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Haunted Manor

<questlist 46> / <questlist haunted manor>

An abandoned manor north of the town of Angelo was rediscovered by adventuring kids ... Of the three that returned, two are still bedridden, screaming about awful phenomena that still haunt them. The third teenager killed himself rather than face another of the nightmares ...

Investigating the haunted manor and purging the evil therein will grant you the favour of the surrounding folk ... and a few quest points.

- You may party this quest with one other person, but you must be within five levels of each other.
- If you've completed the quest, then you may not provide information to other players about how to solve it.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (4/10)
Exploring : (6/10)
Fighting : (6/10)

Quest Point Value : 25
Designed for Levels: 40+

Created by : Tarin
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: November 2020)

Note: You need at least 2 light sources for this quest. (See our lights page.)

  1. <portal, 12n, leave, 8n, 11w, 2nw, 2w, 2n, 2w, open shutter>
    You grasp the sides of the shutter and PULL! With a moan, part of the shutter gives way and opens to reveal a dirty window beyond.
  2. <open window>
    You slide the window up, grunting with effort as the frame seems to grab at the sliding window, resisting your efforts.
  3. <climb window>
    You clamber through the open window into the dark hallway beyond...
  4. <2s, get chair, n, e, upstairs, w, n, look at ceiling, pull lever, climb stairs, s> and you'll run into an aggressive ghost
    Akura : Class 47,929

    Your close examination leads you to believe that he committed a double suicide, cutting out his heart and then when his strength to stand failed, he hanged himself on the rope, the death of both his heart and his mind. If you weren't repulsed by the scene, you may find it somewhat poetic justice, considering his actions during his life.

    The hanging man is middle-aged merchant, Akura. Although his richly-woven, blood-stained clothes have deteriorated over the years, his body seems remarkably well preserved. Around his neckline you notice a strangle-like mark, as if he wore a chain but it was torn off. Looking down, you can't avoid noticing a large hole torn into his chest -- it appears that his heart has been ripped out! Noticing the pool of dried blood, and his stained arm and hand, you suspect that he did it!
  5. <get dagger, s, destroy amulet> ...wait, and another aggressive ghost will appear and several imps will come join the fight while you're trying to kill him
    You take the dagger and drive it into the heart of the amulet. With a blinding flash, portions of the gem explode, embedding themselves into the ceiling around you. A dark force streams from the escaping light to condense into a huge form before your eyes. With a loud and evil laugh, the giant demon reaches out to crush your head in its clawed hand!

    47,569 : A Hulking Demon
    6,744 : An Imp
    6,683 : An Imp
    7,008 : An Imp
    6,710 : An Imp

    You feel the house rumble beneath your feet. With a sudden crash of thunder overhead, you feel the oppressive weight lift from the air. With the evil demon slain, the ghost Akura killed, finally the spirits of the house can rest in peace.

    You've been awarded the quest points for completing this heroic task.

Quest complete!

Return to Fantasy: <2n, downstairs, s, e, downstairs, w, n, window, 2e, 2s, 2e, 2se, 11e, 8s, enter, 12s, portal>