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The Guilds of Three-Kingdoms

Flowchart map of Guilds
Guild flowchart by Melly

What is a guild? In the simplest of terms, it is your characters class. There are many available on 3K rooted in a number of themes and genres. On 3K your primary areas of growth fall into two categories. These are your mud level and your guild level. Your mud level is governed by XP you earn from killing, which is used to increase your character level and stats among some other things. In addition to this you will have your Guild Level, which will also come with time in combat while you are part of any of the available guilds. This growth comes from GXP (guild xp) and will impact your growth and skills related to your chosen guild. The bulk of your overall power and abilities will come from this. With some few exceptions, if you find you aren't enjoying your current guild, you can leave and join another and retain the majority of your mud level and stats. Other mud side skills will also stay with you if you move from one guild to another. The greatest benefits will eventually come from sticking with one and putting in the time to grow your guild level.

Guild Masters

3K Help File Last Updated 08.26.2021

Guild Main Guild Wiz Assistant Guild Wizards
Adventurer Adalius No assistant guild wizard
Angels Frank No assistant guild wizard
Bards Rastafan Turnhold
Bladesinger Frank No assistant guild wizard
Breed Turnhold No assistant guild wizard
Changeling Frank Revelation
Cyborg Frank No assistant guild wizard
Elemental Rastafan Turnhold
Fremen Adalius Revelation
Gentech Turnhold No assistant guild wizard
Jedi Adalius No assistant guild wizard
Juggernaut Revelation Turnhold
Knight Kikipopo No assistant guild wizard
Mage Rastafan Turnhold
Monks Rastafan Turnhold
Necromancer Tensor Frank
Priest Turnhold No assistant guild wizard
Psicorps Crolack No assistant guild wizard
Sii Frank No assistant guild wizard

List of Guilds

Guild name - Guild object * recruiter required

Adventurers - An Adventurer's Handbook

Visit the Adventurer's section on the Newbie page for more details.

Map of core guilds area.


Map of core guilds area.

Angels - A Spark of the Divine

Map of angels guild area.


Bards - A Songbook *

Map of bards guild area.

Bladesingers - A Kiira N'Vaelahr *

Breeds - A Quintar Crystal Amulet *

Changelings - A Pseudopod


Map of core guilds area.

Cyborgs - A Sub-cranial Interface and Neural Converter *

Elementals - A Vortex to the Elemental Planes *

See our Elementals page.

Eternals - long shimmering thread

Visit the Eternals page for more details.


Map of core guilds area.

Fremen - A Fremen Stillsuit *

Map of fremen guild area.

Gentech - A Gentech Lower Arm Casing *

Jedi - A Small Cube of Crystal

Juggernauts - A Juggernaut Clan Medallion *

Knights - A Knightly Badge *

Map of knights guild area.

Mages - A Leather Bound Spellbook

Map of mage guild area.

Monks - A Kimono *

Necromancers - Rod of Necromancy *

Priests - Priest Robes

Map of priests guild area.

Psicorps - Psionic Implant Module

See our Psicorps page.

Sii - A small model of a Traak *


Map of core guilds area.