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Welcome to Juggernauts!

High-tech militarized suits with people inside navigating them and shooting at unknown enemies while traversing through the forest and rocky landscape.


The Clans

There are 3 clans in the Juggernaut guild - Ghost Bear, Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf. Each clan has a unique ability which it can use several times per reset.

Clan Power
Bear Frenzy
Falcon Airdrop
Wolf Support

New juggers are sibkos by default. All Clans get access to ALL clan powers, just at different Guild Levels. Join the Clan YOU want to join, instead of the one you feel you have to.

To join a clan, you must be glvl 20. Speak to a Bloodname+ from that clan in order to join it. Joining a clan is a requisite for you to change suits.

Ghost Bear

Members of clan Ghost Bear can 'frenzy' themselves or their guildmates into a crazy rage. During the rage, the recipient will be able to shrug off a portion of damage taken, and will also deal more physical damage.

Clan line:
jb/ejb - chat/emote on bear line

Guild Level 1 - Frenzy
Guild Level 50 - Airdrop
Guild Level 75 - Support

Ranked members:
Sakhan - Sith
Loremaster(s) - Teerex
Bloodname(s) - Grot, Xero, Rek, Tex, Atticus

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Jade Falcon

Members of clan Jaded Falcon can request 'airdrops' via remote drones. These drops will recover stim energy to the specified Juggernaut's stim vat.

Clan line:
jf/ejf - chat/emote on falcon line

Guild Level 1 - Airdrop
Guild Level 50 - Frenzy
Guild Level 75 - Support

Sakhan - Vat
Loremaster(s) - Merrick
Bloodname(s) - Crazyhorse, Oxayotl

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Members of clan Wolf are able to call 'support' mechs into combat. The mechs can assist in combat either by tanking or doing damage. Wolf members can also share their supports with other guildmembers for a short duration. Info 'Support' for more information.

Clan line:
jw/ejw - chat/emote on wolf line

Guild Level 1 - Support
Guild Level 50 - Airdrop
Guild Level 75 - Frenzy

Sakhan - Sky
Loremaster(s) - Vapor
Bloodname(s) - Memnoch, Debaser, Kagour, Ellegon, Brianna, Quaritch, Saurmac, Zarzon

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History of the Wolf Clan

Juggernaut Guild Info : Wolf_history

What is it like fighting the Wolf?
Imagine lightning on legs, or an
earthquake with arms,
or catastrophe with genius, or
just pure hell on wheels.

Fear the loping wolves
They hunt with cold confidence
Deer should flee in haste

The history of Clan Wolf is as glorious as it is long. Chosen by Nicholas Kerensky to be the bearers of his legacy, the Wolves have established themselves as one of the preeminent Clans. The Wolves have the distinction of being the only Clan to absorb or annihilate two other Clans: the Wolverines and the WidowMakers. The Clans recent split into two factions (the Wolves, led by Khan Vladimir Ward, and the Wolves-in-exile, led by Khan Phelan Kell) has seriously weakened both groups. The Wolves under Khan Phelan, however, increased their strength significantly by capturing an entire Smoke Jaguar Cluster during Operation: Bulldog.

During the Second Exodus War, the Wolves distinguished themselves as a hardhitting and wily foe. When the Wolverines broke with the Clans, Clan Wolf won the honor of destroying the Wolverines and absorbing what remained. The battles which followed nearly crippled the Wolf forces - already dangerously low to begin with. The Clan's success sparked more inter-Clan fighting between the Wolves and the WidowMakers. The matter came to a grisly end when Clan Wolf declared a Trial of Absorption against Clan WidowMaker.

The Widowmakers claimed that Wolf personnel were responsible for a series of uprisings by Widowmaker lower castes. Wolf Khan jerome Winson refuted the claim, citing the WidowMakers inability to handle their own lower castes as proof of their weakness. In the end, the Wolves declared and won the right to call a Trial of Absorption against the WidowMakers. The Wolf forces, led by Khan Jerome Winson, engaged in a savage fight against the WidowMakers. At the height of the battle, Khan Winson and WidowMaker Khan Jorgennson paired off in single combat to decide the fate of the two Clans. Khan Winson quickly gained the upper hand in the battle when, unexpectedly, a Star of WidowMaker mechs lept into the fray and attacked Khan Winson. The other Clan Khans, who were witnessing in their 'mechs nearby, rushed to the aid of Khan Winson. In the battle, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky was killed by a WidowMaker laser blast. Shocked and enraged at the ilKhan's tragic death, the Wolves utterly destroyed the WidowMaker forces and claimed all that was theirs.

Interestingly, the death of ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky led to a era of peace and prosperity for the Clans. In the 2800's, Clan Coyote scientists perfected the OmniMech, while Wolf scientists created the Elemental battle armor suit. The Wolves, within a few years, improved on the original Elemental armor design by adding harjel to the system after fighting a series of preemtive batchalls with Clan Sea Fox. Within four Clan generations, hundreds of massive soldiers were filling the ranks of Clan infantry units. The Wolf Clan also prospered as its merchants and scientists expanded the limits of the Clans' knowledge and resources. By the end of the so-called Golden Century, Clan Wolf was regarded as one of the most powerful and influential of all the Clans.

Dragoon Compromise
In 3001, Khan Nadia Winson of Clan Ghost Bear brought forth a proposal to launch an invasion of the Inner Sphere. The Crusaders held a majority of votes in the Grand Council. Wolf Khan Kherlin Ward, the leader of the Warden movement, proposed to send a reconnaissance force in ahead of the main Clan force. Without sufficient information, he claimed, the invasion could turn into a disaster if the Inner Sphere armies were ready.

Ward's plan to send an expeditionary force to learn the status of the Successor States proved resourceful enough that enough Clans agreed to the proposal. Many contended, however, that the force should be led and manned by trueborn warriors claiming that freeborns would be unsuitable and untrustworthy of such a mission, but that motion was swiftly defeated. In 3005, Wolf's Dragoons entered the service of House Davion.

Over the next thirty years, the reports from the Dragoons were received further and further apart until they finally stopped in the early 3030's. The Crusaders used this to prove their point that the freeborn force was as untrustworthy as predicted. The Crusaders, particularly Falcon ristar Elias Crichell, argued eloquently that the time had come for invasion. It took another fifteen years and the accidental arrival of the Comstar vessel Outbound Light to bring matters to a head.

In 3047, Smoke Jaguar Khan Leo Showers presented evidence, gained from the interrogation of the Outbound Light's crew, to the Grand Council that showed that their worst fears were coming true. Far from what they had believed, the Successor States were on the road to recovery and rapidly gaining back their technological edge. Technology which had long been denied the Inner Sphere was being rediscovered and rebuilt at a tremendous rates. Scientific advances in all areas, especially military, were given highest priorities and the Federated Commonwealth appeared as though it would emerge victorious over its rivals.

Wolf Khan Ulric Kerensky, an ardent Warden, protested mightily against the upcoming invasion. He was dismayed somewhat when even the Wolve's closest allies went along with the plan. He declared a Trial of Refusal and skillfully negotiated the odds down to four to one. The Wolf forces proved again their formidable prowess, particularly the Third Battle Cluster, but victory was snatched from their grasp by virtue of sheer numbers.

To further punish the Wolves, the Crusader Clans forced Clan Wolf to accept a role in the invasion. The Clan was assigned one of the less attack corridors. The Wolf's route would pit them against the weaker and relatively untried Free Rasalhague Republic. The Crusader Khans believed that this avenue would provide little in the way of battle and glory for the Wolves. This would, in their eyes, further humiliate Khan Ulric Kerensky and weaken his position.

The early battles in the Periphery at first proved everything that ilKhan Leo Showers had said about the Inner Sphere. The warriors the Clans faced in the first few months were mostly dishonorable, undertrained and -equipped pirates in outdated equipment. Except for the Falcon's battle for Von Strang's World and the Wolves encounter with the Kell Hounds on The Rock, none of the invading Clans faced any real challenges. Their belief's in the degeneracy of the Inner Sphere confirmed, many Crusader Khans believed they would be on Terra in a year's time.

When the Wolves struck the Inner Sphere, it was like no other invasion before. The Wolves conquered dozens of worlds in the Free Rasalhague/Federated Commonwealth corridor. A number of elite House and mercenary units were left bloodied or, in many cases, utterly destroyed. Unlike their brethren, the Wolves were extremely willing to take bondsmen into their ranks. The Free Rasalhague Army, which was quite adept at the hit-and-run tactics which plagued the other Clans, were little more than a minor nuisance for the overwhelming Wolf forces. No other Clan conquered worlds as fast as the Wolves, a fact which would ultimately help bring about their downfall in future years.

In 3050, the Ghost Bears decided to invade the Free Rasalhague capital world, Rasalhague. Although the world actually lie in the Wolf corridor, the Ghost Bear Khans successfully argued to ilKhan Leo Showers that it was close enough for their forces to attack. ilKhan Leo, ever looking for ways to slow or embarass the Wolf juggernaut, agreed to let them bid for the world. Khan Ulric, however, proved a wily adversary in the bidding. His removal of Clan Warships from his initial bid threw the Ghost Bear Khans off-balance. Seeing that they could not hope to win the bidding, the Bear Khans drove down the bidding to dangerous levels. The Wolves won the right to invade Rasalhague, but they would only have three Clusters to do so.

