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<questlist 43> / <questlist attrition>

Things aren't so good at the farm by the woods, In the grass, on the hill a curse stained; What once was quite fallow, now lifeless and shallow, Of the crops, grass was all that remained. Something's poisoning the land (it isn't too grand) And has caused all the farmers to flee. What's caused this attrition? (Now this is your mission) Why not walk in, and look 'round and see? 'Tis a woman you seek (she's old and seems weak) But we all know that looks are deceiving. Find her and say hi, and then by the by, some quest points you might be receiving!

Vraal's note: You can find everything you need to solve this quest within the area. Items from outside just won't work.

Vraal's other note: This quest requires interaction with some of the monsters. Newbies, please read quest help files to find out more about how this works on 3K. Thanks.

Vraal's final note: This quest is open in fantasy realm for high mortals. Newbies, if you do not solve it as a newbie, you will have another chance as a high mortal.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (8/10)
Exploring : (8/10)
Fighting : (9/10)

Quest Point Value : 25
Designed for Levels: 40+ (HM)

Created by : Vraal
Once per Reboot : No

Map of Attrition
Map of Area


Quest Instructions

(last solved and updated: February 2022)

Note: You can see the entrance to this quest if you're high mortal.
(Updated January 2021) - entrance to mirror in Fantasy moves for each player, search for 'A silver mirror' to enter. Additionally, no one can ever seem to find the entrance to this in Newbieland anymore.

  1. Step 1: Find 'A silver mirror'. Known locations are listed below:
    1. <portal, 7w, 6s, 4w, 2s, enter> - A guard will be standing here blocking your way up - <say zalasta, u, u, n, enter mirror>
    2. <portal, 11n, 8w, 8s, 2w, enter, s, enter mirror>
    3. <portal, 12w, leave, 4w, 4n, 3w, enter, w, enter mirror>
    4. <portal, 15e, leave, 4e, 2ne, n, 2ne, 6e, se, 3e, 3s, swim, s, look at foliage, e, kill sailor, enter, enter mirror>
    5. please let us know if you find another one.
  2. <2w, sw> - and you should see a shed
  3. <knock door> - puts you inside the shed
  4. <say hi>
    The old woman squints and smiles a toothless smile.The old woman says: Why, hello, child, welcome to my meager abode. How may I help you?
  5. <say quest>
    The old woman thinks for a moment.The old woman says: It has been a long time since I have spoken about the quests of the kingdoms. Rumor has it that a lot of toil, effort, and thinking are required to perform some quests, while others sometimes fall in your lap before you even realize it.
  6. <say help>
    The old woman says: Well, I'm too old to be of much help to you, but I am not too old to sit and talk with a guest. If you have any questions about this area, please feel free to ask.
  7. <say farm>
    The old woman says: Yes, sadly, all the farmers that once owned land here have left. Rumor has it they have established a community beyond some mirror of some sort.
  8. <say curse>
    The old woman looks at you and then at the ground for a moment.
    The old woman whispers: I... can't talk about it now.Perhaps after breakfast.
  9. <say breakfast>
    The old woman looks at the ground for a moment and blinks. The old woman looks up at you.The old woman says: Actually, my child, I would be most grateful if you could help me with one of my tasks. It involves my poor cow.
  10. <say cow>
    The old woman tells you: Well, I haven't been able to take care of her well, recently. She's out roaming the fields on her own recognizance right now, but she definitely needs to be milked. If you can find my special milking pail and feed her some flowers, she will let you fill up the pail. If you would bring me some milk for my breakfast, I will be most grateful to you.
  11. <say pail>
    The old woman nods.The old woman says: I use a wooden bucket for various things. Unfortunately, I was scared by a large animal when I stopped to rest, and I dropped it. I cannot remember exactly where, though.
  12. <out, ne, 3n, enter gap,w>
  13. <kill bear>
    71 : Bear
  14. <search log, get bucket, e, gap, e, pick flowers>
  15. Find the roaming cow (the area is a small square, not difficult to explore)
  16. <feed flowers to cow, drop bucket, milk cow, get bucket>
  17. Go back to the woman in the shed. (far southwest corner of area, <knock door>
  18. <give milk to woman>
    The old woman looks at you and smiles. She says: Ahh, thank you my child, that's what I needed to start my breakfast. Bless you child, for helping me out. I shall be in the kitchen if you need me. The old woman slowly stands up and shuffles off with the bucket to the kitchen.
  19. <w, say task>
    The old woman thinks for a moment. She says: Well, I could use a bucket of water to wash some dishes and to make some porridge. Would you be kind and retrieve some from the well? These old hands of mine have a hard time with the old crank.
  20. (Bucket will be on the floor in the kitchen) - <get bucket, e, move mat, open trapdoor, d, get rope, get bag (you need this later), search>
  21. <get cup, u, out, ne, 4e, n, tie rope to axle, tie bucket to rope, turn crank>
    You turn the well's crank, spinning the axle, and lower the bucket on the attached rope into the depths of the well. You can hear a small splash just as the rope reaches its maximum length.
  22. <turn crank>
    You turn the well's crank, spinning the axle, and raise the bucket on the attached rope from the depths of the well. The bucket is full of water.
  23. <untie bucket from rope, untie rope from axle, get rope, get bucket, s, 4w, sw>
  24. <knock door> - brings you inside the shed automatically
  25. <w, give water to woman>
  26. <say key>
    The old woman looks at you and stops crying for a moment. She says: Child, if you can rid the land of its curse, it will be a noble deed worthy of no small hero or heroine. Here, please take my husband's key. I know it had something to do with beating the curse, but I do not know what. Farewell child, and godspeed.The old woman drops the key next to her, on the ground.
  27. <get key, e, out, ne, 3n, enter gap, nw, n>
  28. <kill deer>
    43 : Deer
    71 : Deer
  29. <drop key, drop cup, climb tree, lasso branch, u, reach for acorn> ...wait
    You inch your way over to the edge of the branch, ever-so-carefully, determined to pluck an acorn. The branch begins to buckle under your weight, but still holds you.

