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Dragon Shell

<questlist 74> / <questlist dragon shell>

You must construct the Dragon Shell armor. This is no small feat, especially since you will get little help along the way. The armor is almost reward enough, but solving this quest will aid your quest points as well. Rumor has it, Shansabyk may hold the key.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (2/10)
Exploring : (9/10)
Fighting : (10/10)

Quest Point Value : 45
Designed for Levels: 90+

Created by : Rastafan
Once per Reboot : Yes

Map of Dragon Realms
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: May 2021)

IMPORTANT NOTES AND A SUMMARY: Beyond Shansabyk's Throne, the demon Grathmoore is available for you to bring 10 dragons scales (1 of each type), as well as his stolen hammer. Hand these over along with 500k coins, and he will craft for you the Dragon Shell. Easy enough, but there are some nuances that will get you different results here. The dragon shell is very nice, and is regularly sought by those gearing up for the grind, which makes it somewhat more difficult to complete at times.

This is a fairly simple quest in terms of collecting items and turning them in for completion. It has some difficulty in regards to the mobs that must be killed in order to finish it. You can retrieve the necessary dragon scales and hammer before you even need to head in to Shansabyk's castle, so this walk through will start here.

EXTRA SIDE NOTE: The dragons ahead come in many different sizes, and the quality of the dragon scale you collect will impact the end result. The trouble is, there is no way to tell which one came from a large dragon or a small. If you are just after the quest points, then pick up what is easiest. If you are after a top tier shell, then be sure to focus on the largest of dragons for the best scales. As a side note to this, you may also find life easier when handing these over if you just bring the specific 10 you need, as they can be difficult to sort if you bring several of any type.

You will need the following 10 types of scale: Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Jade, Opal, Pearl, Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz

Scales can be heavy, and the hammer itself is very heavy. Your strength needs to be at least 75 to pick up the hammer, and of course if you're loaded with gear, your strength will need to be even higher. It will help to have smuggle, or some other means to carry these items all together (mages can boost your strength with a spell, bards can also boost your strength through songs).

Dragon's range in class from around 700k (A tiny topaz dragon: 701806) to around 5m (A supremely powerful quartz dragon: 5529609). Some might be aggressive. Many hunt, and many hit around. Each type can be found in the range of small to large, and the scales will drop randomly during combat.

  1. Beginning from the Center of Town, withdraw 500,000 coins - <2n, withdraw 500000, 2s> Note: You can <buy magic safe> (twice) while in the bank, each safe can hold 250,000 coins.
  2. Travel to Underdark in Fantasy - <portal, 15e, leave, 11e, 9s, 2w, s, kill guard>
    1k : Drider Guard
    1k : Drider Guard
  3. <3d, kill drow>
    4k : Drow warrior
    6k : Drow warrior
    9k : Elite drow warrior
  4. <3n, ne, kill drow>
    3k : Drow warrior
  5. <d, 4e, s, e, s, e, s, 2e, 3s, search, vortex, kill dragon>
    757k : The Dragon Guardian
  6. <sw, w> Notice that you're now in a room with a message board. At this point, you simply need to travel the area, kill the dragons, and collect scales. Whether a dragon drops a scale is random and it will not show up in their inventory if you have the appraisal mskill. You'll simply have to explore, kill, collect. Once you've acquired a scale of each type, RETURN TO THIS ROOM.
  7. As mentioned in the previous step, once you've acquired a scale from each color listed above, return to the room with the message board. Now, you'll need to visit Hopoate.
    - <w, 2n, w, s, w, s>
    - <w, n, w, n, w, 2n, e>
    - <s, 2e, n, 6e, s, e>
    - <n, 3e, s, 4e, n, 3e, s>
  8. Hopoate may be hiding or disguised as a dragon - <look at hopoate, kill hopoate>
    6.1m : Hopoate, the MindBender
  9. <get hammer> (If you're low on strength and cannot pick up the hammer, feel free to ask Elminster (or perhaps another mage) for a strength boost and he/they can setup a plane walk spell to meet up with you in the astral world so that you don't have to technically leave the area - <tell elminster can i get a str boost through plane walk?>)
  10. Now head towards Shansabyk's Castle.
    - <n, 3w, s, 4w, n, 3w, s>
    - <w, n, 6w, s, 2w, n, w>
    - <2s, e, s, e, s, e, n>
    - <e, n, e, 2s, e, climb, ne>
    - <vortex, 3n, 2w, n, w, n, w>
    - <n, 4w, u, sw, 3s, 3u, out>
    - <2sw, 4w, s>
  11. Shansabyk's Castle has a fairly straight path to reaching the end, but the initial path changes each boot. When you first arrive, there are 2 demons guarding, and there will be more demons guarding on the way down. They must be killed to progress. - <kill demon> x 2
    44k : Guardian Demon (Castle Entrance)
    43k : Guardian Demon (Castle Entrance)
  12. <d, kill demon> x 2
    47k : Guardian Demon (Castle Foyer)
    47k : Guardian Demon (Castle Foyer)
  13. Because the path changes now, travel in the direction that is not up. You should reach Cathcargan now. <kill cathcargan>
    293k : Cathcargan
  14. Once you reach Cathcargan, the direction point of randomness occurs, though it is usually just a single room onward and very simple. Follow the path until you reach the next set of guardian demons. When you reach a down room with exits facing north, west and east, you are near the final part of the castle, bust also must kill several mobs here which can be somewhat unusual encounters.
    From the down landing, head west into Sauk's room. How you kill Sauk will depend a good deal on your guild and ability. Sauk reflects all damage done to him back at you, though this reflected damage will not take you under 1HP. He can fear you, causing you to flee east as well. If your defenses are such that his normal attacks can not harm you, then you can turn up your offense to max, and kill him quickly. You will never fall below 1 HP and this fight is easy. The more attacks you can dish out the better. A safer approach is to reduce your offense, and wimpy east/heal as needed.

