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Players may join a profession which provides the player with a benefit that is themed according to each individual profession. For example, an 'arsonist' is more proficient with fire damage. Using professions a player may customize their play experience according to their own play style and interests.

Professions are divided up into minor, specialization, and major professions. Minor professions are typically passive benefits that trigger randomly if the player is able to meet certain conditions that vary according to each profession. Specialization professions are similar to minor professions, but are situational in nature. Major professions typically grant the player new abilities and are much more involved than minor or specialization professions.

A player is able to choose professions at the following levels:

Level 20 : Minor #1
Level 30 : Specialization #1
Level 40 : Major #1
Level 50 : Minor #2
Level 60 : Specialization #2

In addition, all previously selected professions must be advanced up to level 35 or higher.

Seek out the Office of Professional Registration south, west, south, south, south, west, west from the Center of Town (west of the Bewitching Clearing) in Pinnacle! Once there, you can <read sign> -

The small sign provides instructions for people who wish to interact with the people behind the counter. It reads:

list [minor|spec|major]  - list available professions
list <profession>        - get more information about a profession
join <profession>        - join a profession (if you have an open slot)
fixprofs                 - recover your professional registration
leaveprof <profession>   - quit a profession

**NOTE**: Do not forget the 'profs' command at your disposal, which can be used anywhere.

See also: milestones, profession, profs.

Click on a profession below for more information.

Minor Professions -
1st Minor Profession Unlocked at Level 20
2nd Minor Profession Unlocked at Level 50

Profession    :   Inventory Item
Acrobat       :   Acrobat's Bodysuit
Assassin      :   Assassin's Mark
Fast healer   :   Tube of Healing Ointment
Hoarder       :   Hoarder's Satchel
Lucky caster  :   A Set of Glowing Dice
Mystic        :   Mystic's Orb
Tactician     :   Tactician's Manual
Acrobat's Bodysuit

This simple red bodysuit stretches tightly over your limbs and flexes with your every move. It's designed to impose no restrictions whatsoever in your movements yet still provide for modesty. And it's a good thing! With all the dodging and weaving that you do, you need something that is light and flexible.

The acrobat has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to the mskill.
Assassin's Mark

This white sigil indicates that you are one of the Assassins, a legendary and despicable order and trained in the quick and vicious destruction of life. You have an intimate knowledge of how to squeeze very last drop of damage possible out of a single blow.

The assassin has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to the combat.proficiency.critical hit mskill.
Tube of Healing Ointment

This small white tube has been squished a bit at one end, but still has plenty of ointment left inside. You'd never tell anyone, but the truth is that your ability to heal quickly actually comes from knowing just where to apply this ointment!

A fast healer has a chance to temporarily gain additional health regeneration when not fully healed.
Hoarder's Satchel

This small canvas satchel is less a carrying device as it is a symbol of your unique ability to squeeze things into the tiniest places so that you can carry more stuff.

The hoarder gains extra carrying capacity.
A Set of Glowing Dice

These two six sided dice are small and red, with little white dots on the surface. An unearthly glow emanates from them, and as you watch, the little white dots reshape themselves to change the numerical representation on each die face.

The lucky caster has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to the cast mskill.
Mystic's Orb

This rather unique orb pulsates with energy and gives off a faint glow. It is small and round and can fit snuggly in the palm of your hand. Channeling the orb's power takes great mental skill, only which you as a mystic can harness.

A mystic has a chance to temporarily gain additional spirit regeneration.
Tactician's Manual

This dog-eared black jacketed book is filled with many different strategies and tactics for use in combat -- and you've read it all! Now it's just a matter of putting these strategies into action.

A tactician has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to the combat.armor.penetration mskill
Specialization Professions -
1st Specialization Profession Unlocked at Level 30
2nd Specialization Profession Unlocked at Level 60

Profession          :   Inventory Item
Arsonist            :   Book of Matches
Assayer             :   Assayer's Tasting Spoon
Big game hunter     :   Safari Hat
Biochemist          :   A Biochemist's Spectral Chromatograph
Boxer               :   Boxer's Headgear
Brawler             :   Brass Knuckles
Dragoon             :   Dragoon Emblem
Drunken master      :   A Stein of Ale
Electrical engineer :   Electrical Engineer's Circuit Board
Exterminator        :   Exterminator's Suit
Firefighter         :   Fireman's Coat
Gunslinger          :   Leather Holster
Hunter              :   A Hunter's Hat
Lawman              :   Lawman's Badge
Lumberjack          :   Lumberjack Suspenders
Maceman             :   Set of Mace Spikes
Magician            :   A Magician's Top Hat
Misanthrope         :   Misanthrope
Rogue               :   Rogues Sash
Shaman              :   Shaman's Totem
Swordsman           :   Swordsman's Armband
Triathlete          :   Triathlete's Iron Man Trophy
Undead hunter       :   A Withered Finger
Weapon master       :   Signet Ring
X-ray technician    :   X-Ray Technician's Lead Coat
Book of Matches

This book of matches is nothing much to look at, just a plain white book with the worn out striker on the back. The matches have long since been exhausted but it is a symbol of your skill with fire.

