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Let there be Light!

I can't see!!!! Yeah, we've all been there. Here's a list of where you can find a light (this will include guild lights too). We know there's a lot more to be found on the mud than what is listed here at the moment; if you know of one that's not listed and would like to share, please let us know.

Where are the lights?

Click on header to sort lights by column... Click on row to expand for more information.
Note: if you see a on the area pages, this means that area will require a light (or more).

Name Location Cost

Armour of the Elements

From Fantasy: <portal, 12n, leave, 11n, 7e, 4n, enter, u, portal>
Return to Fantasy: <leave, 17w, s, portal>

Warning: The armour/greaves are randomly dropped items. Following these steps will not guarantee you will obtain the gear needed for the light source.

  1. Once inside the area - <2se> (all elementals are aggro)
    106k : An Earth Elemental
  2. <get jar>
  3. <2nw, 2sw>
    94k : A Water Elemental
  4. <get jar>
  5. <2ne, 2nw>
    99k : A Fire Elemental
  6. <get jar>
  7. <2se, 2ne>
    101k : An Air Elemental
  8. <get jar>
  9. <2sw, place jars on altar, winds>
  10. <kill energies>
    598k : A Conglomeration of Energies
  11. Gear may or may not be dropped at this point. Regardless, this is not the gear you're looking for. Continue to the next level - <gateway>
  12. Repeat steps 1 - 10.
    14.8M : An Earth Elemental
    29.2M : A Water Elemental
    16.2M : A Fire Elemental
    30.9M : An Air Elemental
    115M : A Conglomeration of Energies
  13. Hopefully, upon completion, the Conglomeration of Energies will drop the Armour AND the Greaves. <wear armour, wear greaves>. Once you wear both items, a 'Fluctuating Field of the Elements' will appear in your Magical equipment slot. This should be the item which emits light (it's said that by wearing these items, you have a +4 light).

Fantasy, Elemental Planes



Bracelet of Fire

From Fantasy: <portal, 12n, leave, 11n, 7e, 4n, 5e, enter>
Return to Fantasy: <leave, 17w, s, portal>

  1. Once inside the area - <enter, gaze into fire, ne, se, kill demon>
       Class 8k : A Night Demon
  2. <get token, nw, enter vortex, give token to man>
    Kazhir says: Thank you, Locrian, I should be able to sleep much better at night now. Please take this bracelet as a token of my esteem, and good luck in your adventuring.
    Kazhir gives something to you.
    Kazhir slips the token into his pocket and smiles. He then sits back in his chair and slowly falls asleep.
  3. The bracelet is your light source, <wear bracelet>.

Fantasy, Kazhir's Hut



Firestone Pot

From Chaos: <enter, 3e, 2s, 2e, 4n, break arch, say land>
Return to Chaos: <portal, 4s, 2w, 2n, 3w, vortex>

  1. Once you're in the area, search the beginning rooms for A Stonedowner Artisan.
  2. <kill artisan, get pot, light pot>
       Class 4k : A Stonedowner Artisan
  3. Reorient yourself to the beginning room so that you can follow the Return directions listed above.
Firestone pot -
A small pot filled with red-hot firestones. It gives off a sweet pungeant smell, intense heat, and a strong light, when lit. It looks light.

Chaos, The Land




From Science: <enter, u, 4n, d, 19n, 3e, d, e, sw>
Return to Science: <ne, w, u, 3w, 19s, u, 4s, d, out>

Light Shop - Today's items:
# ITEM COST Available
1 A small Flashlight 900 coins plenty
2 A MagLight Flashlight 1800 coins plenty
3 An Extended-Life Flashlight 3000 coins 262
4 A Flash Lamp 4500 coins 0
5 A small square black box 9000 coins 0
  1. Purchase your desired light source from the list above.
  2. Or, you can travel <ne, se> and buy A Torch for 60 coins.
A small Flashlight -
This is a small water proof flashlight. It looks like it should have a very long lasting battery. Too bad that it's made out of molded plastic so that you could never change the battery. You see two small buttons. They read: 'light flashlight' and 'extinguish flashlight'.
It looks light.

