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Dragonball Z

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Legend tells of seven mystical Dragonballs which once collected will summon the Eternal Dragon who will grant a single wish. Seek out Bulma in the Capsule Corporation, she is an expert on Dragonball lore and may even be able to offer some technological assistance.

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (7/10)
Exploring : (8/10)
Fighting : (4/10)

Quest Point Value : 40
Designed for Levels: 35+

Created by : Aneki
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Dragonball Z
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: January 2021)

IMPORTANT NOTES: You will need the ability to fly/levitate in this quest. There is at least one room where you need more than 1 light source as well.

  1. From Chaos, locate the roaming 'A Small ChaosBrand(tm) Television Set. - <turn knob> Choose Channel 1 <enter screen>
  2. Speak with Bulma, she'll get you started on your quest - <nw, 2w, nw, say hi>
    Bulma looks up and smiles.
    Bulma says: Hi, _____, I'm just finishing up this time machine. How can I help you?
  3. <say quest>
    Bulma says: Ah yes, I'll help you with that! Grab a taxi to the forest and I'll meet you there.
  4. Find the taxi to take you to the clearing (which will later be referred to as the 'taxi room') - <se, sw, taxi> ...wait
  5. <say quest>
    Bulma says: The dragonballs could be anywhere. Your best bet is to search around and talk to members of the Z Warriors, they can probably help you. You can also make use of this prototype radar I have. It's only calibrated to find one of the balls, but every little bit helps!
  6. <say radar>
    Bulma says: Here is the radar, the battery is dead though... you'll have to find one.
  7. Taxi back to the entrance area, and kill a scientist for a capsule/battery - <taxi> ...wait.
  8. Locate the roaming scientist (try <ne, e>) - <kill scientist>
    156 : Scientist
  9. Upon death, the scientist drops A dynacap (which is a capsule). Once thrown, it will explode into either 'A small battery' or 'A bowl of white rice'. - <get capsule, throw capsule>
  10. If you get the rice, find the other scientist to kill until you the capsule explodes into the battery.
  11. <get battery, insert battery into radar> - (You will need the radar later to find one of the dragonballs.)
  12. Now begin collecting the dragonballs.
    Ball 1 (*):
    1.1 - First ball comes from Gohan. He is hungry and wants meat, though from which animal will be random. Return to the taxi room - <taxi> . . .wait and locate the roaming Pteradactyl >s, 4e, kill pteradactyl>
    36k : Pteradactyl

    1.2 - <get meat, hole, kill tiger>
    25k : Tiger
    25k : Tiger

    1.3 - Locate the roaming Tyrannosaurus - <get meat, out, 6w, kill tyrannosaurus>
    34k : Tyrannosaur

    1.4 - <get meat, 4s, kill brontosaurus>
    18k : Brontosaurus

    1.5 - <get meat, 4n, climb, give meat to gohan>
    He might tell you he prefers something different, so hand him the correct meat.
    Gohan says: Thanks so much! I thought I was gonna die! Here's something for your trouble.

    You now have the one star dragonball.

    Ball 2 (****):
    2.1 - Now you must defeat Goku to acquire his dragonball. <climb, 5e, 2s, se> (hidden exit) <kill goku>
    60k : Goku
    As Goku dies a shiny ball flies out of his pocket, you snatch it out of the air!

    You now have the four star dragonball.

    Ball 3 (*****):
    You can use the radar to find the dragonball hidden in the area, though the location is random. When you enter the room where it is located, it may either appear or be automatically picked up. Continue to get the other balls but keep an eye out for this one as it may just appear on the ground and you have to <get ball>.

    The radar begins to beep.
    You sweep the area and uncover a dragonball!

    Places it has been seen:
    - Main floor of Korin's Tower
    - Home For Infinite Losers (Mez and Goz Room) (appeared on ground)
    - 2n from Yamcha's cave

    This will get you the five star dragonball.

    Note: These next dragonballs (4 and 5) have some nuance to them. South of Master Roshi's Island is "Snake Pass". On this path you will find a Zamboni. If you try to walk past the Zamboni on the path, you will get knocked off and fall to a fountain below. You will need to go here for #4. For #5 you must also follow the same path, but wait for the Zamboni to move away from you and do not attempt to walk past it. This will allow you to travel the entirety of Snake Pass to eventually get to King Kai.