The arsonist has a chance to temporarily gain a bonus to fire damage when using a fire-based attack.
Assayer's Tasting Spoon

The assayer's silver tasting spoon is your tool of the trade. You have an excellent understanding of all types of poison, and have built up immunities or resistance to most of them through tortuous practice. This has prepared you well for your dreaded enemy -- your next meal.

The assayer has a chance to temporarily gain a bonus to poison damage resistance when taking damage from poison-based attacks.
Safari Hat

This brown hat has a wide brim with a broad light brown band. Along the edges of the band are different insignias, each representing a particularly challenging foe. This signifies your skill in taking down the toughest of the tough.

The big game hunter has a chance to temporarily gain a bonus to all damaging attacks when in combat with creatures that are exceptionally challenging considering the player's level and guild level.
A Biochemist's Spectral Chromatograph

This chromatograph is a miniaturized version of a standard chromatograph. Through many miracles of modern science, it has been shrunken down to a portable size. Multiple lights adorn its cold brushed steel surface, and a small port is present through which various substances are normally introduced. A small readout provides the results of the scan. You, however, have found a way to repurpose this chromatograph in order to increase acid and poison attacks and defense.

The biochemist has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to the combat.proficiency.disciplines.natural mskill.
Boxer's Headgear

The boxer's headgear has seen its fair share of abuse. The red leather is worn and cracked, and the strap connecting the two foam filled sides can barely hold the thing together. Good thing that the abuse to the head that you've taken in the past has allowed you to compensate for the lack of protection from the headgear.

The boxer has a chance to temporarily gain a bonus to bludgeoning damage resistance when taking damage from bludgeoning attacks.
Brass Knuckles

The brass knuckles are worn and blood-stained, each knick and dent a reminder of every fight you've ever been in. And you don't plan on stopping -- as long as you've got your bare hands, you've got a weapon.

The brawler has a chance to temporarily gain a bonus to damaging attacks when unarmed.
Dragoon Emblem

This emblem denotes you as a master of the lance. You've spend years training yourself in the art of the lance, and know all the different methods of putting your skills to use, and which end to point at the enemy.

The dragoon has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to damaging attacks with a lance.
A Stein of Ale

This yellowed and cracked stein was once filled with ale, but you've long ago drunk its contents, and discovered that you're quite the formidable foe while under the influence!

The drunken master has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to damaging attacks. The bonus scales with drunkenness.
Electrical Engineer's Circuit Board

This circuit board is coloured green but pockmarked with bits of metal. On the flip side of the circuit board are various connectors that can be reconfigured to create any circuit you desire. Luckily, you know how to use this to maximize electrical based attacks and defense!

The electrical engineer has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to the combat.proficiency.disciplines.power mskill.
Exterminator's Suit

This is a thin plastic suit designed to be worn over your clothing. On the back is a giant logo of a 6 legged bug. It signifies that you are skilled at removing pests.

The exterminator has a chance in combat to gain a bonus to damage when in combat with insects, pests and other vermin.
Fireman's Coat

A heavy fireman's coat, designed to protect against the hottest fires. This particular coat is mustard yellow and has reflector material around the arms, the chest and at the base. It looks a a little charred in places from previous encounters. Having this coat signifies your ability as a firefighter.

The firefighter has a chance to temporarily gain a bonus to fire damage resistance when taking damage from fire-based attacks.
Leather Holster

A leather gun holster, this piece of equipment shows many years of use. This object signifies your years of training as a Gunslinger. This Profession will boost your skill while using guns.

The gunslinger has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to damaging attacks with a gun.
A Hunter's Hat

This brown hunter's hat is basically a cap with red ear flaps that come down to keep the sides of your head warm in cold temperatures. The flaps, unfortunately, are permanently tied upwards. This particular cap has an enlarged space for a large, bald head and is fairly worn and rumpled. This is the hat you go hunting in! Let's hope that whatever you're hunting is in season.

The hunter has a chance in combat to gain a bonus to damage when in combat with animals.
Lawman's Badge

This is a 5 star sheriff's badge. It is polished gold and shimmers in sunlight. The word 'sheriff' is engraved in the center of it. This badge signifies your devotion to fighting crime and upholding the law.

The lawman has a chance in combat to gain a bonus to damage when in combat with lawbreakers.
Lumberjack Suspenders

A set of brown leather suspenders with simple metallic clips at each of the four ends. Not only do they keep your pants from falling down, but owning your own pair makes you a geniune lumberjack.

