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<questlist 34> / <questlist hobgoblin>

Find the ancient amulet sacred to the goblin tribe and return it to Zalasta in Wayhaven.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (4/10)
Exploring : (5/10)
Fighting : (4/10)

Quest Point Value : 15
Designed for Levels: 15+

Created by : Pull and Blackstaff
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Hobgoblin's Cave
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: January 2021)

  1. Optional: Visit the Wayhaven library for a background story - <portal, 7w, 3s, 2e, 2s, lookup marsh goblins>

    TLDR, Skip to Step 2

    After an exhaustive search you finally find something relevant.

    Marsh Goblins:

    The Marsh Goblins were once a tribe under the rule of the Goblin King. They lived in relative harmony with the other Goblins for many years. Then one fateful year, a member of their tribe became severely ill. In turn, many of his fellow tribe members contracted the unknown disease from him. The healers could do nothing for the sickness. Many members of the tribe died within a very short period of time. Fearing that this unknown disease would be passed on to members of the other tribes, the Goblin King quarantined the tribe, and decreed that they were to have contact with no-one outside of their tribe. This made many of the Goblins very distraught, for they depended on trade with the other tribes for their survival. After several weeks of isolation, the entire tribe became very desperate. Many feared starving to death before the sickness killed them. The leader of the tribe had to make some very difficult decisions that would decide whether or not his people would continue to even exist. The leader of the tribe knew of Zalasta's search for the ancient amulet which was sacred to the Goblins. Out of desperation, the leader of the tribe wrote Zalasta a letter, stating that they would help him to discover the location of the amulet if he would provide them with the basic necessities needed for day to day living and survival. Zalasta quickly agreed and began to send supplies to the goblins. Over the next several weeks, the healers of the tribe studied long and hard to discover a cure for the sickness. Then one day, a young healer decided to search through the scrolls of the ancient healers for some clues. He eventually came upon a scroll which spoke of a disease called "The Plague". It also spoke of how the healers of that time were able to treat the dread disease. He immediately took it to the head healer of the tribe to show to him what he had discovered. They immediately began working on modifications of the treatment to suit their purposes, and within a period of a week, the entire tribe appeared to have been cured. What they did not and could not have known is that the 'cure' did not actually cure them of the plague, it merely caused it to go dorment in their system. The leader of the tribe contacted the Goblin King at once to announce that his tribe was no longer in danger, and that it would be safe for them to return and rejoin the Goblin community. The King was very skeptical of this, for he had seen firsthand what the plague could do, as he lost his only son to it. Therefore, the King decreed that they should stay in isolation for a period of one month, and if they were all still alive and no other signs of the sickness showed, then they could return to the others. The leader of the tribe accepted this, certain that his people were cured. For the next month, they continued to assist Zalasta in his search for the amulet, and he continued to send them their much needed supplies. After their month had passed, none of the Goblins had perished, and they were accepted back into the Goblin community, though many were still very distrustful. The leader of the tribe then sent word to Zalasta that they no longer needed his assistance and that they would not continue to help him to find the ancient amulet sacred to the Goblins. This enraged Zalasta immensely. He warned the leader of the tribe, that if they did not continue to help him, then he would reveal to the Goblin King their treachery. The leader of the tribe knew that Zalasta was not making an idle threat. So, they continued to search for clues to the location of the amulet. One night, one of the Goblins from the tribe was sneaking around another tribe's village. A guard on patrol discovered him, and immediately questioned his presence. The Goblin became afraid and decided to make a run for it. The guard gave chase and caught the young Goblin with little effort. The youth became very afraid and began attempting to free himself from the large guard's grip. The guard, in turn, attempted to restrain the youth. The young Goblin began fighting, and in desperation, bit the guard on the leg. Howling in pain, the guard let go of the youth, which allowed him to escape into the night. The guard recognized him as a member of the tribe that had contracted that horrible sickness. Within 12 hours, the guard began to show signs of the dreaded sickness, and many others within his tribe became sick.(Note: It appears that though the sickness was dorment within the Goblins who were treated, when there is an exchange of bodily fluids, then those who have never been treated get the plague and can pass it on to others merely by coming in contact with them.) The King of the Goblins was informed immediately. Fearful of mass death and mass rioting, the King sent all those who showed signs of the sickness off to die in seclusion, and immediately banished the tribe that, in his mind, brought this sickness upon his people as a revenge for isolating them the first time. Almost immediately, the entire tribe was chased from their village, and banished from the Kingdom, without explanation, forever. The tribe made its way into the eastern region of the land, and settled in the swamp, where they could effectively hide from their brethern. The leader of the tribe again contacted Zalasta and asked for his assistance. Zalasta refused. He told the leader of the tribe that since they had been banished, they would no longer be of use to him. Convinced that Zalasta had, for some reason, betrayed them to the Goblin King over the matter of the ancient amulet, the leader of the tribe swore revenge upon Zalasta and those who had banished them. The next several weeks were very difficult for the Goblins. The game in the swamp and nearby forest was not very plentiful. Most of it had been run off by the increasing number of travelers between Wayhaven and surrounding areas. Then one day, a party of Goblins was out hunting in the woods for food, when they came upon a heavily armed group of humans. The humans, thinking they were being attacked by a Goblin raiding party, attacked the Goblins. The Goblins won the fight, and discovered the humans carried with them, a vast amount of treasure. Over the next couple of weeks, scouts were posted to keep an eye out for other travelers. They soon discovered that many rich merchants and mercenaries made their way through their new homeland. The leader decided to set up permanant scouting posts to keep an eye out for an easy haul. The scouts were instructed to setup in strategic locations and to ambush, along with a Goblin Warrior, any who travelled through their region. Over the years, the Goblins were able to perfect this tactic, and began to make a decent living from it. After a successful kill, a Goblin Runner appears out of nowhere and takes the booty, corpse and all, back to the homeland of the Goblins, for safekeeping. Those who wish to recover their lost goods need only seek out the homeland of the Goblins and find their stash(and probably find the goods of others as well).

