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<questlist 99> / <questlist wayhaven>

The City Council of Wayhaven has announced a War on Crime! The city has been overrun by a nefarious cast of nasties who are taking the citizens for every spare cent they have! Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to go to the queen city of Fantasy and find the City Clerk. Then type present for syntax details and more details on this deadly task! 100s have died trying but the rewards are great!

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (8/10)
Exploring : (10/10)
Fighting : (9/10)

Quest Point Value : 95
Designed for Levels: 40+

Created by : Tiro
Once per Reboot : No

Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: March 2023)

Note: Before you get started, make sure you have moon-rocks on you for a good light source, as well as 1 or 2 sacks. - To get moon-rocks: <chaos, enter, s, s, w, w, enter, 4n, #5 buy rocks, keep all, 4s, leave, e, e, n, n, vortex> or visit our Lights page.
- To get sacks: visit our Bags page.
- Now go withdraw 33,500 coins from the bank in Pinnacle (this quest is costly).
- Additionally, be wary of rooms you search along the way during this quest as some NPC's will violently kick you out of their room.)

  1. <portal, 5e, 5s, e, climb staircase>
  2. <present myself>
    The City Clerk looks down at you from the lofty vantage point of his own somewhat pointed nose. `My dear...fellow, he harumphs, if you really believe yourself capable of aiding the city in ending this scourge of crime under which we all suffer, you must first become a citizen. To the best of my knowledge, the only one sponsoring such as you these days is that rump of a Merchant Guild. Now get lost before I lose my patience!'
  3. Go to stall - <2w, 5n, 6w, n, enter stall>
  4. <buy guitar>
  5. Visit the woman on the balcony - <out, e, 5n, 2e>
  6. <serenade woman>
    You begin to play the guitar. And while you aren't a great player, you have caught her attention. She leans over and smiles at you and beckons you closer.