The lumberjack has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to damaging attacks with an axe.
Set of Mace Spikes

These mace spikes are designed to be attached around the head of any mace. Luckily these particular spikes actually take care of the attaching for you. And that's a good thing! You wouldn't want to get your hands on those vicious barbed thorns at all!

The maceman has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to damaging attacks with a mace.
A Magician's Top Hat

While this shabby black velvet top hat may look like the standard magician's tool to pull out tired old rabbits, it is not. Instead it is a portal to another dimension, from which limitless energy is pulled! Unfortunately, you have no control over that.

The magician has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to the combat.proficiency.disciplines.metaphysical mskill.
A Copy of 'Gulliver's Travels'

This worn paperback copy of 'Gulliver's Travels' by Jonathan Swift has been pored over many, many times. While to most it is a simple story about some small people, to you it means much more. You know the true point the author was making -- the human race is not worth anything.

The misanthrope has a chance in combat to gain a bonus to damage when in combat with humans.
Rogues Sash

A night-black mask. This signifies your training as a Rogue, Master of all things sharp and deadly. This will take your training with daggers even further.

The rogue has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to damaging attacks with a dagger.
Shaman's Totem

This small wooden totem has two sides with two different carvings. The first side is a small flickering flame, while the other side is a stylized by simplified snowflake. This totem marks you as a master of the elements.

The shaman has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to the combat.proficiency.disciplines.elemental mskill.
Swordsman's Armband

This supple deep brown leather armband is marked with a single crimson slash that denotes you as a master swordsman. You've spent time and effort training yourself in the art of the sword, and know all the different types of swords, stances to use, and which end to point at the enemy.

The swordsman has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to damaging attacks with a sword.
Triathlete's Iron Man Trophy

This dark iron figurine is an almost perfect but miniaturized version of you, holding your arms aloft after having won the Pinnacle Iron Man race. Your advantage was the ability to recover quickly from any intense exertion, which allowed you to push yourself harder during the challenging segments while still being able to get a quick second wind to push on through the rest of the race.

The triathlete has chance while not in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to health and spirit regeneration. The amount healed is larger when the triathlete's health is low.
A Withered Finger

This small withered finger was broken off a zombie as you completed your training on undead combat. Vampires, zombies, ghosts, ghouls, you name it! You've watched Zombieland, Supernatural, Shaun of the Dead, Army of Darkness and every version of Dracula ever made -- you know the undead inside and out! You're the *real* undead hunter!

The undead hunter has a chance in combat to gain a bonus to damage when in combat with the undead.
Signet Ring

This ring is worn on your left hand, on your middle finger, to show your dedication to the weapons that most people cannot understand. With this ring, you have proven yourself a Master of Exotic Weapons.

The weapon master has a chance to receive a bonus to damaging attacks with exotic weapons.

X-Ray Technician's Lead Coat

This long coat is beige in colour and is weighed down by a lining of solid lead in order to block any stray X-Rays from your job at the clinic. It takes some getting used to, but it is rather large and can fit over top of all your other gear.

The x-ray technician has a chance to temporarily gain a bonus to radiation damage resistance when taking damage from radiation-based attacks.
Major Professions - Major Profession Unlocked at Level 40

Profession           :   Inventory Item
Fieldsmith           :   A Lightning Infused Fieldsmith's Hammer (depleted)
Golem master         :   Golem Master's Toolkit
Herbologist          :   Herbologist's Garden Shovel
Marshal              :   A Marshal's Standard (12 glowing of 12 total gems)
Reforger             :   A Reforger's Kit
Transmuter           :   A Transmuter's Stone (blank)
Trapper              :   A Trapper's Rucksack
Veterinarian         :   Veterinarian's Scrubs
A Lightning Infused Fieldsmith's Hammer (depleted)

This sooty black hammer has seen better days, but each of its nicks and dings are part of a long and glorious history. Lightning crackles along the head, but the electrical charge dissipates mere inches away from it. Light enough to bring into the field, but hard enough to shape the hardest of metals, it is cleverly imbued with the power to absorb the structural integrity of a fallen foe's armor or weaponry to fuel its repairs. This traveling hammer has performed patchup work right before the eve of battle for some of the most glorious heroes -- and some of the most nefarious villains.

The fieldsmith can use the hammer to 'dismantle' armor or weaponry in their inventory. This is necessary for the fieldsmith to 'patchup' their own or someone else's equipment.

WMT Notes: You must be prof level 35 to superforce.
Golem Master's Toolkit

This magic little pouch contains everything you need to build your own little golem. Inside you can find all sorts of interesting little tools and doodads, and most importantly of all, the control rod for your little friends. Don't get too attached, though! After all, they are completely mindless and will never rise up against you.

