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Ancient tales tell of a treasure, unlike any other treasure. The artifact is formed from the tears of the gods and the blood of the titans. Never seen by mortal eyes, this item causes chaos and destruction wherever it passes. This relic is chaos incarnate. Where it was forged, or the form it holds is known by only the wisest of sages. The name given to this unholy creation is 'C---' The final three letters are unknown. In centuries past, this item has passed through the lands, causing seas to boil and mountains to crumble. You will travel across many lands and vast oceans in your search, interacting with many different people. Only one clue begins your journey. Travel to the icelands warrior, and search for an altar of the ancient gods.

Let their wisdom and guidance light your way.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (10/10)
Exploring : (10/10)
Fighting : (10/10)

Quest Point Value : 100
Designed for Levels: 45+

Created by : Tensor
Once per Reboot : No


Map of The Epic
Map of Epic
Map of The Taslen
Map of Taslen
Map of The Ravenloft
Map of Ravenloft

Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: May 2022)

Summary: Epic is fun quest that will run you around different zones in fantasy. There is little searching or syntax mostly talking and killing. Definitely explore all the mini-zones and talk to the mobs. Most of the quest are in rooms you can only enter during the quest. The quest may bug out if you hit for 10k so take it easy. Also no blasts.

  1. Travel to the primary Epic area, from Fantasy - <portal, 12n, leave, 11n, 3e, 6n, 3w, enter>
  2. <ne, n, look at sheet>
    There is a large sheet of thick ice here. It blocks the entire passageway north, and doesn't seem to want to budge at all. Looking closely, you do see some clear patches in the sheet.
  3. <look at patches>
    You can faintly see through the patches into the next cavern. You can barely make out what looks like some kind of figure.
  4. <look at figure>
    You peer through the nearly opaque sheet of ice. It radiates a very strong coldness, moreso than any ice should. Finding a small area that is clear of frost, you press your face closely and try to get a good look at the figure. You then hear voices in your mind. . .

    The sceptre. . . find the sceptre. It. . . will allow you to reach us. Please. . . hurry, there is no time to waste. Seek out the sceptre in the lair of the. . . insect-men. Please. . . come to us. . .
  5. <e, touch globe> - this is your "epic" story and will grow during your quest.
    You hear a chiming voice in your mind. . .

    Welcome Locrian, to the cavern of fables. Here is where you may hear the story of your personal deeds of honor. Your own epic tale will increase as your epic adventure does.

    The lights dim and a story pours into your mind. . .

    The brave songstress, Locrian did begin her quest at the heed of the ancient gods. What was this soul to find in her mystic journeys? Only the scribes will know for sure. Thus begins the legend of Locrian.

    Our story opens with Locrian enjoying herself at the local tavern in the great city of Pinnacle. Night had fallen and the great songstress had taken leave of her adventures for an evening of relaxation. Many a great deed this soul had done, and her time was for rest now. Little did she know, however, that all that was about to change. . .

    Hey, the solemn bartender, had just served Locrian a fine mug of ale, when suddenly, the door blew open. Mist rolled off of the cobblestone streets of Pinnacle, lit softly by the gas lights lining the road. In the dark doorway, was a shadowy figure about the size of a man. The minstrels in the corner stage stopped playing, and the tavern fell deathly silent. Entering the old building, the figure slowly went up to the bar and spoke to the keeper in what sounded like a heavy rasping voice. The tavern patrons, including Locrian, all tried to recompose themselves and listen to what was said, but the stranger kept his conversation only between himself and Hey. After a few moments, with Hey looking uncharacteristically nervous, the stranger laid a small medallion on the bar. Hey's eyes lit up then he gestured over to the table where Locrian had taken her respite. The dark figure then shuffled toward the songstress, dragging a great mass of a body beneath its tattered robes of black. Startled, but not off-guard, the great songstress eyed this strange man, if it was a man, cautiously. The figure reached the table and pointed at Locrian. In a voice that grated like stone, the stranger spoke, 'Seek thee out, the cavern of ice. There, thou wilt find the destiny of thyself, and of thy world. Heed not, these words of mine Locrian, and thou will find thyself embracing oblivion.' With that, the stranger turned and walked out the door, into the damp streets of Pinnacle. Rising from her table, Locrian raced out into the cobblestone road, only to find nothing. The stranger was gone, a shadow in the night. Turning back inside, the songstress dropped a few gold coins on the bar, gathered her gear and headed back out into the street. Taking a deep breath, Locrian headed west, toward the lands of magic, where lay the icelands, where lay her destiny. Speaking softly to herself, the songstress whispered, 'This night, it seems, has only just begun. . .'

    After a perilous journey, stopping only once to rest for a few hours alongside the road, Locrian reached the icelands. Passing by a keep made of stone, she noticed that it had been overrun and decimated. Black smoke billowed from the ruins, a mockery of the smoke normally seen from a warming fireplace. Something evil had taken hold of this lonely keep. This was not part of Locrian's journey though, and she trudged onward through the snow, toward the caverns of ice. . .

    Upon reaching the gleaming cavern, Locrian searched for hours within the ice. Cold and fatigue had taken its toll on her, and she decided to make camp. Drifting softly to sleep, a glowing campfire warming her soul, the songstress let her dreams guide her way. . .

    Hours later, Locrian found herself awoken by a slight whispering. Rising quickly to her feet, she tried to locate the sound. Feeling completely refreshed from the sleep, the songstress quickly geared up and followed the whispering. The ghostly chanting lead her to a great sheet of ice, blocking an inner sanctum within. Off to the side of the sheet was a small room, containing nothing more than a globe of glowing ice. . .

