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Hide and Seek

<questlist 58> / <questlist hide and seek>

Someone forgot to tell Matt Sweetboots that their game of hide-and-go-seek was over. As the years roll by, he seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Enter his bizarre home, find him, and do what no one else could. Tag Matt Sweetboots.

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (5/10)
Exploring : (6/10)
Fighting : (4/10)

Quest Point Value : 30
Designed for Levels: 25+

Created by : Paradigm
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Sweetboots' House
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: November 2020)

  1. From Chaos, travel <enter, 3e, 2s, 2e, n, 3e, n, 2w, 4n, enter> - you'll see Matt! (but it's just a wax statue)
  2. <2e, 3n, e, kill broom> - there are 6 brooms, around class 400 each (kill them all)
  3. <examine walls, move panel>
  4. <kneel in worship, kill commander>
    6,388 : Commander
  5. <get jar>
  6. <2w, n, u, 2e, d, kill oj>
    6,327 : OJ
  7. <search plate> - you'll get a bread knife
  8. <e, enter> - this brings you back to Matt's statue
  9. <nw, 2w, s, open dresser> - you'll get a wedding ring
  10. <wear ring>
  11. <gaze into mirror> - this will bring you to "A Land of Happy Clouds"
  12. <s, w, open refrigerator> - you'll automatically get a jar of jelly
  13. <2e, slide on slide> - this will take you to Tula's bedroom
  14. <n, knock on door> - automatically takes you into "the bedroom of Vinnie" and he is aggressive
    4,290 : Vinnie
  15. <search bed, 2d, s, kill tun-gai>
    92 : Tun-gai
  16. <e, kill steve>
    1,296 : Steve
  17. <search devices> - and you'll pocket a toaster
  18. <w, n, 2u, s, 2e, se, 2e, 2n, e, open refrigerator> - you'll automatically take 2 slices of bread
  19. <w, 2n, u, search carpet, nw, make sandwich> - this will take you to "Inside the ice cream truck"
  20. <tag matt>

Quest complete!

Return to Chaos: <out, se, d, 4s, 2w, out, 4s, 2e, s, 3w, s, 2w, 2n, 3w>