Science, HTC Northern Expansion Terminal


900 - 3k coins


From Chaos: <enter, 3e, 2s, 2e, skip rope, enter>

  1. Once you're in the area, travel <e, 2nw, n, kill bouncer>
    21k : A Bouncer
  2. <get flashlight>
    <press button> to turn the flashlight on or off.

    Magnum Flashlight
    This is a long, black, steel flashlight. The shaft of this flashlight is heavy enough that this flashlight can double as a club for keeping rowdy concert-goers in control. There is a rubber button near the head that turns the light on and off.
    This weapon is in excellent condition.
    This weapon deals blunt damage.
    This weapon's classifications: 12 (blunt)
    It doesn't look too heavy.
  3. Return to Chaos: <s, 2se, w, leave, exit, 2w, 2n, 3w, vortex>

Chaos, ***Club Chaos***



Glow stick

From Chaos: <enter, 2s, read chapter 1>
Return to Chaos: <leave, 2n, vortex>

  1. Once you're in the area, <enter shoe, stairs, right, search dolls, get tube>
  2. Don't forget to <bend tube> too.
  3. Reorient yourself to the beginning room so that you can follow the Return directions listed above.

Chaos, Old Woman in the Shoe



A Glowing Orb

Location: Newbieland, Woonsocket

Cost: 1050 coins

From Newbie bin: <4s, u, n, nw, enter mirror 5, w, s>
Return to Newbie bin: <n, w, n, tutorial, n>

A glowing orb -
A small crystal orb which glows with an inner light beyond comparison.
It shall bring you light in times of darkness.
This item is bound to you.
It looks light.

Newbieland, Woonsocket


1050 coins


Location: Fantasy, Casaria

Cost: 5000 coins

From Fantasy: <portal, 15e, leave, 12e, 7n, w, n, portal, se, sw, s, e, 2ne, nw>
Return to Fantasy: <se, 2sw, w, n, ne, nw, portal, 3s, portal>

Glowstone -
This is a glowstone sold in the town of Casaria. It will light up your path, and never run out. It is a small green stone, with a great amount of light radiating from it. This is a very useful item to have.
It doesn't look too heavy.

Location: Fantasy, Grand Hall of Rohm Giddor

Cost: 4500 coins

From Fantasy: <portal, 12n, leave, 11n, 3e, 2n, 2w, n, swim, dive, 4w, 2s, 5w, nw, w, 3n, w, s>
Return to Fantasy: <n, e, 3s, e, se, 5e, 2n, 4e, dive, out, s, e, n, 8w, portal>

A glowstone (small) -
A fragile glowing stone. It is rough-cut and fairly light. Though it seems hard on the surface, its light weight indicates it might be easily broken. The source of light seems to be from bright veins in the rock. It seems just bright enough to illuminate a small room.
It looks light.
A glowstone (large) -
A large, fragile glowing stone. It is rough-cut and light for its size. Though it seems hard on the surface, its lack of density indicates it might be easy to break. The source of light seems to be from bright veins in the rock. Its size makes it somewhat awkward to carry, though there is no doubt it emits more light than a smaller stone would.
It looks light.



5k - 10k coins

Guild Lights

Guild: Angels

Light: halo
Extra: Provides regen

Guild: Bards

Light: cast light

Cost: SP
Light: cast wings of the phoenix
 (+1 light)
Extra: provides flight
 *can also be cast on other players*

Guild: Breed

Light: aura (+1 light)

Guild: Changeling

Cost: Stamina
Light: bioluminesce

Guild: Cyborg

Cost: 1 pwr/round
Light: finger light (implant)

Cost: 4 pwr/round
Light: infra-red filter (cornea implant)

Guild: Elementals

Light: fire (+1 light) / flare / spirit - self illumination
Extra: can be any amount of light

Guild: Fremen

Light: handglobe (+1 light)