    'Listen', she whispered, while looking over her shoulder. `I appreciate the thought but my heart is given to the Lord of the Citadel Guard. But if you help me get a message to him I will give you a note that will introduce you to my father. He's a very important man and knowing him can't help but be good for you. Will you receive the message and deliver it to my love?'
  7. <receive message>
    The beautiful young woman leaned over the balcony and tossed you down the love note for her sweetheart. You pluck it out of the air and slip it into your possessions. Now you wonder where the heck the Lord might be. The Citadel obviously, you think.
  8. Find the Captain of the Guard - <2w, 10s, climb staircase>
  9. <deliver message>
    The handsome, virile Lord of the Citadel Guard, sighs tremulously and takes the message from your hands. He reaches inside his tunic and hands you another message. Please deliver this message to my love. She'll see you are rewarded! The Lord turns away to read while waving you down his secret exit to the bazaar!
  10. Head back to the woman on the balcony - <8n, 2e>
  11. <deliver message>
    The beautiful young woman leaned down and plucked the message from your upthrust hands. With a smile she leaned down and hands you a note. `There,' she smiled. `Take that to daddy. He'll take care of you!' She turns away to read the note. She gives you a note.
  12. Visit the Guild Master - <e, 2n, w, enter door, w>
    If you happen to run across a Dwarven Trader, go ahead and kill him (you'll need 'An Emerald' later)
    8,106 : A Dwarven Trader
  13. <present note>
    The Master looks at you carefully, rereads the note, and then pulls out paper and pen and writes a quick note. 'Here,' he says. 'Present yourself with this to the City Clerk. He'll explain where to go from here! And don't make me look a fool for sponsoring you. Or I'll thrash my daughter's bottom!' He waves you on your way and goes back to his models. He gives you guild sponsorship.
  14. Visit the Wayhaven Clerk again - <e, n, e, 2s, 3w, 6s, 5e, 5s, e, climb staircase>
  15. <present myself>
    The City Clerk looks you up and down and you denote a slight lessening in the size and profundity of the sneer with which he has 'greeted' you in the past. 'I see you have earned sponsorship as a citizen of this great city, the clerk sniffs. 'But you must still gain an occupation if you wish to join our War on Crime. Get a Bounty Hunter License and come see me again. We have more citizens these days than we know what to do with.' He waves you on.
  16. Find the Tintorillos - <w, s>
  17. <prepare document>
    The Tintorillo looks you up and down and snickers. 'I suppose you are here for a Bounty Hunter License. I've only made 182 of the damn things the last week. Anyway, I need notarized legal paper and official blue city ink to make those papers. Please try not to waste my time again until you have both of them!' He sighs, snickers, and mutters under his breath.
  18. We'll get ink and paper soon, but first, let's kill a baby dragon (we need its scale later and it's on the way) - <n, w, 5n, 5w, 4n, e, d, 2e, s>
  19. <challenge dragon>
  20. <kill dragon>
    17,342 : Baby dragon
  21. <get scale>
  22. Now, go catch a fish so that you can buy ink from the ink shoppe - <n, 2w, u, w, 4n, 6e, s, kill fisherogre>
    (Original quest notes indicate to visit the Ink Shoppe first, and proceed with a lot of back and forth directions. We're skipping that here.)
  23. <get rod, catch fish> (Continue to <catch fish> until you actually catch a fish.)
  24. Head towards the Ink Shoppe - <n, 6w, 8s, 12e, 2n, 4w, 3n, 2e, 2n, e>
    NOTE: DO NOT give the Ink Master your fish. He will take it from your inventory automatically.
  25. <buy ink>
    The Ink Maker takes the fish, squeezes some ink, hands you the bottle, and waves you on your way.
  26. <buy printer ink>
    The Ink Maker looks around carefully, then lifts a small trapdoor, reaches in, and withdraws a jar of printer ink. Be careful with this stuff he warns. The Bureaucrats get real mad if they find a citizen with this stuff on their person!
  27. Go buy paper - <w, n, 3w, 4n>
  28. <buy paper>
    You order some Legal City Bond Paper and the Paper Maker carefully hands you a sheet. `Be very careful,' he warns. `This stuff gets smeared and dirty real easy!!
  29. <buy plypaper>
    You order some of the Paper Maker's Special Ply Paper and he hands you a sheet. `Be very careful,' he warns. `This stuff gets smeared and dirty real easy!!
  30. While you're in the area, go ahead and buy some gunpowder. - <s, e, e, e, n, buy gunpowder>
    You order some firepowder and the proprietor gingerly hands you a portion. `Be very careful,' he warns. `This stuff goes off too easy!!
  31. Since the notary is in a restricted area, you need to obtain the pass to get to them. Visit the Forger now. - <2s, 2e, 2s, 2e, 4s, w>
  32. <buy pass>
    You'd be looking for a forger, not a printer bud! Now why don't you just do the shimmy and shimmy on out of here!
  33. <shimmy>
    You begin to shimmy up the ladder, reach the ceiling, press hard against it, pushing open a trapdoor. You climb through and find yourself in a secret room!!
  34. <request pass>
    The Forger takes the paper and ink, relieves you of 10,000 coins, and then starts up his machines. After a few minutes he hands you a nice crisp Official City Pass!
  35. Find the notary on the Promenade - <trapdoor, e, 2s, 2w, 2s, 7w, 5s, w, 3s, 3e, n>
  36. <notarize document>
    The notary stamps the paper with his seal, affixes his signature, then waves you on your way.
  37. You're unable to leave the Promenade area "the normal way". Don't worry, here's how to leave. - <s, e, n, search dock>
  38. <leap to boat>
    You bunch your muscles and carefully flip under the dock and down to the boat below!
  39. <free smuggler> and he gives you A Strange Whistle. (You'll need this in your possession for the end of the quest.)
    You free the smuggler who quickly unships the oars and begins to row towards the Wharf District side of the river.
  40. <u> - search along this area for A Gambler and A Hustler (you're going to need A Deck of Cards that the Gambler carries and A Gladhand that the Hustler carries later). Come back to this spot once you've killed them and these items are in your possession, you should currently be on the dock right outside the Colosseum (bottom right corner of map linked above).
    733 : A Gambler
    357 : A Hustler
  41. Head back to the Tintorillos <4n, w, 3n, 3w, 5s, e, climb staircase, w, s>
  42. <prepare document>
    The Tintorillo takes the notarized legal paper and the official blue city ink and begins to laboriously transcribe the required document! After a time he finishes with a flourish and hands it to you! He laughs! 'Best thing ever happened for my business was this here War on Crime!' Snicker. Anyway, you'll need to get the signatures for this thing. So go check in with the City Clerk again. You should know the drill by now.

    An Official Document [Unsigned]
    Be it hereby noted, pursuant to the legal code of the ancients of Wayhaven, Tome 14-3478-22.3.f.i.22, that the holder of this document, inasmuch as the document is legally binding by the five signatures of the City Councilman in office on the following date [Forb 22, Lord's Year 31,456], is an official Bounty Hunter of the City of Wayhaven and must be accorded all duties and obligations as well as the privileges such rank holds.