    Ball 4 (*******):
    4.1 - You will need to give Master Roshi a magazine, and read some jokes. From Goku - <nw, w, 3s, boat> . . .wait <s, w, 2s, e, s, 2sw>

    4.2 - Once you walk past the zamboni, you'll fall (. . .wait) and you'll land in the Home for Infinite Losers. If you come across Mez and Goz, kill them. <s, kill mez>
    12k : Mez

    4.3 - <kill goz>
    25k : Goz

    4.4 - <w, 2u, door, search clothing> (this will pick up some underwear)

    4.5 - Go to Master Roshi's Kitchen - <out, e, portal, n, w, 2n, e, enter, s, give underwear to oolong>

    4.6 - <get shovel>

    You must now find a magazine which has been found in numerous places.
    Location 1: <n, out, dig, get magazine>
    Location 2: directions from location 1 - <w, 2s, dig, get magazine>
    Location 3: directions from location 2 - <2n, 2e, dig, get magazine>
    Location 4: directions from location 3 - <2s, dig, get magazine>
    Location 5: please let us know if you found more locations

    4.7 - Go to Outside Master Roshi's Bathroom -
    Directions from Location 1: <enter, s, w, slide magazine under door>
    Directions from Location 2: <2n, e, enter, s, w, slide magazine under door>
    Directions from Location 3: <w, enter, s, w, slide magazine under door>
    Directions from Location 4: <2n, w, enter, s, w, slide magazine under door>

    Roshi's voice says: Oh thank God!
    You hear a loud grunt, splatter, and flush.
    Roshi opens the door and tosses you a dragonball.

    You now have the seven star dragonball.

    Ball 5 (**):
    The next ball is with King Kai. You must kill Bubbles the monkey for a sheet of jokes, and read them to King Kai. After jumping at the end of Snake Pass, you will be on his small planet, which wraps around itself. The area is tiny, but the directions are circular.

    5.1 - Coming from Outside Master Roshi's Bathroom - (be sure not to walk past the zamboni(s), just kill it/them [I ran across 3 zamboni's throughout steps 5.1-5.2]) - <e, n, out, w, 2s, e, s, sw, kill zamboni>
    25k : A street sweeper riding a zamboni

    5.2 - <sw, 2w, 2nw, 2w, 2sw, 2w, 2nw, jump>

    5.3 - Find the monkey (he wanders swiftly, so you may need to chase him) - when he dies you will automatically pick up a piece of paper -
    Location 1: <n, search trunk, kill monkey>
    Location 2: directions from Location 1 - <w, s, search tree, kill monkey>
    Location 3: In the tree room, <search branch, kill monkey>
    Location 4: In King Kai's out, <search table, kill monkey>

    As Bubbles dies a sheet of paper flutters into the air.
    You snatch it before it touches the ground!

    5.4 - Locate the entrance to King Kai -
    Directions from Location 1: <n, enter>
    Directions from Location 2: <n, e, n, enter>

    5.5 - <recite 1, recite 2, recite 3>

    King Kai bursts into laughter!
    King Kai says: Your humor is almost as good as mine!
    King Kai says: Here is the dragonball.

    You now have the two star dragonball.

    Ball 6 (******):
    6.1 - Return to the main area and head to the Desert - <out, 2s, jump, 2se, 2e, 2ne>

    6.2 - <2e, 2se, 2e, 2ne, n, e>

    6.3 - <2n, w, n, boat, n, 4e, ne, e, s, cave, kill yamcha>
    32k : Yamcha

    Yamcha says: You'll never take the ball, the key is in safe hands.
    Yamcha gurgles and dies.

    The key to the chest can be on one of several characters in the area. You must go to them, say key, and see if they give away some indication that they have it. So far it has been seen on:
    Location 1: Tien <out, n, w, n, say key>

    Tien looks surprised then recovers.
    Tien says: Nope, I know nothing of a key.

    If Tien says the above, he has the key, <kill tien>
    26k : Tien

    As Tien dies, a key falls to the floor.

    Location 2: Krillin: upstairs in Master Roshi's house (directions from Tien) - <s, 2w, s, 3w, s, boat> . . .wait <s, enter, stairs, w, say key>

    Krillin looks away guiltily.
    Krillin says: Uh, I don't know anything about a key.

    If Krillin says the above, he has the key, <kill krillin>
    36k : Krillin

    As Krillin dies, a key falls to the floor.

    Location 3: Yajirobe: upstairs in Master Roshi's house (directions from Krillin) - <e, stairs, out, n, boat> ...wait <2n, 7w, (kill Piccolo and his clones if he blocks your way - class 14k)> <enter, 2n, u, se, say key>

    Yajirobe looks away guiltily.
    Yajirobe says: No key here, definitely not.

    If Yajirobe says the above, he has the key, <kill yajirobe>
    25k : Yajirobe

    As Yajirobe dies, a key falls to the floor.

    6.4 - Once you've identified and killed the person with the key - <get key>

    6.5 - Return to the cave where Yamcha was, and unlock the chest -

    Directions from Tien: <s, e, s, cave>
    Directions from Krillin: <e, stairs, out, n, boat> . . .wait <n, 4e, ne, e, s, cave>
    Directions from Yajirobe: <nw, d, 2s, out, 7e, s, 4e, ne, e, s, cave>

    6.6 - <unlock chest>

    You unlock the chest and pull out a dragonball!
    Satisfied, you close the chest.

    You now have the six star dragonball.

