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Somewhere deep under the ground lies the grave of Pharaoh Rutha-Al. The lands around his tomb are said to be haunted by his undying spirit. Make your way into his burial chamber and rid the land of his evil influence.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (5/10)
Exploring : (6/10)
Fighting : (10/10)

Quest Point Value : 60
Designed for Levels: 70+

Created by : Kintax and Mischief
Once per Reboot : No

Map of the Tomb of Rutha-al
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: April 2022)

  1. Prior to venturing to this area, make sure you have at least 3 light sources on you (refer to our Lights page, if needed).
  2. Once you're at the Tomb's entrance, <look at stone, turn stone> ...wait
    You give the top of the pyramid a firm twist, and seemingly nothing happens.

    A few seconds later, a loud rumble is joined with a huge uprising of living sand that engulfs you and pulls you deep into the ground below!
  3. There is a plaque in this room. <look at plaque, read plaque>
    Prior to being able to decipher hieroglyphs, the plaque should read:
    |       |
    ---   ---
    Once you're able to decipher hieroglyphs later on, you'll be able to translate this plaque to read "The tomb of Rutha-Al"
  4. <look at sconce, pull torch, d>
  5. <look at drain, look at grate, remove grate, enter drain>
    You grab the bars and pull with all your strength, lifting it from the drain, and setting it off to the side.
    You jump into the dark shaft, and bounce along the stone walls! OUCH!
  6. <look at walls, look at imperfection>
  7. <look at floor, get object, kill ooze>
    Several inches of ooze pool at the stone floor, but even as the ooze continually drains along the wall, the pool doesn't get any deeper. A shiny object can be seen on the floor, within the pool.

    You reach down and grab the object, and discover it to be a key!

    The ooze suddenly comes to life and attacks!

    24k : Crystal Ooze

    A slime-covered key
    This small key is heavily pitted and looks to have been sitting in acid for quite some time. It's slippery to the touch as it's covered with some type of strange ooze that doesn't seem to get removed no matter how many times it's cleaned. The key is likely to be very brittle and should be treated with great care.
  8. <insert key, w>
    Note: this is a timed exit/entrance. If you do not travel west before it closes, simply repeat this step a little faster.
  9. <d, say hello>
    Iaseda says: Greetings, fellow human. Although you plunder a sacred tomb, may Ummothis' cruel hand lay off thee.
  10. <say book>
    Iaseda says: The book is full of translations of hieroglyphs that are prevalant within this pyramid. It will help you to understand all that you see.
  11. <say dervish>
    Iaseda says: Yes, I sermon for a large congregation of dervishes, people of the desert. One of our members seems to have wandered off, possibly getting lost. We hope he has not fallen prey to one of the many fabled traps of this pyramid. We were lucky to get this far ourselves.
  12. <say lost>
    Iaseda says: Yes, his name is, or was, Humar La-Kahn. If you happen upon him, and can manage to help him back to me, I would be most thankful. The only reward I can offer is the thanks of my god. And this book I carry, if it interests you.
  13. <look at statue, look at arm, pull arm, stairs>
  14. <e, get body, w, turn statue, stairs, give body to iaseda>
    A dead body
    This human body looks like an armed pilgrim, and is most likely to be one of the many dervishes of Taslen. He is quite dead, with froth at the mouth making it fairly apparent that he fell victim to poison.
    The body is likely to be no more than two days dead.
    It looks very heavy.

    The Holy Iaseda's eyes begin to water as he looks at the body.

    Iaseda says: Humar, may Apotep protect your soul on its journey.

    Iaseda says: Here is my book as your reward as promised.

    Iaseda says: I will praise you in my prayers.

