read journal>

    7th evening, fifth moon

    The creature, no, I still call her a woman, is undead, this much I know. Her name, Tir... the records were incomplete. The kind town recorder, Baitlin said she was an orphan, her parents victims of a bandit raid. It is her soul I now seek. I have faced many creatures from the netherworld, but Tir... I feel a compelling in my chest, something is different, what is it? Until I know, I will never be at peace.
    End of entry...

    <turn page, read journal>

    8th evening, fifth moon

    I have hired a henchman named Thrinkin from the local guild. He is rather lanky for a fighter, so I expect him to excel in the skills of the rogue. No matter, he is trustworthy. My cross tells me that this is true. Tonight we venture to the old cemetery Baitlin spoke of, northwest of town. Tonight my questions will be answered.
    End of entry...

    <turn page, read journal>

    9th afterdawn, fifth moon

    I can barely think right now, much less write, but I will try. We saw her, in the cemetery. She attacked from behind. Thrinkin fell from her hand. Then she lept and tackled me to the ground. Her hand was ready to tear my throat out. Time stood still as we looked into each other's face. Hers was shadowed from the moon, but her eyes. In those beautiful eyes I saw something I never expected to find. "My god" was all I could say. She closed her eyes with a faint cry and fled amongst the gravestones, leaving me to tend to Thrinkin. I am still shaken, shuddering more than I have ever before. Is it fear I feel inside? No, it is not fear... It is love.
    End of entry...

    <turn page, read journal>

    10th evening, fifth moon

    Thrinkin survived. He is alive in the guild halls, to what degree though, I do not know. I am left alone now with my thoughts. I go tonight, into her lair. I go alone. Am I a fool? Yes, I believe so, but I have no choice. Is it a charm? Yes, but I am protected from charms. Protected from all charms except one. Of this I have no doubt. I have fallen for that which I have sworn my life to destroy. The world is upside down. It doesn't matter now, only one thing does.
    End of entry...
  6. Go to Katin - <nw, n, ne, 6e, 4ne, n, 10e, s, sw, s, se, 3s, w, se, s, enter mist, e, n, 3e, 3n>
  7. Find the hidden path - <2n, ne, search forest>
    Trees surround and hover over you. Growing tall and closely together, they prevent any type of passage to what may lie beyond. The road is the only thing that allows you to travel through this mysterious and dark forest.
    You find an overgrown path to the north!
  8. Find the tomb (note: once inside the relatively small tomb, all mobs are aggressive, however the highest class is about 14k) - <3n, nw, 2n, e, n, enter tomb, unlock door, open door, w, d>
  9. Walk around and kill the wight's and undead creatures until one of them drops a large iron key
    5,502 : a horrible wight
    4,252 : an undead willem
    4,000 : an undead zombie
    9,465 : an undead skeleton
    4,595 : an undead skeleton
  10. <get key>
  11. From the room where you entered the crypts at - <2n, unlock door, open door, n> - combat with Tireena will begin
    13,955 : Tireena

Quest complete!

A shining bolt of sunlight blasts into the crypt, illuminating the crystal tomb with a myriad of colors.

The casket slowly opens with a heralding of light and glory.

Slowly, the figure rises from the tomb.

An insubstantial form of Tireena appears into the light. She is no longer a creature of evil, but the vision of a creature of beauty. She moves over to the figure.

The figure takes Tireena into his arms and turns to you.

Arrowfire says: My name is Arrowfire, and this, my friend, is Tireena. We owe you a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.

Tireena says: Forgive me, my dear friend. I hope you will understand that what was done, had to be done. I can only ask for your kind heart to forgive what I have brought upon you.

Arrowfire says: We must depart now, but we shall never forget what you have done for us. Please, take the diary and the crown. The diary will, I hope, help you to understand what has happened. It tells a tale of love lost and the same regained.

The spirit of Tireena sets the crown and the diary on the ground.

Tireena whispers something to Arrowfire.

Arrowfire nods.

Arrowfire says: I also reward you with my bow and quiver. They served me well in life and I pray they serve you in yours. Thank you again my dear friend, you have returned to me the only thing I ever wanted in life.

Arrowfire sets the longbow and quiver onto the ground.

With a final glance, Arrowfire pulls Tireena into his loving embrace and their lips meet in a kiss, the kiss of true love. The room is then flooded with a blinding flash of white light. Arrowfire and Tireena are gone.

The light fades to a slight shimmering in the air.
An aura of peacefulness fills the air and surrounds you with joy.

<open diary, read diary>

Do I have the right to pen these words? I do not know. I only know that I must record what has happened. Call me Tireena, that is my name. Only too late did I ever find my soul. One person had fought to free it. That man I had come to know as Arrowfire. In all of my dark soul and bloodless heart, there was a spark. What feeling I thought was gone forever returned in a flood of tears to my face. I, even in this deathly form, can love.
End of page 1...

<turn page, read diary>

He saved me. He gave his life for me. The mob, there were so many, brandishing torches and blades. His sword held them back, but only for a moment. An unlucky turn of the ground and he fell before my eyes. The dagger fell and pierced his armour, pierced his heart, pierced my heart. A scream of horror and anguish escaped my lips. All who heard it fell dead, only to rise soon after, but not alive. My beloved, he did not rise. I gathered what was left of my soul and retreated into the crypt. I then vowed to end my existence, but first, I will enshrine my beloved forever.

<turn page, read diary>

The gods! They curse me again! I cannot die. I cannot stop this tortured existence of mine. Only one of pure heart can destroy me and I cannot go willingly. The gods have decreed that that one must destroy me and I must fight, fight to kill them. Until then, I cannot die. I am given a choice though. I may leave this crypt, never to return. I will be free again, but in doing so I will never again be with the one thing to ever break this undead shell of mine. What do I choose? What will happen to me? I have no choice...

<turn page, read diary>

I will not leave my beloved.

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