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Newbie Academy

<questlist 8> / <questlist newbie academy>

Go to the Newbie Academy and work to earn a diploma. Newbies, you'll find this just inside of the entrance of Newbieland. Non-newbies, search Pinnacle...

Unlike most quests, you ARE allowed to receive directions to, or even be led to, the entrance of the Newbie Academy. Once you arrive, you must still solve the quest entirely ON YOUR OWN, of course.

Search in the Realm of Newbieland and Pinnacle

Thinking : (4/10)
Exploring : (3/10)
Fighting : (0/10)

Quest Point Value : 5
Designed for Levels: 5+, or 3+ (newbie)

Created by : Damo
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Newbieland
Map of Realm


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: December 2021)

Note: You'll need a bit of coins to gain entry into the exam room.

  1. Travel to the area:

    From Newbie bin - <4s, d>

  2. Once you're in the room with Paula, <pay tuition, n>
  3. Quest instructions once inside exam room - <ready, take exam, look at exam, read 1>
  4. Questions and answers as of the time this quest was solved. Note: An example of how to write out your answer has been provided for question #1,
    1. Tell me the name of one of the Archons of this mud. [Remember to write the answer in lower case characters.]
    Type <help admin> to learn more about the players in charge for this mud, and in your answer you can choose any of the Archons listed. Example: <write 1: kikipopo>

    2. Can you give or sell quest items to other players?
    <write 2: yes>

    3. Can a player under level 50, with no other characters, create a legal non-hardcore second character?
    <write 3: no>

    4. Do you need a valid email address to play on 3K?
    <write 4: yes>

    5. If you have found a bug concerning quests, what command can you use to report to the wizards? [Note: The question asks the command only, not the syntax of the command.]
    <write 5: qbug>

    6. What is the percentage of experience you will lose when you die? [Ignore any caps and XP Debts]
    <write 6: 10>

    7. If you want to find out someone's email address, which command might help you?
    <write 7: finger>

    8. At what level can you join a guild?
    <write 8: 5>

    9. Which command will let you check your bank balance from any place?
    <write 9: coins>

    10. What percentage is your wimpy set at?
    <write 10: 30>

    11. What help file lists directions to many different beginner / lower level areas for fighting?
    <write 11: areadirections>

    12. Which command can show you the players and their detailed guild information?
    <write 12: players>

    13. How many different feelings do we have on 3k?
    Type <feelings> on the mud and you'll be given a number of how many feelings are available. As of August 2022, there were 1183 feelings.
    There are currently 1183 feelings available.
    <write 13: enter number from command above here>
  5. <submit exam>

Quest complete!
Return to Newbie bin: <s, u, 4n>