    Pain and Pleasure:
    Pain and Pleasure block the passage north to Shansabyk. They can potentially be frustrating the longer the fight. Pain - Occasionally drains 1 Con during combat, and this effect will stack without limit. The penalty remains until you quit out. Pleasure - Takes all of your equipment from you during the fight. Everything will drop once she is killed.

    Shansabyk Nine Lives
    Shansabyk, as his name states, has 9 lives. Each time his life is reduced to 0, it begins again at full. He hits around and will frequently switch targets. He has a special that will give him a high number of attacks in a single round against whichever enemy he is currently targeting. At boot he always has two crelevere rings, adamantite bracers (other), and the hoelerin sword. The sword is bind on pickup, and is at least semi unique. After the first few are collected he will only drop rings and bracers for the remainder of boot.
  16. Now that you know what you're about to be up against, <d, kill demon> x 2
    91k : Guardian Demon-
    87k : Guardian Demon
  17. <wimpy 0, w, kill sauk>
    240k : Sauk
  18. Reset your wimpy to your previous setting. Now, <search bed, pull lever, search dresser, open drawer, get key>
  19. <e, unlock door, open door, n, kill pleasure> (Pain attacks when you kill pleasure)
    219k : Pleasure
    246k : Pain
  20. <n, kill shansabyk>
    1.0M : Shansabyk Nine-Lives
  21. <sit on throne>
  22. You'll now see 'a shadowy, wraith-like demon'. This is Grathmoore. Go ahead and give him all of the items you've acquired. IF SOMEONE ELSE GIVES HIM THE HAMMER, THEY WILL RECEIVE THE QUEST POINTS, NOT YOU.
    - <give scale to grathmoore> x 10
    - <give hammer to grathmoore>
    - If you brought your coins in a magic safe, <get 50000 from safe> x 5, <get 50000 from safe 2> x 5
    - <give 500000 coins to grathmoore>

    Note: preliminary testing has shown that Grathmoore will make a DragonShell with more than 10 scales. Without testing, there's no evidence that you can use lesser scales to max out AC in a slot but is indicative that this is the case.
  23. <say shell>
  24. <say proceed> ...wait
    Grathmoore says : I will make the armor for you. It will take me some time, however, so I advise returning some time later and I will give the armor to you.

    Grathmoore begins working on the Dragon Shell armor.

    Grathmoore carefully grasps the Dragon Scale with his central hand and blows an astral flame from his hollow arm onto it, slowly softening the scale. Grathmoore carefully hammers the dragon scale into a thin, armor like plate. Grathmoore meticulously punctures the dragon scale along the edges to thread the ethereal cord.
    Grathmoore threads an ethereal cord through the scale to attach it to the others.

    (He will repeat these steps for each scale)

    Grathmoore finishes the Dragon Shell and rests after the ordeal.
    Grathmoore says : I have finished your Dragon Shell. Use it wisely.
    Grathmoore says : Congratulations young one, you have solved the Dragon Shell quest as well.

    Without paying attention to the type of dragon shell acquired, this is what the armour looks like, it will not take your armour slot, it will create a new slot, "Magical: The Dragon Shell Armor".

    *The Dragon Shell Armor (worn)
    This is a set of Dragon Scale Armor, known as the Dragon Shell. It is perhaps the strongest, most durable armor in the land. With it, you are offered incredible protection against the harmful effects that correspond to the dragons' scales used to create it.
    This item is bound to you.
    The wiz is in perfect condition.
    It has a magical glow about it.
    It looks unbreakable.
    This armor has the following resistances:
    incredible edged, incredible blunt, very impressive fire, incredible ice, very impressive acid, very impressive electric, incredible mind, incredible energy, impressive poison, very impressive radiation
    This looks the same as when you put it on.
    You must be level 25 to wear this.
    Carefully sewn together with a magical, ethereal cord, the following dragon scales are visible:
    It looks very heavy.

Quest complete!

Return to Fantasy: <portal, 2s, u>, travel back to the entrance of Shansybyk's Castle, <out, 8e, 11n, 11w, enter, 15w, portal>