Golem masters can harvest components from corpses to build their own golems. All golem masters can build the most basic of golems, which follows them around and can be used to carry items. Golems can also be sent to the shop to sell whatever it is carrying. More skilled golem masters can create sentinel golems, social golems, and even party golems!

The command 'golemize <corpse> <limbs|torso|head>' is used to collect components for your golem. The command 'golemize' will list your currently collected components, and the command 'golemize dispose' will throw away all your collected components and start from scratch. The 'golem [which] <cmd>' command is used to control or check the status of your golem or your collected components. To find out what your golem can do for you, use 'golem [which] help'.

You may build the following golem types:

Type       : Lvl
Packmule   :   1
Watcher    :  25
Companion  :  50
Explorer   :  75
Party      :  90

You are currently controlling 0 of 2 golems.

You can also do the commands: golem_master recover, score, spammy.
Herbologist's Garden Shovel

This is a fairly simple looking garden shovel. Holding it in your hands, it seems comfortable. The wooden handle is smooth to the touch still allowing you to grip it firmly. The blade of the shovel is made of metal and flat at the top to make it easier to dig down into dirt. This shovel signifies your ability as a herbologist.

With this shovel you can 'harvest' herbs. Be aware, though, that you can't herb simply *anywhere*! You have to have found a flower, a plant, a tree, a field, or something else along those lines -- and that's what you're harvesting! The herbologist is limited as to how often he or she may harvest in a given period of time. Herbs have a variety of effects, including healing damage or short term boosts of mskills.

You can harvest 4 times right now.
A Marshal's Standard (12 glowing of 12 total gems)

This long white staff is topped with a giant flag that flaps noisily in the breeze. Upon the flag is the crest of an eagle using its talons to tear into the stomach of a bull ox. Crimson fabric is used liberally to depict the blood splattering in every direction. Twelve gems decorate the length of the staff. The flag and standard proclaims 'FOLLOW ME AND I WILL MAKE US VICTORIOUS'.

The use of this flag allows the bearer to shout out various rallying cries that will inspire teammates. You can issue forth a rallying cry with the command 'rallycry <heal|spirit|defensive|offensive <target>>', which can be done at levels 1, 10, 35 and 50 respectively. You can also do 'rallycry check' to see who is eligible to be affected by a rallycry. This only affects party members in the same room as the marshal.
A Reforger's Kit

The reforger's kit comes with multiple tools - a hammer, an awl, and a few magical (or perhaps scientific?) devices that pulse randomly with white hot energy. This particular kit has seen better days, but that's a good thing -- better for it to be well used than not needed!

A reforger has the ability to 'reforge' an item in order to take from one property and add to another. All that is needed is a nearby forge, but high level reforgers should be aware that they will need to find appropriate forges on which to practice their craft!
A Transmuter's Stone (blank)

This stone of swirling magicks is the key to your transmuting ability. When fully powered, many colours writhe about inside stone: blue, red, orange, octarine... and you know how to harness them all! The stone is much lighter than it would seem at a first glance, and it is eerily smooth to the touch.

Transmuters can convert crafting components from one item to another, usually at a cost.
'transmute ' : tells you what it can be transmuted to (if at all)
'transmute [n] to : transmutes the item(s) into the target
'transmute [n] quality to ': Improves the quality of item.
Note that you can only transmute to a better quality, not a poorer quality.
'transmute type to : transmutes an armour or weapon type. Must be transmuter level 35.
A Trapper's Rucksack

The worn brown rucksack is stuffed full of wire, bits of wood and some other alchemical substances. A knowledgeable trapper needs only to stick their hands in, grab what they need, quickly assemble a trap, and then launch it at an enemy! A trapper can scrounge and store wood, metal or hide to be used in the construction of the following types of traps: 'blind', 'slow', 'snare', 'stun' and 'wound'.

A trapper must 'scrounge from ' where is some sort of wood, metal or hide and is an object in your inventory. The contents of the rucksack can be seen using the command 'listrucksack'. You can dispose of raw materials using the command 'trapdispose ' where is one of the three raw ingredient types or the word 'all'.

Traps can be built using the command 'buildtrap ', where can be blind, slow, snare, stun or wound. A trap can be launched using the command 'launchtrap '. Each trap requires different profession level and amount of raw materials to construct. This can be seen using the command 'listtraps'.
Veterinarian's Scrubs

These scrubs are covered in a flowery print of yellow and gold petunias. Overall, the effect is very loud and ostentatious. It's almost as if someone had designed clothing to be worn in a pediatrician's office, but went WAY WAY WAY too far. The only thing that could ever appreciate this clothing is something colour blind -- which is where you and your puppy come in.

The vet's scrubs come fully equipped with everything you need to look after your pet dog using the command 'vet'. You can 'heal' at vet level 1, 'incite' at level 10 and 'dodge' at level 35.
Your dog will accept 4 commands