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Balooga Falls

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Kill the False God and free the people of Balooga Falls from the wrath of the angeldemons.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (10/10)
Exploring : (9/10)
Fighting : (10/10)

Quest Point Value : 92
Designed for Levels: 45+

Created by : Mos
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Balooga Falls
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: April 2022)

Summary: Kill the False God and free Balooga. You'll need to find 9 gems in a cave, acquire the Godstaff, collect all 21 hearts of the Angeldemons and fill the staff with them. At that point, you'll summon the False God at the monument in the center of the city.
- Killergate

  1. Before venturing out, make sure you have at least 2,250 coins on you and then from Fantasy, travel - <portal, 12n, leave, 8n, 4e, 6n, 13w, enter>
  2. <9w, s, buy barrel, buy stilts, buy balls>
  3. <5n, 3e, wade in, enter barrel>
    You crawl into the barrel, and close the lid behind you. Let's hope this works.

    You hear the deafening roar of Balooga Falls approaching. You are being hurtled forward at lightning fast speeds, and the wood of the barrel squeals and squeaks as it gets slowly ripped apart by the relentless rapids and jagged rocks.

    You can almost feel the apocalyptic moment of being inches away from the edge of the monstrous Balooga Falls. You can hear the echo of the thunderous waterfall reverberating against cliff walls below. You close your eyes tightly, praying for the best, knowing no one has survived this fall.

    You shriek in horror as you feel the barrel plummet over the waterfall edge.... You pass out in the middle of the fall.

    You regain consciousness and find yourself knee high in water. You must have been saved by the barrel. Unfortunately, the barrel nor its remains are anywhere visible. You are situated behind the vicious falls, you realize as you stare at the white sheets of water pummel the rocks before you. Mists obscure your vision.
  4. <2n, 3e, walk between the poles, n, kill mirrordemon>
    29k : A mirrordemon
  5. <break mirror>
  6. Continue to <break mirror> until you see,
    The mirror finally shatters into pieces, exposing an exit to the north!
  7. <n, get magicstik>
  8. <2s, walk between the poles, 4w, nw, 3n, kill guard> (kill all the guards)
    17k : An Orc guard
    18k : An Orc guard
    17k : An Orc guard
    17k : An Orc guard
  9. <get key, w, n, look at goblet, search goblet> - You should now have An opal in your inventory.
  10. <s, e, 3s, se, 2e, n, kill caveman>
    9k : A caveman grunts and glares at you
  11. <2n, climb statue, kill disciple> - continue killing all of the disciples (which may be immune to energy/poison damage)
    41k : A seven-foot tall disciple
    42k : A seven-foot tall disciple
  12. <climb statue, pry out left gem> - You should now have the emerald gem in your inventory.
    You pry the green gem out of the left socket and come up with a bright and shiny emerald.
  13. <d, 3n, w, kill rockgrub>
    8k : A Rockgrub
  14. <hole, kill mate>
    10k : Mate of Rockgrub
  15. <search secretions, get obsidian>
  16. <u, 2e, jump across pit, climb down, search pit> - You should now have A ruby in your inventory.
  17. <climb east wall, 2n, w, get parchment, lift left arm rest> - You should now have A sapphire in your inventory.
  18. <e, 2n, ne, e, throw ball at skull> - You should now have A topaz in your inventory.
    You hurl the wooden ball at the skull. You nail it right in the kisser and the skull shatters! The skull falls off the pedestal. This triggers an explosion which sends the fragments of the skull hurtling to your side of the cave! As the smoke clears, you howl to the faceless gods above. The topaz gem has rolled right in front of your feet! You feel lucky with your find and whistle a happy tune.
  19. <w, n, kill scorpion>
    22k : A Giant Scorpion
  20. WARNING: DO NOT look at the Gorgon on this step!!! Follow these instructions without typing look until he's dead - <nw, w, avert eyes, pull rope, kill gorgon>
    80k : A Gorgon

