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One of Mickey's Academy Awards has been stolen! Find it and bring it back to him.

Search in the Realm of Newbieland

Thinking : (3/10)
Exploring : (7/10)
Fighting : (2/10)

Quest Point Value : 10
Designed for Levels: 4+ (newbie)

Created by : Elana
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Disney
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: November 2020)

  1. Travel to the area.
    From Newbie bin - <4s, u, 3n, enter mirror 6>
  2. Once inside the Disney mirror, <3e, swim, 2e, 4s, get letter>
  3. Bring it to the witch - <4n, 2w, surface, 8w>
  4. <show letter to witch>
  5. <give letter to witch>
  6. <say oscar>
  7. <say something>
  8. Go to Snow White, you can find her by traveling <enter> from the witch.
  9. <say mirror>
  10. <say depressed>
  11. <say happy>
  12. Travel to the mines - <out, 2e, s, 10w, kill dwarf>
  13. <get pickaxe>
  14. <swing pickaxe> in each room of the mines until you find the diamond.
  15. <get diamond>
  16. Return to Snow White, <give diamond to snow white> and she will give you the mirror.
  17. <out, give mirror to witch> and she will give you a shiny object (it's the oscar)
  18. <5e, 3s, 2w, n, 2w, s, e> - you should now be in the same room as Mickey.
  19. <give oscar to mickey>

Quest complete!
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