Let's go questing

75. Mortal Kombat:

The village of Tencho has lived under a cloud of terror for 500 years. 500 years of servitude to the most powerful force of Evil their world has ever known. And now it is no longer content to remain in the isolated town. Expansion and dominion over our world are the rumors that manage to leak out. Is there one who can wade through 500 years of secrecy and terror to find the heart of this Evil and banish it from our world forever?

Note: This quest spans multiple mud areas.

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (6/10)
Exploring : (8/10)
Fighting : (5/10)

Quest Point Value : 45
Designed for Levels: 35+
Created by : Renfield
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: January 2021)

AREA NAME: The Book Nook [Nanook]
Monster class range since inception: 61k to 66k

Note: Aggressive mobs that you'll run into while on this quest -
  10,334 - 22,479 : Imperial Soldier
  3,620 - 6,307 : Yakuza Guard

From Chaos:
Step 1: <enter; 4w; e; s; w; s; 3e; enter; ne; press play> . . . wait

Step 2: <n> - aggressive mob
  10,775 : An imperial soldier

Step 3: <2w; 4n; w; kill cyrax>
  20,636 : Cyrax

Step 4: <free man> - you will get a shard of ice from Subzero

Step 5: <out; n; 2e; 2s; 2e; n; enter mist; path; 3s; w>

Step 6: <say paper> - you'll get paper

Step 7: <e; n; alley>

Step 8: If guards are here, (at the beginning and end of this step) kill all the guards so that you can continue to the next direction - <d; n; e; n; w>

Step 9: <kill bolo>
  5,483 : Bolo

Step 10: Same situation as before, if Warriors are blocking you during any part of this step, kill the warriors so that you can continue on to the next direction - <get key; e; s; w; s; u; out; s; 2e; 3n; 2e; 3s; w; alley; d; e; ne; se; sw>

Step 11: <kill sho>
  5,569 : Sho Kosugi

Step 12: <say white lotus> - you will receive a Kombat Medallion from Bruce Lee

Step 13: <ne; nw; sw; w; u; out; e; 3n; 2w; 3s; 2w; 3n; e; alley; d; 3n>

Step 14: <kill kano>
  ranges from 4k - 12k : Kano

Important Note: If you're blocked on this next step with, "It appears that an earthquake has blocked the way across the pit.", double check that you have all items in your inventory (the paper, ice shard, key, and medallion).

Step 15: <3n; kill goro>
  ranges in class size - last time it was only 24k : Goro

Step 16: <get amulet; enter mist; 7n; archway; 2n; stairs; 3u; smash amulet> . . . wait


To get back to Chaos:
<4d; 10s; enter mist; sw; 4w; n; e; n; 2w; 3e>