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Jack the Ripper

<questlist 35> / <questlist jack the ripper>

The streets of Old London are troubled, and rumours fly that the nightmare has returned. Jack the Ripper has resumed his predation of the women of the West End. Can anyone stop him before he kills again? Seek out this troubled city and see what you can do to end a madman's rampage!

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (3/10)
Exploring : (5/10)
Fighting : (9/10)

Quest Point Value : 15
Designed for Levels: 25+

Created by : Crowley, Woof and Samiel
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Old London
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: November 2020)

  1. You need to locate the 5 corpses and search each one to find the "evidence" (it's a cloth).
    1. From entrance - <n, e, 2n, gate, search shadows, search corpse>
    2. From entrance - <n, e, n, e, search garbage, search corpse>
    3. From entrance - <n, e, n, 3e, look at light, look at bundle, search corpse>
    4. From entrance - <n, e, 2n, 4e, search rags, search corpse>
    5. From entrance - <>n, e, 2n, 3e, n, 2e, n, search shadows, enter, search corpse
  2. Give the cloth to one of the Police Constables in the area, there are 8 people in authority that you can try. One of these will give you the hint as to whom you should accuse. (If they don't give you the cloth back, kill them to get it back.)
    • Superindentent Thomas Arnold (roams)
    • Sir Robert Anderson, from entrance <n, 3e, gates, office>
    • Inspector Fred Aberline, from entrance <n, 4e, door>
    • Chief Constable Adolfus Williamson, from entrance <n, 4e, 2n, 3e, s, enter>
    • P.C. William Jones (roams)
    • P.C. James Harvey (roams)
    • P.C. Charlie Baker (roams)
    • P.C. Shaun O'Flaherty (roams)
  3. Locate the person that you were told about from Step 3 and <accuse [insert name here]>. This will automatically begin combat with 'Jack the Ripper'; kill him!

Quest complete!