The Wolves emerged victorious on Rasalhague, the first Clan to capture a capital world. Subsequent political manuevering the ilKhan Leo and other Crusader-minded Khans did little to slow the Wolf assault. The death of ilKhan Leo Showers sent the invading Clans home for a years conferring and to elect a new ilKhan. Khans Crichell and Chistu conspired with other Crusader Clans to elect a new ilKhan who would have to do their bidding. Together, they nominated Clan Wolf Khan Ulric Kerensky to the post of ilKhan. Their plan was to force the Wolf Khan to bend to their desires, thus slowing the Wolves while their own Clans caught up. To the surprise of many, ilKhan Ulric refused to play their game. Instead, he brought forth the Steel Vipers and Nova Cats into the invasion force. The Nova Cats were teamed with their longtime rival the Smoke Jaguars. Being teamed with the hated Steel Vipers galled the Falcon Khans, but ilKhan Ulric's requirement that the Jaguars and Falcons cede worlds for their new "partners" made things even worse. Although the Smoke Jaguars and Nova Cats quickly reached an accomodation regarding the exchange of worlds, the Jade Falcons made the Vipers fight Trials of Possession for every world. Even so, in 3052, the invasion resumed as the trueborn of six Clans returned to begin the conflict anew.

Refusal War
The years after Tukayyid were relatively quiet as the Clans fell back to their old inter-Clan raiding habits. Things changed for the worse in 3058, when Wolf Supremists put Ulric Kerensky on trial for genocide. Ulric managed to defeat the motion in the Wolf Clan Council, but the Wolf Loremaster, Dalk Carns, played one last attempt to ruin him. Carns accused Ulric of deliberately plotting the destruction of three generations of Wolf forces. The treaty he agreed to with Precentor Martial Focht would deprive future generations of Wolf warriors of needed combat experiencing, thus leaving them unprepared when the invasion resumed. Ulric forced the issue to the Grand Kuraltai, but, in spite of a eloquent defense by saKhan Phelan Kell, he was forced out of office. The Crusader element in the Kurultai attempted to repudiate the peace treaty, but Ulric declared a Trial of Refusal. The Jade Falcons won the right to battle the Wolves, but, in a surprise move, Ulric declared his intent on striking at every Jade Falcon world in the Inner Sphere with all the might available to the Wolf Clan. The ensuing battles resulted in the deaths of Ulric Kerensky and Wolf Khan Natasha Kerensky. The battles destroyed nearly ten Wolf and Jade Falcon Galaxies. In a telling blow, Khan Phelan Kell led the best of the Wolf Clan Wardens to the world of Morges where his forces, along with the Kell Hounds, defeated two Jade Falcon Galaxies. The Wolf forces then retreated to Arc-Royal, Phelan Kell's homeworld, to rest and rebuild their forces.

In a blatent power play, Jade Falcon saKhan Chistu declared that the Wolves had been absorbed by the victorious Jade Falcons. This plan fell apart when Wolf warrior Vlad, a former aide to Ulric Kerensky, denied Chistu's version of Ulric Kerensky's death. The two warriors battled and Chistu fell to Vlad. Vlad, in a deal he made with Khan Crichell, then arranged for all the surviving Wolf Supremist and Crusader warriors to form the core of a new Clan, the Jade Wolves. Shortly afterward, Khan Elias Crichell was elected ilKhan. Crichell's tenure as ilKhan was probably the shortest in Clan history. Khan Vlad Ward challenged Crichell's fitness and slew the elderly ilKhan in a lopsided battle. Vlad then disbanded the Jade Wolves and reestablished the Wolf Clan.

The bloody Refusal War devastated Clan Wolf. The once mighty Clan is now split into two ideological camps: the Wolves led by Vlad Ward and the Wolves-in-Exile led by Phelan Kell. Phelan Kell's Wolves have sided with the remergent Star League while Vlad's forces are staunch Crusaders waiting to begin the invasion again.

Khan Vlad has been very politically active in the Grand Council meetings. He and Jade Falcon Khan Marthe Pryde have an informal alliance to preserve their Clans. Khan Phelan's defection to the Inner Sphere deprived the Wolves of all of its Warden-minded warriors, effectively ten percent of the Clan's remaining strength. The remaining Wolf Clusters, all diehard Crusaders, were severely understrength and lacking available manpower. When Ice Hellion Khan, Asa Taney, attempted to absorb the Wolves, Khan Vlad and Khan Marthe teamed to crush the vote for Absorption. Vlad then manipulated the warrior caste of numerous Clans by stating that only those warriors who were members of the invading Clans would participate in the renewed invasion. Within days, the Wolf Clan headquarters was besieged with preemptive batchalls. The warriors taken into the Wolf Clan have replenished the depleted Galaxies and allowed Vlad to reform and equip seven Galaxies.

Death of a Clan
With the defeat of the Smoke Jaguars in the Inner Sphere and on Huntress, the Clans found themselves with the unprecedented prospect of an Inner Sphere invasion of Strana Mechty. The Star League Defense Force soon challenged the Clans to a Trial of Refusal over the invasion. If the Inner Sphere won, the invasion was over and the invading Clans would retain the worlds they had conquered. If the Clans won, the invasion would resume. In a bid to wreak chaos in the future, Vlad abstained from voting on the challenge. The Warden Clans refused to participate in the Trial, leaving the eight Crusader Clans to face the SLDF. As the Smoke Jaguars had only two Binaries of troops left, it was decided that each Crusader Clan would only commit two Binaries to the battle.

Vlad led the Wolf Binary into action against Kai Allard-Liao and the 1st St. Ives Lancers. The battle quickly became mired down as it became clear to Vlad that the Lancers were not afraid to fight the Wolves. This point was proven when Kai, using an ex-Smoke Jaguar Stormcrow, shot Vlad out of his Timber Wolf. The battle by then had reached a stalemate - the Lancers were too slow to catch the fleet Wolf 'Mechs, but the Wolves lacked the firepower to gain a decisive victory. With this in mind, Vlad accepted Kai's offer of a draw.

After the challenge was over and the Star League claimed victory, Vlad made a stunning announcement. Since the Wolves had abstained from the voting and they had not lost their battle, the results of the Trial did not affect them. Prince Victor offered to ready his troops at the Rasalhague/Wolf border. Vlad told him that the Wolves would wait out the truce and strike when he was ready.

Recent Events
The formation of the Ghost Bear Dominion has caused numerous headaches for Khan Vlad. The Ghost Bears seized three border worlds from the Wolves. Faced with the need for additional troops, Khan Vlad was forced to decide between losing more worlds to the Ghost Bears or expanding the contract with Clan Hell's Horses. Khan Vlad knew, however, that he could never get the Horses to expand the contract without serious concessions. Choosing between the lesser of two evils, Khan Vlad ceded three worlds to the Hell's Horses as a buffer between the Wolf OZ and the Ghost Bear Dominion.


It is possible for you to switch clans, but ONLY ONCE. Contact your Sakhan to do so.

  • Loss of Vault Status.
  • No clan powers and missiles for at least 1 month.
  • Sibko for at least 1 month.
  • You will not be able to change suits for 1 month.


Quickstart Guide

Some basics:

While the Juggernaut guild has options for different battle armor suits and clans, making a new Jugger always begins in the Elemental suit.

Example of Elemental glvl 75 read-out:
Screenshot of juggernaut guild advancment read-out
Once you reach guild level 20 in this suit you may swap to any of the 5 suits and move forward with them (or keep the current). Swapping can be done at any time within the guild, and any progress made in any of the individual suits is retained while you move from suit to suit. At 20 you may also join a clan.

All Jugger suits have skills that are specific to that suit (Suit Tech in gs2) but there are also skills that are persistent across every suit (Trainable Skills in gs2). Trainable skills use points accumulated by regular combat. You gain points, then choose which skills to increase with these points. Suit Tech is paid for with credit you receive at every guild level. You make selections for which tech to buy in the Tech Bay. All choices are essentially permanent outside of some VAF options for resetting. Beyond these skills, every suit also has two passive skills: Gunnery and Piloting. These will increase on their own as you gain guild levels in the given suit. How those skills increase will be different for each suit.

Start getting GXP:

The quickest way to get out the door and start gaining GXP is to first get a mount for your suit. Mounts are the guild weapons you attach to your suit. They fire once every round. There are 3 fundamental types: Energy / Projectile / Missile. To install a mount, the skill must be trained. Further, the first training point of each mount type is free. The cost and options for these skills can be seen in 'gs2' under 'Weapons Tech'. When getting started, energy is the easiest one to use because it requires no ammo. The other 2 will require the purchase (in coins) of their respective ammunition, and you will need to return to the guild to resupply this when you run out. Missiles do more damage than projectiles, and projectiles do more damage than energy.

You must first go to the Tech Bay (info map1) and 'purchase energy weapons' in order to unlock the skill by raising it to 1. Next you move to the Weapons Room, also on map1, and 'buy energy 1 l'. That is: 1st level energy weapon, type light. As you increase your weapon skill, you can purchase stronger versions of that weapon type. For example, once you train energy weapons to 2, you would first sell your 1 l mount and then 'buy energy 2 l'. These details can be seen in <info mounts> or greater detail below in 'About Weapon Mounts'.

About Weapon Mounts

Juggernauts have mount points for their suits that allow you to attach weapons that fire in combat. There are three types of weapons: Energy / Projectile / Missile. Each of these weapon types have a tech skill associated with them. Their progression is per suit, and as such progress does not transfer when swapping. There are two ways to improve the power of your weapons: training the skill (in all cases but Gnome, see below) and unlocking more slots.

