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Evil God

<questlist 96> / <questlist evil god>

The evil teachings of an evil god are spreading throughout the realm of Chaos. The horrors which would be brought to the land should his followers gain power are many. Search out the god and banish him from this plane, and thereby bring down the whole evil cult. The worshippers have been seen recently, trying to recruit movie celebrities.

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (9/10)
Exploring : (10/10)
Fighting : (6/10)

Quest Point Value : 90
Designed for Levels: 35+

Created by : Vraal and Kintax
Once per Reboot : Yes


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: October 2021)

Summary: This quest will take you to several different areas within the Chaos realm. Traverse a maze in Darkmoore Mansion for the solution to Tim Burton's puzzle. Travel to the Teenage Mutant Turtles area to spill mutagen on a sewer monster, where in-turn, the monster will give you a pamphlet. Next is to travel to R'lyeh, locate the Avatar of an ancient god and kill him. This will allow Cthulhu to notice you, and then invite you to battle him. Travel back to Gug City, acquire the artifact, insert it into the Cthulhu statue so that you can gain access to Cthulhu's underground maze. Make your way through the maze to the dead end, examine the images, depress specific ones, speak specific names, push a door, and then kill Cthulhu.

  1. Travel to the Darkmoore Mansion - <enter, 3e, 2s, 2e, n, 7e, n, mansion, kill butler>
    555 : Jives, the butler
  2. Find Tim Burton - <n, e, n, enter box>
    11k : A chain with a hook
  3. Locate and kill Leviathan. Unfortunately, you may be dropped into a random room within the puzzlebox. However, there are only 14 rooms that will lead you to the other rooms randomly. Continue traveling in various directions, it should take less than 5 minutes to eventually land in the correct room with Leviathan - <kill leviathan>
    18k : Leviathan
  4. <get solution, d, give solution to tim>
    Solution to the Puzzle Box
    A small scrap of paper saying, 'There is no solution to the puzzle box'
    It looks light.

    Tim Burton looks at the paper and back at you, and speaks:
    I'm so tired, I really can't read this...can you read it for me?
    What's it read? I really gotta know.
  5. <say There is no solution to the puzzle box>
    You say: There is no solution to the puzzle box
    Tim Burton says 'Arrgh! I knew it! Thank you so very much. Now I can get back to making movies!' With that, he stands up and starts to walk out of the room.

    As he passes, you shyly say, 'Ummm, I bet you are really relieved to have finally solved that thing...thanks to my help...'

    At this, Tim sits back down and mumbles 'Hrm, I suppose you want something, huh? Okay. Ummm... oh, well, the only thing you might find of any interest is a pamphlet some weird religious dudes gave me the other day. Only problem is I threw it down the toilet. It's probably in some sewer by now. Tim stands up and exclaims: 'You know, this gives me a great idea for my next movie!' and wanders off...
  6. Travel to Teenage Mutant Turtles area - <s, w, 3s, 7w, n, hole, 2s, kill rat>
    6k : Sewer Rat
  7. Note regarding this area, you will encounter numerous aggressive cockroaches along the way throughout this entire area - <3s, kill cockroach>
    3k : A large mutant cockroach
  8. Many aggressive enemies on this step - <e, kill spider>
    6k : Spider
    4k : A large mutant cockroach
    3k : A large mutant cockroach
    6k : Spider
    6k : Spider
  9. Locate the Rat King - <e, s, kill king>
    24k : The Rat King
  10. <get key, ne, s, w, s, 2w, unlock grating>
    You insert the key in the padlock and hear a loud, satisfying 'click'. With a quick pull, the lock comes apart, and you slide the chain off of the grating. With a small heave, you lift the grating to the floor. Now the pipe is free to enter if you wish.
  11. Find Splinter - <enter pipe, w, 2n, kill beebop>
    15k : Bebop
  12. <n, kill rocksteady>
    10k : Rocksteady
  13. <n, kill shredder>
    19k : The Evil Shredder
  14. Aggressive enemy on this step - <n, kill krang>
    29k : Krang from Dimension X
  15. <get key, unlock door, open door, n, kill april>
    2k : April O'Neil, ace reporter
  16. <get key, 6s, 2w, kill donatello>
    7k : Donatello
  17. <w, kill michaelangelo>
    7k : Michaelangelo
  18. Since Casey does not block your way, you can continue <w, kill raphael>
    7k : Raphael
  19. Same as Casey, Usagi does not block your way, you can continue <w, kill leonardo>
    12k : Leonardo
  20. <w, kill splinter>
    22k : Master Splinter
  21. <get chest, unlock chest, open chest, get all from chest> - you should now have 'A vial of mutagen' in your inventory.
  22. You may need to battle many cockroaches and spiders to get to the end of this step - <7e, out, 3e, n, se, e, spill mutagen on monster>
    The monster gasps at your generosity and exclaims: That's the same stuff that turned me into this disgusting pile of sewage! Thank you!! Oh, Thank you, with this, I can find a way to become relatively human again. Here, I must give you the only possessions I have ever had in this dismal place. One is the only piece of my former humanity. The other I found floating in a pool of crap one day.

