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The Secret of Nimh

<questlist 76> / <questlist the secret of nimh>

Johnathon Brisby was killed today while helping with the Plan. It is four years since our departure from NIMH, and our world is changing. We cannot stay here much longer. Johnathon was a dear friend. I am lost, knowing how to help his widow. She knows nothing of us, or the Plan. Perhaps best that I do nothing at present. I shall miss him. -Nicodemus Mrs. Brisby is in trouble. Spring has come early and her youngest son Timothy is very sick. If she can't find a solution then he could die. Seek her out and see what you can do to help her. Courage of the heart is very rare. The stone has a power when it is there.

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (7/10)
Exploring : (7/10)
Fighting : (5/10)

Quest Point Value : 45
Designed for Levels: 35+

Created by : Samiel
Once per Reboot : No

Map of The Secret of Nimh
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: November 2020)

WARNING: Many things must be done to completion and in the correct sequence during this quest. Shortcuts will often lead to trouble. For example, giving Ages the note before he asks for a symptom will lead to him throwing it away. Be sure to read the quest notes before performing actions. Sometimes you will need to let the NPC's finish talking. Also some item locations and requests will change from one attempt to the next. If you get stuck, coming back later to try again might have more success.

  1. From Chaos, travel <enter, 3e, 5s, press play, s, enter haze>
    Cautiously, you step into the haze..
    A wave of dizziness rolls over you!
    As you reel you feel your body contort and twist!!
    To your horror you realise you're changing form!!!
    As your body is warped by raw chaos you are changed into a mouse!
    In a state of shock you pass out..
    When you awaken you find yourself somewhere else!!
  2. Find the Brisby home that's within the cement block - <2e, 2s, enter block>
  3. Talk to Mrs. Brisby and ask her about Timmy - <say timmy> (wait for her to finish talking)
  4. <say cure> (she will give you a paper and ask you to bring it to Mr. Ages)
    A Small Piece of Paper
    A small piece of paper with some writing on it, in a neat hand. You could read if you wanted to.
    It looks light.
  5. <read paper>
    A High Fever, burning to the touch.
    Soaked with Perspiration
    A Bad Chill
    A raspy sound when he breathes.
  6. <out, s, 4w, n, w, n, climb harvester, squeeze through crack, d, w>
  7. Talk to Mr. Ages about Timmy and tell him how badly ill he is - <say sick>
  8. He will ask for a symptom (you must provide one) - <say chill> (<say fever> will also work)
  9. He will ask for paper, give him the list of paper and he'll tell you to find a piece of wire or tubing or a root.- <give paper to ages>
    Mr. Ages studies the paper for a moment.
    Mr. Ages says: Mrs. Brisby's son has pneumonia. I know something that will help, but there's a problem.
  10. <say problem>
    Mr. Ages grunts irritably.
    Mr. Ages says: Yes indeed there is a problem.
    1. Wire : Mr. Ages says: To prepare the medicine properly I need some electrical wire to repair the equipment that I use to mix it all together. You'll have to go find me some, this is a farm, there's bound to be some about somewhere.
      Location 1: The wire is in the flower bed by the house -
      <search flowers>
    2. Tubing : Mr. Ages says: I broke the tube that feeds the bunsen burner earlier this week. I'll need you to find some plastic tubing to replace it. There should be some about the farm somewhere, so get to it.
      Location 1: The tubing is in the se room of the Brisby house where all the kids are -
      <search curtains>.
    3. Root : Mr. Ages says: I'm missing some Pepsissiwa Root. You'll have to find some for me as it's vital to make the medicine he needs. It's native to these parts so you should have no trouble finding me some, now hop to it.
      Location 1: The root was found 1 south of the cement block -
      From Ages, travel <e, u, out, d, s, e, s, 4e, search holes, get root>
      Return to Ages: < <4w, n, w, n, climb harvester, squeeze through crack, d, w>>
  11. Give the root, wire or tubing to Ages and he'll give you a packet of medicine to give to Ms. Brisby. - <give wire to ages>
    Mr. Ages says: Here take this tso Mrs. Brisby. It should help Timmy, but he won't be able to be moved for at least three weeks.
    Mr. Ages gives you a packet of medicine.
  12. Give Mrs. Brisby the medicine and she'll direct you to Auntie Shrew. - <e, u, out, d, e, 2s, 4e, n, enter block, give medicine to brisby>
    Mrs. Brisby smiles broadly at you.
    Mrs. Brisby says: Oh thank you so very much. I'll give this to Timmy immediately.
    Mrs. Brisby says: Oh did Mr. Ages say how soon I could move Timmy?
  13. <say three weeks>
    Mrs. Brisby's eyes widen in alarm.
    Mrs. Brisby says: Oh no! No no that's no good at all!
    Mrs. Brisby says: The plough will be here before that! What can I do?
    Mrs. Brisby groans despairingly.
    Mrs. Brisby says: Perhaps you could ask Auntie Shrew. She knows everything that goes on in these fields.
    Mrs. Brisby says: If you could ask her for her advice I'd be most grateful.
  14. Find Auntie Shrew wandering the fields. - <say advice>
    Auntie Shrew studies you intently.
    Auntie Shrew says: Well I could help you, that's for certain, but the question is have you earned it?
  15. Auntie Shrew will leave, follow her.
  16. <say advice> (continue following and saying advice, some notes indicated to <say help> but this just made her say that she doesn't think I deserve her help). If she's truly stubborn and refuses to help, we've learned that you can just go on to step 16 without her advice.
    Auntie Shrew studies you intently.
    Auntie Shrew says: Well I could help you, that's for certain, but the question is have you earned it?
    Auntie Shrew says: Brisby has told me how you've helped young Timmy so in return I'll help you.
    Auntie Shrew smiles at you warmly.
    Auntie Shrew says: You need to see the Great Owl. Only he is wise enough to determine what can be done.
    Auntie Shrew sighs.
    Auntie Shrew says: Unfortunately I don't know where to find him. You'll have to look for him yourself. I wish you luck.
  17. Go to the Mill south of the fields and talk to Jeremy - <say owl>
    Jeremy eeps.
    Jeremy says: The Great Owl is pretty scary. He's very clever though.
    Jeremy says: He lives in the old forest on the other side of the river.
  18. <say river>
    Jeremy says: The old forest? You don't want to go there.
    Jeremy says: Well I could take you there I guess.
    Jeremy says: But my love nest will never get done if I spend all my time helping you.
    Jeremy ponders the situation.
    Jeremy says: Ok I'll tell you what. If you can find me a really good sparkly to finish off my nest then I'll take you to the Great Owl.
  19. What you need to give him will vary. There are a total of four sparkly items:
    Known locations for the penny:
    1. From cement block - <n, search grass, search weeds, get penny>
    2. Also found on porch of farmhouse, from cement block - <s, 3w, s, se, s, w, search plants, get penny>