    After touching the globe, and reading her own story, the songstress stood silent. Creeping over to the sheet once again, the songstress could see through the slightly transparent ice. Within the brightly lit room, Locrian saw the figure, the figure of torment. This figure then guided her to find that which was stolen from it. That artifact that would allow the songstress passage to their sanctum. . .
  6. Travel to the Ant Hole to find the figure - <w, s, sw, leave, 14e, 3n, e, d, in>
  7. Continue deeper into the Ant Hole - <3n, w, n, 2w, s, w, 3n, 2e, n, e, s, e, d>
  8. 2nd level - <5s, e, s, w, 3s, w, s, 3w, d>
  9. 3rd level - <5e, 5n, d>
  10. 4th level - <2s, 3e, 3s, e, d>
  11. 5th level - <3w, s, 9w, 2n, 3w, s>
  12. You'll need to <search, look at wall> to locate the hidden exit.
  13. <e, say hello>
    The dark mage hisses: Spare me your pleasant greetings fool! Why have you disturbed the cavern of Davidial!?
  14. <say sceptre>
    The dark mage adjusts something beneath his robes.
    Davidial whispers: I see you hope to be favored of the ancients.
  15. <say ancients>
    Davidial hisses: Yes! The ancient deities you pathetic fool!
  16. <say treasure>
    Davidial hisses: Yes! Their most valued relic. Cael is mine!
  17. <say cael>
    Davidial hisses: Speak that name with reverence fool! The powers held by the relic are mine.
  18. <say powers>
    Davidial hisses: Yes, powers, and if you dare challenge me, I will use the powers upon you!
  19. <say challenge>
    The dark mage's eyes sparkle with a bright red light.
    The mage reaches for something within his robes.
    Davidial hisses: Here is the Sceptre you fool! You will gain it only with my defeat!
  20. <say defeat>
    Davidial whispers: No fool, you will be the defeated one, for even if you strike me down, we shall meet again. Your destiny lies with mine.
  21. At the end of this step, you'll automatically begin combat with Davidial - <say destiny>
    Davidial hisses: Enough talk! Face my wrath!
    The dark mage prepares a spell and attacks you!!

    237k : Davidial (shadowy)
  22. <get sceptre>
  23. Leave the Ant Hole and return to Epic to speak with the gods - <w, n, 6e, 2s, 6e, n, 3e, u>
  24. <w, 3n, 3w, 2n, u>
  25. <5s, 5w, u>
  26. <3e, 2n, e, 2n, e, n, w, 5n, u>
  27. <w, n, w, s, 2w, 3s, e, n, 2e, s, e, 4s, u>
  28. <w, 3s, 14w, enter, ne, 2n, say hello>
    The obsidian head speaks: Hello, we do have names though.
    The silver head looks disdainfully at the obsidian head.
  29. <say names>
    The silver head speaks: My name is Siobahn.
    The obsidian head speaks: I go by many names, call me Verminua.
    The grey head speaks: I am Eolas.
  30. <say siobahn>
    The grey head glances at the silver head.
    The obsidian head speaks: Siobahn is our eldest brother's good name.
  31. <say verminua>
    The silver turns to the obsidian head.
    The grey head speaks: She is our evil sister.
  32. <say eolas>
    The dark head looks over at the grey head.
    The silver head speaks: That is the name of our brother of neutrality.
  33. <say good>
    Siobahn speaks: Your goodness will overcome your fears.
  34. <say evil>
    Verminua speaks: Good, evil and neutrality....
    Eolas speaks: ...must be in balance for you to succeed.
  35. <say succeed>
    Siobahn speaks: Why, to succeed in your...
    Verminua speaks:
  36. <say quest>
    Siobahn looks over to Eolas.
    Eolas speaks: Your quest, avatar, is to retrieve our lost treasure.
  37. <say treasure>
    Siobahn looks forlorn.
    Verminua speaks: The treasure, impudent one, has been stolen by...
    Siobahn frowns at Verminua.
    Eolas speaks: of the gods, one of our own.
  38. <say gods>
    Verminua smirks darkly.
    Eolas looks over to Siobahn.
    Siobahn speaks: He of us. We were betrayed.
  39. <say betrayed>
    Siobahn looks sad.
    Eolas speaks: You must search him out...
    Verminua: his lair.
  40. <say lair>
    Siobahn looks over to Verminua.
    Verminua frowns darkly.
    Verminua speaks: His lair lies in the great desert...
    Eolas speaks: ...of Taslen.
  41. <say taslen>
    Verminua rolls her eyes at you.
    Eolas frowns at his sister.
    Siobahn speaks: Seek him out now avatar, and confront him in his lair. His symbol is that of twin triangles.
  42. <say symbol>
    Siobahn speaks: Seek him out to complete the circle.
  43. <say circle>
    Siobahn nods.
    Eolas speaks: The circle will end when you return.
  44. <s, e, touch globe> to update your story
    This part will be added to the above story you received when you first touched the globe.

    Upon a trek to a distant land, in subterranean realms she did search, Locrian retrieved the relic from the thief, and returned back to face the figure. The battle was fierce and the foe had few kind words, but this was not to daunt our songstress, as she then learned more. . .

    The face of a bastard god was begotten to Locrian. The tortured figure left the name of their brother clean on her lips. Dahilirant, the dark soul, the liemaster. Here would Locrian find an enemy that would match her wits as none other. Dangers would befall the mighty songstress as she travelled across the great sea to the desert wasteland known only as Taslen. The journey perilous, the encounter deadly, Locrian strode forward out of the ice cavern and began her trek. . .
  45. <w, s, sw, leave, 3s, 5w, portal>
  46. <portal, 15e, leave, 17e, 4n, 3e> ...wait for ship <board ship> ...wait <gangplank, 22e, 11n, sinkway, kill zombie>
    Warning: The desert may relocate you unexpectedly to another location on Taslen. You can travel back to the dock and try again (the dock is located in the southwest corner of the area), or refer to the map of Taslen and try to reorient yourself.
    35k : Desert Zombie
  47. <search>
  48. Repeat the previous step until you find a charm. <get charm>
    You search around in the hot sand.
    You find a small charm.

    Golden Charm
    You see a small, golden disk with the name 'Weatherm..' engraved on one face. The charm is very old and looks like some sort of an heirloom or some other family treasure.
  49. Locate George Weathermay to discuss the charm you've found - <desert, 11s, 22w, board ship> ...wait
  50. <gangplank, 5w, nw, 3w, 2s, sw, w, nw, enter mist> ...wait
  51. <in, n, nw, e, 3n, nw, n, ne, n, 10w, s, 4sw, 6w, sw, s>
  52. Now, George Weathermay roams this area, if he's not in this specific room with the campfire, he should be nearby. Once you find him, <say charm>
    George says: Locrian! You have found my family charm!!
    Yes!, the talisman! I bent over to get the talisman I found and it must have slipped from its chain!
    You hand the charm to George.
    George reaches into his pocket.
    George says: Here friend, take the talisman. I give it to you in return for finding my family treasure.
    George shakes your hand.