    You reach out to grab an acorn, just a few inches away, and the branch bends suddenly, threatening to drop you. You wrap your arms around the branch and hold on for dear life! With the branch whipping back and forth, a single acorn breaks loose, falling into the underbrush below.You try to grab it, but fail. You slowly inch your way backwards along the branch until the motion dies down. The acorn you wanted is somewhere in the tons of underbrush below, but at least you escaped with your life!
  30. You will drop the acorn on the ground. <break branch, get stick, d, tug rope, d, get all, s, se, search underbrush> (The acorn can also be found 1 west of this room, 1 northwest of this room, and even 1 northwest and north from here. Whichever room it is in, make your way back to the original room that you climbed the tree in.) You should now have the acorn (aka seed).
  31. <gap, 2e, search bush, unlock door, open door, tie rope to hook, enter hole, d>
  32. Roam around and go on a killing spree. Warning! Do NOT kill the injured Kobold that you may come across (you need to help him soon). Your goal is to fill up your inventory so that you can use the items to weigh down a few slabs. When your killing spree is done, come back to this room.
  33. <2w, sw, w, enter hole> and you'll see a slab
  34. <put armour in hole>
    You put the Leather Armour in the hole. As the item falls into place inside the hole, the slab depresses slightly with a soft click.
  35. <u, e, n, nw, sw, e> - you'll encounter 3 aggressive goblins (very low class)
  36. Repeat step 34 with whatever extra item you have from your killing spree above
  37. <w, s, w>
  38. There should be a roaming guard, if he's in this room, <kill guard>
    37 : Guard
  39. There is an injured kobold in this room, help him move the rubble - <move rubble> - repeat this step as many times as it takes until the kobolds leg is free ...wait
    You move some of the rubble, and the kobold is able to extract his leg with an audible grunt. He stands and turns to you. Hodeker says: Thank you, free me good. Now can shaman free, me. With that, the kobold begins to dig at the remaining rubble with his claws.
  40. ...continue waiting a long time until Hodeker finishes digging to open up the exit to the nw...
  41. <nw> - kill everything in this room
    35 : Apprentice
    360 : Shaman
  42. <get vial, fill vial with liquid, climb statue, enter right eye>
  43. Repeat step 34 with more items
  44. <climb snout, se, e, s, 2se, search mud>
    You search through the fetid mud and find an old piece of kobold dung. Since you actually put in the effort to find it, you're going to suffer having to hold on to it. That'll teach you.
  45. You should actually have the dung in your inventory now
  46. <2nw, 2n, ne, se, s, se, e> - kill everything in this room
    Kobolds are class 35 each
    Kobold Queen : 202
  47. <enter>
  48. <kill king> - he will run away from you
  49. <climb table, search chair, get paper, climb off, out>
  50. <w, nw, ne, 2e, u, climb rope, 2w, 3s, sw, knock door>
  51. <w, give paper to woman>
    The old woman looks at the soiled parchment, slowly nodding, murmuring to herself. Slowly, it dawns on you that she has begun to chant, and before your eyes, the lines on the digging plans begin to resolve into a readable map of some sort. The old woman stops chanting, tucks the paper away into her rags, and turns to speak with you.The old woman turns to you and states: I know now what we must do, child.The old woman finds a small piece of paper and writes upon it. Handing it to you, she motions you to read it.The old woman puts something on the firepit for a minute, and then removes it. The old woman concludes: I believe this old legend will explain how I feel we can put an end to the curse of these overambitious kobolds. If you bring me a bag of those things I need, I will explain further, for without them, there is no fruition to this plan. Perhaps this old witch can work a little of her ancient craft to suit this purpose...
  52. <read paper> - The paper describes items you need and where to plant the seed.
    You read the writing on Morgana's paper: Child, my husband once spoke of legends concerning the kobolds, but my powers have been dwindling in my dotage, and I just shrugged them off as fantasies. But your persistence has brought to mind an old tale I was once told. I shall repeat it as I learned it. Hopefully, it will help you to help me free this land from its kobold curse. If you can find such items, put them in a bag, and bring them to me, I may be able to work a little magic to help you avoid the hero's fate.