Tech Skills: Each time you purchase an upgrade to your weapon tech, the store will have a new and more powerful choice for that weapon type. For example, at energy weapons 1, you can only buy a 'Light ER Sml Laser'. When you upgrade to level 2, you may now buy a 'Light Sml Pulse Laser'. Once you upgrade your skill, you must sell your old mount before attaching the new one. You can always see which mount you have installed by looking at the top of 'gs3':

Top half screenshot when you type mount on the mud.
In this example you can see a 'Light ER Lrg laser' is installed, taking 1 slot. 0 Mounts are available, meaning this suit currently only has 1 weapon slot. When you upgrade your weapon tech, you will always want to upgrade to the newer weapon, as the new will be more damage and more GXP. The smaller version will still be available but there will be no reason to use it moving forward.

Gnomes are the exception to the rule when it comes to training weapons. Gnomes only get 1 weapon slot at suit level 60. The skill is not trainable, and instead further increasing the suits level will slowly unlock a higher tier weapon availability.

Weapon Slots: Depending on the suit, as you progress, you will open up more weapon slots. <info slots> will show you at what glvl which suit will get more. When you gain a new slot you have the option of either adding a second weapon, or what is generally preferred: acquiring a larger version of the same weapon. The larger the weapon, the harder it hits, and typically this is more desirable that multiple small weapons as they have a batter chance at punching through enemy defenses. The more slots you have the larger the weapon can be:

Mount Size Mount Points Required Damage Output
Light 1 Poor
Medium 2 Average
Heavy 3 Good
Assault 4 Supreme
Firestorm 5 EXTREME

Targeting: Each weapon type has a skill that improves targeting capabilities. Energy and Projectiles share the same skill 'Targeting Computer', while missiles have their own: 'Missile Guidance' Training these skills will help avoid lock failures which can result in your weapon not firing during a round of combat.

Weapon Damage: Each weapon type has a secondary skill that gives options for ammo and damage. This will allow for flexibility on damage type being dealt. These are:

Plasma Focusing: Allows energy weapons to swap between energy and radiation.

Projectile Ammo: Allows different ordnance to be loaded:
Name: Tech Level: Description:
(Basic) 0 Shreds your enemy
LBX 1 Crush your enemy with a shotgun blast
Explosive 2 Consumes foe in flames
Uranium 3 Uranium tipped ammunition
Plasma 4 Injects plasma into an opponent
Missile Ammo: Increased variety in missile options:
Name: Tech Level: Description:
(Basic) 0 Engulfs your enemy in flames
Nitrogen 1 Freezes your enemy with liquid nitrogen
Biological 2 Contaminates your target with bio-toxins
Chemical 3 Missiles fitted with chemical warheads
Radiation 4 Peppers your foe with radioactive material

Energy weapons do not require ammunition, and as such can fire freely without the need to make any additional purchases. Projectiles and missiles have ammunition that must be purchased and carried into battle. The suit is able to store ammo but it will eventually need to be replenished. This can be done by returning to the guild to purchase more. Alternatively you may train your Cargo Truck to level 3 and have it retrieve ammo for you from the guild. Be aware that ammunition will cost money to replenish. Projectile weapons have a higher damage output than energy, and missiles are higher than projectile.

Heat: Firing weapons generates heat in your suit. Tech skills can be upgraded for 'Heat Sinks' and 'Heat Capacity' to help reduce the strain of heat buildup. Once achieving suit level 15 in any suit the 'dissipate' command will be unlocked for all suits and can be used to flush heat from your systems using available Spell Points. If you use this command followed by a number your suit will automatically dissipate when heat reaches that specified percentage <dissipate 50>. The efficiency of this power can be further improved by training the 'Heat Management' skill, which is a trainable skill shared by all your suits. More powerful and larger weapons will generate more heat.


Juggernauts have stim which they use for healing. It shows on your HP bar as a percentage. The command 'enhance' will do a single use heal, while 'enhance 90' will start auto healing when you fall below 90% HP. Enhance is a guild level 1 power which you can begin to use immediately.


All Juggernaut suits come equipped with jumpjets which can be used to hover (levitate) but can also be passively enabled to try to dodge an attack. Type 'jumpjet dodge' to turn this on. This is a one time toggle and can be enabled at guild level 1.


When you attack any creature, your mounted weapon will begin firing immediately. Use 'deener' to drain a corpse and heal some stim. If your stim is full, you must use fdeener to remove the corpse.

Advancing your guild level:

When you are ready to advance, as seen in 'gs', you must return to the guild upgrade room found on Sub Level 1 (info map_sub). Just type 'upgrade' to advance. As mentioned earlier, upgrading will give you credits which can be spent on advancing suit tech. Each upgrade will pay out slightly more credits than the previous. The only way to get credits is by upgrading. Typing gs2 will show you how many credits you have to spend. All credit based upgrades are done in the same room: Tech Bay (info map1)


Each and every tech\skill (other than gunnery and piloting) have a stat that it relies on. It is up to you to figure out which one. To help you in your decisions here is a list that might come in handy. Depending on how you want your suit to perform you can adjust your stats accordingly. Note just because a stat is rated as defensive, an offensive suit might still want it, i.e. constitution

Stat Defensive benefit Offensive benefit
Strength Low Large
Dexterity Medium Medium
Wisdom None Large
Intelligence Large
(Medium for Salamander)
Constitution Large None
Charisma Medium Large
Here is a list of how the various mud stats effect a Juggernaut: * indicates player notes on each stat.
Strength - Ability to exert the physical aspects of power armour
* Increase attack power with melee weapons.
Dexterity - Ability to control complex manuvers
* Increases chance to hit with suit attacks: Punch/Kick/Death from Above and provides greater defense as a base mud stat benefit.
Wisdom - Ability to direct offensive powers
* Directly influences damage with mounted weapons.
Intelligence - Ability to properly use your sub systems effectively
* Increases the potential and gains from armor reinforcement.
Constitution - Ability to sustain the strain of combat
* More HP and a greater Stim pool.
Charisma - Karma and leadership, and luck
* Directly influences damage with mounted weapons, similar to wisdom. Also has an effect on: Jump Jets (dodge chance), critical hit chance, point defenses.

Mud Skill Suggestions

Opinions vary on where skill points are best spent. That being said, some skills should be considered essential.

The Basics
combat.armor.light/.medium/.heavy Advancing light unlocks medium which unlocks heavy. Raising these skills will allow you to wear armour of any type (as your level permits).
combat.armor.shield This will allow you to equip a shield.
combat.armor.shield.block Gives a 2.5% chance to block melee strikes when maxed. Gives a 5% chance to dodge when maxed.
See WMT's skills page for more information.

Juggernaut Files

The Suits

About Suits

Visit the Juggernaut Google Sheets spreadsheet to help calculate your suit numbers: Jugger Spreadsheet here.

There are five suits available for each Juggernaut to pilot. The requisite to change suits is that you must first join a clan. The requisite to join a clan is to reach glevel 20 in the default elemental suit that you started with.

Your progress in each suit is self contained. Your progress in a particular suit will not directly affect your other suits. You can change suits at the 'Suit Room' on 'Station Sub level 1'.

There are 5 suits:

Refer to armour_restrictions and slots for the differences between the suits

Background: about_suits

Related Files: ditchit, suit_storage

WMT NOTES: The Elemental armor falls in the middle of all suit options with mid damage and defensive capabilities. The full damage potential of the Elemental is not achieved until suit level 100 however, and will take some dedication to unlock. Setting the Elemental apart from the other suits is its ability to regenerate Stim energy, used for healing damage taken in all Juggernaut suits. Stim regeneration for the Elemental is many times higher than any other suit, and the Valor Trials only further increase this.

Elementals get 3 weapon slots and 2 armor reinforce slots that will open up as they progress:
Reinforce - Acquired at guild level 1 and 50
Mount - Acquired at guild level 1, 50, and 100

The Elemental suit has a valour trial which can be attempted in 3 stages at glevel 30, 60 and 85. The trial will improve the stim regen of the Elemental suit.

WMT NOTES: The Gnome is the most defensive of the elemental battle armors available.

There are several unique characteristics to the Gnome that sets it apart as the premier Juggernaut tank:

Overmax healing: Gnomes are able to heal their HP beyond their normal maximum.

Grappling: The gnome grapple power enables them to protect party members from enemies that switch targets.
Damage conversion: Gnomes can convert all incoming damage types to Edge / Blunt, giving them an incredible edge when it comes to damage mitigation.

Gnomes get 1 weapon slot and 4 armor reinforce slots that will open up as they advance the suit level:
Reinforce - Acquired at guild level 1, 25, 50, and 75
Mount - Acquired at guild level 60

The Gnome suit has a valor trial which can be attempted in 3 stages at lvl 30, 60 and 85. The trial improves the use of the 'grappling' ability.

While the Gnome suit can be regarded as one of the most difficult suits to solo in due to lower damage output, it is very possible to succeed as a solo Gnome pilot.

WMT NOTES: The Salamander elemental armor is the most offensive suit avaialble. Prefering to focus all tech on raw damage output, the suit spares no space for armor reinfocement. Tech upgrades are also primarily focused on weapons and ammo variety. As Juggernauts can alternatively choose to combine weapons slots to larger single weapon types, the Salamander is the only suit capable of mounting a Firestorm level weapon, achieving incredible damage potential.

Salamanders can eventually unlock 5 weapon slots, but will have 0 armor reinforce slots:
Reinforce - Not acquired
Mount - Acquired at guild level 1, 25, 50, 75, 100

The Salamander suit has a valour trial which can be attempted in 3 stages at glevel 30, 60 and 85. The trial improves the locking rate of the Salamander suit.

