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-=[ 3K FUN AND GAMES! ]=-

There are many more options for entertainment than just fighting and questing. 3K also has an abundance of fun and games to play as well - and you may be familiar with many of them already. Feel free to use the SEARCH BAR to narrow down the list if you want just the 'FUN' items or just a list of the available 'Games'.

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-=[ Acronyms - Game ]=-

Acronyms is a mud-based version of Acrophobia(TM), a hybrid of the original IRC game and the Berkeley Systems web game. Typing this command will create an Acronyms Aura in your inventory which will allow you to play Acronyms. Once you have the Acronyms Aura, type 'acro' for further information.

The air about you shimmers and coalesces into a silver aura... You now carry the Acronyms Aura. To get started, type 'acro'.

-<<ACRONYMS>>- Commands -<<ACRONYMS>>-
Game Documentation Commands
  help: Provides help for the Acronyms game
  rules: Displays the game rules of Acronyms

Game Setup Commands
  ansi: Set the ansi color for your Acronyms chatline
  new: Create a new Acronyms game group
  list: List all current Acronyms game groups
  join: Join an existing Acronyms game group
  players: Show a list of players in an Acronyms game group
  quit: Quit from your current Acronyms game group
  dest: Removes the Acronyms Aura from your inventory

Gameplay Commands
  chat: Chat on your Acronyms game group chatline
  submit: Submit your Acronyms answer
  vote: Vote for your favorite Acronyms answer

Game Feedback Commands
  bug: File a bug for the Acronyms game
  idea: Suggest an idea for the Acronyms game
  typo: Report a typo for the Acronyms game
  praise: Laud praise on the Acronyms game

Type acro <command> to use a command
Type acro help <command> for more detailed information
Type acro rules for the Acronyms game rules


-=[ ARENATAG! - Game ]=-



1) Introduction
2) Start-Up
3) Game Play

To read a topic, type 'read #' of that topic.

1) Introduction

The game of ARENATAG!

ARENATAG! is a game in which a group of people register themselves as players. The action then consists of them going after one another in a virtual reality arena until only one player remains or time runs out.

This is not the old game of tag you remember from childhood, this is ARENATAG! It's every man for himself. To learn more about the game of ARENATAG!, 'read 2' and 'read 3' in this book.

Any questions or bugs, mail Tensor.

2) Start-Up

To start the game of ARENATAG! type enter. All players then have 60 seconds to enter the game once the first player has entered. Once the minute has expired, no further entries will be allowed and a countdown begins. Once the countdown finishes, the game is afoot and everybody is open for a tag!

Once you enter the game, you can look at your available commands by typing TAG. Furthermore, you may view the arena map by typing map. Typing tag will tell you the positions of all the players in the current game. If a player is in a bunker, you will not be able to tell which one unless you physically walk into the bunker to check.

3) Game Play

Once the game is started, you kick people out of the game by running up to them and tagging them. If one person survives, that person gets the full pot (along with some experience). If time runs out and there is more than one player, the pot is divvied accordingly (with some experience).

Grab some friends, try it out and have fun!


2 +
-=[ Pinnicle Casino Blackjack - Game ]=-

Welcome to Pinnicle KENO!

Blackjack is the well known game of 21. At this casino, it is played with four decks of cards which are shuffled together.

The dealer deals the player two cards and deals herself one card showing and one card hidden. The object is to have a total which is greater than the dealer's total without going over 21.

Card values are the same for numbered cards. Face cards are worth ten, and aces are worth either eleven or one, player's choice.

When you are dealt your cards, you have the opportunity to 'hit' and get another card as many times as you like. If your total goes over 21, you go bust and lose your wager. When you are satisfied with your hand, you may 'stand'.

Then it is the dealers turn. The dealer will hit any total under 17. If the dealer goes over 21 and has an 11 valued ace, she converts it to a one valued ace. If she can't convert any aces, she goes bust and you win. If the dealer has a total between 17 and 21, then you win if you have the greater total. Win value is twice the wager.


-=[ Bridge - Game ]=-

A hand in the game of bridge. These cards are smaller than poker cards and are decorated on their backs with a portrait of Telcontar standing in the black of night wielding a club in one hand and a spade in the other. Type 'bridge help' for more information.

General help for Bridge:

Bridge is a 4 player card game involving two partnerships. "The Bridge World" magazine has a decent introduction:

For additional information use bridge help <topic> for the following:
commands, options, bidding, play, scoring, etiquette, stats, ansi


-=[ Chinese Checkers - Game ]=-

Chinese Checkers is a game for 2,3,4 or 6 players.
Get your pieces home before anyone else does!
Type 'playgame checkers' to get started

<playgame checkers>

An ornately carved Chinese Checkers gameboard appears in a puff of smoke.
To get started, type 'cc'.

Chinese Checkers : Help
cc help (<topic>): Show help information
cc rules: Show how to play the game
cc list: Show the list of active games
cc status (<player>): Show your chinese checkers stats
cc toplist (<num>): Show the top player stats
cc create <type>: Create a new game ('normal','fast')
cc view/join/leave/forfeit <game>: Watch/join/leave/forfeit a game
cc kick <player>: Vote to kick a player from the game
cc history (<game>): Show the move history for a game
cc invite <player>: Send a checkers board to someone
cc destroy : Destroy your checkers board
cc color on/off : Turn color on / off
cc <game>/chat/shout <text>: Chat with specific/current game/all
cc move <pos> to <pos>(,<pos>): Move one of your game pieces
exa checkers: See the state of your current game
cc comment : Log a bug report/comment for Balthus


2 - 6
-=[ Chess - Game ]=-

Chess is a strategy game for two players, one plays the white pieces, one the black. White moves first by making a legal move. Then black makes one move, and so on until either stalemate (tie) or checkmate (win).

It is up to the players to ensure legal moves. This is simply a board to play with.

Legal moves are as follows:

Pawn: Moves forward 1 space at a time. If it the pawn's first move, it can move two squares as long as it doesn't jump any piece. It can take pieces diagonally forward, but cannot take pieces by moving in its normal forward direction. If an opponent pawn has just moved two forward evading a possible capture from your pawn, you can still capture it as if it had moved only one during your immediate next turn.