    Witnessed by Tintorillo #4122789
    Signed by
    Red Councilmember [unsigned]
    Blue Councilmember [unsigned]
    Green Councilmember [unsigned]
    Yellow Councilmember [unsigned]
    Purple Councilmember [unsigned]
    Obviously, you need them to sign document!
    It looks light.
  43. Now you need the Councilmen's signatures. Each Councilmember will request a bribe in exchange for a signature.
    Red Councilmember will request a gem.
    Blue Councilmember will request a gladhand.
    Green Councilmember will request a manuscript.
    Yellow Councilmember will request a tapestry.
    Purple Councilmember will request a dragon scale.
  44. Let's begin the process to get those items now. Get to the Red Councilmember - <n, climb staircase, s>
  45. <sign document> (Each time you request a Councilmember to sign your document, they will kick you back out to the clerk's desk.)
    The councilman leans back and sneers. `I only sign things for a price wannabe,' she laughs. 'Go find a beautiful and authentic Wayhaven gem and present gem and I'll give you what you want.` With a wave of her hand, she sends you packing from her office!
  46. If you killed the Dwarven Trader from Step 12, go south and skip to Step 50. Otherwise, continue on to Step 47.
  47. Go find a Dwarven Trader in the guild district and kill him. - <2w, 5n, 5w, 8n, 5e, n>
    8,106 : A Dwarven Trader
  48. <get emerald>
    An Emerald
    This deep green beauty of an emerald belongs at the throat of a beautiful woman.
    Human, preferably!
    It looks light.
  49. Head back to the Red Councilmember. - <s, 5w, 8s, 5e, 5s, e, climb staircase, s>
  50. <present gem>
    The Councilman takes the gem, makes it disappear, smiles, and leans back. 'So...What was it you wanted me to sign?!'
  51. <sign document>
    The councilman smiles languidly and leans over and signs your paper with a flick of the pen. She leans back and studies you with disinterested eyes. Then winks and waves you onward.
  52. Time to deal with the Blue Councilmember now. - <sw>
  53. <sign document> (Remember, he will kick you back out to the Clerk's desk, just like the Red Councilmember did.)
    The councilman leans back and sneers. `I only sign things for a price wannabe,' he laughs. 'Go find a beautiful and authentic Wayhaven Gladhand and present gladhand and I'll sign your document.' With a wave of his hand, he sends you packing from his office!
  54. If you killed the Hustler from Step 40, go <s, sw> and skip to Step 58. Otherwise, continue on to Step 55.
  55. Go find A Hustler around the docks and kill him. - <2w, 5n, 3e, 3s, 3e>
    357 : A Hustler
  56. <get gladhand>
    A Gladhand
    The primary weapon of the hustler, the gladhand has been known to part even the strongest adventurer from his treasure.

    This weapon is in excellent condition.
    This weapon is a class higher than 15 (mind)