    The land of Konverse was plagued by a curse,
    Of rotting decay and disease.
    Their crops dead, their land razed, the people prayed, dazed--
    The gods forsought their inveigling pleas.
    Stories of yon spoke of creatures long gone,
    Of Kobolds hairy, and scary, and mean.
    How they ravaged the lands, sharp claws on their hands,
    Of all that they touched made unclean.
    Now into our story, reeking of glory,
    Our unfortunate hero did come.
    Right into Konverse, for better or worse,
    Sauntered Hamill the Camel the bum.
    'Kobold folk are but a joke,'
    Thought Hamill the Camel the card.
    'All anyone hears are the songs and the jeers!
    Spat Hamill the Camel the bard.
    The people did bray, but they just could not sway
    Mister Hamill the Camel the brash.
    'Kobolds eat me? I'm just ITCHING to see!'
    Defied Hamill the Camel the rash.
    Here, there, to and fro, he sought high and lo,
    But Hamill the Camel found nought.
    Not o'er, but under, therein was his blunder--
    T'was then Hamill (the Camel) was caught!
    Beneath the dry ground, dear Hamill had found
    a cantankerous koboldish clan.
    They endeavored to greet him (but later they'd eat him),
    But brave Hamill first foiled their plan.
    He found him some dung, from some kobold's bum,
    A clay shard to strengthen the goo,
    In depths quite pelagic, some koboldish magic
    Elixir to finish his brew.
    He mixed them together, and decided whether or not
    to destroy this clan's home.
    With one look at the pot being stirred by that lot,
    Hamill conceded and pulled out a tome.
    He chanted and read, did what the book said,
    and he pulled a seed out of his clothes.
    He found a place where his potion, some care,
    and his seed'd cause 'em to die off in droves!
    Sheer havoc ensued, and the demonic brood
    tumbled this way, and that way, alas
    Poor Hamill died too, could not make it through,
    For his creation grew straight through his ass!
    A lesson be learnt, lest thou too be burnt,
    Is to watch both your mouth and your duff.
    For the mightiest of trees grows slowly from seeds,
    But outwitting nature is tough.
    The curse had derived from kobolds who thrived,
    Under humans who withered instead.
    And poor Hamill the fool, Poor Hamill the tool,
    Became Hamill the Camel the dead.
    With the kobolds away, the villagers lay
    out new crops, and they flourished--but some
    say something still looms...
    they hear moans from the tomb...
    made for Hamill the Camel the bum.
  53. <put cup in bag, put vial in bag, put dung in bag, give bag to woman> - She'll fill it with a magic potion
    The old lady looks in the bag and smiles a toothless smile at you. Chanting a few arcane mantras, she snaps her fingers, and a large puff of orange smoke arises from within the bag. She hands the bag back to you and turns to speak to you.The old woman smiles: Child, you have done well and found what was needed for a little magic spell I devised to create a potent fertilizer, akin to the one described in the legend. Go now, find whatever else the legend indicates is necessary, and rid the land of the kobold curse! Godspeed child.
  54. Now that you have the magic potion and the acorn (aka the seed) in your inventory, <e, out, ne, 3n, 2e, climb rope>
  55. <d, 2w, n, sw, nw, sw, 2s, 2se, dig mud>
  56. <plant acorn in mud, get vial from bag, pour goo from vial> - now quickly leave the cave (directions in next step)
  57. <2nw, 2n, ne, se, ne, s, 2e, u, climb rope> ...wait at the hill entrance, Morgana will arrive with the Kobold King
  58. Note: Old qinfo says the kobold king is very hard and if you die, you're required to complete the entirety of the quest again. There was a room special where the monster fears, and you may get knocked out of the room too. When it happened on our side, the dog earned the killing blow before following and the quest did not count at that point. Once YOU kill the kobold king, the quest is complete. <kill king>
    125 : Krowl, King of the Kobolds
    201 : Charq, Kobold Queen

Quest complete!

To get back to Fantasy:
From Mirror 1 - <5s, 3d, out, 2n, 4e, 6n, 7e, portal>

From Mirror 2 - < >

From Mirror 3 - < >

From Mirror 4 - <4s, out, w, n, swim, 3n, 3w, nw, 3w, portal>