Rook: Moves any number of squares either forward or sideways without jumping any piece. It takes pieces in the same direction it moves.

Knight: Moves two squares in a vertical direction and one in a horizontal direction. Or, it can move two squares in a horizontal direction and one in a vertical direction. It takes pieces in the same direction it moves. It is allowed to jump pieces of either color.

Bishop: Moves any number of squares in diagonal directions only. It takes pieces in the direction it moves, but cannot jump pieces.

Queen: Moves as a rook or a bishop: either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. It cannot jump pieces, and takes pieces in the direction it moves.

King: Moves just like a queen, but only one square at a time.

Castling: If a king has not yet moved, a rook has not moved, the squares between the king and rook are empty, and the king is not in check, not moving across check, and not moving into check, the king can be moved two squares toward the rook, and the rook moves to the other side of the king.

Promoting pawns: If a pawn reaches the opposite side of the board, it can be exchanged for one of a rook, knight, bishop, queen.

Check: A player is in check if that player's king can be taken in the next opponents turn. It is illegal to move into check, and doing so is brought to the players attention so the move can be corrected.

Checkmate: When a player is in check and no legal move can remove that player from check, the player is in checkmate.


-=[ Connect-Four - Game ]=-

Connect 4 is a strategy game for two players, one plays the X pieces, one the O. White moves first by making a legal move. Then black makes one move, and so on until either tie or win.

A legal move is to place a piece of yours in a column that is not full.

A tie is reached when all the columns are full.

A player wins if there are four consecutive peices of that players in a row, in a column, or diagonally. For example, the following are wins:
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -

X - - -
X - - -
X - - -
X - - -

X - - -
- X - -
- - X -
- - - X


-=[ CULT - Game ]=-

This game is commonly played at parties, where it is usually called Mafia or Werewolf. It's a social game in which a small number of bad guys have infiltrated a group of good guys. Both groups want to eliminate the other. Type 'playcult' to start. A mysterious voodoo fetish doll will appear on your person. Look at it for more help on how to join a game and play.


6 +
-=[ Darts - Game ]=-

The dart board is mounted on the wall here. There are a few darts stuck in it, some red and some black. You could grab some and play.


1 +
-=[ A dice machine - Game ]=-

A glamorous vending machine stands proudly. A sign on it reads: `For your own set of dice, deposit 10 coins and `pushme'' If you're able to move this thing, tell a wizard, or else.

You push the vending machine and a pair of dice falls out of a slot, onto your palm.

A pair of dice

2 = -750 coins 12 = +1000 coins
3 = -500 coins 11 = +500 coins
4 = -250 coins 10 = +250 coins
5 = -125 coins  9 = +125 coins
6 =  -50 coins  8 =  +20 coins
7 =  -25 coins
Gambling made easy! Try your luck
high 'roller'!


-=[ Euchre - Game ]=-

SYNTAX: euchre

Type 'euchre' to get yourself a hand in the game then type 'look at hand' for more help on how to play.

Euchre is a 4 player card game with teams of 2 players each. The object of the game is to take tricks. Euchre is a trump game where the trump can be different from hand to hand.


The fundamental centerpiece of Euchre are the 'Bauers'. These are the highest valued cards in the game. The Bauers are the two Jacks of the same color as trump. So, if Diamonds are trump, the Jack of Diamonds and the Jack of Hearts are the bauers, both are considered Diamonds, and of course trump in this instance.

The bauers are referred to as the 'Right Bauer' and the 'Left Bauer', the right bauer is the highest card in the game and is always the Jack of the trump suit. The left bauer is the second highest card in the game and is always the Jack of the same color as trump, as in the previous example above with Diamonds: JD = Right, and JH = left.

The left bauer in a hand is always considered to be the same suit as the TRUMP SUIT. This means, in our example, that the Jack of Hearts is considered to be a DIAMOND. That means if hearts are led, you do NOT need to play the Jack of Hearts. But if Diamonds are led, and you have no others, you must play the Jack of Hearts.

You can lead any card at any time, but you must ALWAYS follow suit. In fact, the game will not let you reneg. If hearts are led, and you have a heart, you must play it.

Prior to the actual play of cards, trump must be determined. When the dealer has dealt 5 cards to each player, he then flips up the top card of the remaining 4 cards (there's 24 cards in the deck) and that becomes the first suit players can 'bid' on.

Bidding isn't so much a bid as it is a declaration of trump. In the first round of bidding your only choices are to 'order it up' or to pass. If you order it up, the DEALER takes the card into his hand and then must discard one card to get back to 5 total. If everyone passes, including the dealer, then the card is turned down and the person left of the dealer has a choice to 'call trump', this means he can name any suit of his choosing to be trump, EXCEPT for what was turned over. Play begins left of the dealer in all cases.

If everyone passes a second time, the deal is passed to the next player and the hand is void.


Random thoughts and considerations about Euchre:

- There must be exactly 4 players in a game.

- You have the option to go 'alone' meaning that your partner will sit out in the hand. You will be the only player on your team to play cards. The benefit to this call is that if you get all 5 tricks, you get 4 points.

- The current available options are 'color', 'letters', 'twocols', 'retainopts', and 'sort'. If you set letters ON, the game will use A thru M for your cards instead of 1 thru 13. You must also address the cards as A thru M. If you turn color OFF, your game will have ansi color turned off. If you set sort to ascending your cards will sort from low to high. Otherwise high to low. Setting retainopts on will cause your game creation flags to save with you and always be on when YOU create a game. Setting twocols on will display your cards in two columns, this could make it more difficult to see what you have, but takes a lot less screen realestate when you look at your cards. These settings save.

Scoring for Euchre:

Commands for Euchre
All actions are all handled through the eu command. This includes starting the game, playing the game, and even chatting during the game.

The following commands are available (all prefixed with eu):

Game creation options:

Medals that pertain to Euchre

  • euall51
  • euall5x
  • eubrute
  • eudom
  • eueuch1
  • eueuchx
  • euhelp
  • euhelpc
  • euloner
  • eulonex
  • eumean
  • eusorry
  • euspoil
  • euspoix
  • eustrk5
  • eustrkx
  • euwin1
  • euwin10
  • euwin50
  • euwinc

  • 1.0000000004

    4 +
    -=[ A Birthday Cake ]=-

    A wonderful smelling birthday cake. However it has no name on it yet. You can 'decorate <name>' to personalize the cake.