Guild: Gentech

Light: illuminate (+1 light)

Cost: 100 coins
Light: Flashlight

Cost: 1500 coins
Light: Extended Life Flashlight

Guild: Jedi

Light: lightweapons (+1 light)

Guild: Juggernaut

Light: lowlight / truck
(headslights on/off)

Guild: Knights

Light: shine shield (+1 light)

Guild: Mages

Cost: SP
Light: cast light

Guild: Monks

Cost: 150 coins
Light: Silver torch

Guild: Necromancers

Light: create light

Cost: (from guild shop)
Light: Brazier

Guild: Priests

Light: glight (+1 light)
Extra: it's possible that if you join a specific section, you may receive a +4 light

Guild: Psicorps

Cost: 10 Psionic Energy
Light: brightsight

Cost: 20 Psionic Energy
Light: psycholuminescence

Cost: (from guild shop)
Light: Glow Sticks

Guild: Sii

Cost: 150 coins
Light: Lantern




Lleera's Ring

  1. Prior to travelling to Lleera's Tree, you'll need to find a sword (for trading purposes). To do this easily, roam around Wayhaven to find A Citadel Guard (class 7k). <kill guard> and <get sword>.
    Wayhaven is the city you enter immediately after stepping through the Fantasy <portal> from Pinnacle. Return to this portal once you've obtained the sword.
  2. Once you have a sword (really any sword will work) and you're standing at the Fantasy portal (on the Wayhaven side), follow the steps below.
  3. <15e, leave, 12e, 6n, 2w, climb>
  4. <give sword to lleera>
  5. <say illithia> to activate the light
  6. <touch ring> to see how many charges are left in the ring
  7. Return to Fantasy: <d, e, s, portal>

Fantasy, Lleera's Tree



Moon Rocks

From Chaos: <enter, 2s, 2w, enter, 4n, buy moon rocks>
Return to Chaos: <4s, leave, 2e, 2n, vortex>

Purchasing one pouch of Moon Rocks will equal 1 light source. You should be able to put 4 of these inside a bag to help with carrying capacity.

A pouch of moon-rocks (glowing) -
The radioactive moon-rocks within the clear lining bag glow luminously. You are just chagrined at having a little something from the moon that lights up the night sky. You watch as the flickering light illuminates the room around you.
It looks heavy.

Chaos, Carina's Observatory


500 coins

Ring of Gold

From Chaos: <enter, n, 2w, s, porch, enter, e, s, e, s, w>
Return to Chaos: <e, n, w, n, w, porch, clearing, n, 2e, s, vortex>

  1. Once you've followed directions as indicated above, <kill rat>
       Class 403 : Rat
  2. <get ring, wear ring, rub ring>

Chaos, Mouse House



Ring of Light

  1. Instructions to find the ring in Newbieland -
    From Newbie bin: <4s, u, n, ne, enter mirror 3, s, e>
  2. You should be in the room with A weary peasant now. If the weary peasant is not in this room, roam the area until you find him. Note that the return directions listed in Step 5 are from this room though. Additionally, the color of the ring will change, but it should always be a Ring of Light.
    A weary peasant
    This aged old man looks tired with long years of work in the fields. He has small knowing smile. He breaks often to rest, but seems to enjoy his work.

    He is in perfect health.
    Peasant is carrying:
    A silver spoon.
    Jacinth ring (worn on left hand).
  3. <kill peasant>
      34 : A weary peasant
  4. <get all from corpse, wear ring>
    The Ring sparkles into color, eventually stabilizing into a faint white light which permits you to see far ahead.
    You wear the ring.
  5. Return to Newbie bin: <w, n, hole, sw, s, d, 4n>
You'll notice that you now also have A silver spoon. If you have not joined a guild yet, or your guild does not have a command to get rid of a corpse, you can use this spoon to <eat corpse>
A silver spoon
A silver spoon. You may use it to eat the corpses of your foes. It was made in the Forbidden City where Cancer resides.
It looks light.