The Salamander suit can be more challenging to solo with due to its highly limited ability to take damage, but a skilled pilot should be able to work around these limitations.

WMT NOTES: The Sylph elemental armor leans more towards full damage output while still retaining a small portion of defensive power. The Sylph is capable of significant damage output while still retaining an armor reinforce as well as slightly higher Stim efficiency and regen than the Salamander.

Sylphs get 4 weapon slots and 1 armor reinforce slot that will open up as they progress:
Reinforce - Acquired at guild level 1
Mount - Acquired at guild level 1, 33, 66, and 95

The Sylph suit has a valour trial which can be attempted in 3 stages at glevel 30, 60 and 85. The trial will improve the lock rate of the Sylph suit.

WMT NOTES: The Undine elemental armor sees a drop in defensive capabilities compared to the Gnome, which it trades for greater offensive options.

Undine get 2 weapon slots and 3 armor reinforce slots that will open up as they progress:
Reinforce - Acquired at guild level 1, 33, and 66
Mount - Acquired at guild level 1 and 60

The Undine suit has a valour trial which can be attempted in 3 stages at glevel 30, 60 and 85. The trial gives the Undine suit access to weapon guidance capabilities.

Undines are able to fully upgrade the various offensive mounts as well as their respective targeting tech giving their mounted weaponry a significant edge over the Gnome. At suit level 60 they may also combine both mounts into a single more powerful version of their mount of choice (energy/projectile/missile).


Admin Duties

Guild wizard: Revelation
Assistant guild wizard: Turnhold

Each rank in the juggernaut guild administration has a primary set of duties and all administrative ranks share the essential duties and expectations as described for each rank below.

* Appointing players to the Khan positions
* Participating in council discussions related to proposals to change something related to the guild
* Code maintenance for the guild
* Working with the 3K Guild Council on proposals to change the guild

* Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the guild across all clans
* Maintaining active SaKhan positions within the clans
* Providing guidance and support to other admin roles
* Serving as a trusted advisor and creating proposals for changes to the guild to the IlKhan
* Participating and raising topics for the Council of Khans to discuss and decide on

Loremaster of the Clans
* Participating in council discussions and decisions
* Providing broad general support across all clans

* Overseeing all matters within their designated clan
* Sponsoring Loremasters and Bloodnames for their clan
* Collecting feedback and ideas from players and formulating proposals for the council to consider prpoosing

* Maintaining guild jintel files, info files, and info menu structure
* Supporting players questions, disputes, and behavior within your clan
* Sponsoring Bloodname candidates

* Demonstrating behaviors expected of good citizens of 3K and the guild
* Being an active player and available to contribute to the guild (players who are inactive for longer than 2 weeks without notice will be removed from their admin rank and may be reconsidered when they return to active play)
* Having above average and current knowledge of the guild
* Recruiting and helping players

Refer to <info admin_list> for a more in-depth look at who is currently in a leadership position.


Command : ajintel
Available : always
Type : tool
Category : powers

Description : You can add information on various topics to the Juggernaut database with this command. Type ajintel <item/mob/place> to add intel on an item, mob or place. While the item or mob should be in your inventory/in your current location, you do not need to be in the place you are adding.

ajintel comment - allows you to add comments to any jintel remotely.

Related files : jintel


Command : avenge
Available : glevel 1
Type : Informative
Category : Power

Description : This power displays a list of juggernauts in two sections. The first shows all juggernauts who have died but have not had anyone avenge their deaths by killing the mob that killed them.

The second section shows all the juggernauts who have had their deaths avenged by the person who avenged them.

Related files: topjuggs, gs


Command : <none>
Available : Always
Type : Information
Category : Powers

Description : Jugger Kills is the calculated kill amount that you have accumulated while in the guild. The calculation is weighted by the difficulty of the kill.

This is translated into different brigades that are displayed on your medallion and in your guild score.

Everytime you move into the next higher brigade your suit will announce to all the Juggernauts online of your achievement.

Related files : brigade ranks, gs, gs2, gs3, gs4, powers.


Credits are earned whenever you upgrade your suit. Credits are used to purchase techs for your suit. Each suit has its own account, so its credits cannot be transferred to purchase techs for a different suit.


Command : creport
Available : Always
Type : Defensive
Category : Powers

Description :
This command is used to keep track of the size of the monsters you have killed and how many rounds you were in combat for. It will also tell you the name of the monster you're currently in combat with.

Related files : powers


Q1. What should I consider when picking a weapon tech?
A1. Here's a breakdown on the 3 techs:
i. Energy Weapons: Base damage potential. Unlimited ammo. Power/Lightning(only if pfocus=energy weapon tech) damage.
ii. Projectile Weapons: Higher damage potential. Must purchase ammo. Variable damage types (info projectile ammo).
iii. Missile Weapons: Highest damage potential. Expensive ammo. Variable damage types (info missile ammo).

Level 2 'cargo truck' tech allows you to replenish/change ammo remotely.
IMPORTANT: 'Targeting Computer' is compatible with 'Energy / Projectile Weapons', and 'Missile Guidance' with 'Missile Weapons'. You will not be compensated for mistakenly purchasing incompatible techs.

Q2. Does depot status matter?
A2. YES. It affects clan honor, regen and being able to borrow other pieces of equipment.

Type 'gs' and look for a line with: 'Depot Status: None|Drone 0%'.

The 'None' value represents your temporary depot status. This is reset whenever you logout. Having a high temp status gives combat related bonuses.

The 'Drone' value represents your depot title. This carries over across logins. Each title cumulatively gives combat related bonuses.

The '0%' value represents your progress towards your *next* depot title.

Items returned later than *1 hour* to boot have NO VALUE. Be especially careful with 'binding' items / items you plan to 'reinforce' (since you can't return them). Look for non-binding pieces / Check in the 'storage' box for pieces to reinforce.

The number of identical items accepted by the depot is fairly high. Do not abuse the Depot Limiter in any way.

Q3. What can I do about erratic heat sinks?
A3. Your heat sinks become erratic under 2 circumstances:
a. You *just* changed to a different suit.
b. You recently allowed your suit to exceed 100% heat.
THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO. Your heat sinks will repair themselves automatically over time.

Q4. Should I use 2 'l' mounts or 1 'm' mount?
A4. Gxp-wise, you should get very similar returns, and heat up the same.

Damage-wise, the only advantage to using multiple mounts is that you can mix your ammo to bypass monster immunities (naturally this point only applies to projectile / missile mounts).

Under *most* other circumstances, you would deal more damage with the single mount, since your your single harder hit only needs to punch through monster ac once.

Q5. How do I increase my gunnery / piloting skills?
A5. Your gunnery and piloting skills will change depending on which suit you are piloting. You CANNOT raise these skills directly. Instead, they will increase automatically with your suit glvls. These 2 skills only give you an *indication* about your capabilities in a particular suit, and should not be taken too seriously.

Q6. Why shouldn't I eat high AC mains at low glvls?
A6. Your suit can only accomodate a limited amount of AC (armor class). This value is primarily capped by your glvl. Trying to eat a piece of armour with AC that exceeds your cap will cause the excess AC to be wasted. Lower glvl juggers would be well advised to reinforce pieces within their caps so as not to burn a hole in their depot status.

Q7. What mains should I eat at low glvls?
A7. Typically, you are looking for mains that have high edged / blunt AC (the most common damage types on the mud), and low in everything else. Decent mains to reinforce until the 20+ range are 'elven breastplate', 'camazot armour', 'dwarven chainmail', 'spider scale mail', 'golden armour', 'blue dragon breastplate', demon scales', to name a few.

Tip: Check the storage box for these pieces before looking in the depot.

Q8. Why can't I do more damage with a higher weapon level?
A8. The effectiveness of your mount is limited by your glvl. This cap is raised every 10 glvls, so that at glvl 60, you will be able to deal full damage with a level 7 energy / projectile / missile mount.

Raising your weapon level too soon will cause you to heat up faster without doing more damage. However, this will also allow you to earn gxp at a slightly higher rate.

Q9. What does clan honor do?
A9. Having high clan honor gives you small combat related bonuses.

Your clan honor is affected primarily by the number of fellow clan members on, as well as the presence of the khans.

You can raise your clan honor slightly by dishing out your clan powers to your guild members.

General Commands

4.1.1) gs
4.1.2) gs2
4.1.3) gs3
4.1.4) gs4
4.1.5) gtitle
4.1.6) hp
4.1.7) info
4.1.8) jalert
4.1.9) jbug
4.1.10) jfinger
4.1.11) jhide
4.1.12) jhist
4.1.13) jintel
4.1.14) jinv
4.1.15) jlink
4.1.16) jugglist
4.1.17) juggs
4.1.18) juggs2
4.1.19) ki
4.1.20) recruits
4.1.21) rcost
4.1.22) report
4.1.23) rtech
4.1.24) topjuggs


This is a skill. It is a passive and cannot be disabled.

The gunnery skill cannot be trained. It will increase automatically as you gain glvls. Your gunnery and piloting skill will increase in proportion to the offensive and defensive bias of the suit you are piloting. (Your gunnery and piloting skill changes when you change suits.)


Command : gview <suit name>
Available : Always
Type : Tool
Category : Powers

Description :
Using this command you can check the Techs of all your suits while you are not wearing them.

Related files : powers


Command : gs
Available : Always
Type : Information
Category : Powers

Description :
This commands allows you to view general information about your guild status and suit functions. Some information can be toggled on and off.

Related files : brigade, gs2, gs3, gs4. powers, toggle.