    Warning: If George does not reply to your conversation, and merely smiles at you, kill him and check back later (or use the eternal power, refresh room). This instance may occur if someone else has already talked to George about the charm and he does not have the talisman anymore to give you.

    Golden Talisman
    A golden talisman formed from two triangles, one above the other. Small diamonds are placed in the center of each triangle. The charm is about the size of your hand.
  53. Now that you have the talisman, return to the sinkhole. Directions from George's campfire - <n, ne, 6e, 4ne, n, 10e, s, sw, s, se, 3s, w, se, s, enter mist, e, n, 3e, se, 5e>
  54. <board ship> ...wait
  55. <gangplank, 22e, 11n, sinkway, doors, kill zombie>
    29k : Desert Zombie
  56. <e, sw, kill zombie>
    50k : Desert Zombie
  57. <room, break pot>
  58. Continue to break all pots in the room. Your goal is to find a whistle. If it drops from these pots, <get whistle, out, ne>. If it did not drop, you have the remaining rooms to visit and repeat these steps with.
    Room 2: <s, kill zombie, room> - break all the pots.
    Room 3: <out, n, se, kill zombie, room> - break all the pots.
    Room 4: <out, nw, ne, kill zombie, room> - break all the pots.
    Room 5: <out, sw, n, kill zombie, room> - break all the pots.
    Room 6: <out s, nw, kill zombie, room> - break all the pots.
    Room 7: <out, se>

    a whistle
    A small wooden whistle. Etchings of turtles decorate the instrument.
  59. Hopefully you have found the whistle in one of the pots around the area. During your adventure, you should also encounter an aggressive Blood Ochre in the center of the area (the room with 'A large stone star adorned with eight glowing hourglasses'). If he has not shown up while you've been looking for the whistle, wait for a moment in the 'star' room for him to appear.
    The star glows brightly!

    You hear a strange grating sound.

    You look at the massive stone star. It begins to pulse with a great and malevolent grating sound. The pulsing of the massive stone carving grows stronger with every passing second. The bass of the pulsing begins to shudder your body to your very bones. The intensity of the pulsing grows so loud that you cannot even hear yourself think. Only one thing runs through your tortured mind - Get out! Get out! The pulsating beat rises to a crescendo. The pulsing stops and the room is deathly quiet.

    There is a large crumbling sound, like stone grating on stone.

    Looking closely at the star, you notice a large crack has appeared in the center.

    In a mighty explosion of stone and crimson, the center of the star explodes into a thousand pieces! From the fissure in the center, blood pours forth in a torrent of red! The sticky fluid splashes your body! You run to escape but there is no place to turn!

    With a disgusting sucking sound, the red tide of warm blood gathers together. In a rippling coagulation, the crimson fluid solidifies into a single mass. The horrible formation completes in a creature, large bloody and formidable! The blood-creature leaps forth and attacks!
  60. <kill ochre>
    148k : Blood Ochre
  61. <get key>
    Blood Key
    A small, heavy key that seems to be made from some red, warm metal. The key pulses in your hand.
  62. <e, unlock door, open door, door>
    You turn the blood key in the marble door.
    You hear a solid *click* echo from within the portal.
    The blood key dissolves in your hand.
    You pull open the red marble door.
    A cold air wafts from within the tomb.
    Sinister laughter echoes off the walls of the tomb. You are not alone.
  63. <say hello>
    The robed figure nods at you.
    The figure speaks: Welcome to my tomb mortal, My name is Dahilirant.
  64. <say cael>
    Dahilirant looks worried.
    The red god speaks: The path to the monastery has been corrupted.
  65. <say path>
    Dahilirant looks rather sad.
    The god speaks: The path to the monastery has become deadly to the unfaithful. Faith is rare in this age. You can either trust your mental fortitude or you can seek out a symbol of faith.
  66. <say monastery>
    The god of Deceit nods.
    Dahilirant speaks: The monastery is an ancient stronghold located in the Dark Land. Converted for the advancement of spiritual beliefs. The artifact was to have been safe there, but the path to the monastery has darkened.
  67. <say faith>
    Dahilirant speaks: Rare is the fortitude required for travel along the path.
    The inventor Visek might be of some assistance to you.
  68. <say visek>
    The god speaks: I do not know what has become of the inventor. His mortal time has long since passed, though his home might house some aid.
  69. <say house>
    The Prince of Lies nods.
    Dahilirant speaks: Visek was rumored to live on a remote island south of this desert isle.
  70. <say island>
    Dahilirant adjusts his robes.
    Dahilirant says: Either search for the island or try the path alone my child. I cannot stay much longer. The tapestry of your life must be woven by you alone.
  71. <say tapestry>
    Dahilirant speaks: We all must weave our own tapestry of destiny my child.

    The figure of the god rests silently on the chair.
    The ground beneath you begins to shudder and quake.
  72. <say destiny>
    The god holds up his hand and shakes his head at you.
    Dahilirant says: Hush now child.

    Small cracks appear along the edges of the tomb. Snaking their way from the fissures, blue streaks of electricity work their way up the walls, gathering in a mass along the ceiling.

    Rising from his chair, the prince of lies raises his hands toward the ceiling. With a violent crackling, the lightning arcs toward the form of the god.

    With a flash of light leaving you all but blind, the electricity in the room is absorbed into the figure of the god.

    The room grows deathly silent. The deadly red eyes of the god look directly at you, almost burning your own.

    He smiles demonically at you, blue electricity dancing along his teeth.

    Dahilirant speaks: Beware he of the black orchid.

    In a clash of unearthly thunder, the body of the god is engulfed in a dark cloud of blackness and energy. You are left alone in the tomb, with nothing remaining of the figure but the electric smell of ozone.
  73. <out, look at star>
    A large stone star adorned with eight glowing hourglasses
    You see a large stone block, carved into the shape of an eight-sided star. The item is about ten feet in diameter and is adorned with hourglass carvings. There are eight hourglasses upon the star, one on each arm of the star. Eight of the hourglass carvings glow with a bright yellow light. There is also some writing near the bottom of the star...

    /|<[||[] /+<-<- +-<[|| ]||=/++/_|<|/+[]_= -|/+<-<- -+|+ |+[+|=+/ <[/+[]_|, /+[]_| +-<[|| ]|<-[++/|+ [+-| -+<-[+[+_| ++[+|[||+/_= +-<[|| <-/+[]_|. /++- +-<[|| _|||/++-<[ [+-| +-<[|| -+||/+_=+-, |+[+|= /|<|<-<- _=||||, /+[]_| ]|/+<|[] +-<[|| +=/++-<[, +-<[|| /|/+|+, +-<[|| =||||+.

