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<questlist 100> / <questlist bailout>

The esteemed and venerable Bank of Pinnacle is in grave danger! Though no one from the renowned institution would ever want to let on that there are troubles, the word on the street is that the bank is having impressive financial difficulties right now. Accommodations for donating coins have been surreptitiously put in place in a somewhat inconspicuous location, in an attempt to maintain dignity and not publicly acknowledge the need for help.

Please do your part as a proud citizen of Pinnacle and lend a hand, won't you?

Search in the Realm of Pinnacle

Thinking : (1/10)
Exploring : (1/10)
Fighting : None (technically)

Quest Point Value : 100
Designed for Levels: 5+

Created by : Kikipopo
Once per Reboot : No

Quest Instructions

(last updated: January 2021)

  1. From Center of Town, locate the Bank Vault - <2n, d>
  2. <depress pad with thumb> - this will indicate how many coins you've "donated".
    The pad recognizes your thumb print and flickers into life.
    The bright display reads: 5200000 coins
  3. Note: You do NOT have to deposit all 100m coins at one time. You can deposit the coins here and there as you can. <pour <amount> coins into chute>
  4. Continue the previous step until you've donated 100,000,000 coins.
    At 25 million coins donated, you earn the medal 'bail25'.
    At 50 million coins donated, you earn the medal 'bail50'.
    At 75 million coins donated, you earn the medal 'bail75'.
    At 100 million coins donated, you earn the medal 'bail100'.
    See the medals page for more information.

Quest complete!

Locrian's Note: If you donate 1,000,000 coins every week - it will take you almost 2 years to complete this quest.
Or! Borrow 1,000,000 coins from 100 friends.

To get back to Center of Town: <u, 2s>

Screenshot of Bailout completed.
Screenshot of Bailout completed.