    Book of the Dead
    This ancient text is covered in a thin layer of dust which will not be removed no matter how hard you wipe it. As you flip through the pages, you easily figure out that this book contains the translations to numerous hieroglyphs, in contrast to the dark and somber title which suggested more.
    It looks light.
  15. <read book> - You are now able to decipher the hieroglyphs to better understand what you need to do for your quest.
    You read the Book of the Dead and feel infused with knowledge.
  16. <u, read plaque>
    Note:These plaques change from player to player and depending on what your plaque reads determines which steps you take later on within the quest.
    Now that you're able to decipher hieroglyphs, you'll be able to translate this plaque to read:
    1. "In the lair of the False treasure"
    2. "In the lair of the Snake"
    3. "In the lair of the Dog"
    4. "In the lair of the Naga"
  17. <d, read plaque>
    Now that you're able to decipher hieroglyphs, you'll be able to translate this plaque to read:
    1. "Pray to find him"
    2. "Dig to find him"
    3. "Spin to find him"
    4. "Burrow to find him"
    Note: remember this action for later.
  18. <pull arm, stairs, read plaque>
    Now that you're able to decipher hieroglyphs, you'll be able to translate this plaque to read:
    1. "Kneel down and pay homage to Beshet"
    2. "Kneel down and pay homage to Khal"
    3. "Kneel down and pay homage to Mahkesh"
    4. "Kneel down and pay homage to Ptendu"
    5. "Kneel down and pay homage to Ummothis"
    Note: remember this name for later.
  19. <sw, look at clothing, look at robes, look at pockets, look at bulge, get key, kill cloaker>
    The right hand side of the chamber is lined with the deteriorated remains of the pharaoh's wardrobe. Full of folded clothes and hanging regal robes, this once great wardrobe is now nothing but strands of fiber barely held together.

    The robes now consist of long and delicate fibers that hold together patches of cloth. While once elegant and extremely regal, each robe is now completely ruined from the inevitable deterioration of time. The robes are all of similar style, long and flowing, with many pockets on both the inside and outside of the garment.

    At this point the pockets only consist of patches of loose cloth that are completely unusable. The deterioration is so severe that the cloth is likely to completely disintegrate if disturbed. With a second look, there is a small bulge in one of the pockets which seems a bit unnatural.

    Looking at the bulge, there is a small key in what remains of one of the pockets. Being metal, the key is still in good condition, even though the pocket itself is near complete deterioration.

    You reach out and snag the key from the dusty old pocket.

    47k : Cloaker
  20. <ne, kneel down and pay homage to [enter your gods name here from step 18]>
    Note: capitalization of the name is not required.
  21. <enter hole>
    Being that the hole is deep and dark, possibly deadly, you take a moment to ponder if this is what you really want to do before trying again.

    Be sure of your course of action and confident in your knowledge and abilities before proceeding.
  22. <enter hole>
    Full of bravery, you leap into the dark hole!

    As you fall through the darkness, you somehow feel yourself snatched by a diefic force, and deposited safely upon a stone floor.
  23. Now, depending on your clue from step 16 will determine which direction you need to travel. Note: Each direction will have an aggressive monster.
    1. For Option 1 (In the lair of the False treasure) - Travel <sw, kill chest>
      43k : A large treasure chest
      Then travel <w, s>
    2. For Option 2 (In the lair of the Snake) - Travel <se, kill snake>
      55k : A very, very, very big snake
      Then travel <e, s>
    3. For Option 3 (In the lair of the Dog) - Travel <nw, kill dog>
      68k : Undead dog
      Then travel <w, n>
    4. For Option 4 (In the lair of the Naga) - Travel <ne, kill naga>
      93k : Spirit Naga
      Then travel <n, e>
  24. Aggressive enemy coming up - Follow the directions from step 17's clue (Note: as soon as you make your action, a portal will open, and quickly close. If you are unable to enter the portal before it closes, simply repeat this step):
    1. <pray, portal, kill beholder>
    2. <dig, portal, kill beholder>
    3. <spin, portal, kill beholder>
    4. <burrow, portal, kill beholder>
    194k : A MASSIVE Beholder
  25. Aggressive enemy coming up - <door, open coffin>
    12k : An annoying flying insect
    12k : An annoying flying insect
    11k : An annoying flying insect
    12k : An annoying flying insect
    11k : An annoying flying insect
    11k : An annoying flying insect
    425k : Rutha-Al

    The evil pharaoh Rutha-Al is dead! Again!

Quest complete!

  1. Return to Fantasy: <exit, pull lever, portal>
  2. Depending on which room you entered the portal from will determine the next set of directions:
    1. From the treasure chest area - <n, e, ne>
    2. From the snake area - <n, w, nw>
    3. From the dog area - <e, s, se>
  3. <climb rope, desert, 7w, n, w, board ship> ...wait <gangplank, 5w, nw, 3w, portal>