    You are not sure how heavy it is.
  74. Note the writing that is near the bottom of the star. The message will be the same, but the symbols given to represent each letter will change per player and must be decoded for use later on in the quest. (Coloring has been added to help with understanding how to decode.)

    As per original qinfo, each pair of symbols is equal to a letter.


    Meaning that the first two symbols in our code above, /|, is equal to the letter W.
    The second set of two symbols, <[, is equal to the letter H.
    The third set of two symbols, ||, is equal to the letter E.
    And the fourth set of two symbols, [], is equal to the letter N.
    ...and so on.

    Keep in mind that "your" code may be different than the code that was provided during the completion of this quest, however, if you decode the symbols using the above phrase, it will help you at decoding future messages later on in this quest.
    Decoded letters placed in alphabetical order:
  75. Travel <2w, desert, 11s, 11w, 2s, blow whistle>
    You put the wooden whistle to your lips and blow.
    A shrill and steady tone issues forth from the instrument.
    At the call of the whistle, one of the shapes moves toward shore.
    The creature coming toward you is definitely a giant sea turtle.
    It sloshes in the waves, swimming directly toward the shoreline.
    The turtle comes to rest on shore. It is a massive creature:
    almost as big as a small ship. You think you could ride upon its back.
  76. <ride turtle>
    The bright sky above you leaves you at peace.
    The turtle begins swimming slowly out toward the open sea.
    Quiet laps of water soothe your mind as you slowly watch the desert fade into the northern distance.
    The bright sky above you leaves you at peace.
    The sun sparkles brightly upon the open sea.
    With a slight tinge of fear, you see the land disappear to the north, leaving you all alone on the open sea with no land in sight.
    The turtle swims on. It takes a slight dive under the water.
    You grip tightly onto the back, praying that it doesn't dive underneath the surface.
    The bright sky above you leaves you at peace.
    The great sea creature takes a slight turn to the west.
    You can make out a tiny island far, far in the distance.
    The island grows closer and closer.
    The turtle slows down as it nears the island.
    The wind has seemed to pick up near the isle.
    The turtle turns on its side at the shoreline, allowing you to climb down onto the shore.
  77. <d, se, look at plants, look at shrubs, look at patch>
    You move the shrubs out of the way and find a lever!
  78. <pull lever, nw, door, climb>
  79. <say hello>
    The figure wavers for a moment.
    The ghost whispers: Yes, greetings, why have you disturbed my home?
  80. <say relic>
    The ghost whispers: Relic? Well, yes, just yesterday I crafted a beautiful Cross made of solid silver. It was absolutely divine.
  81. <say cross>
    The ghost whispers: You know of my Cross?? How can you?
    The shade backs away from you in fear.
    The ghost whispers: The Evils have sent you!
  82. <say evils>
    The ghost whispers: I knew it! The Cross is m...mine!
    The shadow stands firm toward you.
    The ghost whispers: Go b...back to your lair! You cannot have my relic!
  83. <say lair>
    The ghost whispers: I know from which you come. You come from the Blights! Return to the cave of the tentacled creature!
    Shifting slightly in the light, the ghost shimmers.
  84. <say blights>
    The ghost whispers: Oh no... No, the Blights have stolen my relic of the Lightlord! They have slain me! Oh no. They have Slain me! I am dead!
    The shadow begins to sob uncontrollably.
  85. <say cave>
    The ghost whispers: The dragon made only of bone, and the beast, razor-sharp!
    I....I am not a fool! Begone!
  86. <say beast>
    The shade looks at you suspiciously.
    The ghost whispers: Be careful friend. The beast guards the lair of the Souls.
  87. <say souls>
    The ghost whispers: The Well of the Souls.
  88. <say well>
    The shade looks extremely surprised.
    The ghost whispers: Speak not of that place! It is the damned that inhabit that unholy lair.
  89. <say damned>
    The ghost whispers: Those that inhabit the Well, t...they speak the old language. T...hey do not u...unde...
  90. <say language>
    The ghost whispers: I wish for only warmth now.
  91. <say warmth>
    The ghost's eyes glow red.
    The ghost whispers: You have warmth and peace within you!
  92. <say peace>
    The ghost whispers: I wish you peace as well adventurer.
    Your path to leave this island is cleared.

    The shade leaps forward at you!
    The ghost envelops your body. You feel a swirling nausea overtake your senses. You pass out and allow the darkness freedom over you.
  93. Visit the Well of Souls, travel <d, door, ne, ride turtle> ...wait
  94. <d, 10w, 2n, w, board ship> ...wait
  95. <gangplank, 5w, nw, 3w, 2s, sw, w, nw, enter mist> ...wait
  96. <in, n, nw, n, ne, n, nw, n, ne, n, 2ne, 2e, 2n, w, nw, 2n, kill dragon>
    452k : Undead Dragon
    114k : Zombie
    112k : Razor Warrior
  97. <d, kill behemoth>
    19k : A behemoth
    177k : Shadow Asp
    19k : A behemoth
  98. <2d, sw, se, ne, nw, look at blight>
    Blight of Pain (dark)

    You see a spirit-creature that seems to waver in and out of your sight. In your mind, you can hear a faint whisper, but see it clearly. The creature turns to you and speaks.

    The Blight speaks: <|-| |+[+|= /|/+[]+- +-[+ +=/+_=_=, /+_==| ><|| -|[++/ ><|+ +/<|_|_|<-||. _=<[[+|=<-_| |+[+|= /+[]_=/|||+/ /|+/[+[]]|, +=/+|+ _|||/++/<-|+ |+[+|= /|<|<-<-.

    The letter M has been highlighted because you'll need it later.

