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<questlist 3> / <questlist bug>

Kill the damn bug that's been stinging people around Pinnacle. The mosquito is fair game for everyone and there is no 'claiming' this to keep others from killing it. NB: The quest points go to whoever gets the killing blow. Not who does the most damage.

Search in the Realm of Pinnacle

Thinking : (1/10)
Exploring : (2/10)
Fighting : (5/10)

Quest Point Value : 5
Designed for Levels: Any

Created by : Anonymous
Once per Reboot : Yes

Map of Pinnacle
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: February 2021)

Bug will be somewhere in pinnacle as it roams quickly. Kill it, and good luck (because this mosquito flies away constantly)!

Quick TinTin Trigger Tip:
#action {A Tiny Little Mosquito leaves %1} {%1}
Don't forget to #unact when you've completed the quest.

Quest complete!