    Thank you, kind soul, for giving me hope. The monster takes the vial and disappears under the muck. You hope he has a happy life.
  23. You should now have 'A finely folded pamphlet' in your inventory that the monster just gave you.

    The Avatar of the Master has returned to this world, as a testament to the Master's expanding might! This is cause for great celebration and joy! There is much evil still to be done before the Master can take control of Chaos, let us not wait another minute!
    The Avatar has told me that he is willing to see a number of new recruits, to personally welcome them into their new, superior life of power.
    If you are a new recruit into the ranks of the Mighty One, or if you are still contemplating joining us, why not come see him? You can find him in what was once a city under the sea. And bring this pamphlet with you so he knows you are an ally!
  24. <w, n, w, s, w, 5n, out>
  25. Now you'll need to visit R'lyeh - <s, 6e, 2s, u, kill circle>
    14k : Circle Monster
  26. <enter circle>
  27. Locate the Avatar (kill all enemies that are aggressive along the path and/or block your path) - <2s, 5e, 4se, s>
    13k : A star spawn of an ancient god
    8k : A star spawn of an ancient god
    9k : A star spawn of an ancient god
  28. <enter, e, kill servitor>
    6k : A servitor of an ancient god
  29. <e, kill priest>
    13k : High priest of an ancient god
  30. Hidden exit located here - <e, say hello>
    You say: hello
    The Avatar bellows:
    Locrian, have you come to give yourself over to the Evil One?
  31. <kill avatar>
    24k : Avatar of an ancient god

    A thunderous voice booms out in your mind: YOU HAVE SLAUGHTERED MY AVATAR!!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, MORTAL?!?!



  32. <get ring wear ring>
  33. Locate the artifact - <3w, nw, n, nw, dropoff> ...wait <pull cord, 3s, 6e, 2s, 2e, n, 8e, 4s, kill caretaker>
    1k : The graveyard caretaker
  34. <get shovel, 2s, dig> - continue digging until you fall through to Gug City (you'll dig up aggressive skeletons and vampires while you're trying to get to Gug City).
    2k : A Cthonian
    4k : A ravenous vampire
    3k : A ravenous vampire
    2k : A ravenous vampire

    Tentacles come up from the ground and you are pulled under!
  35. You may have fallen into a room with no exits, continue to <dig>
    The ground collapses underneath you, and you fall down a hole.
    4k : Gug
  36. <n, kill gug>
    6k : Gug
  37. This is not an obvious exit, but travel - <2u, kill priest>
    25k : A strange priest
  38. Find the evil gods statue - <get artifact, u, 8n, 2e, d, 2s>
  39. You should not be at The Great Cthulhu statue - <insert artifact in statue>
    You put the artifact into the nook of the statue. The unholy relic sinks into the nook of the monument and a low gurgling sound resonates through the chamber.

    The sound eventually dissipates, and as it does so, the monument begins to glow with an arcane light! You feel as if some of the residue from the Unholy Artifact has been stuck into your skin, passing through even the protective shield of your Ring of Unholy Protection. The residue doesn't seem to be particularly evil, however.
  40. <push statue>
    With a heave, you to push the statue aside, revealing a dark stairway below!
  41. Prepare for aggressive enemies as you travel through the stairway beneath the statue - <d, kill minion>
    13k : Minion of Cthulhu
    13k : Minion of Cthulhu
  42. Continue your journey - <d, kill minion>
    13k : Minion of Cthulhu
    13k : Minion of Cthulhu
  43. One more time - <d, kill minion>
    13k : Minion of Cthulhu
    13k : Minion of Cthulhu
  44. You're now entering an ancient maze, with your goal being to arrive at the 'Dead end'. You can continue on with the optional steps below (to get the full experience of the quest), OR, skip the maze [optional steps] puzzle entirely, and go directly to the next step.


    Note: You may need to dig down into Gug City again for a new artifact to get past the statue again upon your return from completing these optional steps.

    1. You need to locate the lips. Because the rooms lead you randomly to a new room, in every room <search>
      You search around and accidently dislodge a small rock in the wall. In the hole forms a set of lips. Pretty odd.

      The lips say: I know the secret to the maze.
      Give me what I desire, beautiful one.
    2. In this step, you're hit points will drop to 1, don't worry - <french lips>
      As you stick your tongue in between the mystical lips in the wall, you feel teeth sink into your tongue... at first lightly.. it feels kinda cool... but then they sink deeper... and it starts to hurt... the pressure builds, and soon you are screaming in pain!!! The teeth won't let go, these lips must be some kind of vampire!!!

      You yank with all of your might and finally succeed in pulling away! Phew!

      Lips mutter: Yummy! Thank you for giving me what I need... Now, you wanted to know about the maze...

      The maze was created such that all the rooms have only one correct exit which follows the path to the Wall of the Immortal Damned. All other exits will bring you to inconsequential rooms. However, it seems one of these rooms was quite consequential, as you have found me, and I am your only hope of solving this maze!

      To find the correct path requires much exploring and knowledge. The great Cthulhu has a servant, a one-legged daemon past chaos' firewater. His name must be converted into numbers, and those numbers matched with an engraving somewhere within this maze. This servant has not been seen in Darkmoore in ages, search him out.
      Then you must begin anew.
      That is all I will say.