    She is in perfect health.
    She is a pure caster.
    Note: the typical < > symbols that are used on this site to indicate commands are being removed temporarily from directions involving conversations with the blight to avoid confusion.
  99. Referencing the decoding table you made earlier, you'll need to find the code for the letters RIDDLE. For the code provided at the time of this quest, the word RIDDLE would equate to +/<|_|_|<-||

    Therefore, say riddle but use your code in place of the word riddle.
    You say: +/<|_|_|>-||

    The Blight speaks: <[||+/|| <|_= +-<[|| +/<|_|_|<-||: <| /+>< /+_= +-<[<|[] /+_= /+ <[/+<|+/, /+[]_| _=<[/++/+= /+_= /+ +-[+[++-<[. |=_=||_| -+|+ ></+[]|+, +-[+ ><||[]_| <| -|[++/_=[+[++-<[. _|+//+/|<|[]]| -+<-[+[+_| <| ++/+[] _|[+, [++/ _=+-<|[]]| <-<|=||| /+ <[[++/[]||+-. ></+=|<|[]]| |+[+|= _=+++/||/+><, <-<|=||| /+[] [+|=+- [+-| +-|=[]|| ++[++/[+[]||+-. /|<[/++- <|_= <|+- /+>< <|?

  100. Same as the previous step, reference your decoding table to find the code for the letters NEEDLE.
    say needle but replace the letters for needle with "your" code.
    You say: []||||_|<-||

    The creature looks at you in horror!

    The Blight of Pain is engulfed in a golden flame!!
    In seconds, the creature is gone. Clanking to the ground, you see a silver bar hit the rock floor.
  101. <get all, sw, se, ne, nw, look at blight>
    Blight of Ecstasy (bright)

    You see a spirit-creature that seems to waver in and out of your sight. In your mind, you can hear a faint whisper, but see it clearly. The creature turns to you and speaks.

    The Blight speaks: <|-| |+[+|= /|/+[]+- +-[+ +=/+_=_=, /+_==| ><|| -|[++/ ><|+ +/<|_|_|<-||. _=<[[+|=<-_| |+[+|= /+[]_=/|||+/ /|+/[+[]]|, +=/+|+ _|||/++/<-|+ |+[+|= /|<|<-<-. She is in perfect health.
    She is a pure caster.

    Note: Same as before, the blights message translates into "IF YOU WANT TO PASS, ASK ME FOR MY RIDDLE. SHOULD YOU ANSWER WRONG, PAY DEARLY YOU WILL."
  102. say riddle but replace the word riddle with your code.
    You say: +/<|_|_|<-||

    The Blight speaks: <[||+/|| <|_= +-<[|| +/<|_|_|<-||: <| +-/+=||| ></+[]|+ -|[++/><_=, -|+/[+>< ><<|_=_=<|[+[]/++/|+ +-[+ +-<[+/[+[]||. +-<[|| +=<-||/+_=|=+/|| <| -++/<|[]]|, +/|=[]_= _|||||+= +-[+ +-<[|| -+[+[]||. <| /+>< _=[+><||+-<[<|[]]| -/|=<|+-|| +=<-||/+_=/+[]+-, _=[+><||+-<[<|[]]| [][++- /+-+<[[++/+/||[]+-. <| +/[+<-<- -+/+++=| |+[+|=+/ |||+||_=, /+[]_| ></+=||| |+[+|= +++/|+ [+|=+- <|[] +-[++/+/||[]+-. /|<[/++- <|_= <|+- /+>< <|?

  103. say orgasm but replace your letters with the symbols you decoded.
    You say: [++/]|/+_=><

    The creature looks at you in horror!

    The Blight of Ecstasy is engulfed in a silver flame!!
    In seconds, the creature is gone. Falling to the ground with a clank, you see a silver bar land on the rock floor.
  104. <get all, sw, se, ne, nw, look at blight>
    Blight of Indifference (grey)

    You see a spirit-creature that seems to waver in and out of your sight. In your mind, you can hear a faint whisper, but see it clearly. The creature turns to you and speaks.

    The Blight speaks: <|-| |+[+|= /|/+[]+- +-[+ +=/+_=_=, /+_==| ><|| -|[++/ ><|+ +/<|_|_|<-||. _=<[[+|=<-_| |+[+|= /+[]_=/|||+/ /|+/[+[]]|, +=/+|+ _|||/++/<-|+ |+[+|= /|<|<-<-.

    She is in perfect health.
    She is a pure caster.
  105. say riddle, where riddle is coded into your language.
    You say: +/<|_|_|<-||

    The Blight speaks: <[||+/|| <|_= +-<[|| +/<|_|_|<-||: /|<[||[] +=<-/+++||_| <|[]+-[+ -+<-|=||, <| +-/+=||| [+[] [][+ <[|=||. /|<[||[] +=<-/+++||_| <|[]+-[+ <|++||, <| +-||[]_| +-[+ ></+=||| -+<-|=||. -|[++/ +=<-||/+_=|=+/|| [+-| +-<[|| +-[+[]]||=||, <| ++/+[] -+|| -/|=<|+-|| /+ -+[+[+[]. -|[++/ +-<[|| <|[]+-||[]_=<|+-|+ [+-| <[|=+/+-, <| ++/+[] -|||_=+-||+/ /+ /|[+|=[]_|. /|<[/++- <|_= <|+- /+>< <|?
  106. say salt
    You say: _=/+<-+-

    The creature looks at you in horror!

    The Blight of Indifference is engulfed in a copper flame!!
    In seconds, the creature is gone. Falling to the ground in a sparkle, a silver bar clanks to the rock floor.
  107. <get all, sw, se, ne, nw, kill blight>
    49k : Blight of Pain
    51k : Blight of Esctasy
    51k : Blight of Indifference
  108. <n, get crux, join cross>
    You fit the silver crux into the notch in the straight.
    There is a bright flash of light as the two pieces become one.
    Taking the left arm in your hand, you touch it to the left side of the full bar. There is another bright flash and the relic begins to hum. Taking a deeep breath, you touch the right arm to the item.
    With a clap of thunder and a blaze of golden light, the artifact fuses itself together and begins to emanate a soft, golden light.
  109. <s, se, sw, nw, ne, se, sw, nw, ne, se, sw, nw, ne, se, sw, nw, ne, 3u>
  110. <2s, se, e, 2s, 2w, 2sw, 10w, s, 4sw, nw>
  111. <2ne, n, ne>
  112. From this point forward, you'll be attacked by many Skeletal and Undead Creatures. You'll need to continue traveling north though. It is possible that the trees, shrubs, and even your faith may block your passage north, however, just continue trying to travel north and you'll make it through. <4n>
  113. You should now be at the Fortress Gates. <open gate>
    You plant your feet and lay your shoulder into the iron gates.
    With a mighty shove, you push the heavy gates slightly open.
  114. Continue to repeat the previous step until it's wide enough for you to pass through them.
    You plant your feet and lay your shoulder into the iron gates.
    With a mighty shove, you push the heavy gates slightly open.
    There is enough room for you to pass through them now.
  115. <gates, n>
  116. Before you can travel north once more, you'll need to visit the remainder of the monastery and kill the monks. The path to visit each room and return you back to this starting point is as follows - <2e, w, 2s, n, 2w, s, n, sw, s, n, ne, n, e>
  117. Now that you've visited, and slain, the monks, you should be able to travel <n> into a room with A large chest.
    The room swarms with misty spirits.
    The spirits merge into a large misty creature that attacks you!
    The spirit mist dissolves part of your flesh!
    Suddenly, you are shoved from behind into the wall and knocked down!
    A dark chill overcomes your senses and fills you with an intense fear.
    You shake off the shock and look up to a most horrible sight.
    An imposing figure, clad in black armour stand in the room. A long, flowing black cape wafts in the cold breeze surrounding the figure. On the breastplate, you can see the tarnished and scratched impression of an orchid. Once gleaming, the bloom is charred and blackened.