Command : gs2
Available : Always
Type : Information
Category : Powers

Description :
This commands allows you to view the skills and tech you have aquired as a member of the guild.

Related files : gs, gs3, gs4, powers.

Command : gs3
Available : Always
Type : Information
Category : Powers

Description :
This commands allows you to see your mount, ammo and reinforced armour.

Related files : gs, gs2, gs4, powers.

Command : gs4
Available : Always
Type : Information
Category : Powers

Description :
This commands allows you to monitor your progress in exp and gxp. You can also use the command 'gs4 reset' to start monitoring from scratch.

Related files : gs, gs2, gs3, powers.

Command : gs5
Available : Always
Type : Information
Category : Powers

Description :
This command allows you to view an ascii rendition of your battlesuit. The "sponsors" can be changed with the 'sponsor' command. The top slot shows which, if any, bonus level you have on Weapon Guidance through the valour trials.

Related files : powers, sponsor, trials

Command : sponsor [0-6] text
Available : Always
Type : Information
Category : Powers

Description :
This command enables you to customize the sponsor names shown in your gs5. Voodoo discovered that the order from the top of the picture, clockwise, is:
5, 2, 4, 6, 3, 1, 0

If you have a Weapon Guidance bonus, you lose the sponsor slot 5

Related files :powers, gs5


Command : gtitle
Available : Glvl 10
Type : Toy
Category : Powers

Description :
Updates your guild title if it gets erased or changed.

Related files : powers.


Command : hcgquit
Available : Hardcore Players
Type : Command
Category : Powers

Description :
This allows the hardcore player to quit the guild. This is only available if the hardcore player has died, since they cannot leave town. Hardcore players who wish to leave the guild and have not died still need to use the leave command at the guild entrance.

Related files : commands


Command : jalert
Available : Always
Type : Tool
Category : Power

Description :
This command allows you to easily notify your fellow juggers of how many missiles and clan powers you have available.

Related files : powers.


Command : jbug
Available : Always
Type : Tool
Category : Powers

Description :
This is a shortcut for bug medallion: problem.

Related files : powers


Command : jfinger
Available : Always
Type : Information
Category : Power

Description :
Using jfinger will give you basic information about another juggernaut.

Related files : powers


Jhide is used to hide yourself from your guild mates so they can not see where you are on the mud or who you are fighting when they use the juggs2 command.

jhide on/off Sets your location to the default "HIDDEN"
jhide : A toggle command to show your location or hide it

jhide <message>
Allows you to set a custom location such as:
jhide Right behind you! (n,s,e,w)

Since juggs2 has clan ansi built-in, jhide does not allow further ansi to be added. The jhide custom message ability is a reward. If you are eligible for it, you will be notified.


Command : Jinv
Available : Always
Type : Information
Category : Power

Description :
Command to give additional information about your inventory and the inventory of your truck.

NOTE: Any equipment which has been borrowed from the depot will display with a - in front of it.

Related files : powers, jinv


Command : jugglist clan=<clan> rank=<rank> suit=<suit>
Available : Always
Type : Information
Category : General

Description :
Using this command will give you a list of Juggers fitting the information you indicate.

Usage : 'jugglist clan=<any|bear|falcon|khan|sibko|wolf>

Example : 'jugglist clan=any rank=sakhan suit=any' would result with a list of the SaKhans in the guild.

Command : juggs
Available : Always
Type : Information
Category : Powers

Description :
Typing "juggs" will show all of the juggernauts currently online.

Related files : powers, juggs2.

Command : juggs2
Available : Always
Type : Information
Category : Powers

Description :
Typing "juggs2" will show all of the juggernauts currently online including their current hps/sps, stim, and available powers.

Related info files : jhide, juggs, powers.

Command : topjuggs
Available : Always
Type : Information
Category : Power

Description :
This command lets you see the TOP JUGGERNAUTS and how you compare to them.

Topjuggs uses the following arguments:
topjuggs age (shows top Juggers based on total guild age)
topjuggs bdamage (shows hardest hitting for the current boot)
topjuggs bkill (shows the top best kills for the current boot)
topjuggs cage (shows top Juggers based on total combat age)
topjuggs damage (shows the hardest hitting Juggers)
topjuggs depot <clan> (shows top Juggers by depot status) (optionally shows based on clan as well)
topjuggs gxp (shows top Juggers based on total gxp)
topjuggs jkills <clan> (shows top Juggers by most brigade kills) (optionally shows based on clan as well)
topjuggs recruits (shows the top jugger recruiter)

Related info files : powers


This command allows you to access the Juggernaut VAF enhancements

jvaf list - Displays available perks. Dimmed perks are items that you have already selected.
vaf - List mud and guild perks you own.
jvaf info <perk> - Detailed information on perk (including expirations and commands).
jvaf buy <perk> - Purchase a VAF perk.


Command : ki
Available : Always
Type : Toy
Category : Powers

Description :
Juggernauts use mystic KI powers to disrupt the energy fields of their enemy's auras. Wait a minute.. wrong guild. The ki command is a kill parser that lets you attack a monster by only typing the first few letters of its name. You can additionally set an @cyan:alias k ki@ and make sure to remove any old kill aliases so they don't interfere.

Related files : powers.


<info powers>
Description: There are various powers available to your power armour. Info any of these for more information. Glevel 1 powers are broken down by type for readability.

Guild Level 1: Combat
creport, deener, dump, enhance, eval, fdeener, hp, jumpjet dodge, ki, mount, overmax, pdef, perform, reinforce, report, scrap.

Guild Info: avenge, contacts, gs, gs2, gs3, gs4, gtitle, gview, info, jfinger, jhist, jintel, jinv, jlink, jugglist, juggs, juggs2, nrecruits, rcost, recruits, rtech, topjuggs.

Config and Utility: eju, hp set, jbug, ju, jumpjet, jun, nocolor, rbrief, recover, train.

Guild Level 5: calltruck, defend, rename, truck

Guild Level 10: analyze, flipbird, gmess, lowlight

Guild Level 15: cdefend, dissipate

Guild Level 20: empower, jalert, pfocus, retarget, rounds, reinforce2, transfer. Clan Powers : airdrop, frenzy, support

Guild Level 25: exec, program, fire

Guild Level 30: lock

Guild Level 50: deconstruct, ranalyze, xcore

Guild Level 60: transpose

Related files : admin_list, battery, brigade, clans, conf_hp, credits, directions, heat, honor, map, ranks, salvage, stats, stim_energy, trials, variables, vault.


Dogs are a hidden gem of 3Kingdoms. They are often overlooked because of the upkeep required but are well worth the effort, particularly for juggernauts.

In order to adopt your dog you must first get your reps up to 25,000 with the Pinnacle pound by rescuing the lost puppies found in the instanced dungeon in chaos (enter/w/w/n/follow tracks). There are some pretty tough monsters in the area so you may want to set your scaler low to start. Puppies are also a high valued guild box donate. You can typically find quite a few there if you need more rep or gain guild reputation for donating puppies you don't need.

Once you have acquired the required reps, go to Petunia at the pinnacle pound with a puppy and feed it biscuits. You may need as many as 5 if you have a large breed. You can find the Pinnacle Pound in town (newbie/w/w/s/w/n).

Your dog needs to stay fed and happy to work with you. You can 'dog pet' or 'dog play' to keep your dog happy as needed, and can feed it with corpses. I recommend you using your guild program to 'dog pet' every other round of combat (e.g. program transpose 300#dog pet) This will make sure your dog is always happy!

It is a useful to 'dog monitor' so that you see your dog's hp bar every round when making triggers. Here is an example of a dog's HP bar:
Rufus :: HP: 1000/1000 Happy: 99% Hungry: 12% Level: 5/52%

Dogs use corpses less when they are more full. I advise against using 'dog autofeed' because of this. It is suggested to keep the ANSI color of "Hungry" in the hicyan or green range. I suggest that you use your portable morgue to store corpses to feed your dog.

It seems like a good idea to keep a dog as happy as possible, it is theorized it helps with dog advancement.

Dogs advance through combat with the largest factor on dxp being the number of rounds in combat. Your dog will make more dxp when fighting larger creatures as well as tanking, dodging and regenning. Upon advancing all of a dog's stats go up along with it's max hit points and an added point to hit point regen. Your level affects your dog's hit points and, up to level 90, it's skills to some extent.

The typical assumed function of a dog is to do damage. They can also tank and pick up your corpse if you die and deliver it to you when you come back to life. Very useful indeed!

Dogs switch between edged and crushing damage and can pack a wallop at higher levels, particularly with the veterinarian major profession. Some of the items in the pinnacle pound help raise various dog status that increase damage. This is particularly beneficial to the more defensive suits. A gnome with a dog is like a gnome with a mount - albiet one that barks and poops!

Another benefit of a dog to a juggernaut is it's tanking ability, as sustained tanking is not a salamander or sylphs forte. A leveled dog can tank very well and allow you more continuous combat.

They tank through a means of dodge, damage reduction ('prot' in 'dog status') and regen. Dog barding, particularly plate barding gives a huge bonus to a dog's tanking ability.

While at first a dog death is not so bad, at higher levels it is extremely costly. Once a dog reaches level 15 or so you should consider buying a dog contract from the pound, despite it's high cost, when taking out your dog or you can lose weeks of combat.

Your defend and cdefend commands now work for your dog. I highly recommend using cdefend 'dog name' if your are tanking or in challenging areas where your dog may die.

Don't forget to 'dog dig'; you can find many sorts of gems, wands and other items and even money!


Command : report
Available : Always
Type : Tool
Category : Powers

Description :
Report can be used to echo your hp bar to the room for others to see. Useful in a party, you can use a program to loop and output this in a party if you like.

