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I need to sell my stuff

When killing enemies, you may being to acquire a lot of items. Whether it's gear, weapons, or just some random item that doesn't seem to do anything, your inventory can fill up quickly to the point where you're dropping coins everywhere (because you simply cannot carry anymore).

Shops are here to help you with your inventory problems (you can also refer to WMT's Bags page for in-depth information on encumberance). Keep in mind that if you consistently sell the exact same item to a shop, and their store begins to have a large quantity of that item, the shop owner will not give you as many coins for it as they originally had. This is why it's good to know where the different shops are.

Where are the shops?

Click on header to sort shops by column... Click on row to expand for more information.

Name Location

Barker's Bargain Basement! [Drakacanus]

From Chaos: <enter, 3e, 2s, 2e, n, 10e, 3s>
Return to Chaos: <3n, 10w, s, 2w, 2n, 3w, vortex>

Chaos, Darkmoore

Cancer's Trading Post [Mud]

From Center of Town: <e>
Return to Center of Town: <w>

Mud, Pinnacle

Chaos Shop [Mud]

From Chaos: <enter, 3e, 2s, 2e, 4n, w>
Return to Chaos: <e, 4s, 2w, 2n, 3w, vortex>

Mud, Chaos

Crydee's Main Trader [Slick]

From Chaos: <enter, 4w, e, s, w, s, 2e, u, 2n, 2d, enter, s, 3e, n>
Return to Chaos: <s, 3w, n, portal, 2u, 2s, u, 2w, n, e, n, 2w, 3e, vortex>

Chaos, Crydee

Epcot Gift Shop [Glorfindel]

From Chaos:

  1. <enter, 3e, 5s, sideways, u, board> ...wait until the second stop (at Epcot)
  2. <exit, d, deposit 100 coins in slot, 8n, w>

Return to Chaos:
  1. <e, 8s, board> ...wait
  2. <exit, 2d, out2, e, vortex>

Chaos, Epcot

Golden Feather, The [Tensor]

From Fantasy: <portal, 15e, leave, 14e, 10n, ne, 2e, s>
Return to Fantasy: <n, 2w, sw, 5s, 3w, portal>

Fantasy, Katin

Gug Store [Vraal]

From Chaos:

  1. <enter, 3e, 2s, 2e, n, 8e, 4s, kill caretaker>
      2k : The graveyard caretaker
  2. <2s, dig> (continue digging until you fall through to the city)
  3. 3n

Return to Chaos: <2s, 3u, 6n, 8w, s, 2w, 2n, 3w, vortex>

Chaos, Gug City

Haggis's Pawn-O-Rama [Cletus]

From Science: <enter, u, 3e, d, e, path, 3n, 12e, road, s, 2e, n, 4e, n>
Return to Science: <s, 4w, s, 2w, 2n, 12w, 3s, path, w, u, 3w, d, out>

Science, Atlanta

Herman's Military Antiques [Lostar]

From Chaos: <enter> - Locate the roaming 'A Small ChaosBrand(tm) Television Set' - <turn knob> until you get to channel 2 <enter screen, 7e, se>
Return to Chaos: <nw, 7w, n, enter, stairs, w, enter screen> and you'll be dropped off somewhere random inside Chaos

Chaos, Simpsons

Hitown Dock Exchange, The [Tarin]

From Fantasy: <portal, 7w, 8s, e, n>
Return to Fantasy: <s, w, 8n, 7e, portal>

Fantasy, Wayhaven Docks

Koybi Hishahi's Pawn Shop [Mischief]

From Science:

  1. <enter, u, 2w> ...wait for the train if it's not there
  2. <enter> ...wait for train to stop
  3. <leave, 2s, u, 5w, n>

Return to Science:
  1. <s, 5e, 3n> ...wait for the train if it's not there
  2. <enter> ...wait for the train to stop
  3. <leave, 2e, d, out>

Science, Mega-Tokyo

Lytton Goods and Sundries Store [Tiro]

From Chaos:

  1. <enter, 4w, e, s, w, s, read book, 3e, 7n, kill sheriff>
      8k : Sheriff
  2. <2n, e>

Return to Chaos: <w, 9s, 3w, s, n, e, n, 2w, 3e, vortex>

Chaos, Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The

NetHack Store! [Infiniti]

From Chaos: <enter, 3e, n, climb staircase, d, 3e, n, 5e, s, 5e, 2s>
Return to Chaos: <2n, 5w, n, 5w, s, 3w, 2u, s, 3w, vortex>

Chaos, NetHack

Pawn Shop, A [Tiro]

From Fantasy: <portal, 5e, 4n, 3w, s, e, 2s>
Return to Fantasy: <2n, w, n, 3e, 4s, 5w, portal>

Fantasy, Mews, The

Ryogi-Pei Docks

From Fantasy:

  1. <portal, 7w, 8s, e, buy pass, charter ryogi> ...wait for boat ride to finish
  2. <3e>

Return to Fantasy:
  1. <3w, board ferry> ...wait for boat ride to finish
  2. <w, 8n, 7e, portal>

Fantasy, Ryogi-Pei Docks

small shop, A [Tiro]

From Fantasy:

  1. <portal, 15e, leave, 4e, 2ne, n, 2ne, 6e, se, 4e, n, embark, fore, bridge, tell captain kimlark> ...wait for boat ride to finish
  2. <deck, fore, disembark>
  3. <3w, 4s, u, 2s, u, n, 3w, u, w, 4n>

Return to Fantasy:
  1. <4s, e, d, 3e, s, d, 2n, d, 4n, 3e, embark, aft, bridge, tell captain mainland> ...wait for boat ride to finish
  2. <deck, aft, disembark, s, 4w, nw, 3w, portal>

Fantasy, Isle of Kimlark

Tencho Shop [Nanook]

From Chaos: <enter, 2w, 2n, break cookie, 3n, gate, 3n, 2e, shop>
Return to Chaos: <out, 2w, 3s, gate, 3s, exit, 2s, 2e, vortex>

Chaos, Mortal Kombat

Wayhaven's Main Shop [Flaxen]

From Fantasy: <portal, 8e, 3s, e, 3s, e>
Return to Fantasy: <w, 3n, w, 3n, 8w, portal>

Fantasy, Wayhaven