    You look farther up the body of the creature and meet its gaze. Two pinpoints of fiery yellow eyes gleam out from the helmet, penetrating and chilling you to your very soul.

    The dark knight chuckles slightly.

    Without a further word, the black figure strides over to the large chest and kicks it over. In a shattering of wood and metal, the top flies open and two bags spill forth from the container.

    Reaching down in a fluent motion, the black creature grabs hold of the two bags. Looking at one, a hollow grunt of disgust emanates from the helmet. Tossing the first bag to the ground, the knight reaches into the second.

    Pulling its hand back, the knight removes a large gem, golden and sparkling from the pouch. It begins to laugh loudly and long, filling the throne room with a great and deadly echoing.

    The death knight turns and points a black-gauntleted finger at you.

    The figure speaks: Know this mortal, you have failed to Jacinth, Knight of the Orchid. I thank you for your help in disposing of the guardians of this place so that I may freely enter and take possession of my prize. Your ignorance has allowed me to complete my quest.

    The dark figure chuckles at you.

    Jacinth speaks: I will leave you now, alone to wallow in your utter failure. So you won't take your cataclysmic loss too much to heart, I will leave you a couple friends of mine to keep you company in your hour of despair.

    In a fluid motion, like black velvet, the death knight waves his hand.

    Dark, black smoke rises in two swirls at his feet. With a final chuckle and a turn of his steel boots, he leaves south from the room.

    27k : Beast demon
    14k : Beast demon
  118. <get bag, w, get all from bag>
  119. <light candle, put candle in hole>
    You flick the tinder along the flint and a small spark appears.
    Touching the glowing ember to the prayer candle, it flames to life.
    You take the lit candle and tilt it slightly over the first hole.
    A small amount of wax drips into the opening. You then fit the candle securely into the hole.
  120. Repeat the previous step 4 more times
    You flick the tinder along the flint and a small spark appears.
    Touching the glowing ember to the prayer candle, it flames to life.
    You take the lit candle and tilt it slightly over the second hole.
    A small amount of wax drips into the opening. You then fit the candle securely into the hole.

    You flick the tinder along the flint and a small spark appears.
    Touching the glowing ember to the prayer candle, it flames to life.
    You take the lit candle and tilt it slightly over the third hole.
    A small amount of wax drips into the opening. You then fit the candle securely into the hole.

    You flick the tinder along the flint and a small spark appears.
    Touching the glowing ember to the prayer candle, it flames to life.
    You take the lit candle and tilt it slightly over the fourth hole.
    A small amount of wax drips into the opening. You then fit the candle securely into the hole.

    You flick the tinder along the flint and a small spark appears.
    Touching the glowing ember to the prayer candle, it flames to life.
    You take the lit candle and tilt it slightly over the fifth hole.
    A small amount of wax drips into the opening. You then fit the candle securely into the hole.

    After placing the last candle in the final hole, the ground trembles slightly.

    You take a deep breath and step back as the iron pentagram begins to glow with a red-hot fire.

    Filling the room with light, the pentagram hums with a loud pulsing.

    You search around the room but don't see anything else besides the pentagram.

    With a clap of thunder, the light reaches its apex.

    As the room fades back to misty darkness, you notice you are not alone.

    A shadowy figure has joined you.
  121. <say hello>
    The hooded spirit nods to you.
  122. <say relic>
    Barinal whispers: We were the keepers of an ancient relic, a talisman from another age. Its presence here provided us with a focus for our meditations.
  123. <say talisman>
    Barinal speaks: My friend, I must ask that you focus your attention now.
  124. <say focus>
    Barinal speaks: With the loss of the relic, you must pursue the Dark One.
    His travels could only lead him to one place.
  125. <say place>
    Barinal whispers: You must now return to where you began your adventure.
  126. <say return>
    The monk spirit nods to you.
    Barinal whispers: I must bid you farewell now.

    The monk spirit places his ghostly hand out. You reach forward and grasp the hand in farewell, but pass through it as though it were made of smoke. The ghost looks solemnly upon you, then turns and walks towards something lying in the corner.

    Barinal speaks: There is one more thing that must be done, my friend.

    The figure of the monk kneels softly on the ground, his shimmering form brightly lighting the corner of the room with a soft white glow. You see the face of the ghost contort in agonizing pain and sorrow. If he were alive, you would swear that the spirit was crying.

    The spirit monk gathers his composure and slowly rises from the corner. He is carrying what appears to be the skeleton of a long dead human.

    He looks over at you with a compassionate expression. The sorrow and anguish of the ghost pours over you in a flood of emotion.

    In what appears to be a sigh of eternal anguish, the spirit stands firm.

    Barinal speaks: This, was my friend in life, Phedial. He met his death at the hands of the gods. It was at this point that I lost my faith in everything I held dear.

    The spirit monk looks down at the remains of his friend in life.

    With a blaze of white light, the ghost's eyes burn brightly.

    Barinal speaks: You already know your path, for you must travel to where you began your journey. Beware my friend, and trust no one. Your destiny must be fulfilled, and you must avenge our deaths. The cross that bade you safe passage to this unholy place was a gift from myself to Phedial. May I have it returned friend, so that my companion may rest in final peace?

    You hold out the holy charm. The spirit gently takes it from your grasp.

    The eyes of the spirit lessen in brightness.

