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Orc Slayer

<questlist 23> / <questlist orc slayer>

Out of nowhere, a mysterious dwarf appears in front of you. He is robed in black, and his eyes dart across your surroundings, as if worried about being identified. Silently, he hands you a scroll sealed with wax. With puzzlement, you break the seal and read:

It is with the utmost urgency that I seek your help. The matter is too dangerous to discuss in a letter as discretion is paramount. Therefore, I must ask that you meet with me in the Dwarven Kingdom as soon as possible. Give the name "Orc Slayer" at the gates and you will be received.

Make haste, for there is little time to spare!


Questions bubbling on your lips, you look up, but the dwarf has gone.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (3/10)
Exploring : (6/10)
Fighting : (2/10)

Quest Point Value : 10
Designed for Levels: 10+

Created by : Skinless and Wain
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Fantasy
Map of Realm


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: December 2020)

  1. Travel to the area.
    From Fantasy - <portal, 12n, leave, 8n, 4e, 6n, 13w, 2n, path>
  2. <say orc slayer> ...wait for transport
  3. Listen to Edlurazil's story
  4. <say quest> ...wait for Edlurazil to tell the history of the conflict, and eventually he will tell you the location of the Orc Shaman, as well as his name.
    Eldurazil says: I would go after the Shaman myself, but he will be expecting that, and he can detect me, or any Dwarf for that matter, who comes within a mile of him. Therefore, we are in need of an outsider to seek out the Shaman and return the artifact to us. While I expected him to flee back to his village, my spies tell me that he was seen in a dry land far to the south.
  5. <say orc slayer>
  6. <say yes>
  7. <say ready> - This will put you back at the entrance to Knivur
  8. Travel to the area specified in Edlurazil's quest story (Note: the specified area will change for each player completing the quest). Once you get there, <search> every room in the area to uncover the location of the shelter.
    As you search, you are startled to find a crude shelter, hidden by expert camouflage, lying almost right before you!
    1. in the eastern hills
      road portal, <3e, 3n, search> OR road portal, <9e, 5s, 4e, search>
    2. in the swamps to the south
      east forest portal, <5w, all s, search> in the rooms in the southeast corner until you find the shelter
    3. frozen realm northeast
      Usually east of the Ice Portal (not the Icy Blue/Land of the Ice People portal), <search> in this area until you find the shelter.
    4. in the southeastern forest
      Usually a couple north of the road, <search> in this area until you find the shelter
    5. dry land far to the south
      From Fantasy <portal, 12w, leave, 8w, 3s> Desert Shelter (from Desert portal) <4n, w, n, 2w, search>
    6. stunted vegetation of the cold north
      <path, 2s, 13e, 5n will put you in the Icelands. <search> in each room of the Icelands and Tundra to find the shelter.
  9. <enter shelter, kill shaman
      52k : An Orc Shaman
  10. <get slayer, out> - Now return to Knivur area with Edlurazil.
  11. <say orc slayer>
    Out of nowhere, a dwarf clad all in black appears and escorts you into the mountain. You're not sure at what point you lose consciousness, but the next thing you know, you're somewhere else...
  12. You're now inside a chamber with An Ancient Dwarf.
    Eldurazil bows before you.

    As you come into the presence of Eldurazil, you notice with shock that Orc Slayer is missing from your hands! Bewildered, you look up to see Eldurazil carrying the scimitar, a look of delight on his face.

    Eldurazil says: You found Orc Slayer! Well done! Well done! Its return will ensure the safety of our people and the loss of the Shaman will be a great blow to the Orcs!

    Eldurazil says: You have the my deepest gratitude and I name you a citizen of the Dwarven Republic!

    Eldurazil says: Oh, and here is your reward!

    Eldurazil begins to softly chant a series of words, and an aura of immense power begins to surround your body!

    Eldurazil says: When you are ready to leave, let me know and I'll get you an escort.
  13. <say ready>
    Eldurazil says: Thank you again for returning Orc Slayer, and good luck in all your endeavours!

    Eldurazil mutters something, and your vision suddenly starts going fuzzy. The next thing you know, you realize you have been escorted back to the main gates of Knivur.

Quest complete!

Stat Boosts from Completing the Quest
Strength +1 Indefinite An Ancient Dwarf
Dexterity +1 Indefinite An Ancient Dwarf
Intelligence +1 Indefinite An Ancient Dwarf
Consitution +1 Indefinite An Ancient Dwarf
Wisdom +1 Indefinite An Ancient Dwarf
Charisma +1 Indefinite An Ancient Dwarf

Return to Fantasy: <path, 2s, 4e, portal>