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Map of Ralintaro

<questlist 9>

9. Ralintaro:

At the end of the Mage Wars, many of the evil mages were confined in their towers by the victors. Rumour has it that Ralintaro's tower has had recent activity.The Princes of Pinnacle have offered a reward to any adventurer who can vanquish the spectre of Ralintaro.

Search in the Realms of Fantasy and Newbieland

Thinking : (2/10)
Exploring : (2/10)
Fighting : (8/10)

Quest Point Value : 5
Designed for Levels: 25+, or 4+ (newbie)
Created by : Glorfindel
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: October 2020)

Directions to Area from Newbie bin: <4s; u; 2n; enter mirror 3>

Directions to Area from Fantasy: <portal; 7w; 3s; 2e; s> Now, search the library for 'An elegant tapestry'. Each time you come across a tapestry, <pull thread>. The tapestry changes per player, so make sure you try each tapestry you come across to find the one that works for you.

Step 1: Find the skeleton. This has been found in several different places.

Location 1: <n; w; nw; search brambles> from where you first entered.
Location 2: From location 1 - <se, 4e; search brambles; search ground>
Location 3: From location 2 - <w; search ground>

Step 2: <examine skeleton; get scroll; read scroll> - (take note of what the word is to chant)

Step 3: When standing in the far ne corner of the area, go - <w; n; chant insert whatever the word is from the scroll>
  1st time it was <chant rynticquin>,
  2nd time it was <chant onotyntal>.

  Whatever the chant is, it will allow you to continue onward.

Step 4: <n; e; search peg; turn peg; reach into compartment with hand; get scroll; read scroll>

Step 5: <w; n; search; get pen> - search around here for the pen if you did not locate it in this room.

Step 6: <w; kill guardian>

Step 7: <trace symbol with pen; kill spectre>


Return to Newbie bin: <e; 4s; 2w; exit; 2s; d; 4n>

Return to Fantasy: < >


A scroll (from the skeleton)

High Colonic-

We have done everything within our power to restrain the evil of Ralintaro. We are sending this messenger to you in the hopes that in your studies you have found a power able to break what is perhaps the most sinister enchantment that Ralintaro has ever wrought. We stand poised now to blast him from the material plane, but he has somehow managed to bind his soul to the soul of our lord and king. Any physical action taken against Ralintaro by us will immediately kill our king. If you are able to break this spell, please make great haste, for we can only hold him for so long before we must seek alternative means for restraint.

When you arrive, you will find an enchantment guarding the entrance to the tower. To pass the enchantment, chant 'onotyntal'

Your humble student,


A scroll (after you <turn peg> and <reach into compartment with hand>

The writing says, 'Ralintaro has been imprisoned at last, but alas, we can not banish his spirit. In the most foul of twists, he bound his spirit with the life of our great lord and king so that killing him will kill our lord. I sent word to the High Colonic, but many weeks have passed and we have had no word from him. Our only alternative is to bind his spirit through a ward and post a guardian in the hope that one day after our king is long dead, the prophecy might be fulfilled. Yeltor the wise wrote at the beginning of the war, 'And in the age that is yet to come a brave bard by the name of *insert your name here but spelled in some funky way* will come, and she will end the evil that we began.'When that one comes, this scroll will enable her to discover the location of the silver pen used to scribe the ward. Only with this pen can the ward be broken, and only with this scroll in her possession can the location of that pen be discovered. If you are that one, I urge you to search the first floor of the tower carefully and put an end to Ralintaro's evil forever. Trace the symbol with the pen to face Ralintaro's spectre.


Gear obtained in the newbie area:

A silver dagger

The silver dagger is extremely sharp and looks almost new. This looks like the kind of dagger that a mage would carry.
This weapon is in excellent condition.
This weapon is class 6 (edged).
This weapon gains benefits from your dagger weapon skill.
It looks light.

Map of Ralintaro