    You must be level 10 to wield this weapon.
    It looks light.
  57. Head back to the Blue Councilmember. - <3w, 3n, 3w, 5s, w, climb staircase, s, sw>
  58. <present gladhand>
    The Councilman takes the gladhand, makes it disappear, smiles, and leans back. 'So...What was it you wanted me to sign again?!
  59. <sign document>
    The councilman smiles languidly and leans over and signs your paper with a flick of the pen. He leans back and studies you with disinterested eyes. Then winks and waves you onward.
  60. Go to the Green Councilmember now. - <w>
  61. <sign document>
    The councilman leans back and sneers. `I only sign things for a price wannabe,' he laughs. 'Go find and bring to me the famous rare manuscript--How to Mint Gold Coins Without Using Gold and present book and I'll sign your document.' With a wave of his hand, he sends you packing from his office!
  62. Find the book - <2w, 5n, 12w, 3s, 2e, 2s, u, w>
  63. Kill everyone in here.
    9,174 : A Scholar
    8,566 : A Scholar
    9,084 : A Scholar
    20,797 : A Librarian
  64. <search shelves,steal book>
    A Rare Book
    The title on its spine reads How to Mint Gold Coins Without Using Gold. It seems to be mage-sealed though. Whoever wrote it wants to protect the secret.
    It looks light.
  65. Go back to the Green Councilmember - <e, d, 2n, 2w, 3n, 12e, 5s, e, climb staircase, s, sw, w>
  66. <present book>
    The Councilman takes the rare book, makes it disappear, smiles, and leans back. 'So...What was it you wanted me to sign?!
  67. <sign document>
    The councilman smiles languidly and leans over and signs your paper with a flick of the pen. He leans back and studies you with disinterested eyes. Then winks and waves you onward.
  68. Time for the Yellow Councilman - <n, w>
  69. <sign document>
    The councilman leans back and sneers. `I only sign things for a price wannabe,' she laughs. 'Go find me the beautiful and rare Drow Elf Tapestry from the Citadel Keep and present tapestry and I'll sign your document.' With a wave of her hand, she sends you packing from her office!
  70. Now is the time to use that gunpowder you bought from Step 30 to blow yourself out of a cannon. - <2w, 5n, 5w, 4s, 2w, 3s>
  71. <light cannon, climb in cannon> (Some damage will be taken.)
  72. <crawl through archway>
    Note: just kill everyone inside the keep EXCEPT for the Guard in Step 81.
  73. <kill guard>
    7,546 : A Citadel Guard
    7,798 : A Citadel Guard
  74. <e, n, kill sergeant>
    23,866 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
    18,556 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
  75. <2w, kill captain>
    48,755 : A Citadel Guard Captain
  76. <step on the haze> (You're teleported into the citadel walls.)
  77. <kill sergeant>
    20,714 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
    19,650 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
  78. <u> . . . wait
  79. <kill sergeant>
    17,789 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
    23,457 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
  80. <2w, kill sergeant>
    20,041 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
  81. <w, say bribe>
    Guard says: Don't get me wrong, I am a dwarf of integrity, but it gets terribly boring up here on duty all the time. If you were to bring me a deck of cards, I might be willing to look the other way.
  82. Remember that Gambler you killed in Step 40? Time to use that Deck of Cards. <give deck to guard>
    The guard gets an mischievous grin.
    Guard says: Ok, a deal's a deal, here is the key.
    The guard gives you a key, and struts off down the hall with his new deck.
  83. <unlock door>
  84. <open door>
  85. <w, kill sergeant>
    21,483 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
  86. <2w, kill sergeant>
    23,031 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
    19,878 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
  87. <2n, search>
  88. <steal tapestry>
  89. <2s, d, . . . wait>
  90. <kill sergeant>
    18,325 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
    23,586 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
  91. <d> . . . wait
  92. <kill sergeant>
    17,842 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
    23,226 : A Citadel Guard Sergeant
  93. <ne, 3n, 2e, 4n, 5e, 5s, e, climb staircase, s, sw, w, n>
  94. <present tapestry>
    The Councilman takes the tapestry, makes it disappear, smiles, and leans back. 'So...What was it you wanted me to sign?!
  95. <sign document>
    The councilman smiles languidly and leans over and signs your paper with a flick of the pen. She leans back and studies you with disinterested eyes. Then winks and waves you onward.
  96. Time for the Purple Councilman - <u>
  97. <sign document>
    The councilman leans back and sneers. `I only sign things for a price wannabe,' he laughs. 'Go find and bring to me the magical Silver Dragon Scale and present scale. I've wanted it for my collection for some time. Then I'll sign your document.' With a wave of his hand, he sends you packing!
  98. If you killed the Baby Dragon from Step 19, go <s, sw, w, n, u> and skip to Step 103. Otherwise, continue on to Step 99.
  99. To get the scale, go <2w, 5n, 5w, 4n, e, d, 2e, s>
  100. <challenge dragon>
    17,342 : Baby dragon
  101. <get scale>
  102. Let's go back to the Purple Councilman now - <n, 2w, u, w, 4s, 5e, 5s, e, climb staircase, s, sw, w, n, u>
  103. <present scale>
    The Councilman takes the rare scale, smiles, and leans back. 'So... What is it you wanted me to do again?!
  104. <sign document>
    The councilman smiles languidly and leans over and signs your paper with a flick of the pen. He leans back and studies you with disinterested eyes. Then winks and waves you on your business.
  105. Once you have all of the councilmember's signatures on the document, it's now complete. Hooray! Let's go back to the clerk - <d, s, e, ne, n>
  106. <present myself>
    Well. I see that you are now both a citizen and an official Bounty Hunter. It is now my duty, as charged by the Mayor and his City Council, to charge you with the following quest! The Mayor has determined that somewhere in this city there exists a powerful and totally illegal force which is stealing citizen's money and goods before we can! We do not know WHO or WHAT this force is but we do have two clues that previous but now dead Bounty Hunters have brought us. First, the locus of the infestation is in the Mews! Second, it was rumored that the Madam of this city's most disreputable whorehouse, and one which caters to the Merchant Guild scum, just may have her hand in this particular pot. You must find and kill the leader of this group, whoever or whatever it may be and bring evidence of its demise to me. When you do so, you will be amply rewarded!
  107. Let's go to the brothel - <2w, 5n, 3e, 3s, 3e, 2n, e>
  108. <peruse book>
    As you look the book over you realize that it shows a bevy of extraordinary beauties. They will serve all tastes and interests. But only four are available now. Peruse Choice One, Choice Two, Choice Three, or Choice Four.

