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<questlist 78>

78. Boomer Crisis

A great problem has become apparent within Mega-Tokyo. Boomers are slowly taking over the city as Genom works to infiltrate the entire world. Only Ayako Ikeda seems wise to Mr. Quincy Leo San's true plan. Help him solve the Boomer Crisis!

Search in the Realm of Science

Thinking : (8/10)
Exploring : (7/10)
Fighting : (suicide)

Quest Point Value : 50
Designed for Levels: 40+
Created by : Aristocles and Mischief
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: January 2021)

AREA NAME: Mega-Tokyo [Mischief]
Monster class range since inception: 17k - 69k

From Science:
Step 1: <enter; u; 2w;> . . . wait for train

Step 2: <enter>

The train comes to a halt at the Mega-Tokyo station. The train doors open.

Step 3: <leave; 2s; u>
Step 4: Go to the Police Station and talk to the Chief - <e; 6n; w; enter building; s; open door; s; say hi>
Ayako says: Hello _____. You really shouldn't be here, as this is a private office, but how can I be of assistance?

Step 5: <say quest>
Ayako says: My quest has always been to tumble the Yakuza. It's been a life long endeavor. If you could help, I would be very appreciative. I need to find out who the head of the Yakuza is and crush them once and for all.

Step 6: <say help>
Ayako says: If you want to help, find the Yakuza lair and infiltrate it. Bring me proof of Genom's involvement in the Yakuza. Once you give me concrete proof of Yakuza involvement, I'm sure I can find a just reward for you.

Step 7: <say bust>
Ayako says: Yes, we've been staking out the alley along Samuari Boulevard for quite some time now. We believe that the Yakuza headquarters is within the alley, behind a concealed entrance. We recently busted one of their pawns, and found a security key on him that we've traced back to mob monies.

Step 8: <say key>
Ayako says: The security key is in storage, as the punk awaits trial.

Step 9: Go to the Judge for the key - <out; n; 2w; examine bench; enter door; examine desk; examine drawers; get key>

Step 10: Prepare to encounter Ninjas during this step - <out; 2e; exit; e; 4s; 5w; open door; door; climb staircase>

Step 11: Remove all of your gear, and smuggle each item so that you can get past the scanner. Also, <dog stay> and whatever else you need to do as the boss special dests followers and dogs.

Step 12: <3e; examine desk; examine folders; get file> - attempt to get file will be unsuccessful

Step 13: Continue examining and then prepare for battle - <examine thick file; examine genom file; smuggle remove all; wear all; wield weapon>

Step 14: Kill thugs - <kill thug>
  52k : Yakuza Thug
  52k : Yakuza Thug

Step 15: <get invitation>

Step 16: <say help>
Aki says: I'm generally not short of manpower, but I do have an issue I've been putting off that needs to be dealt with. Would you be willing to perform this quest for me?

Step 17: <say yes>
Aki says: Good. A while back we had a raid from some strange demons, and they made off with several artifacts in family possession. One of which is a diamond tiara that is very important to me. Return this tiara to me, and I'll reward you handsomely.

Step 18: <say demons>
Aki says: Unfortunately I've had little time with my current dealings to research the demon and his whereabouts. I know he is not in Mega-Tokyo, as I would certainly have come across him by now. Soon my plans will be complete and I'll have full control of Mega-Tokyo, and when that happens, I'll deal with the demon.

Step 19: Deliver the invitation to the Police Chief - <3w; climb down; out; 5e; 4n; w; enter building; s; open door; s; give invitation to chief>
Ayako looks the invitation over.

Ayako says: Impressive, a personal invite to see Mr. Quincy.

Ayako says: It certainly supports my theory that Mr. Quincy is in league with the Yakuza, but I'm going to need something more concrete to take to the judge.

Ayako says: Good work, but bring me something more concrete. We got a tip that some punk named Shunsaku over at Yoshiko has some inside info and is ready to talk. See what you can dig up there. I'm short of detectives right now.

Ayako says: Give him the code word 'prowler' and he'll know to talk.
(Other code words have been 'patsy')

Step 20: Take note of the code word that Ayako just gave you as it will change from quest to quest. Go to Shunsaku in the Yoshiko Military Supply - <out; n; exit; e; 3s; enter building; s; 3e; say <code word>; get file>

Step 21: Give the file to the Police Chief - <3w; n; out; 3n; w; enter building; s; open door; s; give file to chief>
Ayako takes the file and looks it over.

Ayako gasps in surprise.

Ayako says: Leo Ochi! He's the brother of Aki Ochi, the known head of the Yakuza. This effectively means that Genom is owned by the Yakuza.