    Example of decorated cake
    A beautifully decorated cake which has 'Happy Birthday Elminster!' written on it. It smells delicious!

    Now you just need to deliver it to the birthday person (or eat it).

    -=[ A mud pie ]=-

    It's a mud pie, you may <splat> someone with it.

    -=[ A Heart-Shaped Sweet Tart ]=-

    This is an adorable heart-shaped SweetTart, colored green.
    You can 'read tart' to see its message.

    <read tart>
    It reads: Love me

    Now you just need to deliver it to someone special (or eat it).

    -=[ A small candy heart ]=-

    This small candy heart is of the type that abound during the Valentine's Day Season.
           ****         ****
         ********     ********
       ************ ************
      ******** I LOVE YOU *******

    You could probably send it to someone, or it looks awfully tasty.

    Syntax is 'send heart to <player>'.

    -=[ Vraal's typing tester ]=-

    This is a tester that will measure how many words per minute you can type by asking you to repeat random lines from one of Vraal's many text files. Type 'test' or 'typetest' to begin. It looks very heavy.

    -=[ An ANSI Flower ]=-


    A beautiful wild flower with soft delicate petals.

    -=[ Singing Microphone ]=-

    This is a singing microphone. It basically looks like a giant silver aspirin with holes all over it. There's a small inscription etched into the handle. Perhaps you should read it. To use: song <string to use>
    Song Name            String to Use  By
    Angel of Death       blutcha        Slayer
    D'yer Mak'r          dyermakr       Led Zeppelin
    Everything I Do ...  idoit4u        Bryan Adams
    Farewell to Kings    farewell       Rush
    Freewill             freewill       Rush
    HOT LEG!             hotlegs        Classic Rod
    Gopher Guts          guts           Deranged Wizards
    Infatuation          infatuation    Classic Rod
    Life is a Highway    life           Tome Cochrane
    Loony Tunes          toon           Warner Bros.
    Lumberjack Song      lumberjack     Monty Python
                         lumberjack2 +
                         offered for wizzes
    Manner Most Tres     manner         U2
    Night of Swallow     swallow        Kate Bush
    Slimy Hoppy Froggies froggies       REM
    Spirit of Radio      spirit         Rush
    Subdivisions         subdivisions   Rush
    You Wear It Well     wearitwell     Classic Rod

    <read inscription>
    This is an inscription dedicated to its creators. It reads:
    Original Conception By:   Klaxon of Castle Arg
    Borrowed and Expanded By: Chilly of Paramount/3-Kingdoms
    Borrowed and Revamped By: Leto and Peeron of 3-Kingdoms

    Note: If you would like to see other songs added to the microphone, please mail Peeron with the verses and artist name. Try to keep all lyrics compact.

    -=[ A cute teddybear ]=-

    A cute and cuddly bear... It wants to be cuddled, but make sure you don't hurt the poor little bear, he would be very sad. If you don't want more bears, type 'bearblock'. If you want to remove your block, type 'bearblock' again. It looks light.

    <hurt bear>

    The small defenseless teddybear starts to cry, and says: You are a meanie, stupid Locrian! I will run away to Sith instead!

    -=[ A mistletoe head piece ]=-

    You could wear this mistletoe on your head and 'sneak' some kisses!
    The helmet is in perfect condition.

    <wear mistletoe>
    You wear the mistletoe.

    <sneak elminster>
    You sneak up to Elminster and kiss them under the mistletoe!
    >>> SMOOOOOCH! <<<

    -=[ An Instant Camera ]=- -=[ Instant Camera Film ]=-

    You are holding one of the newest inventions of modern technology. A marvel, to be sure. You could probably photograph just about anything with this camera.
    You can take 0 more pictures.
    It looks light.

    <load film into camera>
    You put in a new roll of film.

    <photograph clerk> (Or anything you come across on the mud.)
    The camera clicks and whirls.
    Out pops a picture.

    <look at picture>

    -=[ Paper Airplane ]=-

    You can write a message on the plane by typing 'message <phrase>'. You can also send the plane to another person by typing 'fly <person>' The plane has the following printed on it:
    No message has been set yet.
    It looks light.

    -=[ Magic 8-ball ]=-
       ,$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.     This plastic globe is roughly five inches
      d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b    in diameter with a large "8" painted on the
     d$$$$$$$$~'"`~$$$$$$$$b   top.  The bottom is flattened to allow it to
    ($$$$$$$p   _   q$$$$$$$)  sit in one place without rolling.  There is
    $$$$$$$$   (_)   $$$$$$$$  a small plastic window in the center of the
    $$$$$$$$   (_)   $$$$$$$$  flattened section and it feels as though the
    ($$$$$$$b       d$$$$$$$)  inside were filled with some fluid.  As you
     q$$$$$$$$a._.a$$$$$$$$p   "shake 8ball" you can hear a small
      q$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$p    object rattle around inside.
    It looks light.

    <shake 8ball>
    You shake the magical plastic globe with hopes of the answers to your questions. Flipping the ball back over you see:

    Yes. Definitely.

    -=[ A Skating Penguin ]=-

    The rotund penguin cuts a striking black and white figure in its natural tuxedo. Contrasting sharply with this is the multicoloured knitted beanie on his head and matching scarf wrapped around his neck. To complete this odd but strangely adorable look, the short legs on the penguin are fully laced with ice-skating boots, complete with shining blades. A small metal turning key protrudes from the back of the penguin.
    It looks light.

    <drop penguin; turn key>
    Gripping the penguin tightly, you are able to give the key a few quick turns before releasing it.

    The penguin's rotund shape jiggles slightly as it whizzes around the room with long skating strides. With the long knitted scarf fluttering behind him, the penguin skates away east. WHEEEEEE!!