    Author's note:

    Many long and dangerous hours were spent researching the story of the Marsh Goblins. I lost many of my own acolytes to the Goblins and their Plague (which I have named the Goblin Plague). A warning to all who read this: the Goblin Plague is deadly, dangerous, and HIGHLY contagious. If you get it, IMMEDIATELY seek a priest or a healer to help cure you of the dread disease.


    Cazil Rougal
  2. From the library, travel to the steep mountain path <2n, 2w, 3n, 7e, 12n, leave, 11n, path>

    If you skipped the trip to the library, directions will be from Fantasy - <portal, 12n, leave, 11n, path>
  3. Locate the cave and kill the hobgoblins that jump out and block the way (there may be more than one hobgoblin) - <3nw, enter, kill hobgoblin>
    82 : A hobgoblin
    82 : A hobgoblin
  4. You can now enter the cave to find the bone - <enter, nw, w, n, leap, search bones> - you should now have A long bone in your inventory.
    A longer bone

    A piece of bone you have managed to salvage from a pile. Looks like someone tried to carve something on it. It looks light.
  5. <leap, s, e, se, sw, w, nw, kill hobgoblin>
    149 : A mean hobgoblin
    163 : An ugly hobgoblin
  6. <u, kill hobgoblin>
    82 : A hobgoblin
    82 : A hobgoblin
  7. <n, kill kid>
    34 : A hobgoblin kid
    34 : A hobgoblin kid
    34 : A hobgoblin kid
    34 : A hobgoblin kid
    34 : A hobgoblin kid
  8. <get knife>
    A large carving knife
    A sharp knife designed to carve things. Now you just need someone to show you how to use it correctly.
    This weapon is in excellent condition.

    This weapon is class 5 (edged).
    This weapon gains benefits from your dagger weapon skill.
    It looks light.
  9. <s, 2d, s, give knife to hobgoblin, give bone to hobgoblin>
    The mad hobgoblin nods thoughtfully. With the bone and carving knife in hand, the mad hobgoblin immediately begins whittling away as if the world about him was unimportant. In a few short breaths, the work is complete. The hobgoblin proudly hands you his masterful work. It is an elegant flute.

    A small, bone flute
    It's a delicate instrument, and very pretty. You could probably fetch a handsome sum for it.
    This weapon is in excellent condition.

    This weapon is class 0 (edged).
    It looks light.
  10. <n, w, kill hobgoblin>
    82 : A hobgoblin
    82 : A hobgoblin
    82 : A hobgoblin
  11. <w, play flute> - this will begin combat with The hobgoblin mage
    5,557 : The hobgoblin mage
  12. Get the amulet - <open box, get amulet from box>
    A dark amulet
    It radiates a feeling of power and darkness, but it weighs heavily around your neck. There are also faded engravings of goblin-like creatures scored on to the back.

    The amulet is in perfect condition.
    It has a magical glow about it.
    This armor has the following resistances: 1 edged, 1 blunt
    It doesn't look too heavy.
  13. Deliver the amulet to Zalasta - <2e, climb up, se, e, ne, e, 3se, path, 11s, enter, 12s, 7w, 6s, 4w, 2s, enter, say zalasta, 3u, s, give amulet to zalasta>
    Zalasta says: Ah! You have brought me the amulet! Zalasta smiles. Zalasta says: Finally! Now I can at last meet the marauding tribes of those vile creatures on more equal terms.

    Zalasta wanders off.

Quest complete!

Return to Fantasy: <n, 4d, out, 2n, 4e, 6n, 7e, portal>