Ayako says: Leo Ochi disappeared years ago. No record of him has been seen in years.

Ayako says: I need to get this file to the judge. Good work!

A faint whistle can be heard flying through the office as a highly potent poison dart sails right by your head, and stabs Ayako in the neck!

Ayako screeches in agony and falls to the ground, dead.

As a ninja dart sticks out of the neck of the quickly decomposing body of Ayako, you realize that your quest just got a lot more complex.

A large commotion can be heard outside the office.

Voice from other room says: Officers rally! _____ just killed our chief.

Voice from other room says: All officers, use lethal force!

Looks like you're on the run now. You'll have to prove your innocence, and provide your own proof to the judge to complete your quest.

Step 22: Go to the Genom building (Police Officers will attack you now) - <open door; out; n; exit; 9w; enter building>
  37k : Mega-Tokyo Police Officer
  36k : Mega-Tokyo Police Officer
  36k : Mega-Tokyo Police Officer

Step 23: <say appointment>

Step 24: <say yes>

Step 25: <enter elevator; push button; out>

Step 26: Visit with Quincy - <say hi>
Mr. Quincy says: Don't waste my time with pleasantries. What are you doing here? State your business and get the hell out.

Step 27: <say ayako ikeda> - you'll be transported to A filthy sewer
Mr. Quincy says: That punk Ayako got what was coming to him.

Mr. Quincy gives a pompous laugh.

Mr. Quincy says: He sets an example that anybody who crosses me had best make sure their will is up to date.

Mr. Quincy says: And the best thing is, that I have you to take the fall for it.

Mr. Quincy says: It would have been best if you just left town, but instead you need to continue to meddle in my business.

Mr. Quincy pulls out a remote from his desk.

Mr. Quincy says: And now it's time for you to join my dear friend Ayako.

Mr. Quincy pushes a button on the remote.

A bright flash surrounds you, and you find yourself elsewhere!

Step 28: Thugs will attack you
  18k : Genom ninja thug
  18k : Genom ninja thug
  19k : Genom ninja thug
  18k : Genom ninja thug
  18k : Genom ninja thug

Step 29: <examine corpse; get identification; examine garbage; climb up>

Step 30: You're now outside the Genom building again, your goal is to work your way through each level of the building via the teleportation chamber on each floor to get back to Mr. Quincy Leo San - Genom C.E.O. You'll encounter many Genom Security Guards along the way and each one is around 30k.

Step 31: Make your way to the teleportation chamber in order to get to the 2nd floor - <enter building; n; e; n; 2e; 2n; 2w; n; press button>

Step 32: 2nd floor (now make your way through this floor to find the other teleportation chamber in order to get to the 3rd floor) - <e; nw; 2n; ne; 3e; s; e; n; press button>

Step 33: 3rd floor (make your way through this floor to find the other teleportation chamber in order to get to the 4th floor) - <w; 2s; 6e; 2n; w; press button>

Step 34: 4th floor (make your way through this floor to find the other teleportation chamber in order to get to the 5th floor) - <w; n; w; s; sw; se; 2sw; se; ne; n; e; s; 4e; nw; ne; 2n; w; n; sw; press button>

Step 35: 5th floor (make your way through this floor to find the other teleportation chamber in order to get to the 6th floor) - <e; 3n; 4e; n; press button>

Step 36: 6th floor (make your way through this floor to find the other teleportation chamber in order to get to the 7th floor) - <4ne; 2e; 2ne; press button>

Step 37: 7th floor - <out>

Step 38: <kill quincy>
70k : Quincy Leo San

Step 39: <examine desk>

Step 40: <examine button>

Step 41: <press button; w>

Step 42: <examine recorders>

Step 43: <examine black recorder>

Step 44: <push eject> - you should now have a digital recorder cartridge in your inventory>

Step 45: <exit; exit>

Step 46: <push button>

Step 47: <4sw; 2w; 2sw; push button>

Step 48: <s; 4w; 3s; w; push button>

Step 49: <ne; s; e; 2s; sw; nw; w; sw; w; s; sw; nw; 2ne; nw; ne; n; e; s; e; push button>

Step 50: <e; 2s; 6w; 2n; e; push button>

Step 51: <s; w; n; 3w; nw; sw; w; 3s; e; s; ne; se; w; push button>

Step 52: <s; 2e; 2s; 2w; s; w; s; out>

Step 53: Bring the evidence to the judge - <9e; enter building; 2w; enter door; give cartridge to judge>


Get back to Science: <out; 2e; exit; e; 6s; w; 3n> . . . wait for train <enter> . . . wait for "The train comes to a halt at the Houston station. The train doors open. <leave; 2e; d; out>