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Available Resources

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If you're trying to find a little more information, or even a clue, about something specific to an area on the mud, come visit the Library page. We have gathered the entries from Aramathean Library (located inside Wayhaven), as well as various books found across the realms. Naturally, this is not a complete list of every book that can be found on Three Kingdoms, it's simply what we've found to date.

Visit the Library here.

Newbie Help

This resource is a guide for players new to Three Kingdoms. It will give you step by step directions on downloading a client, provide you with the Frequently Asked Questions help file (so that you don't have to keep scrolling up the page during combat), a map of Newbieland, and information regarding the Adventurers guild (which is the guild you join by default).

Visit the Newbie page here.

Pinnacle Morgue

The Pinnacle Morgue can be a mystery to players not familiar with how regeneration works for some guilds of Three Kingdoms. This page is meant to serve as a guide on what the morgue, coffins, and corpses provide a player that relies on the regeneration properties that they provide. This page also gives a list of how each guild uses them (if applicable).

Visit the Pinnacle Morgue here.

Player Map

If you're curious whether you live near another mudder or not, check out this Player Map. Not all mudders are listed, as your name will only be added to the map when you fill out the form. We also have an ump-omp channel on our Discord.

Visit the Player Map here.

XP Calculator

Ever wonder how much experience points you need to get to five levels from now, with all stats maxed? Originally created by Caesar, this XP Calculator will do that. It has been modified to calculate the experience points needed to earn level 144.

Note: The XP Calculator page has not been formatted for mobile use.
Visit the Calculator here.

Useful Sites

Outside of We Mud Together, plenty of useful sites have been found. If you know of a link that can be shared, pass it along.

Visit Useful Sites here.