      The lips, stained with deep red blood, fade into nothingness.
    3. While traveling through the maze, you may have uncovered "an odd drawing in the wall". If you didn't, it's okay as this is what it looks like - <look at drawing>
                  * * 1 * * * 4 * *
    4. Make your way to Pandemonium to locate Cthulhu's servant. You'll need to continue traversing the maze until you come to the entrance with two obvious exits: up, north. Travel <3u, 2n, u, 2w, 2s, 8w, s, 2w, 2n, 7w, e, s, w, s, 2e, 2n, enter pool>
    5. <d, kill demon>
      16k : A huge demon
    6. <2n, e, n, w, n, kill orus>
      8k : Orus
    7. The following steps are reliant upon whether the guards step into your path when you attempt to continue through the tunnel. - <n, w>
      As you move further down the tunnel to the east, you notice an eerie glow emanating from an alcove on either side of you. Two huge guards step out in front of you, blocking your path. Their mouths, the only part you can see of their otherwise armour-clad bodies, smile and hiss at you. The red glow from their visor helm warns you that these guards are demon spawn.
    8. <kill guard>
      20k : Daemon guard
      28k : Daemon guard
    9. <w, nw, kill guard>
      25k : Daemon guard
      24k : Daemon guard
    10. <nw, n, kill guard>
      21k : Daemon guard
      21k : Daemon guard
    11. <n, ne, kill guard>
      32k : Daemon guard
      23k : Daemon guard
    12. <ne, e, kill guard>
      25k : Daemon guard
      23k : Daemon guard
    13. <e, se, kill guard>
      25k : Daemon guard
      28k : Daemon guard
    14. <se, s, kill guard>
      24k : Daemon guard
      25k : Daemon guard
    15. <s, nw, kill guard>
      24k : Daemon guard
      24k : Daemon guard
    16. <nw, kill dagon>
      32k : Dagon
    17. You have finally found your one-legged daemon - <n, w, look at kardaak>
      Kardaak is a horribly deformed daemon, who's body is continually wracked by terrible spasms. As you look more closely, your eyes are drawn to the fact that he has but one leg!
      He is in perfect health.
      He has no spells.
      His melee attacks do slashing damage.
    18. Return to the maze in Darkmoore - <e, s, se, sw, 2s, e, 2s, e, s, climb up, u, w, s, 2w, n, e, n, 2w, 6e, 2s, 2e, n, 8e, 2n, 2e, d, 2s, 3d> - note that if you were not able to travel the last move of 3d, you'll need to travel back to the graveyard and repeat the steps to dig down into Gug City to obtain the artifact.
    19. If you're curious how the directions were calculated based off of a name - To figure out how the clue on the wall (inside the maze within Darkmoore) translates into directions, it's a matter of examining the English alphabet. A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, and now we start over with counting, E = 1, F = 2... Continuing with this pattern, you'll see that the letter K = 3. Looking at the clue then, 3 is in the direction pointing north. Therefore, the letter K indicates a north direction. Since A is 1, our clue on the wall indicates that 1 is pointing west for our next direction, (and so on).

  45. Travel <2n, w, s, e, 2w, n> - you should now be at 'The Wall of the Immortal Damned'.
  46. <search rubble>
  47. Continue to <search rubble> until you find a small note.
    You kick through the rubble and find a small note.
  48. <read note>
    I passed this wall and lived to tell it.
    Mr. Clean

    Note: Now would begin the steps where you locate Mr. Clean, talk to him about visiting the wall, whereupon he'll ask you to find his mop. Sadly, his mop cannot be found at this time. Luckily, you can still continue to the next important step of this quest in order to complete it without having to leave the maze.
  49. <check belly buttons>
    As you begin examining the navels of the images, you sense you have stumbled onto something... As you continue, you realize that every belly button you have come upon is the same...
    Oh, wait! There's a figure with no navel!
    And there's another one!
    You finish looking over the wall and conclude that there are two images of people without belly buttons. Who could they be?
  50. Quickly move through this step without hesitation - <depress images with no belly button, speak adam, speak eve, push door>
    You press on the images with no belly button and find that your fingers sink into the wall! You wonder what to do next as you apply light pressure to the images, keeping them depressed.
    <speak adam>
    You say the name of the first born and you hear a 'click' from the left side of the wall.
    <speak eve>
    You say the name of the second born and you hear a second 'click' from the right side of the wall.

    The depressed images fall back into the wall, and the wall turns slightly to the side. You stare at the wall, trying to figure out what is going on. Finally it comes to you- you've found a secret revolving door!
    <push door>
    You push the wall forward and are swept into the next room!
  51. <kill cthulhu>
    48k : The Almighty Cthulhu

    The walls tremble... The lightning pulsing through the room shatters your senses... With a tremendous groan, the Almighty Cthulhu falls!

    You have slaughtered a god and solved the quest! Party time!

    Locrian has slaughtered a god!

Quest complete!
Return to Chaos: <3n, u, 2w, 2s, 8w, s, 2w, 2n, 3w, vortex>