    You avert your eyes, preparing for what may lie within the cage.
    You pull the rope hard, and the curtain flies loose.
    Luckily since you averted your eyes, you avoid being turned into stone by the sudden appearance of a Gorgon beneath the curtains! You hear a cage lock click and the sounds of her snake hair hisses louder. You commence to fight the Gorgon blindly!
  21. <get diamond>
  22. <e, se, s, sw, 4s, jump across pit, w, 6s, 2w>
  23. <nw, 2n, unlock door, open door, w, say free>
    You say: free
    Bobby says: Am I free to go? That's wonderful. Is there anything else you need before I go?
    The prisoner looks about weakly.
  24. <say proof>
    You say: proof
    Bobby says: My dad sent you to find me? I'm so glad he's still alive. I haven't seen him in so many years.
    Bobby removes his medallion and gives it to you.
    Bobby says: If you see my dad, give him this to show I'm alive, and tell him I'll see him at home.
  25. <e, 2s, se, 2e, 6n, e, jump across pit, n, door, give medallion to man> - (Remember the name that he gives you for a later step)
    The Old man gasps, and places the medallion in his cloak.
    Old man says: It's true, Bobby is alive. Thank you.
    The old man looks you over.
    Old man says: A deal is a deal. Now it's my turn to help you.
    Old man says: I've been in this dwelling for many years. I have but one friend, and that is Byron the Manticore. Byron is on duty further along, and it would take a being of god like essence to get by him.
    Old man says: Give my name, Rupert, to Byron and he'll let you pass.
    Old man says: May Gnos be with you on your quest.
  26. This next foe, the leprechaun, will run away unless you blick him (if you blick him before he runs away, you won't need to travel through the hole) - <door, 3n, ne, n, nw, e, kill leprechaun>
  27. <search hole>
  28. <hole, kill leprechaun>
  29. <get gem from ring> - You should now have the jade gem in your inventory.
  30. On this step, the gap closes very quickly, you'll need to move fast - <rub stalagmite, enter gap>
  31. <w, 2n, search> -You should now have a Pearl in your inventory.
  32. On this step, as soon as you make your movement north, you'll need to quickly pray to gnos so that you do not take 10,000 points of damage (if you happen to survive the 10k damage, you can still pray to gnos and travel north) - <n, pray to gnos>
    This is what happens if you DON'T pray in enough time:
    As you head towards the exit of the cave, you are startled as two stone slabs fall and shut off the north and south exits. You begin to panic as the ceiling begins to rumble and descend towards the floor! You are trapped!

    The ceiling rumbles towards the floor.

    You look around the room nervously as the ceiling is now twice as low as it was a few seconds ago. You better do something quick, or else you will surely die!

    The ceiling rumbles even lower. You sweat profusely as the ceiling is so low, that you are forced to now lie flat on the ground.

    You scream in desperation as you use your feet and arms as a last ditch effort to resist the downwards movement of the ceiling. You finally give up.

    The ceiling rumbles lower, and your head is now caught in its vicelike grip. Suddenly, your mind - frozen with fear - remembers some advice that was given.

    Finally, your head gets squashed like a watermelon, not to mention the rest of your pulverized body parts. Fortunately, you get squished like a bug so you don't have to witness this humiliation.

    This is what happens if you DO pray in enough time:
    You pray to Gnos in a last plea of desperation. Your prayers are heeded! A blinding flash of light sparks above your body, between you and the descending ceiling. Suddenly the ceiling stops rumbling. The two stone slabs slide back, and the ceiling rolls back to its original location.

    You give your thanks to the True God, and count your blessings.
    You have survived!
  33. <n>
  34. Now refer to the previous step where you found out the mans name, you'll have to say it to 'A formidable-looking Manticore' - <say name>
    You say: rupert
    The Manticore smiles with joy.
    Manticore says: He's still alive? Amazing!
    The Manticore looks beyond your eyes in remembrance.

    Manticore says: Our story is quite simple. Many ages ago, the old man and I decided to seek out information from the library of Raynaud. What we did not know was that by then, the False God had seized the grand library for his own. His goal was to 'protect' the information within from the common man. In other words, there were secrets within that he felt jeopardized his power. We were seized by his minions and were offered an alternative to death - to serve him as protectors of the Library.

    The Manticore sighs heavily.
    Manticore says: What option did we have?

    Manticore says: You've done remarkably well to get this far, my friend. What noble quest brings you to this forsaken place?
  35. <say kill the false god>
    You say: kill the false god
    The Manticore raises an eyebrow.

    Manticore says: You seek to kill the False God? You are crazier than I thought. But 'tis a noble case, I admit.

    The Manticore give a sly grin.

    Manticore says: Listen close. In all my years, I haven't seen anyone get this close to the False God. My life has no honor. I serve a liar, and I've always felt that I should have let them take my life, before this servitude. It is far worse than death.

    Manticore says: I will let you pass my friend. I will probably not live to see you defeat the False God, since word of my betrayal will spread quickly. But, when the deed is done, and the tales are told, please speak well of me. As a friend, as I see you now.