    <peruse choice one>

    This is one hunk of a scrumptious male, guaranteed to give full bang for the buck. His name is Harry. His turnons are Level turnoffs are Newbies and Necros. Beneath his picture it says that he serves all sexes and races. Pay 2000 coins and he's yours. Just request Harry and the Eunuch will collect and bring you to him. And have fun you devil!

    <peruse choice two>

    This beautiful dame is, if her picture is to be believed, any man or woman's wet dream. She oozes sex appeal. Her name is Jane. Her turnons are people just like you and her turnoffs are Citadel Guards and Orcs. Beneath her picture this point is driven home by the note that she serves all sexes and races except Orcs. Pay 3000 coins and she's yours. Just request Jane and the Eunuch will collect and bring you to her. And have fun you devil!

    <peruse choice three>

    This is an hermaphrodite elf, an extraordinarily rare specimen if the picture book is to be believed. Not only does it serve all sexes and races but also any three or four at the same time! Its name is Fairchild. Its turnons are silk. Its turnoffs are stuffy priests. Beneath its picture you see a note that states that the elf is reserved for special occasions and that you must see the madam first.

    <peruse choice four>

    This is obviously the Madam. This place belongs to her and she's lived here all her life. As the picture shows, she can still turn heads and her gams are divine. Her name is Madam. Her turnons are gold coins and anything that earns them. Her turnoffs are poor people without coins. Under her picture you see a brief comment. It says---You must first pleasure Jane or Harry before the Madam will see you. Pleasure them and then pay 5000 coins. Just request madam and the Eunuch will collect the coins and bring you to her. And have fun you devil!
  109. <request choice one>
    The Eunuch unctiously, but with a certain fastidiousness, sneers and waves you out of the establishment. `Today is the Merchant Guild Special Day. We only serve full members of that establishment today. Go join them or get lost.' He sniffs.
  110. Go get Guild Membership - <w, 2s, 3w, 3n, 8w, 6n, 3e, 2n, 2e, 2n, e>
  111. <request guild membership>
    The clerk smiles. 'I am impressed young adventurer. You have done very well for yourself. You now fulfill all the requisites of the guild. All that is left for you to do is to have your guild sash made up. Here is a provisional pass that the Seamstress will request. Again, congratulations.'
  112. Get thread - <4w>
  113. <buy thread>
    You hand Eustace 2000 coins, and he hands you some thread.
  114. Now we need material - <out, 2e, 2s, 2w, 2s, 3w, 7s, e, enter stall>
  115. <buy velvet>
    You order a bolt of the peddler's best green velvet. Nodding and grumbling he hands it over to you, after biting your gold to be sure it is good. Not very trusting these days!
  116. Visit the seamstress - <out, n, 12e, 2n, 2e, 7n>
  117. <order sash>
    The Seamstress takes the velvet cloth and gold thread, whispers to one of her sewing machines, sits down, and quickly and expertly makes a Merchant's Guild Sash. After a few minutes, she finishes, relieves you of 5000 coins, and curtseys.
  118. Go back to the brothel - <7s, 2w, 2s, 4w, 3s, 3e, 2n, e>
  119. <request harry>
    The Eunuch collects 2000 coins and takes you through a door, down a hallway, and then into a bedroom. You gasp at the sight as he leers and leaves, closing the door!
  120. <pleasure whore>
    Harry helps you remove your clothing and draws you down to join him on the bed. His caresses drive you wild and soon you have moved into another realm, one where you have neither a name nor a location. An aeon later, time restarts and you come to your senses. It felt so good but hurt soooooo bad! Harry, who looks not a bit different then he did when you entered, thanks you with a smile and hands you his favor!
  121. <exit>
  122. <request madam>
    The Eunuch collects 5000 coins and takes you through the door to the west. He bows to the madam while you gape in awe. He leaves, closing the door behind him.

