SYNTAX: auction / ahhist [reverse]

Official Pinnacle Auction Line

Type 'auction' to get your own copy of the auction line.
Auction Commands: Description:
atalk : talk on auction line (only during auction)
abid : bid on current auction item(s)
acheck : check the items and bid on the current auction
: "acheck long" will show an items long description
ablock : block the auction line
adestroy : destroy this auction line
ahistory : lists the last bunch of auctions
Auction House Commands: Description:
ahlist [filter] : Show items for sale at the auction house
ahview <item> : Show long desc for auction <item>
ahhist [reverse] : Show recent auction history
<the above cost 50 coins to do remotely!>
ahbid <#> <amt> : Bid from afar (costs 100 coins and not within 30 seconds of auction end.)

To auction items, you must go see the auctioneer down from Cancer. To receive items you have bid on, you must 'say collect' to the auctioneer.
To cancel items from the auction house, you must use the 'cancel' command while in the auction house.

See also: afind.

Important Information About Items Being Sold for 10 coins

You may have noticed some really impressive items up for a very good price in the auction house. In 2021, this became a new approach to making rare items more accessible to those that would like to use the Eternal power (duplicate item. These items can be spotted by listings specifically set at a bid of 10 and buyout of 11 coins. They are meant to be purchased, duplicated and then the original item relisted for the same 10/11 price for the next person. So far this has made life easier for those sharing and duplicating, so if you happen to see these listings, please only purchase them if you intend to duplicate and relist!

Side Note: Nobody is perfect, and the system will reflect that. If one of these auctions appears erroneous, help get things back on track. If you see an item traditionally reserved for sharing but with a slightly skewed price, it's better to assume it is not something selling for a too good to be true price. The more people we have respecting and helping this process, the better it will be for all. Additionally, let's not harass each other if someone makes a mistake.

Read more information about chatlines here, or Eternals here.