    1 +
    -=[ Graffiti - Fun ]=-

    As a Cyborg, this can be obtained from an NPC in the subguild area for 5k coins each. Set the size and color, and then 'paint <message>'.
    When a non-Cyborg player looks at the item:
    A metal cylinder - This is a metal cylinder which appears to utilize advanced technology far exceeding what your feeble brain can reckon. Perhaps one of those advanced humans, the Cyborgs, could make use of it.
    It looks light.


    -=[ Hangman - Game ]=-

    Type 'playme hangman' to get yourself a noose and start playing!
    Type 'look at noose' for more help on how to play.

    A Hangman's Noose

    This is the Hangman's Noose, indicating that you are either playing a game of hangman right now, or plan to sometime soon. Type 'hangman' for more information.

    Available commands: (prefixed with 'hangman')
    create <word> - Create a game using word <word>
    play - Create a game where the computer picks the word
    invite <person> - Invite <person> to play this game. (not required)

    guess <letter> - Guess the letter <letter>
    show - Show the gallows
    quit - Leave and remove your game

    A game begins as soon as you or your invitee starts guessing.

    e.g.: hangman guess e


    1 - 2
    -=[ Pinnicle KENO - Game ]=-

    Welcome to Pinnicle KENO!

    KENO is a number guessing game. Ten numbers are picked as the KENO numbers, all between 1 and 80 without duplication. The player can choose between 3 and 10 numbers to guess. Each number the player guesses must also be between 1 and 80 without duplication. You wager any amount you like, and get a ticket with your numbers on it.

    After the KENO numbers are picked, check your ticket to see how many you matched. If you have at least three matches, you win! The amount you win depends on just how many you matched and on how many numbers you selected. Obviously, if you selected three and matched all of them to three of the ten KENO numbers you will much more than if you selected ten and only matched three of those. The odds are clearly posted on a sign next to the KENO board.


    -=[ Mastermind - Game ]=-

    The game is called Mastermind, it is a simple game that has been played by wise men throughout the centuries.

    The components of the game are few, just 5 colored marbles that you can not see. These marbles are put into a random order. The object of the game is for you to figure out the order of these 5 colored marbles. There are 6 possible colors for the marbles:

    red, magenta, yellow, blue, white, green.

    To make a guess, just type 'choose' followed by the first letters of colors you guess, separated by a space, ie 'choose b g y r w'. After each guess you will be told how many you have guessed correctly. It will tell you how many marbles are of the correct colors, and also how many are at the right location.

    When you are ready to play, simpy type 'start'.


    -=[ Petanque - Game ]=-

    Location: Inside Aunt May's Cottage.
    <portal; 12w; leave; 4w; 8n; w; enter; 4n; e>

    Commands For Getting Started

    display rules
    start game <player 1 name> <player 2 name>
    set throw <1-6>
    enter circle
    throw boule

    display rules

    Petanque is a two-player game where the players take turns at standing in the circle to lob their three boules onto the pit. The goal is to have the closest boule to the jack at the end of the game.

    For each throw the player has two main strategies (throws 1-3 and 4-6), each having three throwing types. The first strategy is to go for a point and aim to get as close to the jack as possible:

    Throw 1) Roll
    To Toss the boule a short distance, letting it roll the rest of the way
    Throw 2) Soft Lob
    To lob the boule so that it lands half-way between the player and jack. The boule will roll after landing, the higher the lob the shorter distance it will roll
    Throw 3) High Lob
    To lob the boule very high with the boule dropping about 2 meters from jack. This is a difficult throw requiring very good eye and excellent control.

    The second throwing strategy is to shoot the boule into the opponent's boule, knocking it further away from the jack:

    Throw 4) Shot On The Iron
    To smack the opponents boule at the very top and center. This is the hardest shot requiring the most accuracy. A successful shot on the iron is called a carreua, where the opponents boule is replaced by the players.
    Throw 5) Short Shot
    To shoot the boule so that it lands just in front of the opponent's boule.
    Throw 6) Ground Shot
    To shoot the boule so that most of the travel is via rolling. This is not a popular shot because the boule collides with other boules.

    At the end of the six boules being thrown, points are awarded. The player with the closest boule to the jack will be awarded one point for each boule they have closer to the jack than the opposition.

    See also: petanque


    -=[ Phase 10 - Game ]=-

    Phase 10 is a fun card game that's similar to Rummy, in that the player has to make 'sets' and 'runs' of cards to complete the phase before they can move onto the next phase. The game is played with a deck of 108 cards consisting of 96 different color cards and 12 special cards. The color cards are numbered 1 through 12 and there's 2 of each color; green, red, blue, and yellow. The 12 special cards are 8 wild cards and 4 skip cards. A 'set' is a collection of cards with the same number. e.g. a Yellow 4, a Green 4, and a Blue 4. A 'run' is a collection of cards in sequential numerical order. e.g. A Red 3, a Green 4, and a Red 5. To win a game the player must complete all 10 phases, in order.

    The 10 phases are:
    1 - Two sets of 3
    2 - A set of 3 and a run of 4
    3 - A set of 4 and a run of 4
    4 - A run of 7
    5 - A run of 8
    6 - A run of 9
    7 - Seven cards of one color
    8 - Two sets of 4
    9 - A set of 5 and a set of 2
    10 - A set of 5 and a set of 3
    And, in a MUD-only 'Long' game:
    11 - One Run of 10
    12 - One Set of 6 and One Run of 3
    13 - One Run of 7 - of the same color
    14 - Ten Cards of One Color
    15 - Two Sets of 5 (cannot use wild cards)

    For additional information see:
    p10 rules, p10 scoring, p10 cmds, p10 extra.


    2 - 6
    -=[ A public telephone - FUN ]=-

    A public telephone. You could dial a friend of yours for only 50 coins. There's a phonebook here if you've forgotten their phone number.

    'lookup <player>'
    Once the other person answers, <speak> for your words to go through the telephone.


    -=[ Pinnacle Casino Roulette - Game ]=-

    Roulette is a simple guessing game. A silver ball randomly falls into one of 64 slots. The slots alternate between red and black colors. The player can make a wager on which color or number into which the ball will fall. If the player wagered that the ball would fall on a chosen color, the payoff is 9/5 the wager. If the wager was on a chosen number, the payoff is fifty times the wager.


