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The Players of Three-Kingdoms!

Locations of some players on the 3-Kingdoms mud. Are you traveling somewhere and want to meetup? Making a road trip and want to plan your route on where fellow mudders are? Check out who's nearby. (Yellow indicates wizard, blue indicates player.)

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Who and Where

Player Name Location


Rompas Melbourne, Australia
Drax Melbourne VIC, Australia
Vagrant Sydney, Australia
Vaid Sydney, Australia


Badger Hamilton, ON, Canada

Not to be confused with Rubicant, contact here.

Picture of Raest and his brother
Raest and his brother
Regina, SK, Canada
Stalos Vernon, BC, Canada

Czech Republic

Draal Prague, Czech Republic

Hong Kong

Atticus Hong Kong


Stormer Haifa, Israel


Byron Puerto Escondido, Mexico


Corin Bathgate, West Lothian

South Africa

Everybody Cape Town, South Africa


Fisk Ludvika, Sweden

United Kingdom

Kichi United Kingdom

Arizona, USA

Tedious Surprise, Arizona
Simonz Phoenix, Arizona

Arkansas, USA

Echoloc Pea Ridge, Arkansas

California, USA


Visit Crolack's website here, contact here.

Picture of Crolack
Los Angeles, CA
Kirwan Livermore, CA

Picture of Hvitulfur
McKinleyville, CA

Colorado, USA

Cable Colorado, USA

Connecticut, USA

Morion Connicticut
Lyme, CT

Florida, USA


Survivor of the future apocalypse

Melbourne, FL
Canislupus Fort Walton Beach, FL
Boynton Beach, FL
Lance Fort Lauderdale, FL

Illinois, USA

Tchazzar Rockford, Illinois

Indiana, USA

Brasky Indianapolis, IN
Licklick Evansville, IN
Nameless Indianapolis, IN

Iowa, USA

Ksemia Ankeny, Iowa

Kansas, USA

Prism Kansas City, Kansas
Thoreau Topeka, Kansas

Kentucky, USA

Vapor Louisville, Kentucky

Michigan, USA

Krom Kalamazoo, Michigan
Nostradamus Traverse City, Michigan

Minnesota, USA

Mud St. Cloud, MN

Missouri, USA

Xiu Rolla, Missouri

New Jersey, USA

Nix Cap May Court House, NJ

Nevada, USA

Gaidin Las Vegas, Nevada

New York, USA


Picture of Elindal and his wife
Elindal and wife
Massena, New York
Hooligan Buffalo, New York
Kale/Vat Schenectady, New York

North Carolina, USA

Sarge Raleigh, North Carolina
Schlaus Raleigh, North Carolina
Turnhold Elkin, North Carolina

Ohio, USA

Hyperion Cleveland, Ohio

Oklahoma, USA

Ghaunadaur Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oregon, USA

Portland, OR

Tennessee, USA

Frustrated Nashville, TN

Texas, USA

Archimedes & Xar San Antonio, Texas
Elminster & Locrian

Married 'in real life' since June 2009. Visit our website he...wait, you're already on it. Thanks for visiting We Mud Together! We have fun making this website. Have any questions/comments/suggestions? Contact us here.

Picture of Locrian and Elminster
Locrian and Elminster
Houston, Texas
Ephemeral Garland, Texas
Guru Houston, Texas
Lisker Houston, Texas

@rudelifecoach on Tiktok

Warning: This link contains adult content. Views expressed in the above link belong to the content creator and not We Mud Together.

Willis, Texas
Saurmac Fort Worth, Texas
StarGerbil Houston, Texas


Houston, Texas
Zion Houston, Texas

Washington, USA

Krat Seattle, WA
Rhyson Bellingham, WA

West Virginia, USA

Minerva Charleston, WV

Wisconsin, USA

Adalius Hubertus, Wisconsin
Tony/Aceswild/Vaan Cottage Grove, Wisconsin
Lachesis South Range, Wisconsin

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<help omp>

OMP Chatline

Line Name
Ansi Variable
# ppl
Hist/ Max
0/ 558

Line Command:

What's it look like?

Locrian -=(OMP)=- Toooooomorrow, tomorrow, we'll have fun, tomorrow. It's onlyyyyyy a day awayyyyyyyy....

History Command:

<omp -h>
What does the history look like?

19:51 Locrian -=(OMP)=- Toooooomorrow, tomorrow, we'll have fun, tomorrow. It's onlyyyyyy a day awayyyyyyyy....

How can I get this line?

This line should be automatically available to you when you create a character. This is similar to the shout and gshout chatlines, as this chatline will also be seen on the 3S mud.

The Most Recent OMP

To see some of the photos that were taken during the 2023 OMP, visit We Mud Together's Google Photo's

Specifics Details
When was it? July 28 - July 30, 2023
Where was it? Country Inn & Suites by Radisson Milwaukee West
1250 S Moorland Rd, Brookfield, WI 53005
OMP Admission $20.00

The Next OMP


Specifics Details
When is it? TBD

If you WILL be coming to the 2024 OMP, type 'omp me'
If you might be coming, type 'omp maybe'
If you have already registered and have to bail, type 'omp isuck'

* Non-3K guests are totally welcome as well. Type 'omp me <#>' where <#> is the # of guests coming with you (you can update it anytime)
* To see the list of people registered, type 'omp showme'
* If you are in need of, or can generously provide, a ride to the OMP, type 'rideshare' in the OMP room (down from COT)

The OMP information above was last updated 31 July 2023 on this website. Check <omp> on the mud to ensure you're receiving the latest news, properly RSVP, and to see the list of attendees.