Related files : hp, program, powers


Command : rounds
Available : Glevel 20+
Type : Information
Category : Power

Description :
This command shows how many rounds you have spent fighting a mob. Once the mob is dead it is cleared from the list. This is available in, or out of combat. It also lists mobs that you've attacked/damaged directly but haven't killed.

Related files : powers


Command : train <skill name>
Available : Glevel 1
Type :
Category :

Description :
You can increase your skills in various aspects through your combat experience in your suit. You can do so without needing to return to the guild.

Syntax: train <skill name> - increases your proficiency in that skill by 1.


This is a tech.

This truck is the Juggernaut's faithful companion. It acts as a support device when the Juggernaut has too much to carry. How much it can carry is based on the tech level of your truck. As you raise this tech your truck will be upgraded not just in capacity but in other ways as well.

Important Note: Leaving your truck in a room does not entitle you claim to any mob in the room.

Truck Level: 0-1
Feature: Carries gear

calltruck: This will summon your truck. If you have already summoned a truck, this command will toggle your truck to follow or stay.
rename <name>: Sets truck name. eg. 'rename Bob'.
truck report: Makes truck report activity in room. Toggles.
truck look: Looks at room truck is in. Can also 'truck look at <monster>'.
truck block <item>: Adds an item to the list of items that the truck will not pick up when using 'truck get all'. eg. 'truck block corpse'. Toggles.
truck block list: Displays list of blocked items.
truck get/drop/give: Commands truck to get, drop, or give items.
truck go away: Makes your truck leave.
truck vault: Truck will deposit any coins it is carrying in the vault.
truck lights on/off: Turns your truck light on/off. This drains from your suit battery.

Truck Level: 2
Feature: Remotely reload ammo

truck ammo list <missile/projectile>: Works just like the list command in the ammo store.
truck ammo buy: Works just like the buy command in the ammo store.
NOTE: Costs from truck are 50% higher during the first 2 hours of boot.
truck ammo help: Gives you the syntax information for the ammo store.

Truck Level: 3
Feature: Scouting

truck drive <direction>: Commands your truck to move into the specified direction.

Truck Level: 4
Feature: Store/transfer stim

truck deener: Commands your truck to deenergize corpses and store the stim.
truck status: Shows how much stim is left in your trucks pool.
truck transfer: Transfers your truck's pool of stim to you.

Truck Level: 5
Feature: Does damage

truck pfocus: Toggles plasma focusing for your truck PPC/ER-PPC mount.
NOTE: Requires Plasma Focusing 1.

Clan Powers


This power is available at glvl 20.

Members of clan Jade Falcon can request 'airdrops' via remote drones. These drops will recover stim energy to the specified Juggernaut's stim vat. At higher levels, this will also heal hit points, spell points and stim regen efficiency. The progress is noted below:

35 - Stim and hit points.
50 - Stim, hit points, and spell points.
65 - Stim (over maximum), hit points, and spell points.
80 - Stim (over maximum), hit points (over maximum), and spell points.
95 - Stim (over maximum), hit points (over maximum), and spell points (over maximum).
100 - All of the above and a regen bonus to stim.
100+ - Each guild level here after adds to the duration of the stim regen.

As with all clan powers, when donated the level is of the power is at the guild level of the donor.

Syntax: airdrop player


This power is available at glvl 20.

During a rage, the recipient will be able to ignore a portion of damage taken and will deal more physical damage. The modification to defense and offense depends on the suit that the bear clan member is currently piloting.

When this power is activated, all your clan powers will be consumed. This will not make the rage more effective, but will cause it to last longer. A value can be added to specify how many powers you intend to use.

At guild level certain guild levels the following increases in addition to AC and damage boosts:

35 - Critical hit chance.
50 - Critical hit chance.
65 - Critical hit chance, melee attack.
80 - Critical hit chance.
95 - Critical hit chance.
100 - Critical hit chance, critical hit damage, melee attack.
115 - Critical hit chance, critical hit damage.
120 - Critical hit chance, critical hit damage, melee attack.
125 - Critical hit chance, critical hit damage.
130 - Critical hit chance, critical hit damage, melee attack.

As with all clan powers, when donated the level is of the power is at the guild level of the donor.

Syntax: frenzy <player> <#>


This power is available at glvl 20.

Members of clan Wolf are able to call 'support' mechs. The supports follow the clan member around and can attack and defend the clan member. The clan member can send their supports out to assist other juggernauts for a short duration before they return to the clan member.

Support skills:
Aris Powerplant - Determines how often the support mounts fire.
HarJel III Auto-Repair - Determines how fast the support heals itself.
Durallex Heavy Armor - Determines how the support reduces damage.
Spectre Variable Mounts - Determines the damage the mounts do.

Skill points are determined by your guild level, the level of your support and by how many quest points you have.

Supports gain support levels by being in combat. The support level will raise automatically. You will recieve a chirp message whenever it does level.

As with all clan powers, when donated the level is of the power is at the guild level of the donor.

support status
This displays the current status of your support including skills, level and mode.
support summon
This summons the support to your side. You need not to be in combat because it lasts until it dies.
support passive
This toggles the combat protocols. When combat protocols are engaged, your support will fight with you. When they are disengaged, your support will follow you, but not engage in combat.
support follow This toggles whether the support will follow you or not.
support assist [player]
This sends your support on a mission to help out another juggernaut. NOTE: The support will switch to assault mode when sent to aid other players.
support upgrade [system]
This upgrades one of the four skills: powerplant, mount, repair and armor.
support defend <focus | toggle>
This switches your support into defend mode. It will defend you and at higher levels you can set a focus or focuses that reduce the damage taken by that damage type. While in defend mode, your support's mount will fire less frequently.

Using <toggle> will toggle whether or not the support will actively defend you.

  1. 10 Edged
  2. 20 Blunt
  3. 30 Fire
  4. 40 Ice
  5. 50 Electric
  6. 60 Radiation
  7. 70 Focus 2 types
  8. 80 Focus 3 types
  9. 90 Focus 4 types
  10. 100 Focus 5 types

To focus more than one type, separate them with a comma, i.e. support defend fire,ice

support assault <focus>
This switches your support into assault mode. At higher levels you can set a focus or focuses that set the damage types that the mount will use. While in assault mode, your support's mount will fire more often, but the support will have lower defenses.

  1. 0 Blunt
  2. 10 Edged
  3. 20 Fire
  4. 30 Ice
  5. 40 Electric
  6. 50 Radiation
  7. 60 Poison
  8. 70 Focus 2 types
  9. 80 Focus 3 types
  10. 90 Focus 4 types
  11. 100 Focus 5 types

To focus more than one type, separate them with a comma, i.e. support assault fire,ice

Send your support away. Summoning your support again will consume a support charge. This can be useful if your support is aggro to something you don't want it to be (like your dog).
support reset
Reset your support's upgrades. This has no penalty, allowing you to experiment with different upgrade configurations.

NOTE: Your support mech will have a unique id of <Name>Mech, i.e. Crolack's support mech would have then unique id of CrolackMech.



3.1.1) hpbar_config
3.1.2) jansi
3.1.3) gmess
3.1.4) nocolor
3.1.5) rbrief


Syntax: gmess <message>

These messages should be juggernaut-rated G. Funny is okay - crude is okay - vulgar is probably not okay - racist, misogynist, homophobic and intolerant (i.e. hate) messages will most likely result in public humiliation and punishment.

**NOTE** While you are welcome to use ANSI, you can not use the 'flash' option and a maximum of two colors can be applied.

Hit Points

Configurable Hp Bar
Setup your configurable hp bar as follows(note if you do not setup this hp bar it will use the old hp bar by default)
hp show-Shows your current setup.
hp set default-Reset to default
hp set <string>

String can be any letters,numbers,[,],:,%,/,= or spaces and any of the following variables:
$HP$ - Current/Max HP
$SP$ - Current/Max SP
$STIM$ - Current Stim (as a percentage)
$HEAT$ - Current Heat (as a percentage)
$TSTIM$ - How much stim your tank has (as a percentage)
$NUKES$ - Current Missiles
$MNUKES$ - Max Missiles
$CP$ - Current Clan powers
$MCP$ - Max Clan powers
$HITS$ - Hits you're taking per round.
$RESET$ - Guild reset
$ENEMY$ - Enemy name(prefixs e:)
$ENEMYF$ - Enemy(no truncation) name(prefixs e:)
$STATUS$ - Enemy health(prefixes ~)
$TARGET$ - Combination of enemy & health, with out of combat support e.g. Banshee(75%), in combat; none(-), while out of combat.
$GXP$ - Current GXP (as a percentage)
$AMMO$ - Current Ammo on hand.
$MAMMO$ - Max ammo your weapon holds. If using multiple mounts the max of the first mount is shown.
$JJ$ - Jumpjets
$LL$ - Lowlights
$CORP$ - Number of corpses in coffin
$MCORP$ - Max Coffin capacity
$CQUAL$ - Average quality of corpses in coffin
$N$ - A new line(unlimitd, but don't go crazy)
$SNL$ - Support next level (perc)
$SHP$ - Support hit points (perc)
$SAF$ - Support armor focus
$SMF$ - Support mount focus
$SMD$ - Support mode

(please request others if you think they would be useful)

example (shows as 2 lines here but you would type it in as one giant line)
hp set Hp[$HP$] Sp[$SP$] S[$STIM$] H[$HEAT$] M/C/R[$NUKES$/$CP$/$RESET$]

Would look like:
Hp:2052/2052 Sp:514/482 Stim:100 Heat:0 Mis3/3 Cp:4/4 Res:99
E:Frank~Perf Gxp:1530.520 Ammo:

Defensive Abilities

Defensive Abilities

1. cdefend
2. defend
3. dissipate
4. stim energy
5. enhance
6. heat
7. overheat
8. overmax
9. pdef
10. rbrief
11. reinforce
12. eb
13. scrap


Command : cdefend <player>
Available : glvl 15
Type : Power
Category : Defensive PaRtY!