    Barinal speaks: May the winds favor you on your journey.

    In a quiet wisp of smoke, no louder than a feather dropping, the spirit of the monk fades from the room, leaving you alone in the shadows.
  127. Return to the ice sheet - <e, 7s, sw, s, 2sw, se, 4ne, n, 10e, s, sw, s, se, s, sw, s, se, s, enter mist>
  128. Note: It is advised that you leave any follower behind at this point as it could interfere with the final steps.
    <e, n, portal, portal, 12n, leave, 11n, 3e, 6n, 3w, enter>
  129. Warning: Only kill the Death Knight here (it's very brief combat), not the Knight of the Orchid.
    <ne, kill knight>
    The Death Knight's body stirs.
    A golden aura overcomes the creature and blinds you!
    Fading to darkness, the evil creature has changed...

    The knight whispers: I am near death... I must tell you... of the threat.

    228k : Jacinth, the Death Knight
  130. He will be replaced with Jacinth, Knight of the Orchid. <say hello>
    The knight whispers: I am near death... I must tell you... of the threat.
  131. <say threat>
    The knight coughs up some blood.
    Jacinth says: To kill the father you need...
  132. <say kill>
    Jacinth says: You... have a grave task yet to complete. To save your very soul, blood from the father-god must be... spread upon the altar of the gods. To draw his blood... use that which housed his form for so many centuries... Redemption will then be yours.
  133. <say redemption>
    Jacinth stares up at you and touches your face.
    The knight whispers: Thank you for saving me friend.

    The knight is bathed in a bright golden light.

    Jacinth reaches out and hands you the Gem of Cael.
    The knight glows: Prepare yourself very well my friend, and trust no one.

    With that, the light fades and Jacinth is gone.
  134. You should now have The Gem of Cael. Travel <2n>
    The Gem of Cael
    You see a very deadly and powerful relic.
    There is simply no other words to describe the feeling you get from holding this artifact, other than pure, utter emotion.
    This item was not meant to be held by mortals, yet you hold it now.
    You must find the proper hands in which this relic should reside.
  135. <say mission>
    Eolas speaks: Worthy one, you...
    Verminua speaks: ...deserve praise.
  136. <say praise>
    The head of Siobahn nods to you.
    Verminua speaks: Now, my child give...
    Siobahn speaks: ...Cael to...
    Eolas speaks:
  137. Lower your outgoing damage (if you can), to prepare for an upcoming battle after speaking with Cael - <give gem to figure>
    You reach out and hand the Gem of Cael to the figure of the gods.

    The figure of the gods looks up at you with an evil, dark grin.

    You step back, slowly away from the figure. Fear running through your mind. Oh the gods, what have you done? Something is terribly wrong here, your faith and judgement are screaming at you. You stare at the figure.

    Suddenly, in a flash of light, the figure of Dahilirant appears.

    Dahilirant smiles at you with the most horrible darkness added to it. Streaks of indecision race through your mind, you decide to simply stare.

    The figure of the god chuckles slightly and reaches his slender hand over the head of Siobahn. In a movement, divine and smooth, the hand closes upon the head, crushing the skull and causing blue blood and black bits of brain to ooze forth from the cracks.

    Dahilirant moves his other hand behind the head of Eolas. Gently turning the head to face the back of Verminua's head, he reaches back with the hand engorged with Siobahn's blood. Looking at you with a dark gleem in his eye, the Prince of Lies shoves his hand through the face of Verminua and out the back of her skull! With his hand protruding full through the head of Verminua, the god grasps hold of Eolas. Piercing the eyes and grasping the mouth of Eolas, Dahilirant pulls back and rips the front of Eolas' skull from his head. Blood and grey ooze falls forth in a gruesome orgy.

    Wiping his hands clean, chuckling all the while, the god of Pain turns to your horrified face and disgusted thoughts.

    Dahilirant speaks: Ahhh, I have always wanted to do that. My brothers and sister never did know when to shut their mouths. Too bad this was only a clever illusion created by myself. My true brethren are contained in this. Dahilirant reaches for the hand of the figure and takes Cael from its grasp.

    Moving slowly over to the altar, the god places the Gem on the dais and fluently turns toward you, smiling.

    The god speaks: Now, thank you my foolish child. You have been quite the useful pawn in my game. You have turned out much more useful than that pitiful creature who dared call himself a knight.

    You listen intently to the god. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice that the Gem of Cael has begun to glow slightly.

    Dahilirant speaks: The gods decided to contain the father-god, but I am not just "one of the gods." I chose another path. I was not content to sacrifice myself so that another could reign supreme in this world. They contained the father-god. I will control the father god!

    Your mind races. You have no idea what Dahilirant is talking about. Looking back at Cael. You see that the gem is now glowing in a bright golden light.
    Dahilirant doesn't seem to have noticed yet.

    Dahilirant speaks: Let me see, I think you shall be witness to my first act as ruler of all creation. Let me think, what shall I do. The prince of lies furrows his brow.
    Dahilirant speaks: Yes! I shall slay your pitiful life. How silly of me.

    Your eyes wander to Cael. The light surely must be seen by Dahilirant by now. Dahilirant speaks: Well, come here now child, this will be very painfu..... The god wheels around and looks at Cael, a look of horror crosses his face.

    Dahilirant screams: No!!!

    The Gem of Cael explodes in a blinding flash of golden and silver light!

    Turning back towards the light, you see a great figure rising from the broken Gem. The golden figure grows larger and larger, almost filling the cavern.

    Dahilirant speaks a curse and begins to sparkle away. Just before the god disappears completely, the figure reaches out a mighty hand and takes hold of the prince of lies, trapping him in its powerful grip.

    With a scream of pain and agony, the god's form dissolves away, only to be absorbed into the hand of the figure.

    The massive figure turns its golden gaze toward you.

    Fear takes an icy grip upon your heart, but you refuse to back down. You draw your weapons and prepare to face your own oblivion.

    The figure looks down upon your mortal form and bellows one single word:


    Your swordsman's training kicks in and you press your attack! Sensing blood Isleth bites once more into Cael the Father God! With remarkable skill and aim you drive your weapon into a poorly defended spot on Cael the Father God!
  138. <get shard>
  139. During your battle with Cael, he will regenerate health, you're looking for his health to be at 'bleeding' or about 50% so that you can <cut cael>
    Failed attempt:
    The mighty Beast is not vulnerable to such an attack yet.

