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Frozen Dude

<questlist 40> / <questlist frozen dude>

It is fabled that an old wizard is trapped somewhere in an Ice cave in the northcountry, find the cave and free the wizard, but be careful not to become entombed yourself.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (3/10)
Exploring : (4/10)
Fighting : (4/10)

Quest Point Value : 20
Designed for Levels: 20+

Created by : Thorin
Once per Reboot : No

Map of
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: August 2022)

  1. From Fantasy - <portal, 12n, leave, 11n, 3e, 10n, 4w>
  2. <touch statue>
  3. Find the roaming Lumberjack - <kill lumberjack>
  4. <get axe>
  5. Return to the statue to regain your bearings, and travel <n, w, chop tree>. If you are unable to chop a tree down in this room, continue to walk around the area until you find the room with a specific tree. Just type <look at tree> in every room until you see the following message and THEN <chop tree>:
    These trees seem to have been growing forever. They are very old and very dry, just right for burning. If you had the right tool you might be able to chop one down.
  6. <get log>
  7. Go into the northwest corner and enter 'cave'
  8. Find the statue, which has been found in multiple places -
    1. From entrance of cave: <2n, d, w, s, w, u, s, d>
    2. From entrance of cave: <n, e, 2n, 2w, s, w, 2d>
  9. <kill creature>
  10. <search crystals>
  11. <light log>
  12. <thaw dude with log> ...wait and you'll be transported to the cave entrance
    You kneel next to the old dude and use your log to melt the snow and ice that cover his body. As he melts you notice that he is clothed in long flowing black robes, and wear a large conical hat with stars and moons and planets on it. You guess that he must have been a great magician during his time. As the last of the ice is melted from his face you sudenly notice his eyes open. He smiles at you warmly and says: Thank you young adventurer for you have freed me from this cursed cave and its bone chilling ice. To reward your bravery I have a reward to offer you. But first let us flee from this place!

    The old wizard says: Because you are brave I shall enchant you with a magical aura, it will light the way protecting you throughout your adventures. The old man bows to you and shimmers out of existence....

Quest complete!