    (Original qinfo indicates that you need to attack the madam and she will flee, whereupon you follow and kill her.)
    NOTE: Madam was not in the room when I went in (though someone else had recently completed the quest prior to me and she was in the room). I skipped the next step (Step 122) and continued on with Step 123.
  123. <kill madam>
  124. <examine mirror>
  125. <push catch>
    You press the small catch and a small opening appears behind you. You enter it and find trouble!
  126. ...continue fighting madam, and kill her (if she was not in the previous room, she is agro in this room and will automatically begin attacking you)
  127. <search desk>
  128. <get bundle, get key> if they don't already show up in your inventory
  129. <examine board, push board> and you're transported to the guard post
  130. Time to find the Chief Mugger (while going to this area, you will encounter many aggressive Muggers) - <n, 9w, 4n, e, 3s, e>
    7,854 : A Mugger
    8,699 : A Mugger
    12,690 : A Mugger
    8,408 : A Mugger
    6,988 : A Mugger
    7,933 : A Mugger
  131. <get mask> that dropped from mugger
    A Dwarf Mask
    A richly decorated mask, it would surely fool any incredibly stupid and nearsighted person into thinking that you are a Dwarf.
    Which might give you an extra moment in battle. Heh!
    The other is in perfect condition.
    This armor has the following resistances:
    ok edged, decent blunt, 1 energy, 1 poison
    It looks heavy.
  132. <wear mask>
  133. Time to kill some mean dwarves - <w, 3n, 4w, s, e, s, turn doorknob>
    9,536 : A Mean Dwarf
    9,257 : A Mean Dwarf
    10,032 : A Mean Dwarf
    9,146 : A Mean Dwarf
  134. <search mirror>
  135. <enter trapdoor>
  136. <n>
    10,090 : A Huge Rat
    9,790 : A Huge Rat
  137. <e>
    9,873 : A Huge Rat
    9,920 : A Huge Rat
  138. <search ditch, look at outline, enter doorway>
    Note: even though I had the key on me, I did not have to unlock the door as previous qinfo indicated, and the Chief Mugger was not aggressive towards me.
  139. <kill chief>
    (Original qinfo indicates to search around to get his seal, when I killed the chief, he dropped a mask, seal, and club.)
    35,230 : Bartok the Mugger Chief
  140. <search shelves, climb ladder, 7s, e, climb staircase>
  141. <present myself>
    The City Clerk bows deep and tells you, 'You must now go and see the mayor, oh Great One. Just head north. I am sure that he will wish to thank you, and reward you, in person.' The clerk coughs violently and waves you on to the north.
  142. Make sure you have the whistle on you - <n, w>
    As you open the door and move to enter the mayor's office, you are seized by a powerful force! You feel as if you are being torn apart and you scream in shock and horror as you plummet downward, as if from a great height. Finally, you land with a smashing blow against the floor of what is clearly a squalid dungeon from the old castle. You have never been here before.

    A loud mocking voice: Fool! Thank you for ridding me of my greatest and only rival in this putrid mudhole of a town. Now I and my taxmen will reign supreme. Now rot while you think about what a fool you are....Or, very soon, were....

    Suddenly, the cell begins to fill with water. You are in REAL SERIOUS TROUBLE! You MUST get out soon.
  143. <blow whistle>
    You grab the whistle and let out a blast! The smuggler boat seems to continue on but, then, turns back against the current and squeezes under the dock. You recognize the smuggler you befriended and he smiles and helps you remove the grate. When he asks why you are in prison, you tell him your story. 'You must kill the mayor', the smuggler tells you. 'But it will be extremely dangerous. I have heard that he is one of the last great mages of the Mage Wars. Only by killing him will Wayhaven be truly free of corruption and crime. You can choose. If you want to free us, I know a secret way into his office. Or you can flee with all your honor intact. What will it be?' The smuggler pauses. 'Fight or Flee', he asks and waits.
  144. <fight>
  145. You're about to fight the mayor, do not search the chest in the room he's in, you'll just take damage - <search ladder, u>
  146. <kill mayor>
    112,063 : The Mayor of Wayhaven

Quest complete!

To get back to Fantasy: <e, s, 2w, 5n, 5w, portal>