    -=[ Slide - Game ]=-

    This is the Sliding Puzzle Game. The object of the game is to get the board from its present postion to look like this:
    |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |
    |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |
    |  9  | 10  | 11  | 12  |
    | 13  | 14  | 15  |     |
    view - to view board layout
    m (or move) <num> - to move a piece

    Note: you can 'm <num> <num> <..>' to move several pieces in sequence.
    To get to this position you must move the numbers around. The only valid moves are those that move a piece adjacent to the blank spot into the blank spot. For example in the winning position above you could move 2 pieces possibly, 12 could be moved down and 15 could be moved to the right. Doing this will vacate the previous position of the number and other numbers can be moved into this void. Good luck.


    -=[ Pinnacle Casino Slots - Game ]=-

    This is the most simple, but most liked of our machines. All you do is insert your money, pull the lever, and take your winnings! The winnings are determined as follows as measured by multiples of your wager:

                        Configuration        Payoff
                        -------------        ------
                        Three bars           50x
                        Two bars             5x
                        Three of a kind      10x


    -=[ Snowball - FUN ]=-

    A wet, cold snowball. You can throw it at someone. Try to 'throw <player>'. It looks light.

    There is a 1 snowball limit.


    -=[ Solitaire - Game ]=-

    Location: A small dispensing machine.
    <chaos;enter;2w;deposit 50 coins>

    A deck of playing cards
    This is a small deck of playing cards. Each of the cards has a small picture of a pair of dice on the back. Your fingers almost twitch to "deal cards" and play a game or two of solitaire. If you don't know how, you could always type "help solitaire" for instructions. If you wish to get rid of the cards, just "toss" them away.

    It looks light.

    Objective: The four aces are the foundation cards, and they are set out above the tableau as they become available. The object is to build up the suits on their respective aces in correct ascending order.

    Play: One regular pack of 52 cards is used. Twenty-eight cards are delt to form the TABLEAU. One card is dealt into the first column, two into the second, and so on up to seven cards in the seventh column. The last card in each column is turned face up, the rest face down. On the columns you can build in descending sequence, red on black or black on red. For example on the King of Spades either the Queen of Diamonds or Queen of Hearts can be placed. All the face up cards in a column are moved at once, matched according to the bottom card of the pile. For example if you have built the Seven of Spades on the Eight of Hearts, you can later move the two together onto the Nine of Clubs. When you uncover a face down card in a column, it is turned face up. You are entilted to seven columns. Only a king can be moved into an empty column. Each time you free an Ace, it can be moved into a row above the columns, called the FOUNDATION. On the Aces you man build up in suit ans sequence, starting with the Two. Once a card has been moved to the foundation it can not be moved later in the game. The game is won when all the cards have been moved into the foundation. From the rest of the pack, called the HAND, three cards at a time are turned over to form the STOCK. The top card of the stock can be moved either onto a column in the tableu or the foundation if a legal move exists.

    Redeal: The stock may be redealt, without shuffling, as many times as neccessary until the game either blocks or is won.

    ## - tableau to tableau (eg: 32 moves cards from column 3 to 2)
    hs - hand to stock s# - stock to tableau
    sf - stock to foundation reshuffle - start a new hand
    #f - tableau to foundation toss cards - get rid of the cards


    +---+ +---+     +---++---++---++---+
    stock hand|     |   |foundation|   |
    |   | |   |     |   ||   ||   ||   |
    +---+ +---+     +---++---++---++---+
                    |   ||   ||   tableau   ||   ||   |
                      .    .    .    .    .    .    .
                      :    :    :    :    :    :    :

    Step 1: <deal cards>

    Step 2: Notice that each card has a letter behind it (h is for hearts, c is for clubs, s is for spades, and d is for diamonds).

    Step 3: In the above example for Step 1, you need to move the Ace of Clubs from the tableau to the foundation row - <5f>

    Step 4: <look at cards> any time you need to remember what you have laid down.

    Step 5: From this point, <hs> to transfer cards from your hand to the stock pile so that you can start moving things around. Then, it's relatively straight forward with following the above <help solitaire> commands.

    Step 6: When your hand is empty, do NOT reshuffle as this will begin an entirely new game. Instead, continue to <hs>.

    Step 7: When you finally win the game, refer to the Marbles Quest Page --> Caramel Marble.

    <redeem wrapper>

    Cancer inspects the wrapper.
    Cancer says: Wow, lucky you. Just wait here a moment while I get your prize.

    Cancer searches around underneath the store counter.

    Cancer says: Here you go. One instant-prize. It's still a new contest so I don't even know what the damned thing is.


    -=[ Spades - Game ]=-

    A hand in the game of Spades

    This is a hand of cards in the game of Spades. Type 'spd' for help.

    A decent place to start:

    Note: The core mud-spades rules vary slightly from the ones in the above web page, and those are outlined in the rules help file. Make sure you read it after reading that page.

    Spades is a card game using a standard deck of 52 cards and having 2 teams each with 2 players. Each partnership will bid the number of tricks they think they can take together before play begins. Spades are always trump, hence the name of the game. This means that any spade is higher than the ace of any other suit. Since you must always follow suit in this game, the only way to take a trick that was led with a non-spade is to throw a spade.

    For additional information see:
    spd rules, spd scoring, spd cmds, spd extra. SPD RULES
    spd rules Spades is a bidding game that requires some knowledge of trump based games and following suit. Spades is ALWAYS trump.

    Generally you bid how many tricks you and your partner can take together. You must determine this through your bidding, you may NOT talk about how many tricks you can take, nor discuss what cards you have. The only communication you are allowed is bidding.

    If you are the first person to bid on your team, you should bid how many tricks you think you can take by yourself. Your partner will than base his bid off of yours. If you can take 3, and he thinks he can take 3, he may bid 6, or perhaps 5 allowing for a trick overlap.

    A bid of 'NIL' indicates that you (and only you) plan to take NO tricks. Your partner will still bid how many tricks he/she plans to take. If you fail to make your bid you will lose as many points as you would have gotten with your bid. (-50 for failing nil, -40 for failing 4 bid, etc)

    You can lead any card at any time, but you must ALWAYS follow suit. In fact, the game will not let you reneg. If hearts are led, and you have a heart, you must play it.