    Ball 7 (***):
    7.1 - The last dragonball is in Korin's Tower. In here you will need to be able to fly. Head to Piccolo - <out, n, 3w, s, 3w, n, 7w>

    7.2 - Piccolo is here, you must defeat his clones to enter - <kill piccolo>
    15k : Piccolo's Clone
    15k : Piccolo's Clone
    15k : Piccolo's Clone

    7.3 - <enter, 2n, u, sw>

    7.4 - Here is the window you have to jump out of:

    Gazing out the window, you can see for miles around you. Glancing upwards you think you can see some sort of floating lookout far above the tower. Unless you can fly you're probably not going to make it though.

    7.5 - From here, you either need to be flying or levitating. Enable either, then exit through the <window>, and this will bring you to Kami -

    You fly out the window to the lookout.

    7.6 - <say dragonball>

    Kami says: Ah yes, the Dragonballs, I created them you know. I happen to have one here with me, however, you cannot have it unless you prove yourself.

    7.7 - <say prove>

    Kami says: If you are truly a friend of the Z-Fighters then you will know of their exploits. I will ask you a question, and if you can give me the proper answer then I will reward you with a dragonball. Just 'say ready' when you want your question then 'answer' appropriately.

    If you answer incorrectly, you will be knocked back to the tower entrance.

    7.8 - <say ready>
    A random question will be asked, here are previous quesetions and answers. (If you have a question not listed, please let us know. Also, Elminster has watched every episode, so he may know the answer too.)

    Question 1 - Kami says: What creature can Goku transform into?
    Answer for 1 - <answer ape>

    Question 2 - Where does master roshi live?
    Answer for 2 - <kame house>

    Question 3 - Who was created when I purged the evil from my body?
    Answer for 3 - <piccolo>

    Question 4 - What color is the sky when the dragon is summoned?
    Answer for 4 - <black>

    Question 5 - Who defeated Goku in his first martial arts tournament?
    Answer for 5 - <jackie chun>

    Kami says: Your wisdom proves your worth!
    Kami says: Here is the dragonball.

    7.9 - You now have the three star dragonball, which is hopefully the final dragonball. If you have not yet found the five star dragonball with the radar, check the following area -

    Area 1: Main floor of Korin's Tower - <tower> and walk into every room on this level. If not found on this level, go to the farthest north room so that you can go <d> to the lower level. Walk around this level as well. If still not found, continue to next area.

    Area 2: While in Korin's Tower Lower Level, find the room with the out direction - <out, 4e, s>

    Area 3: Master Roshi's bedroom.

    Area 4: Let us know if you find it somewhere else

  13. Presuming you located the dragonball with your radar, you can now summon the dragon for your wish. This can be done from anywhere in the quest area - <summon the eternal dragon>
    A great flare of yellow energy forms into a large dragon!

    The Eternal Dragon says: You have summoned me and I will grant your wish!

    The Eternal Dragon says: Say 'I wish for ' one of the following:
    a powerful weapon
    an enhanced body
    a powerful armour
  14. At this point, you can wish for any of the items listed above -
    <say i wish for a powerful weapon> OR,
    <say i wish for an enhanced body> OR,
    <say i wish for a powerful armour>
    Shroud of the Eternal Dragon flashes brilliantly when picked up!

    The sky suddenly grows dark, lightning fills the sky and vicious claps of thunder assail your ears.

    The dragon roars: Your wish is granted!

    The dragon explodes, coloring the sky gold, and when the light vanishes, the dragon is gone.

    Congratulations, you have solved the Dragonball Z quest!

Quest complete!

Return to Chaos: Considering that you could finish this quest in any room within the area, we'll give you directions to the entrance of the area from Piccolo. <5e, 4n, taxi, ne, 2e, se, enter vortex> - you'll now be back inside Chaos in whatever the room the Television Set is currently in. You'll have to find your way back to the Center of Chaos.

Items Available in this Quest:

Powerful weapon
The Mighty Z-Sword (enchanted) - Viewing this sword makes you feel awed and humbled by the aura of power it radiates. This is obviously no normal blade. The hilt is inscribed with runes that burn into your eyes and bring the vision of a great dragon to your mind. The shaft of the blade glows with a golden aura reminiscent of the dragonballs. You have a feeling that this blade could shred armor as easily as a knife through butter! This item is legendary and you cannot possess more than one.
This weapon is in excellent condition.
This weapon is a class higher than 15 (edged)
This weapon gains benefits from your sword weapon skill.
You must be level 25 to wield this weapon.
It looks heavy.

Enhanced body
Reward was Indefinite +6 str, +6 dex, +6 con

Powerful armour
Shroud of the Eternal Dragon -
This shroud is the result of a wish from the Eternal Dragon. It is surrounded by a golden glow very similar to the glow that the dragonballs give off. The texture of the cloth is light and soft, yet somehow you get the feeling that it is harder than tempered steel.
For a shroud to radiate such power awes your mind.
This item is bound to you.
This item is legendary and you cannot possess more than one.
The cloak is in perfect condition.
It has a magical glow about it.
This armor has the following resistances:
very good edged, decent blunt, 5 fire, 5 ice
You must be level 10 to wear this.