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<questlist 73>

73. Covenant:

Covenant has turned away from his past, filled with dismay at what he has become. Step into his world and give him back his past. He won't thank you for it, but the Land needs him.

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (8/10)
Exploring : (8/10)
Fighting : (5/10)

Quest Point Value : 45
Designed for Levels: 25+
Created by : Tiro
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: August 2021)

AREA NAME: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant [Tiro]
Monster class range since inception: 92 - 9,007


Before you begin, make sure you have light sources on you. Recommended to have 'A pouch of moon-rocks (glowing) {5}.'

Many items in this quest area, other than the pen knife, change location for where they can be found. The map highlights the locations of interest.

From Chaos:
Step 1: Travel to The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant area - <4w; e; s; w; s; read book>

Step 2: Acquire A Swiss Army Penknife - <w; search walls; turn doorknob; search cabinet; get knife>

Step 3: Acquire A Set of Splints, A Piece of Twine, Rubbing Alcohol, and Anti-Venom Kit Instructions. The table below will walk you through the area from one location to the next. Kill everything that blocks your way, and once you find the anti-venom kit instructions, make sure you <read sheet>. Once you've found all of the necessary items, you can move on to step 4.

Starting from the Penknife location -
Step 3.1: Search the pool - <5e; 3n; w; search pool>

Step 3.2: Search the Road House - <e; 2n; 4w; kill deputy; n; kill susie; search tables; search stage>

Step 3.3: Search the Vault - <s; 4e; 2n; kill sheriff; 5n; e; kill banker; enter vault; search shelf>

Step 3.4: Search the Clinic - <2w; 2s; w; search cabinet; examine cabinet>

Step 3.5: Search the Church - <e; n; 4e; s; kill deacon; push crack; search pentagrams>

Step 3.6: Search the Courthouse - <w; n; w; s; w; search box>

Step 3.7: Search the RV - <e; 2s; e; 2s; kill bodyguard; enter; examine bar; open bar; search waterbed (lift covers)>
Step 3.7-1: While still in the RV - <search desk>

Step 3.8: Search the signpost - <out; 2s; e; open box> - instructions should be here (not sure if they ever move). If they're here, <read sheet>

Enemies from Step 3 -
  8,347 : Sheriff Lytton
  3,237 : Bodyguard
  3,306 : Witness Deacon
  3,312 : A Mutant Rattler

Step 4: Locate A Snakebit Girl - (from the signpost) <2e; sw; 4w> and you will pass agressive snakes along the way.
  3,312 : A Mutant Rattler
  408 : Timber Rattler

Step 5: Save A Snakebit Girl - <examine girl; immobilize leg; stop circulation; sterilize knife; cut swelling; suck poison> at which point you will wake up in the clinic examination room and will be awarded A Token of Heroism.

Step 6: Locate the snake warren (you'll need your light source after entering the pipe on this step) - <out; e; 10s; 3w; n; w; examine gap; n; d; 3e; enter pipe; e; d; examine scum; enter hole; nw>

Step 7: Locate the end of the snake warren (you'll run into aggressive snakes along the way)-

  Note: Because these directions are slightly repetitive in nature, I'll break them up so that it's easier to follow.

  Step 7-1: <2n; w; enter crack; nw; 2n; w; enter crack>
  Step 7-2: <ne; s; e; enter crack; n; w; n; 2w; s; w; enter crack>
  Step 7-3: <n; 4e; enter crack; e; s; enter crack>
  Step 7-4: <s; e; s; 3w; 3s; enter crack; 2n; 2e; 2s; enter crack>
  Step 7-5: <s; w; 2s; enter crack>

  1,847 : Mutant Rattler
  344 : Mother Rattler

Step 8: Acquire the key - <u; kill king; get key from corpse> (and run into more snakes)
  1,834 : Mutant Rattler
  1,923 : Mutant Rattler
  3,355 : The Rattler King

Step 9: Head back to Covenant's Cabin -
  Step 9-1: <d; 3n; e; 4n; 2w; 2s; w; 3n>
  Step 9-2: <3e; n; w; 3n; 6w; 2s; e; n>
  Step 9-3: <2e; s; e; s; 2w; n; sw; s>
  Step 9-4: <e; 2s; se; s; e; 2s; se>
  Step 9-5: <s; u; 5w; u; s; e; s; w>

Step 10: Find and wear the ring - <search desk; unlock compartment; wear ring>


To get back to Chaos:
<e; s; n; e; n; 2w; 3e; vortex>

Items from this area:
A Robe

These robes could be KKK apparel were it not for the absence of hoods. These people don't seem to care if they're discovered.
The cloak is in perfect condition.
This armor has the following resistances:
1 edged, 1 blunt
It looks light.

A heavy, bulletproof vest. This thing could stop a Mack truck. If you were strong enough to wear it!
The armour is in perfect condition.
This armor has the following resistances:
very good edged, very good blunt, 10 energy
You must be level 10 to wear this.
It doesn't look too heavy.
A Beretta Pistol

This is a very impressive firearm. You could punch some ugly holes in people with this thing.
This weapon is in excellent condition.
This weapon is class 14 (energy).
This weapon gains benefits from your gun weapon skill.
It looks light.
A Blackjack

A glove designed to do extra damage when it hits. You know that this thing will come in handy!
The gloves are in perfect condition.
This armor has the following resistances:
4 edged, 4 blunt, 4 ice
It looks light.
A Sunlamp

This is a rather ratty looking sunlamp. I rather doubt it would give you a Bermuda tan. More like a Boston pasty glow.
This weapon is in excellent condition.
This weapon is class 10 (radiation).
It looks light.

You behold the poison-dripping fang of the King of the rattlers. It is an incredibly powerful weapon in the right hands.
This weapon is in excellent condition.
This weapon is a class higher than 15 (edged)
This weapon gains benefits from your sword weapon skill.
You must be level 17 to wield this weapon.
It doesn't look too heavy.

This fang is nearly three feet long. It would make a deadly weapon in the right hands. Like yours!
This weapon is in excellent condition.
This weapon is class 14 (edged).
This weapon gains benefits from your sword weapon skill.
It doesn't look too heavy.
A Timber Rattler Fang

This is the fang of a dangerous snake. Venom still glistens along its edge. You should get a good price for this curio.
It looks light.
A white gold wedding ring

A plain white gold wedding band. A small inscription inside says:
`May our future be forever--Love Joan.'
The ring is in perfect condition.
It has a magical glow about it.
This armor has the following resistances:
1 edged, 1 blunt, 2 acid, 2 electric, ok mind, 2 energy
It looks light.
A Rattler Coil

This is the coil of a timber rattlesnake. A very big and very old one at that.
It looks light.
A Guitar

This guitar has obviously received a lot of tender, loving care. Now that you've killed the owner, maybe you will too. I doubt it.
It looks light.
A Syringe

This thing's seen a lot of use. I wouldn't stick my worst enemy with it. God only knows where it's been.
It looks light.

A bag.
You can put things in it.
It looks light.