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-=[ Shops ]=-

Where can I go to sell my stuff that's nearby? Well, here's a list of what shops we know about. If you know of one that's not listed and would like to share, please let us know the exact directions to get there. Don't forget to check out our bags page to help carry around more until you find a shop.


Shop Name and Directions Area Realm
Cancer's Trading Post [Mud]

From Center of Town: <e>

Back to Center of Town: <w>
Mud Pinnacle
Chaos Shop [Mud]

From Chaos: <enter, 3e, 2s, 2e, 4n, w>

Back to Chaos: <e, 4s, 2w, 2n, 3w, vortex>
Epcot Gift Shop [Glorfindel]

From Chaos: <enter, 3e, 5s, sideways, u, board> . . .wait until the second stop (at Epcot)
<exit, d, deposit 100 coins in slot, 8n, w>

Back to Chaos: <e, 8s, board> . . .wait <exit, 2d, out2, e, vortex>
Epcot Chaos
Golden Feather, The [Tensor]

From Fantasy: <portal, 15e, leave, 14e, 10n, ne, 2e, s>

Back to Fantasy: <n, 2w, sw, 5s, 3w, portal>
Katin Fantasy
Gug Store [Vraal]

From Chaos: Step 1: <enter, 3e, 2s, 2e, n, 8e, 4s, kill caretaker>
  2k : The graveyard caretaker

Step 2: <2s, dig> (continue digging until you fall through to the city)
Step 3: <3n>

Back to Chaos: <2s, 3u, 6n, 8w, s, 2w, 2n, 3w, vortex>

Gug City Chaos
Haggis's Pawn-O-Rama [Cletus]

From Science: <enter, u, 3e, d, e, path, 3n, 12e, road, s, 2e, n, 4e, n>

Back to Science: <s, 4w, s, 2w, 2n, 12w, 3s, path, w, u, 3w, d, out>
Atlanta Science
Hitown Dock Exchange, The [Tarin]

From Fantasy: Head to Wayhaven Docks - <portal, 7w, 8s, e, n>

Back to Fantasy: <s, w, 8n, 7e, portal>

Wayhaven Docks Fantasy
Koybi Hishahi's Pawn Shop [Mischief]

From Science: Head to Mega-Tokyo - <enter, u, 2w> wait for train if it's not there, <enter> . . . wait <leave, 2s, u, 5w, n>

Back to Science: <s, 5e, 3n> wait for train if it's not there, <enter> . . . wait <leave, 2e, d, out>
Mega-Tokyo Science
Lytton Goods and Sundries Store [Tiro]

From Chaos: Head to The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant - <enter, 4w, e, s, w, s, read book, 3e, 7n, kill sheriff> (Class 8k) <2n, e>

Back to Chaos: <w, 9s, 3w, s, n, e, n, 2w, 3e, vortex>
Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Chaos
Pawn Shop, A [Tiro]

From Fantasy: Head to The Mews (inside Wayhaven) - <portal, 5e, 4n, 3w, s, e, 2s>

Back to Fantasy: <2n, w, n, 3e, 4s, 5w, portal>

The Mews Fantasy
Ryogi-Pei Docks [Aneki]

From Fantasy: Head to Wayhaven docks to take a ride to Ryogi-Pei <portal, 7w, 8s, e, (buy pass), charter ryogi> . . . wait <3e>

Back to Fantasy: <3w, board ferry, w, 8n, 7e, portal>

Ryogi-Pei Docks Fantasy
small shop, A [Tiro]

From Fantasy:
Step 1 - Head to Isle of Kimlark - <portal, 15e, leave, 4e, 2ne, n, 2ne, 6e, se, 4e, n, embark, fore, bridge, tell captain kimlark> . . . wait
Step 2 - <deck, fore, disembark>
Step 3 - <3w, 4s, u, 2s, u, n, 3w, u, w, 4n>

Back to Fantasy:
Step 1 - <4s, e, d, 3e, s, d, 2n, d, 4n, 3e>
Step 2 - <embark, aft, bridge, tell captain mainland> . . . wait
Step 3 - <deck, aft, disembark, s, 4w, nw, 3w, portal>

Isle of Kimlark Fantasy
Tencho Shop [Nanook]

From Chaos: Head to Mortal Kombat - <enter, 2w, 2n, break cookie, 3n, gate, 3n, 2e, shop>

Back to Chaos: <out, 2s, 3s, gate, 3s, exit, 2s, 2e, vortex>

Mortal Kombat Chaos
Wayhaven's Main Shop [Flaxen]

From Fantasy: (inside Wayhaven) - <portal, 8e, 3s, e, 3s, e>

Back to Fantasy: <w, 3n, w, 3n, 8w, portal>

Wayhaven Fantasy