    The noble Manticore suddenly looks rather emotional as he bows to you.

    Manticore says: God speed, brave one.
  36. Warning: this next enemy will follow you - <n, kill hydra>
    170k : Seven-headed hydra
  37. <n, put jade in 9>
  38. <put topaz in 8>
  39. <put opal in 7>
  40. <put sapphire in 6>
  41. <put ruby in 5>
  42. <put diamond in 4>
  43. <put emerald in 3>
  44. <put obsidian in 2>
  45. <put pearl in 1>
  46. <pull lever>
    You pull the lever and hold your breath...

    Suddenly the door clicks and begins to swing open! A gush of wind escapes from within, and you howl in triumph! You have found your way into the Library! You look inside...who knows what lies within.
  47. <door, n, look at painting>
    On the painting you can see the sun in an eclipse. Below, on the battlefield that was once a quiet meadow, you see an army of dark figures charging over a hill to meet the defenses of outnumbered people below.
  48. <look at moon>
    As you go to examine the moon, you get interrupted! A deep voice booms: Welcome Brave One. You have clearly demonstrated the preserverance to come here. You may step into the wall now.
  49. <step into the wall>
    Gnos says: You've made it far young one, but your quest is not complete. I am a humble god, and do respect and admire the accomplishments you've made thus far. I will help you to complete your quest.

    You feel a wave of immortal spirit rush through you.

    Gnos says: I have protected you with the Tears of Gnos. It will protect you well against the forces of the False God. When you are in need, pray to me, and my tears will protect you. Do not call to me needlessly, or you will fall out of my favor.

    Gnos says: Take this staff, and use it in your battle against the Angeldemons. You will need to defeat and obtain the heart of each Angeldemon. Only through their beating hearts can the staff be charged to full power. Touch the staff to each heart and their power will be yours to wield.

    Gnos says: Time is of the essence, now GO.
  50. <go>
    As you express your wish to leave, you suddenly find yourself magically transported to a new location.
  51. Turn off your corpse triggers.
  52. Roam around the area and kill 21 UNIQUE angeldemons (their specials cannot hurt you since you're currently protected by the Tears of Gnos). Once each angeldemon dies - <rip heart from corpse, touch heart> - <look at staff> to ensure that the staff absorbed the gem, i.e. The staff has 10 of 21 gems lit.

    <rip heart from corpse>
    With a sadistic grin, you plunge your hand into the smoldering chest cavity of your fallen foe, and rip out its heart!

    <touch heart>
    You touch the staff to the heart, and billowing red essences flow from the heart along the staff. The staff reverberates slightly, as if charged with a god-like power. Slowly the heart completely disintegrates, as the staff has fully drained its essence.
  53. Travel to 'A magnificent monument' that is in the center of Balooga Falls town - <screw staff into hole>
    You screw the staff into the hole. Suddenly the entire land darkens. The sun falls into an eclipse and the clouds become jet-black like a moonless night. You see flashes and sparks light up the black heavens.

    SHIRRREEK! Lightning suddenly bolts from the black sun and hits the metal rod at the top of the monument before you. The monument begins to hum and glow with a heartbeat of its own. The 21 gems on the Godstaff begin to shine brightly, illuminating the entire courtyard. Suddenly the gems begin to beat and pulse with light. They beat faster and faster in time to the monument's pulse until they suddenly burst with blood! The ground rumbles and shakes as the staff also shatters!

    You fall over from the seismic disturbances and regain your footing to suddenly see a fifty foot tall God looming over you. His black, thick eyebrows narrow at you as he attempts to smash you with his foot - which just so happens to be twice as big as you are. Like it or not you are about to do battle against a GOD.
  54. <kill god>
    83k : The False God

    The False God screams in agony as he falls to the floor. The ground shakes around you. As soon as you recover your footing, you leap on top of the immortal and plunge your weapon through his heart. Suddenly the corpse of the False God seems to liquify and sink into the ground. The clouds begin to clear, and you can almost feel Gnos smiling down upon you.

    The people of Balooga slowly reveal themselves from hiding, curious to witness the outcome of your outrageous battle. When instead of finding your dead body, they find you they all fall to the ground and bow to the hero who dared to save Balooga Falls and succeeded.

    Congratulations. You have completed the Balooga Falls quest.

Quest complete!
Return to Fantasy: <5s, u, s, w, sw, se, portal>