    Bidding will go around until everyone has passed, allowing the chance for you to bid again after seeing what your partner and the other team has bid.

    A bid of nil (0) or blind nil (00) must be done before you bid anything else, and immediately ends your bid. You would bid NIL only if you think you can avoid taking any tricks. You can only bid Blind Nil before you have looked at your cards. This is extremely dangerous but nets you 100 points if you are successful.

    Scoring for Spades:

    Standard scoring rules are as follows, with a game ending at 500 points:
    Making bid - 10 points per trick bid
    Over tricks - 1 point each
    Nil - 50 points
    Blind Nil - 100 points

    Acquiring 10 overtricks causes a loss of 100 points for every 10 over.

    Commands for Spades:

    All actions are all handled through the spd command. This includes starting the game, playing the game, and even chatting during the game.

    The following commands are available (all prefixed with spd):

    Playing commands:
    cards - Show your hand.
    game - Show current game details.
    bid # - Bid a # of tricks, 0 for nil, and 00 blind nil.
    play # - Play card #, or you can by card ex: 'KD'
    trick - Show the trick and current score/tricks taken

    Other commands:
    create [-f] <name> - Creates a game [see spd flags for options].
    join <game name> - Joins a game not yet started.
    rejoin - Rejoins a game you quit/rebooted from.
    games - Show all the games.
    who - Show everyone with a hand.
    start - Start the game once everyone has joined.
    chat <text> - Send a chat to your game.
    emote <text> - Send an emote to your game.
    shout <text> - Send a shout to everyone.
    dest - Quit and destroy your hand.
    quit - Quit your game.
    lock - Lock your game.
    unlock - Unlock your game.
    option - Set a game option to val.
    boot - Kick someone out that's LD or idle > 3min.

    Note: Most commands can be abbreviated if so desired. These abbreviations are 'c' for cards, 'g' for game.


    -=[ Starship Battle Simulator - Game ]=-

    Instructions for the Starship Battle Simulator:

    You may get more information on any of the following topics by typing 'read <#>' where <#> is the number preceeding your reading choice.

    1) intro
    2) pregame
    3) battle
    4) attitude
    5) shields
    6) phasers
    7) photons
    8) endgame
    9) misc


    The Starship Battle Simulator is divided into three phases: pregame, battle, and endgame.

    pregame) The game is wagered upon, the competitors enter their respective holodecks and when ready, one of them types 'start'

    battle) The phase in which the competitors attack one another until either a player's ship is destroyed or a player surrenders

    endgame) Once a winner has been declared, the purse is awarded to that player and the holodecks are reconfigured for the next simulation


    Pregame is done in this room and consists of wagering amounts of gold coins on the outcome of a battle simulation. To wager an amount on the game, type 'wager <amount>' where <amount> is the number of coins you wish to wager. Once the minimum wager has been reached, the game begins with each player entering the holodecks. Once in command, either captain may start the game by typing 'start'. The game then moves into battle mode. Once the game is over and a winner has been declared, the player so declared will get the full amount of the wagered purse and the holodecks are readied for another simulation.


    Battle is considered the time from the moment a captain types 'start' to the time either a ship is destroyed or one of the competetitors has surrendered. The bulk of the game is in this phase. To learn all the different aspects of this phase, read 4,5,6 & 7 in this book and also read 'attitude.chart' 'shields.chart' and 'phasers.chart' to get the feel of your position in the battle simulation.

    ATTITUDE: command-> 'attitude <#>'

    Attitude refers to the position of your ship relative to the enemy. To see the possible attitude positions your ship can accomodate, typing 'read attitude.chart' will give you the numbers. Basically, there are 11 positions. 0,1,2,3,4,5 & 6 are rotational positions which mean about the center of mass of the starship. positions 612,23,543, & 65 are planar attitudes which mean the ship moves in that direction with no rotation. Think of it like this: With an attitude of 2, your ship is pointing to the upper right (when looking from behind your ship), this position is upper-starboard. In this position, the upper-starboard section (2) of your ship is in good defensive position from an enemy phaser lock. Section 3 is a little more protected than 4, whereas 5 is wide open for attack. Moving your ship into this attitude provides a cleaner lock onto enemy position 2 though, so it's a trade-off throughout the battle. You want to match your lock as close as you can to your attitude while at the same time keeping track of enemy locks onto your exposed areas.

    SHIELDS: command-> 'shields '

    Shields are the main deterrent in receiving damage from enemy fire. Typing 'read shields.chart' will show you the possible values for <x>. <x> can also be 'up' or 'down' which will raise/lower your shields. The different configurations of your shields determine which areas of your ship will be the most protected. For example, if you configured your shields to the 's' (starboard) position, the right side of your ship will be well protected, but the center and left sides will be left protected, but to a weaker degree. You basically want your shields to match the enemy lock upon you. Remember also, that enemy photon damage is concentrated on position '0' so if you see the enemy charging photons, switch to a shield configuration that'll protect your bow (0), unless you want to take heavy damage. Also, for obvious reasons, remember to raise your shields before you enter battle.

    PHASERS: commands -> 'lock <#>' and 'fire'

    Phasers are your main offensive weapons. There are only a few things to remember when using them:

    1) before they can be fired (by typing 'fire') they must be locked onto an enemy position 'type read phasers.chart'

    2) once locked, the phasers are armed and ready

    3) phaser damage is reduced by three things: your attitude, the enemy's attitude, and the enemy's shields. If your attitude is far from the lock on your enemy, damage will be reduced. Likewise, if the enemy's attitude matches your lock, damage will also be reduced. Enemy shields will reduce damage according to your lock and which shield configuration the enemy currently has established

    PHOTONS: command -< 'photon'

    Your arsenal of weapons also includes photon torpedos. Their use is simple. Type 'photon' to begin the firing sequence. This only takes a few seconds. Once fully charged, the torpedo is fired toward enemy position '0' with appropriate damage reduced according to your attitude, the enemy's attitude, and the enemy's shield configuration.


    The game is over when one player is either destroyed or has surrendered. When either has happened, the purse goes to the remaining player. The game is then over and a new purse must be wagered if another game is desired.