    Known locations for the quartz:
    1. From cement block, <s, 3w, search ground, get quartz>
    2. From cement block, <n, w, search stones, get quartz

    Known locations for the glass:
    1. From cement block, <s, e, search ground, get glass>
    2. Also found 1 east from where quartz was found, <search ground, get glass>

    Known locations for the foil:
    1. First room of the mill, <search river, take foil>
    2. Also found in the ne corner of field - <search waterfall, search stick, get foil>

  20. Head back to Jeremy to give him your sparkly item until he gives you the syntax listed below (if he says he already has one of those, go back and find a different sparkly item) - <give penny to jeremy>
    Jeremy says: Wow that's perfect! Ok whenever you want to go just say so.
  21. <say go>
    Jeremy cocks his head attentively.
    With a sudden lurch Jeremy launches into the air!
    After a minute of furious flapping of wings, Jeremy levels out at a steady altitude and cruises along.
    The wind ruffles your fur as a light breeze begins to blow.
    Jeremy glances back at you and grins.
    'Isn't this great!' he yells.
    'Mrs. Bris would never let me fly her about. She says I'm too cataclysmic..'
    Jeremy rolls hard right and you only just manage to cling on.
    As suddenly as it began you find yourself descending.
    With a wild flutter of feathers Jeremy lands and you clamber off his back.
  22. You land at an opening - <opening, e, say brisby>
    The Great Owl suddenly lurches forward, its eyes mere inches from your face.
    The Great Owl says: Brisby? The wife of Johnathon Brisby?
  23. <say johnathon>
    The Great Owl seems thoughtful for a moment.
    The Great Owl says: His name is not unknown in these woods.
    The Great Owl appraises you.
    The Great Owl says: There is a way. You must go and see the rats. Ask for Nicodemus. When you see him tell him that the house must be moved to the lee of the stone.
    The Great Owl flexes his wings.
    The Great Owl says: Remember the lee of the stone.
  24. <w, out, say return>
  25. Go to rose bush by the house. <n, w, n, 3w, s, se, w, push thorn, e>
  26. Talk to Brutus about Brisby and Nicodemus and he'll tell you to talk to Ages. <say brisby>
    Brutus grunts in annoyance.
    Brutus says: The concerns of the lesser creatures are not mine. My only concern is making sure you don't enter our home without the permission of one of our elders.
  27. <say nicodemus>
    Brutus looks at you in surprise.
    Brutus says: Your tale is convincing, but I cannot disobey orders. Seek out Ages. If your story is true he will give you the proof I need to allow you to continue.
  28. Talk to Ages to get proof - <w, out, e, nw, n, w, 2n, w, climb harvester, squeeze through crack, d, w, say brutus>
    Mr. Ages stares at you intently.
    Mr. Ages says: Very well, it would seem you do need to see the rats. Return to Brutus and tell him you have the proof required.
    I will make sure word gets to him before you do.
  29. Return to Brutus - <e, u, out, d, e, 2s, e, s, se, w, push thorn, e, say proof>
    Brutus nods.
    Brutus says: Very well, you may enter our home. To go through the door you must push the top corner of it.
  30. In the same room as Brutus - <push top corner, descend, search soldiers> (this reveals Justin)>
  31. <s, look at lantern, search lantern, n, say lantern>
    Justin smiles.
    Justin says: Oh that? Just stamp on the floor if you can't get it started.
  32. <s, stamp floor, doors>
  33. Talk to Jenner and Sullivan about Brisby and Johnathon and they will take you to Nicodemus - <say johnathon>
    Sullivan snarls at you.
    Sullivan says: Johnathon Brisby is dead! There is nothing further to say on..
    Abruptly Jenner puts his hand on Sullivan's shoulder.
    Jenner whispers something in Sullivan's ear.
    Sullivan looks confused for a moment, then thoughtful.
    Jenner steps past him and begins to speak.
    Jenner says: Dear friend, of course Mrs. Brisby is in need, and of course we should assist you. Jenner smiles at you, displaying his teeth.