<eat corpse>
You devoured the corpse. It tasted so weird....
Oddly, a shockwave courses through your body and you feel better!

Newbieland, Peasant Farm



Sword of the Spirit

From Chaos: <enter, 4w, enter void>
Return to Chaos: <leave, e, 2w, 3e>

  1. Once you've entered the area, work your way through killing each angel.
  2. The last one, Metatron, will have the sword (but the angels do not always drop the items they're coded to have).

Chaos, Tree of Life



Torch, A

Location: Chaos, CowVille

Cost: 60 coins

From Chaos: <enter, 3e, 2s, ride cow, 8n, ne, 2n, open east door, e>
Return to Chaos: <w, 2s, sw, 8s, path, 2n, 3w, vortex>

Location: Chaos, Crydee

Cost: 60 coins

From Chaos: <enter, 4w, e, s, w, s, 2e, u, 2n, 2d, enter, s, 3e, n>
Return to Chaos: <s, 3w, n, portal, 2u, 2s, u, 2w, n, e, n, 2w, 3e, vortex>

Location: Chaos, Epcot

Cost: 60 coins

From Chaos: <enter, 3e, 5s, sideways, u, board> ...wait until the second stop (at Epcot) <exit, d, deposit 100 coins in slot, 8n, w>
Return to Chaos: <e, 8s, board> ...wait <exit, 2d, out2, e, vortex>

Location: Chaos, NetHack

Cost: 60 coins

From Chaos: <enter, 3e, n, climb staircase, d, 3e, n, 5e, s, 5e, 2s>
Return to Chaos: <2n, 5w, n, 5w, s, 3w, 2u, s, 3w, vortex>

Location: Chaos, Simpsons

Cost: 60 coins

From Chaos: <enter> - Locate the roaming 'A Small ChaosBrand(tm) Television Set' - <turn knob> until you get to channel 2 <enter screen, 7e, se>
Return to Chaos: <nw, 7w, n, enter, stairs, w, enter screen> and you'll be dropped off somewhere random inside Chaos

Location: Fantasy, Casaria

Cost: 50 coins

From Fantasy: <portal, 15e, leave, 12e, 7n, w, n, portal, se, sw, s, e, 2ne, nw>
Return to Fantasy: <se, 2sw, w, n, ne, nw, portal, 3s, portal>

Location: Fantasy, Katin

Cost: 60 coins

From Fantasy: <portal, 15e, leave, 14e, 10n, ne, 2e, s>
Return to Fantasy: <n, 2w, sw, 5s, 3w, portal>

Location: Fantasy, Ryogi-Pei Docks

Cost: 60 coins

From Fantasy: Head to Wayhaven docks to take a ride to Ryogi-Pei <portal, 7w, 8s, e, (buy pass), charter ryogi> ...wait <3e>
Return to Fantasy: <3w, board ferry, w, 8n, 7e, portal>

Location: Fantasy, Wayhaven

Cost: 200 coins

From Fantasy: Go to the Wayhaven Candle Shop <portal, 12e, 2n, 4w, 4n, w, 2n, 2e, ne>
Return to Fantasy: <out, 2w, 2s, e, 4s, 4e, 2s, 12w, portal>



50 - 200 coins

Wand of Illumination

Location: Fantasy, Land of the Ice People

Cost: N/A (random drop item that needs to be ID'd)

From Fantasy: <portal, 12n, leave, 11n, 3e, 9n, portal>
Return to Fantasy: <portal, 4n, portal>

Location: Fantasy, Catacombs

Cost: 1500 coins

From Fantasy: <portal, 12n, leave, 8n, 4e, 6n, 2w, n, d, sw>
Return to Fantasy: <ne, u, s, 7w, portal>

Location: Pinnacle, Pinnacle Magic Shop

Cost: 2424 coins

From Center of Town: <n, 2w, s, 4w, n>
Return to Center of Town: <s, 4e, n, 2e, s>



0 - 2k coins