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First Ever Art Contest

Kirwan vs Death Taco, by Kirwan's daughter

Welcome to We Mud Together's first ever (maybe annual) Art Contest! Submit your artwork for a chance to win VAF credit this holiday season. Official starting date of the contest is Thursday, 17 November 2022 and will remain open until Tuesday, 20 December 2022. Please refer to the contest rules listed below.

We will VAF $25 on behalf of the winner in the form of a gift card to any wizard of your choosing.

1. Must submit original artwork.
2. The theme of your artwork must be of your favorite mob/place/or item on 3K (see rule 3).
3. Submissions must not contain anything inappropriate.
4. Artwork must be submitted to OR posted on WMT's @art channel via Discord by Tuesday, 20 December 2022.
5. Include your 3K character name, the title of your artwork (see rule 2), and that you're submitting an entry for the Art Contest.
6. Winner will be determined by the staff at We Mud Together. If selected as the winner, you have 36 hours to reply once the announcement has been made.

A winner will be announced on Thursday, 22 December 2022 and contacted via mudmail and/or WMT discord.

To see all artwork submitted, visit WMT's Discord and find the @art channel.