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Linked Items

Linked Items are an unusual type of item on 3K that retains progress linked to your character and use of the item, even through logins and reboots. This can be specific to a single character or even shared between all of your registered accounts. A weapon may grow stronger each time you draw it for the first time after taking it from the enemy, or it may unlock new powers the longer you use it in battle. The properties of all linked items vary significantly but can often pay off with a patient investment of time.

Rod of Lordly Might

Below is a brief explanation. For a more in-depth look, visit the page dedicated to the Rod of Lordly Might.

The Rod of Lordly Might is a mystical and powerful weapon. It has a number of attributes that can grow with use. In a fairly unique fashion, these increases will stick with your character for all time, including through reboots. Additionally, any properly registered alternate characters will also share in the growth of this weapons powers.

So what is it, and how does it work? Fundamentally, it is a normal weapon. A 'rod' in its base form. It has a large number of runes on it, which are to be unlocked through use. The runes fall into two base categories: Weapon and Utility. When you <look at runes>, the various runes will be color coded based on your progress to unlocking. The colors will shift from zero training (dark black) to fully unlocked (bright cyan). Each rune also has a progress meter, which you can check by touching the rune. For example: <touch dragon rune>. Once fully unlocked, the same command can be issued to activate the rune.

Where to get it

Exact directions are currently unknown, however, you are likely to find this item in the Auction House for the low price of around 10 coins.

Note: any item listed for less than 15 coins is solely meant to be duplicated (duplication is a power available once you join the ranks of Eternal).

From Center of Town:

  1. <e, 2d, list>
    Note the item number. Example:
    # Item How long? CurBid BuyNow High Bidder Seller
    260 Rod of Lordly Might 1D 9H 14M 21 10 11 <none> Maverik
  2. You'll notice that the item number (as of the time this example was taken) is 260. In this step, replace the number 260 with whatever the number is at the time when you view the listing. Also, make sure you have 11 coins on you.
    <buy 260>
  3. <collect>
  4. <(duplicate item rod>
  5. <auction rod>
  6. <10>
  7. <11>
  8. <48>
  9. <get rod>
  10. Note: As soon as you wield the rod, every 24 hours from that point, your charges will reset.
  11. Don't forget to check out the Rod of Lordly Might page for more information.

Lore of the Rod of Lordly Might

You seek enlightenment with the divine graces of this remnant of the old god's penchant for war. Do not fear nor forget that you hold a weapon of the gods, and as such, know that battle is the surest way to reveal the secrets of the glyphs you seek. Besides pure combat, there are other factors that drive toward proficiency of those beyond the first ten runes. These factors include the myriad variety of enemies you face, your own personal condition while fighting, and even the condition of the battlefield itself plays a key role. Lastly, some runes only become unlockable when you have mastered a previous one, though all, once learned, are retained and available to each of your variant souls across the Three Kingdoms.


Below is a brief explanation. For a more in-depth look, visit the page dedicated to the Slime.

Slimes are a fun addition to Christmas Day on 3K. Every December 25th, beginning at 12:01 AM mud time, a magic tree blooms in the center of town. Healing potions for all players of 3k can be plucked from the limbs of this tree and enjoyed for a full 24 hours. After your first few sips, whether you needed the healing or simply enjoy the flavor, a slime will fall into your inventory and begin to bombard you with slime related details. Like the potion, the slime will only stay with you for Christmas day, but anything it learns while it is with you, it will retain the information from one year to the next. Simply bring it with you when you enter combat and it will begin to gain experience. It will need to be fed corpses and items to satisfy its ravenous appetite. Additionally, it can be harmed if you fight anything that does fire damage, so be careful!

A pet slime -
A small glob of slime sits in the palm of your hand. It seems to study you and utters every now and then a content gurgle. The slime is completely translucent and fairly unremarkable except that it seems to have a will of its own and an innate infatuation with its creator. You could 'slime nudge' it gently if you wanted its attention.
You'll most likely herniate a disc lifting this.

Where to get it

From Center of Town:

  1. Find 'A Large Green Christmas Tree' in the Center of Town.
    This is an enormous, beautiful Christmas tree. It stands here shimmering in the light that reflects off the snow around it. Hanging in the tree you see hundreds, maybe THOUSANDS of shiny flasks. You could probably 'snatch a flask' off of this tree. But likely only once.
    You are not sure how heavy it is.
  2. <snatch a flask>
    You snatch a potion from the tree!
    Potion of XMas Healing (used 0 HP, 0 SP) -
    This is an XMas potion of healing. It has infinite capacity to heal.
    It looks light.
  3. <drink potion>
  4. Repeat the previous step until you see a slime spawn.
    As you go to drink the flask, a small slimey creature oozes out and slides down your face, around your neck, and into your backpack where it feasts on years worth of old cheetos and stale fritos and grows to twenty times its original size. It sure is cute though.
    If you don't like this slime you can squish it.

    [Slime Event] Locrian got slimed!
  5. You now have access to the slime chatline <slime chat> as well. Remember to stay away from fire damage to keep your slime longer (which includes damage by you and done to you).
  6. Don't forget to check out the Slime page for more information.

Veneratus Nex

Where to get it