Description : This power is used to defend a player from a monster's attack. Defending the person defends them from all the monsters who are attacking them in that room and makes them all attack you.

cdefend <player> - will continually defend a player.
cdefend clear - will stop defending a player.
cdefend show - will show you who you are defending.
cdefend party - will defend players on your party banner.

You can now defend multiple people at once, depending on your Current Suits Level.
Syntax: cdefend player1, cdefend player2, cdefend player3, etc

Note: It is illegal to use cdefend as a method to maintain combat. It is intended to be used as a safety net to protect your party members. Do not abuse it.

Related files : defend, skills.


This power is available at glvl 5.
This is both a power and a skill.

You may defend a player from a monster's attack. This causes all monsters who are attacking the player to attack you instead.

Training the defend skill helps to prevent you from having a 'flawed defend'. A flawed defend causes the monster to hit you one extra time. When you execute a flawed defend, there is also a chance that your stim vat will rupture (causing you to lose a lot of stim energy). The most skilled defenders will not experience flawed defends.

defend <player>: attempt to defend another player once.
cdefend <player>: continually defend another player. cdefend clear: stop cdefending.


Command : dissipate
Available : glvl 15
Type : power
Category : suit management

Description :
With experience earned on the battlefield, a juggernaut gains better understanding of the thermo-dynamics that control the heat contained within the battlesuit. Every set of armour comes with heavy water cooling fluids which can be flushed through the overheated systems to cool them down. A prepared juggernaut need simply <dissipate> and the excess thermal energies are released into the local environment.

Use: dissipate - Convert 50 sp into heat dissipation dissipate 60 - Enable auto heat dissipation at 60% heat.

Related files : heat, heat_management, heat_sinks

EB and EB Conversion

Command : eb
Available : All gnomes
Type : Toggled Ability
Category : Suit management

Description :
This command toggles the gnome battle suit's EB Conversion ability.

Related files : eb_conversion, gnome.

Command : N/A
Available : All gnomes
Type : Toggled Ability
Category : Suit management

Description :
The gnome battle suit can convert non-edged and non-blunt damage types to edged and blunt. This is an active ability and can be toggled using the 'eb' command.

Related files : gnome, eb.


Command : enhance, enhance <#>
Available : Always
Type : Defensive
Category : Power

Description :
Enhance allows you to use your stim energy to enhance your physical condition. After you enhance, as much damage as possible, will be healed.

Note: Enhance is a limited power. As you progress in the guild you may enhance more times in a single combat round.

Usage :
'enhance' - Heal your hit points to full, or as close as you can.
'enhance 60' - Enable auto-enhance at 60% hit points.

Related files : powers


Command : grappling
Available : Valour Trial
Type : Suit Valour Power
Category : Valour Powers

Description :
Your grappling defense system can be toggled on/off. The grappling defense system allows the gnome to fire an advanced grappling system at a target to keep them focused on attacking them in order to keep their party members safe from harm.

Note: some monsters are too powerful to capture in your grappling system.

Related files : powers, gnome.


Command :
Available : Always
Type :
Category :

Description :
Every time a battle suit performs an action, there is the possibility of heat being generated. If the heat levels inside a battle suit become too high, the system will shut down to avoid overheating. During this state no suit abilities will function until the heat level drops to a safe limit. It is highly advised that you do not overheat yourself. Heat dissipates through time and the use of flushing heat with the dissipate command.

Related files : dissipate, heat_management, heat_sinks.


Command : <N/A>
Available : Always
Type :
Category :

Description :
You risk overheating when you fire your mounts and perform offensive maneuvers for too long without spending time out of battle.

A Juggernaut is constantly cooling down when they are out battle. Your heatsinks plays a key role by dissipating excess from your suit.

When you do overheat, your battle suit will shutdown and you will be unable to use any guild powers, including enhance or firing your mount, and will stop making gxp until you cool down again.

Related files : heat, heat_sinks.


Command : overmax
Available : All gnomes
Type : Suit management
Category : Power

Description :
The gnome battle suit can optionally enhance to over your maximum hitpoints. You can use the command "overmax" to toggle between healing to your regular max hps, or to overmax hps.

Related files : gnome, powers.


Command : pdef
Available : Always
Type : Tool
Category : Powers

Description :
Your point defense can be toggled on/off with this command.

Related files : powers, point_defense, rbrief.


Command : reinforce
Available : Always
Type : Defensive
Category : Power

Description :
This command allows you convert a piece of equipment into useful metal plating that is welded onto your power armour. Once you do this, you can never get the item back.

Your salvage_efficiency skill increases the benefit you get from this. Each power armour suit has a different number of slots they can reinforce to, and inexperienced mechwarriors will not be able to take advantage of great equipment for a while. You can see your reinforced armour by checking your 'gs3' screen.

You may not reinforce rings, amulets, or others.

[reinforce <what>] - Reinforce the item into your plating.

[scrap <slot#>] - Remove the reinforced item.

Related files : gs3, powers, salvage_efficiency, slots


Command : scrap
Available : Always
Type : Defensive
Category : Powers

Description :
This command allows you free up an armour plating slot. Note, your worst plating slot will be auto-freed if you reinforce and need the extra space.

[scrap <slot number>] - Will free the specified armour plating location

Related files : gs3, reinforce, salvage_efficiency.

Stim energy

Command : <N/A>
Available : Always
Type : Defensive
Category :

Description :
Every juggernaut battle suit has a vat containing stim energy somewhere inside it. Stim energy is a miracle healing drug that the mechwarrior can pump into his blood to reduce damage from injuries. The vat will refill itself over time.

Related files : conf_hp, enhance, stim_efficiency, stim_regen.


Command : transpose
Available : Glevel 60
Type :
Category : Power

Description :
As a juggernaut advances beyond the initial surge of glevels, transpose is a goal for these members. Transpose gives additional tanking ability, especially for defensive suits with abundant spell points. Your spell points are converted to stim based on several factors.
There is a skill to improve your tranpose ability.

Transpose can be used once every 5 rounds.

transpose max: uses up sp to recover stim to 100%.
transpose #: uses up # sp to recover stim.

Offensive Abilities

Offensive Abilities

1. ammo
2. critical hit
3. mounts
4. mount (on/off)
5. dump
6. pfocus
7. missiles
8. contacts
9. lock
10. fire
11. retarget


Command : <N/A>
Available : Always
Type : Offensive
Category : Power

Description : Ammo is what is fired from your mounts, if you are currently using a suit that can have a mount. All suits can have mounts, except Gnome. Also, if you use Energy mounts, you do not use Ammo. Ammo is purchased in the guild, either by coins or by the command 'vbuy'.

Related files: missile_ammo, mount, mounts, projectile_ammo


Command : contacts
Available : Always
Type : Missiles
Category : Powers

Description :
This ability allows you to check what the missile tracking system is locked onto.

Related files : fire, lock, missiles, powers

Critical hit

This is a skill. It is passive and cannot be disabled.

One of the greatest offensive powers of a juggernaut is the ability to evaluate an enemy and find a weak point to strike.

During any attack involving your mounts, you have a chance to score a critical hit. Your competence with the critical hit skill increases the magnitude of the attack.


WMT Note: The juggernaut help file for DFA is actually an ascii image of a Juggernaut. However, listed below is some information that has been gathered from <death from above> file and players.

This is a skill. It is passive and cannot be disabled.
This is one of the three physical guild hits that you can deal. You propel your 5 ton battlesuit above your enemy and bring it crashing down. Ouch.
DFA is short for Death From Above. It's based on your guild level, stats, and juggernaut skills. This will randomly fire in combat for more damage.

Punch is more often (but weakest), DFA is least often (but strongest), and kick is in the middle. You must decide how you want to invest your skill points based on that.


Command : dump <mount number>
Available : Glevel 1
Type : Tool
Category : Power

Description :
This ability lets you empty your mount of ammo while away from the guild. It gives no credit for unused ammo.

Related files : powers


Command : fire [<#>] [<mob>]
Available : Glevel 25
Type : Offensive
Category : Superpower

Description :
This command alone fires a missile and can be used in several different ways to allow local targeting and to fire a missile to a global target that another juggernaut has used the 'lock' command to direct donated missiles toward.

Syntax Options:
fire: commit a single missile to a locked target, if there is a target already locked. Otherwise, it will attempt to fire a single missile at your current target.
fire <target> : attempts to fire all your missiles at <target>.
fire # : fires <#> missiles at your current target.
fire # <target> : attempts to fire <#> missiles at <target>.

Example : 'fire 3 guard 2' - This would fire 3 missiles at guard 2.

Related files : lock, missiles, powers.

Lock (Locking Targets)

Command : lock <mob>
Available : Glvl 30
Type : Offensive
Category : Superpower

Description :
Juggernaut battle suits are capable of using powerful long range weapons to be employed against their foes or other Juggernaut's foes, even when they are far away.

When you find a suitable target, simply 'lock <target>' and then 'fire' once for each missile you want to launch. Other Juggernauts are also able to 'fire' on your target. When the timer expires, all your missiles and all your fellow Juggernaut's missiles will be launched in a giant salvo of death and destruction.

