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Helping you mud, one day at a time.

  • Photo of Locrian and Elminster at the Renaissance Festival.

    At Ren Fair

What is this site? Aren’t there enough guides, wiki’s, personal sites, and all that crap on how to play muds? Yeah, probably...despite that, we still wanted this site. One place to go (for us), and hopefully be able to access it all. Consider this site to be our personal notes section and we're sharing it with whomever may be interested.

We said muds up there, but it’s really just one. Three Kingdoms (aka 3K), it’s the only one we play (since around 1996) and you can’t convert us. Between the two of us, yeah, well...he's addicted to being on the mud and knows a lot of the ins and outs of 3K; she, on the other hand, logs on every now and then and can um, update this site...and make a map (well, he can make a map too).

For our maps, we use Squid on a Chromebook. Feel free to harass or just normally contact us if you have any updates or notice something that needs fixing.

Yep, this is us...


Began back in 1996, like most everyone else and kept playing, every day. He's really good at knowing things too. I wouldn't call him a number cruncher, but he can figure out how to make the most gxp from any guild he joins.

He likes lots of different video games, torturing his wife with zombie games, making bots, maps, and playing D&D with the kids (yeah, we have 5 of those). Oh, he LOVES naps and coffee! Let's not forget beer too, it soothes the soul.

He plays...
Elminster Mage
Chomp Changeling
Leonis Knight
Knull Sii
Heimdall Juggernaut
Jaeger Hardcore Juggernaut


Originally began back in 1996, like most everyone else. Played off and on, then started fresh in 2008. Took another few years break, and picked it back up again (that's kind of how I roll).

I like music! Apple Playlist (Spotify Playlist is here), playing animal crossing and guitar, crocheting things, photography, and most of all making this website!
Like, seriously, I'm addicted to making this site. In case you're curious, I use "vanilla html", no framework. And I'm still learning as I code.

She plays...
Locrian Bard
Sagittarii Knight
Malice Hardcore Knight
Fennec Bladesinger
Valkyrja Guild hopper