    Successful attempt:
    You make a wicked slash in the leg of the father-god!
    A drop of golden blood falls to the ground!
  140. <spread blood upon altar>
    As you lunge for the altar, the father-god suddenly realizes your intent. Just before you reach the marble dais, the massive fist of the father-god slams you across the room! You crush heavily into the far wall!

    As you shake off the attack, you look up and see the father-god preparing to pummel you into death. Just before the strike is thrown, a shimmering hand reaches across your chest and pulls you out of the way! The blow of the father-god's fist slams into the wall behind you, leaving a large crater in the rockface!

    You pull yourself up and catch the glimpse of the shimmering figure of Jacinth, in shining silver armour, adorned with a bright platinum orchid.

    With newfound strength and a proud oath, you make a lunge for the altar as the father-god, crying with rage, almost overtakes you.

    As the father-god reaches out to grasp, you jump forward and reach the holy dais. You cry in triumph as your hand spreads the golden blood across the face of the altar. Wheeling around on your back, you face the father-god.

    A scene of utter horror and despair crosses the face of the father-god.

    As you watch the father-god, the altar is engulfed in a bright, golden fire. The blaze grows in intensity and begins to snake its way along the floor, making a flaming path of death toward the father-god.

    The flames reach the massive figure of the father-god. At the same time as the flames touch the father-god, his screams echo deafeningly all throughout the cavern and seemingly, throughout existence!

    The blood dissipates.

    Erupting in an inferno of silver and golden flames, the father-god wails and struggles. His great physical form thrashes about in pain and agony! With the will only a god could possess, the father-god pulls himself from the flames for only a moment. That moment seems to last forever as you match the gaze of the father-god.

    In that span of time you experience more emotion than any mortal was ever meant to feel! Rage, love, hate, compassion, deceit. They all race within your mind, chasing each other, feeding, devouring each other. You almost go mad from the experience. Just before your mind shatters from the intense psionic onslaught, you glance outward and turn to face the father-god.

    You well up everything you have within your mortal soul and hurl the shard!!

    In a cataclysmic flash of lightning and thunder, the shard pierces the heart of the father-god. A golden aura of unearthly radiance engulfs the father-god, then expands to overtake the room. You step back against the wall, trying to avoid the golden light. Reaching a final crevice in the rockface, knowing there is nowhere left to turn, you close your eyes.

    Gritting your teeth and clenching your fists, you ready yourself for oblivion. You face your imminent demise with pride and fortitude. You have no regrets. You have fulfilled your destiny. Golden light envelops your hands, your body, your mind. You drift off into a golden sleep, a sleep you peacefully accept.
  141. You'll be transported to a room with no exits.
    A few of the lights begin to swim around in the vapors. It looks as though they are moving toward you.

    The swirling lights begin to coalesce into a shape that resembles that of a human woman. The lights shimmer and waver, growing clearer every minute.

    The figure that finally emerges from the lights is that of a woman. Her beauty is unparalleled by anyone you have ever seen before. Her warmth and grace exude over your tired body in a refreshing wave.

    She walks over to you and reaches for your hand. Her touch is like that of an angel.

    The figure chimes: My name is Loica. What is your name?
  142. <say [your name]>
    You say: locrian
    Loica chimes: Congratulations Locrian, for a quest well met. Listen now, and learn of your fate.

    The mother goddess speaks into your mind...

    This is the story of Cael, the father-god. He is the father of everything, and of nothing. Upon creation of the gods, his very chaotic nature drove him to destroy them. This took millennia of change however, as the father-god was weakened by his creation.

    Cael did a better job on the gods than he thought though, for he learned that they fought back. Oblivion to them was not a pleasant thought. As such, they devised a plan to entrap the father-god, as they knew he could never truly be destroyed. He would be imprisoned by the gods in an artifact formed from their tears and blood - the tears of betrayed children and the blood of innocence.

    The trap was set. In order to distract the father-god for imprisonment, the gods decided that all but one would allow themselves to be engulfed by the father-god. This would allow the one remaining god to entrap the father-god in the crafted artifact. This was an enormous price indeed, but the gods had created the world, and they decided it was worth their sacrifice so that it would remain. They decided to give up their existence in order to insure that the father-god would not destroy their creation.

    The plan worked, except that Dahilirant had betrayed the gods and disguised himself as Visha, the god of Neutrality. Visha was the god that was chosen to remain behind. With the deception, Dahilirant entrapped every other god along with the father-god inside the artifact. The intensity of the experience overwhelmed the god though, and threw him to a far corner of the world. The Gem had been thrown clear as well. It came to rest in the care of the Monks of Philos.

    The dark god would not be outdone. He had attacked the monks with assault after assault, but he could not gain possession of the Gem. Growing impatient, the god had recruited a mortal to retrieve the artifact for him. The warrior Jacinth was seduced and corrupted by the female form of Dahilirant. He was then slain and raised again in an abomination of his mortal glory. Jacinth had become a death knight. Dahilirant failed again though, as the death knight could not gain the Gem either. The souls of the slain monks repelled even him.

    The power of the god could not sustain the death knight in the monastery as the Dark One could not enter the sacred grounds. This was when the god decided to trick another mortal, one of pure thoughts and soul. His choice was you.

    He sucessfully tricked you into retrieving the Gem for him. His glory was short-lived, however, as you saw. With the closeness of the god to the Gem, the father-god could no longer be contained. He broke free of his prison and took possession of the Prince of Lies. The father-god would reign supreme and destroy everything ever created. The world would be plunged into oblivion. Every living creature would be obliterated as if it had never existed.

    Then came you.

    You were the champion. You took hold of the shard, the very shard formed from the tears and the blood of the gods. You stood alone against the father-god and drew his blood. From that blood came your victory.

    The world is godless and alone, but it is not without faith.

    Faith never dies.

    As you are hypnotized by the swirling lights, you begin to reflect on what has happened. You have single-handedly freed the world from oblivion.

    Pride is considered a sin to some, but you feel it greatly.

    The lights shift again, this time forming a definite shape.

    Their energy and luminosity continue to increase. The light is blinding, but you feel no pain, even staring directly into the focus.

    With a final burst of radiance and power, the lights converge into a single circle, forming a portal from this realm, back to your own.

    The mother-goddess chimes for the last time: Walk into the light my child.
  143. <light>

Quest complete and you're now back at the Jump room!