    Just a few hints on the game:

    1) First thing once the game has started, raise your shields.

    2) Keep your attitude changing to maximize your damage and minimize enemy damage.

    3) Keep your shield configuration changing to minimize enemy damage.

    4) Adjust your phaser lock according to enemy attitude and shield configuration to maximize damage.

    5) Keep all things moving. Stand still and you will most likely be destroyed.

    6) Once you enter the holodeck, look at the panel next to the captain's chair to see the available commands.

    7) Above all, have a good time.


    -=[ Tag - Game ]=-

    |-|-|-|-|-| Legoland  Toyshop |-|-|-|-|-|
       Description:       Price:
    1. Pirate Eyepatch      19
    2. Silly Putty          200
    3. Lego Copter          500
    4. A Slinky             200
    5. Red Rubber ball      50
    6. An IT                1000
           ('buy #' to make a purchase)

    Step 1: <buy 6>
      Ted hands you The IT and takes 1000 coins from you.

    Step 2: Find a friend - <tag <insert player name here>>

    Step 3: Run away before they notice. Feel free to shout out that they're "IT".

    Note: If you can't find a friend to tag, you can just tag any other player you see on the mud.


    2 +
    -=[ Texas Hold'Em - Game ]=-

    The card room cashier

    This machine turns coins into chips, and chips into coins. The commands to do this are:

    buyin - turn coins into chips*
    cashout - turn chips into coins*

    If you do not specify a number or specify '0' it will 'buyin' or 'cashout' all if the coins or chips you have respectively.

    You can also buy 'play chips' that can never be cashed back into coins. You can get a unit of 'play chips' once per 24 real hours.
    For each purchase you get 25000 play chips.
    To buy play chips use the following command:

    playmoney - recieve a chip unit of 25000 chips*
    playtransfer - give play money to another player*, **

    You may also withdraw from your Pinnacle Bank of 3-Kingdoms (c) account to play poker with. You may also EFT (electronic fund transfer) coins directly from your account into chips. Since this is not an offical Pinnacle Bank of 3-Kingdoms (c) branch location the fee for this service is higher than you normally pay. The fee for this service is:

    eft - 10000 coins*, ***
    withdraw - 1000 coins****

    *You can not use these commands when sitting at a poker table
    **10% tax is applied on playtransfer
    ***EFT in 100000 coin increments only.
    ****Withdraw in 10000 coin increments only.

                Three Kingdoms' Texas Hold'Em Help
    [-Global Commands------------------------------------------]
    [pokchat    - main poker chat][epokchat   - emote on main  ]
    [pidea      - log idea to wiz][pbug       - log bug to wiz ]
    [pokscore   - show score     ][pokerhelp  - this help      ]
    [ptoplist   - show toplists  ][pdestroy   - drop poker hand]
    [ptables    - list tables    ][pokwho     - show players   ]
    [-Table Commands-------------------------------------------]
    [poktchat   - table chat     ][epoktchat  - emote on table ]
    [pstand     - leave table    ][psit       - sit at table   ]
    [ptsetlimit - set limit      ][ptsettype  - set chip type  ]
    [ptsetblind - set blind      ][pdeal      - deal cards     ]
    [pbstat     - brief status   ][pokstat    - current status ]
    [pbet       - place bet      ][prbet      - raise the bet  ]
    [pcall      - call           ][pcheck     - check          ]
    [pfold      - fold           ][pbhand     - hand status    ]
    [pflash     - flash cards    ][           -                ]
    [-Help Files-----------------------------------------------]
    [pokerhelp rules      - Rules to play Texas Hold'em        ]
    [pokerhelp houserules - Three Kingdoms' house rules        ]
    [pokerhelp ansi       - Texas Hold'em ansi variables       ]
    [pokerhelp pokstat    - Information about 'pokstat' screen ]


    -=[ UNO - Game ]=-

    3K UNO! Type 'uhelp <topic> for more
    uabout - game credits
    uansi - toggles ansi UNO viewing
    ublock - toggles ushout blocking
    uboot - forces a player out
    ucall - calls out UNO!
    ucolor - picks color on a 1st Wild
    udeal - begins a game
    udestroy- destroys your UNO game
    udraw - draws a card
    uforce - forces a player to pass
    ugames - lists current games
    ugive - gives UNO game to someone
    uhand - displays your hand ('uh')
    uhelp - access UNO help
    uhistory- utell history ('uhis')
    uhiss - ushout history
    ujoin - joins/creates a game
    ulock - locks an UNO game
    umini - condenses your hand ('um')
    umore - toggles UNO page viewing
    unew - lists recent changes
    unoplay - plays a card uno!
    unote - submits bug/typo/idea
    upass - passes your turn
    uplay - plays a card
    uquit - quits you from your game
    ureadme - just read it :)
    urules - lists the rules of UNO!
    uscore - game stats ('us')
    uscore2 - expanded game stats ('us2')
    uset - sets various game attributes
    ushout - shouts to all UNO players
    usoul - does a UNO soul
    utell - tells to game ('ut')
    utelle - emotes to game ('ute')
    uwager - wagers money on an UNO game
    uwatch - lets you watch an UNO game
    uwho - lists people with UNO hands


    2 +
    -=[ Pinnacle Video Poker - Game ]=-

    You are dealt five cards. You can discard any of the cards you wish, or none. The discarded cards are replaced by new cards. Then, your hand is scored and a payoff is given according to the following table in relation to your wager:

    Pair of Jacks+ = 1x
    Two Pair = 2x
    Three of a kind = 3x
    Straight = 4x
    Flush = 5x
    Full house = 8x
    Four of a kind = 25x
    Straight flush = 50x
    Royal flush = 300x

    "Straight" means five cards in sequence.
    "Flush" means five cards of one suit.
    "Full house" means three of a kind and two of a kind
    "Royal Flush" means a straight flush in spades ending at ace

    Ace is high.


    -=[ The game of WAR! - Game ]=-

    The game of WAR! is a game of wills, a game of steel nerves and a game of blood. There are no places for pansy-ass wimps here. Leave your egos at the door and take a shot at other players. The game of WAR! is now, be part of it!

