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Van Richten

<questlist 55> / <questlist van richten>

Dr. Van Richten has a problem with his new home. Seek him out and discover his problem. Rumor has it he was seen in the town of Barovia in the land of Ravenloft.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (6/10)
Exploring : (4/10)
Fighting : (5/10)

Quest Point Value : 27
Designed for Levels: 35+

Created by : Beefcake
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Van Richten
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: January 2021)

Note: Possible roaming enemies that you may encounter while on this quest:

198,022 : A Black Shadow
  1. From Fantasy, find Van Richten (he wanders around this road) - <portal, 15e, leave, 4e, 2ne, n, 2ne, 3e, 2s, sw, w, nw, enter mist, n, nw, n, ne, n, nw, n, ne, n, 7w>
  2. <say help>
    The Doctor says: It's my home. There have been some odd things going on there. I'm scared to go back.
  3. <say home>
    Van Richten sighs and says: I believe that one of the restless dead haunts my house. It started last month with strange noises at night, but has gotten worse. Last night, I was attacked by a black shadow. I barely escaped.
  4. <say shadow>
    Van Richten shivers and goes on: The shadow assaulted me in the cellar. It was extremely powerful.
  5. <nod> - you should now have a key in your inventory
    Van Richten says: Here is the key to my front door. Good luck, brave soul.
  6. Continue west on the path until you're 1 east from the end of the path (from directions listed in step 1, continue on with these directions) - <s, 4sw, 6w, nw, 2w, sw, w, 2n, steps, unlock door, door>
  7. Please note that you are standing in the Entry Hall of the Van Richten Home (some directions below will refer you to come back to this room. Now, you'll need to find a key - <eastarch, search ashes> - you should now have a small steel key in your inventory
  8. Find another key - <archway, move ball> - you should now have a plain iron key in your inventory
  9. Obtain the matches - <search jacket, get matches, light match>
  10. Aggressive enemies coming up - <door1> - kill all of the animated objects attacking you
    7k : An animated knife
    2k : An animated fork
    3k : An animated spoon
    2k : An animated fork
    2k : An animated spoon
    7k : An animated knife
  11. Aggressive rats coming up - <pantrydoor, search shelves, move panel, reach into hole> - kill all of the rats that are attacking you
    2k : A Rat
    4k : A Rat
    3k : A Rat
    4k : A Rat
    3k : A Rat
    2k : A Rat
  12. You should now have a blood-stained axe in your inventory after reaching into that hole. Now we need a rusty key - <door, eastdoor, stairs, westroom, search desk, slide panel> - (key should be in your inventory now)
  13. Acquire the bear - <door, eastroom, open closet, search closet, get bear>
  14. <door, stairs, door3>
  15. Find the shovel - <stairs, search pile, get shovel>
  16. Find the wedding gown - <unlock chest, open chest> - you should now have a motheaten wedding gown in your inventory
  17. Aggressive enemy coming up - <unlock door, door, smash brick> and a priest will attack you
    19k : Undead Priest
  18. Get the rites of exorcism and a vial of holy water - <get rites, get water>
  19. Find the skull, but leave it where you find it (location for the skull may be found in numerous locations)
    1. where you're currently standing, <dig>
    2. (directions from location 1) <door, dig>
    3. (directions from location 2) <stairs, door, frontdoor, steps, dig>
    4. (directions from location 3) <n, dig>
    5. please let us know where you found it
  20. Go back to the Ghost of Child (directions are from 'Entry Hall of the Van Richten Home) - <stairs, burn bear>
  21. Go to the Ghost of Man - <stairs, door3, stairs, burn axe>
  22. Go to the Ghost of a Woman - <stairs, door, westarch, burn dress, arch>
  23. You're now standing in the Entry Hall again. Go back to where you uncovered the skull.
  24. <sprinkle water on skull>
  25. <read rites>
    You peruse the rites. In it, you find this passage:

    Once the fetter of the demon is found, it must be sprinkled with holy water to destroy its physical form. Then, you must speak the cleansing words:

    Option 1: 'haunt this place no more'.
    Option 2: 'return to the abyss oh demon'.
  26. Speak the words that were provided to you when you read the rites in the previous step (please let us know if they're different for you) - EXAMPLE: <speak haunt this place no more>

Quest complete!

Return to Fantasy: Make your way back to the Entry Hall of the Van Richten Home - <frontdoor, leave, 2s, e, ne, 2e, se, 6e, 4ne, n, 10e, s, sw, s, se, s, sw, s, se, s, enter mist, e, n, portal>