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BBN Planet

<questlist 2> / <questlist bbn planet>

Why does the damned network keep cutting out? What is with this obscene packet loss? There's got to be something you can do.

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (3/10)
Exploring : (4/10)
Fighting : (3/10)

Quest Point Value : 5
Designed for Levels: 20+

Created by : Oneiros
Once per Reboot : No

Map of BBN Planet
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: May 2021)

  1. Beginning from Chaos, <enter, 2w, lift lid, n>
  2. <kill tech>
       Class 7,246 : Technician
  3. <search wall>
  4. <kill tech>
       Class 8,216 : Technician
  5. Original quest notes indicate {upper|middle|lower} for server, so it's possible that the syntax could change from 'upper' for this step.
    <plug cable into upper server>

Quest complete!

See also: Quest #1, Marbles - Lag Marble.