    To see this message again, type 'war' to list it. To see info on any WAR! subject listed below, type 'war <topic>' where <topic> is a topic listed below. WAR! Topics ----------- begin movement weapons end When a game is underway, you can get information on the battle by typing either 'stats' or 'map' to see what's happening.

    <war begin>
    WAR! begins by two players typing 'enter' in this room. Once that happens, other players have 60 seconds to join in. Up to 9 players can play a game of WAR! at one time.

    The game then shifts to what veterans call 'hell mode.' You must kill or be killed. This is not a game of friendship, there can be only one. You blast, mine and nuke your enemies until nothing remains but smoldering hulks of flesh. You have 20 minutes to prove yourself, or be called a WIMP!

    When you enter the game, you are placed in your own Virtual Reality battletank, complete with weapons and targeting systems. Your battletank has a finite amount of energy, armour and mines. Energy recharges and armour gets repaired over time. To get a listing of your battletank powers, type 'war' once you enter the game.

    Your job is to kill, kill and kill. Wait too long and you will lose.

    <war movement>
    Movement in the game of WAR! is simple. You can move your battletank in any one of the cardinal directions (n,s,e,w). The battlefield is basically a maze of walls and paths. The radar in your battletank allows you to view your position along with enemy positions by typing 'map' Mind you, this does not show battlefield walls, only the boundaries. You can move in any direction shown in the room you're in. Mind you, you can't move through walls, but weapons can, so watch every angle.

    Move or die, kill or be killed.

    <war weapons>
    The game of WAR! would not be much fun without these.

    mine - places a mine in the room you're in. only one mine per room. a mine will explode if the room it's in is attacked. careful, you CAN run over your own mines.

    flak - shoots artillery into the room you are in. the weapon will damage all enemies in the room

    cannon <dir> - fires the cannon in the direction <dir>. the plasma blast will travel up to 5 spaces until it encounters either an enemy or the map boundary, the weapon damages all in the room it hits

    nuke <dir> - this massive weapon fires a nuclear missile in the direction <dir>. The weapon is fired two spaces away and heavily damages all in the room it hits. also, the 8 surrounding rooms are hit by the blast as well. careful, fire this too close to a boundary and you will suffer.

    Make others die or die yourself.

    <war end> The game of WAR! ends when all combatants are defeated except the final victor. The champion. The one.


    2 - 9
    -=[ Pinnacle Casino Wheel of Fortune - Game ]=-

    This is the Big Money Wheel! It has all different denominations on it. All you do is pay 5000 coins, and spin it. That's all it costs! You might win only 1000 coins back. But the possibility is there to win a million! Now, just think how you can spend that. There are some instructions here for you to look at if you don't know how to play.

    The rules are simple, just spin the wheel, and you win whatever money the wheel lands on. Possible payoffs are:

    1M, 500k, 250k, 100k, 50k, 25k, 10k, 5k, 2k, 1k


    -=[ Zilch - Game ]=-

    This is a zilch game. For help on it type zilch help. To see the commands type zilch by itself.

    Zilch commands are zilch followed by:
    chat [chat within your game]
    shout [shout something to all zilchers]
    close [close my game to people joining]
    open [open my game to people joining]
    dest [get rid of this]
    help [see help]
    create [create a new game]
    leave my game [leave your game]
    game [see my current game]
    games [see all games]
    players [see all people with a zilch game]
    join [join creator's game]
    boot [kick out a linkdead person]
    top [see the top players]

    ----Gameplay commands----
    winscore [Set how many points to win 1000-10000000. Only before start]
    start [only the creator of the game can do this]
    picks [show the current possible picks after a die roll]
    roll [roll the dice when it's your turn to roll]
    stay [keep your current points and pass your turn to the next]
    pick <#> [pick dice grouping x]
    newroll [opt to not continue the previous person's roll(this only works if the previous person did a stay. All other times you use the roll command)]

    zilch ansi variables:
    zilchdata-dice roll and scores


    Dice : The game consists of a set of 5 dice.

    Pool : During a player's turn he or she accumulates points into the point pool. At the end of that player's turn they have either lost all those points or banked them into their permanent score.

    Permanent Score : Each player has a score total that can never be lost. Once this total reaches the winning amount (decided during game creation) they win unless somebody passes their score before the current round is over.

    Round : Each round consists of somebody starting with all 5 dice, rolling them and producing some combination of scoring and unscoring dice. See the scoring section at the bottom to see which is which. The scoring dice point total is added to the pool and the player can choose to either bank the pool or continue with the remaining dice. The round is over when a roll is made with no scoring dice.

    Continuing : When somebody decides to stop rolling even though they could keep going, the next player in line has the option to continue that persons turn. The advantage of this is that they will not have to start their turn with 0 points in the pool, but rather will have the # of points in the pool that the previous person had.


    Goal : Score a certain number points decided by the game host (default is 20000).

    Info : Gameplay starts with the first player rolling 5 dice. If those dice prodce any points (see below) the player can set the scoring dice aside and add that number of point to a point pool.

    The player then has to decide if they want to continue rolling with the dice left (non-scoring dice) or "bank" those points to the pool. If the player choose to continue rolling, the remaining dice are rolled.

    If they choose to stop, the points in the pool are added to their total score for the game. The play then passes to the next person. The player then has 2 options:

    1) Continue where the previous person left off, rolling the remaining dice but beginning with all the points the previous player had in the point pool.
    2) Start a fresh roll of 5 dice and clear the point pool.

    Anytime a dice roll is made that has no points scored, it ends that player's turn and the point pool is cleared. Play then passes onto the next player.

    Once a player crosses the needed points to win and stays, play will continue until somebody loses a roll. Even though you are the first to cross the needed points barrier, players can continue to roll on your score in an attempt to make a comeback.

    When a dice roll is made and all dice rolled are scoring, you get to roll all 5 dice again if you keep going.

    1 = 100              Four 1s = 2000
    5 = 50               Five 2s = 600
    Three 2s = 200       Five 3s = 900
    Three 3s = 300       Etc.
    Etc.                 Five 1s = 3000
    Three 1s = 1000      1,2,3,4,5 = 1500
    Four 2s = 400        2,3,4,5,6 = 1500
    Four 3s = 600