Related files : fire, missiles, powers.


Command : lock <mob>, fire <mob>
Available : Glevel 25
Type : Offensive
Category : Superpower

Description :
Juggernaut battle suits are equipped with long range weapons to be employed against their foes or other juggernauts foes.

When you find a suitable target, simply 'lock <target>' and then 'fire' once for each missile you want to launch. Other Juggernauts are also able to 'fire' on your target. When the timer expires, all your missiles and all your fellow Juggernauts' missiles will be launched in a giant salvo of death and destruction.

You are also able to fire <target> to use your missiles without going through the missile targeting satellite.

Your long range missiles can be fired via the satellite targeting to another Juggernaut no matter how far away they are.

Related files : fire, lock.


Command : mount
Available : Always
Type : Offensive tool
Category : Powers

Description :
Your mounts can be toggled on or off using this command.

Commands :
mount <#> <on\off> -Turn a specific mount on or off
mount all <on\off> -Turn all mounts on or off

Related files : mounts, powers.


Command : pfocus <mount number>
Available : Only available with Energy Weaponry
Type : Suit Management
Category : Power

Description :
Juggernauts using Energy Weaponry can focus from their mounts to deal a secondary damage type.

Commands :
pfocus <mount number> - This command will allow you to enable plasma focusing for a mount. You can also activate your second, third or even fourth mount by using the number of the mount after pfocus. Using this command a second time will default your energy mount back to its original damage type.

Related files : energy_weapons, plasma_focusing, tech.


Command : retarget <who>
Available : Glevel 20
Type : Tool
Category : Power

Description :
This ability lets you change your attacks to another target.

Related files : powers


Command : xcore
Available : Glevel 50
Type : Offensive
Category : Superpower

Description :
Instead of firing one of their missiles, Juggernauts have the ability to remove the warhead and expose its core. Once a core is exposed, it's possible to put other things inside of it. Your friends may or may not have something useful to load in it. Once it's ready to go, pick it back up and launch it!

Note: When the warhead is exposed for too long there is a risk of it detonating. This detonation will damage everyone in the room.

Note: The other guilds that can take advantage of an expored core is currently limited to Elementals, Necromancers, Sii, and Priests. The syntax they need to use is 'load core'.

Related info files : fire, missiles, powers



1. analyze
2. battery
3. cmissile
4. calltruck
5. ctruck
6. deener
7. fdeener
8. empower
9. eval
10. flipbird
11. jumpjet
12. lowlight
13. perform
14. program
15. transfer

Analyze and Ranalyze

Command : analyze
Available : glevel 10
Type : Informative
Category : Power

Description : This ability allows the Juggernaut to enact his or her Main Battle Armor's analysis systems and gives them an estimate of armour class (AC) for a given piece of armor. At higher glevels, your systems will be able to analyze more types of equipment.

[analyze <what>] - Analyze the specified item.
[analyze plating]- Get a summary of your reinforced armour

Related files: powers, reinforce, ranalyze, salvage_efficiency

Command : ranalyze
Available : Glvl 50
Type : Informative
Category : Power

Description :
This ability allows the Juggernaut to enact his or her Main Battle Armor's analysis systems and gives THE ENTIRE ROOM an estimate of armour class (AC) for a given piece of armor. At higher glevels, your systems will be able to analyze more types of equipment but never your plating.

[ranalyze <what>] - Analyze the specified item.

Related files : analyze, reinforce, powers, salvage_efficiency


Command : <N/A>
Available : Always
Type : General
Category : Power

Your power armour is equipped with a battery pack that is self recharging. Various powers drain the battery to remain functional.

Related files : jumpjet, lowlight.


Command : cmissile
Available : special
Type : reward
Category : asthetic

Description :
cmissile - sets a custom missile explosion
cmissile clear - removes your custom explosion

cmissile typed alone puts you in editor mode(similar to pgmedit if you have access to this). A quick way to get your picture in is to do
cmissile <enter>
a <enter>
paste your picture <enter>
. <enter> x <enter>

This power is only available to certain people. You will know if you are one of them.

Related files : missiles

Calltruck and Rename

Command : calltruck
Available : glevel 5
Type : support
Category : power

Description : This command calls your truck to you. "info truck" to see all nifty things your truck can do for you. Also toggles the truck to follow you or stay in a room once called.

Related files : powers, truck.

Command : rename
Available : glevel 5
Type : support
Category : power

Description : Use this command to give your truck an identity of it's own.

Note: using your truck name to harass other players is against guild rules and will be dealt with strictly. At no time should you name your truck after a wizard.

Related files : calltruck, truck, powers

Deener and Fdeener

Command : deener
Available : Always
Type : Defensive
Category : Powers

Description :
This ability allows you to de-energize a corpse of its fleeting energy and convert it to usable stim energy for your vats.

Related files : fdeener, stim_energy.

Command : fdeener
Available : Always
Type : Defensive
Category : Powers

Description :
This command will force your system to de-energize a corpse regardless of your stim vats being full.

Related files : deener, stim_energy


Command : empower [off]
Available : glvl 20
Type : power
Category : offensive

Description :
This ability enables your suit to use power lifting to assist you in any task that involves strength. Use the off argument to disengage it.

Related files : powers


Command : eval
Available : Always
Type : Defensive
Category : Power

Description :
This ability will call the onboard computer to compute a rough definition of the target's capabilities. The amount of information you receive is heavily based on your depot donates and your guild age. You will see your %age slowly decline when you are not donating.

You can not evaluate other players, and some mobs are resistant to our scanning.

[eval <what>] - Evaluate the specified target.

Related files : powers


Command : flipbird (all)
Available : glvl 10
Type : Offensive
Category : Power

Description :
This command allows you to flipbird at a single mob or using flipbird all starts combat with all mobs in the same room.

Related files : powers


This power is available at glvl 1.
This is both a power and a skill.
The jumpjet power and the jumpjet skill are different.

The jumpjet power will turn on your jumpjets, allowing your suit to levitate. This can allow you to access mud areas that may normally be unreachable. Activating your jumpjets to levitate drains your battery.

Raising jumpjet skill affects your dodging. Your jumpjet skill allows you to passively use your jumpjets tactically in combat to avoid incoming attacks. Using your jumpjets for dodging will increase your heat.

jumpjet: toggles your jumpjet levitate power.
jumpjet dodge: toggles your jumpjet dodging.


Command : lowlight
Available : Glvl 10
Type : Support
Category : Power

Description :
This ability allows a Juggernaut to use the lowlight sensors that are intrinsic to the Main Battle Armour. When activated, this ability powers the lowlight systems, which allows the Juggernaut to see in dark places. Lowlight drains battery power for every tick that it is on.

[lowlight [off]] - turn lowlights on or off.

Related files : battery, gs2, powers.


Command : perform
Available : Always
Type : Tool
Category : Powers

Description :
Perform is your juggernauts' emergency command. You can set a specific command to be given once your health falls below a certain point. The syntax is:

perform <hp amount> <command>

ex: perform 50 moo will moo every round that you are below 50 hp (and who wouldn't want to moo!)

"perform" clear to erase your perform.


Related files : enhance, powers.


Command : program <text>
Available : Glvl 25
Type : General
Category : Power

Description :
Program will allow you to do something each round. What you do exactly, is up to you though. You can setup your program any way you wish, but it can only do one command per round. Be creative and come up with new uses for it.

Commands :
program <text> - Enters a program into the onboard computer. Syntax: 'program command#command#command#'
program clear - Erases your program.
exec [l [c]] - Runs the program once, if the [l] argument is given the program runs indefinitely. If the [c] argument is given the program only runs in combat.
exec stop - Stop your current program.

Using program to 'passist' or otherwise attack monsters is illegal even if you are at your keyboard. You will get punished for botting.

Related files : powers


Command : transfer
Available : Glevel 20
Type : Defensive
Category : Power

Description :
This command allows you to transfer stim energy from your medical vats, to another juggernaut's vats providing them the ability to take more damage.

[transfer <who>] - Transfers a fixed amount to who.

Related files : enhance, stim_efficiency, stim_energy.


Communication between guild members is important for exchanging information, planning parties and simply socializing.

There are several guild chatlines available:
Chatline Description
ju - general guild chatline, anything goes as long as it doesn't break guild rules.
jun - this is short for jugger newbie. this line is for basic questions on guild play, directions etc. that a newer player would typically ask. please keep general chatter off this line.
eju - this allows you to emote on the general line. eg. eju smile
whine - any discussion of 'used' or 'valor' and their location on guild members, other players, in the depot, or whereever, should be on this line or the guild wiz will get cranky. This prevents use of the 'whine' soul, but you can whine about that on the whine line.
ewhine - to emote on the whine line.

Other chatlines will become available as you progress in the guild.

See WMT's chatlines page for more chatline information.

Guild Artifacts

There are 3 known guild artifacts.

These artifacts are chips which disappear upon installation, and can discovered by ANY player who happened to be online at the time. The effect of installing a chip will last until you log off.

You will be alerted whenever an artifact is discovered by the message:
... 'monitor a faint signal' ...
At which point, you could then shout to find out if anyone found a chip. Bear in mind that players are not obliged to hand the artifact over. Be courteous and more often than not you won't be disappointed.

List of known chips:
1) Ammo Chip - Install this for free ammo.
2) Missile Chip - Significantly increases the number of missiles available to you per repower.
3) Bio Chip - Triples your medallion bonus (recover after installing).

See WMT's arfifacts and world drops page for more information.