    Jenner says: In fact I must positively insist that we allow young Locrian here to see Nicodemus.
    Grabbing you by the wrist Jenner thrusts you through the door on the opposite side of the room!
  34. Talk to Nicodemus - <say lee of the stone>
    Nicodemus ponders the idea.
    Nicodemus says: Yes I think it can be done.
    Nicodemus smiles broadly.
    Nicodemus says: We have the tools we need to do such a thing and we can enact it tonight.
    Nicodemus says: There is however, a problem.
  35. <say problem>
    Nicodemus sighs.
    Nicodemus says: Whenever our work takes us into the open for an extended time, we need to deal with Dragon. Mr. Ages makes a sleeping powder that we usually slip into his food, but it is a very dangerous thing to do. It was while attempting this that Johnathon was killed.
    Nicodemus sighs.
    Nicodemus says: This is not a task to be taken lightly, but if you would be willing to place the powder in Dragon's food bowl then we could move the Brisby home safely.
    Nicodemus says: If you agree to this, simply say so and I will arrange for you to go to the farmhouse.
  36. Accept his offer to take out Dragon the cat - <say agree>
    Nicodemus nods.
    Nicodemus gives you a packet of powder.
    Nicodemus says: If you're now ready to make the attempt just say so.
  37. <say ready>
    Nicodemus nods to you.
    Nicodemus says: I wish you luck.
    Nicodemus leads you through the rats home to a passageway in an out of the way corridor, wishes you luck again, and leaves you to face the dangers ahead.
    WARNING: Once you enter <hole>, you're committed to seeing it through. If you come back this way in the hole, the quest is failed and must be redone ENTIRELY. You MUST poison the food BEFORE coming back to see Nicodemus.

    Message you're given if you leave before poisoning the food:
    You watch in horror as Dragon is released into the kitchen and greedily gulps down its food. You have failed in your attempt to drug the cat, and cannot complete your mission. Disheartened you leave the Rats abode and determine to yourself to return another time to save Timothy.
  38. Go drug the food - <hole, n, 2e, drug food, s, 2w> (you get captured here ...wait)
  39. <look at newspaper, search newspaper, look at scarf, look at threads, pull thread, kick water tray, tie thread> ...wait
  40. <nw, ne, kill sullivan>
    28k : Sullivan
  41. NO-WIMPY FIGHT - <climb stone, kill jenner>
    65k : Jenner
  42. <get amulet, d, sw, give amulet to brisby>
    As she grasps hold of the amulet an incandescant flame shoots from the amulet, engulfing both you and Mrs. Brisby.
    To your amazement neither of you are burned, and you watch as Mrs. Brisby struggles with the power she unleashed.
    You watch as she narrows her eyes, and starts directing power to the quagmire where her house is buried. To your amazement the Brisby house suddenly bursts forth from the mud, carried on veins of pure energy. As you watch Mrs. Brisby begins to carefully direct the house to behind the lee of the stone.
    As soon as it lands the flames extinguish and Mrs. Brisby collapses to the ground exhausted. Justin runs over and helps her unsteadily to her feet. Almost immediately you see movement from inside the Brisby home. A door flies open and Martin, covered in mud, crawls out, followed closely by Cynthia and Theresa.
    Mrs. Brisby begins sobbing in relief as her children race over to her. As she embraces her children a window in the home is kicked open and you see Auntie Shrew stick her head out, and start yelling that Timmy is also ok.
    Justin walks over to you smiling. 'Well done my friend. You have saved them, and saved us also. Tonight we leave for another place, and leave behind humans forever.
    Justin glances at the Brisby's tearful reunion and grins. 'We cannot thank you enough. You have achieved what we thought might be impossible. You will always be remembered by the Rats of Nimh.'

    Congratulations!! You have discovered the Secret of Nimh!!

Quest complete!

Return to Chaos: <s, 4w, 2n, search wheat, n, touch reflection> ...wait <n, out, out1, 4n, 3w>